Top 10 Best Folding Tent Cots for Camping & Hiking Reviews In 2022

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Are you looking for a camping gear that provides all-in-one protection from dampness, bugs, and the rain? In as much as conventional tents provide such benefits, tent cots are a far better choice. First, tent cots provide elevated sleeping. Hence, they offer better protection from sharp rocks, dampness, and crawling animals. And as the name suggests, tent cots combine more than one use. Based on your needs, you can convert into a tent, lounge chair, or sleeping cot. Now, what are the best tent cots to buy?

Whether you plan to go camping or on a fishing expedition, you need a heavy-duty performer that holds up well to the elements and daily use. To better your experience, here are the 10 best folding tent cots to consider.

Table of the Best Tent Cots for Camping Reviews

10. Kamp-Rite Oversize Folding Tent Cots – Camping Hiking Sleeping Bed

Tent Cots

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This one-person tent cot holds true to its name. It spans 90 inches, making it the longest on our list. Also, compared to other one-person tents, it’s a bit wider at 32 inches. So, if you crave for more room, this tent cot is up for the task. Aside from providing plenty of room, it’s also extremely versatile. Take the hinge design, for instance. It lets you convert the tent cot into a lounge chair for relaxation. Not to mention, you can also convert it to a standard style cot.

The tent sits 11 inches off the ground, protecting you from insects and dampness. Moreover, it has micro-mesh windows. The mesh structure is large enough for better ventilation. At the same time, it’s small enough to give you privacy. This tent cot is entirely waterproof. Hence, it offers superior protection from the elements.

Special Features

  • Larger than other one-person tent cots to provide extra room for stretching
  • Multi-function hinge for converting into a lounge chair or standard cot
  • No-see mesh windows provide excellent ventilation and privacy

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9. Yescom Folding 1-Person Waterproof Tent Cots for Camping

Yescom Folding 1-Person Waterproof Tent Cots for Camping

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Yescom tent cot isn’t as large as Kamp-Rite oversized tent cot. Even then, it dwarfs most one-person tent cots. It’s 83 inches long and 30 inches wide. So, there’s plenty of room to stretch. The flysheet (210D oxford) and the floor (300D oxford) are both waterproof. They provide excellent protection from light rain and snow. Hence, this tent cot can hold up well in mild weather conditions.

The tent is 14 inches from the ground, keeping you high and dry. Moreover, you can convert it into a bench or a flat cot. It has interior storage pockets for personal items. Not to mention, it has straps for hanging clothes and towels. Though it’s a one-person tent, it can comfortably hold up to 330 pounds.

Special Features

  • Built-in pockets and clothesline save floor space
  • A sturdy metal frame supports up to 330 pounds
  • Small vents provide better ventilation and privacy

8. Kamp-Rite Original 1-Person Camping Tent Cots – Camping Bed

Kamp-Rite Original 1-Person Camping Tent Cots - Camping Bed

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It isn’t as long or wide as the oversized version. But for a one-person tent cot, it serves the purpose. After all, it’s 84 inches long and 28 inches wide. So, there’s enough room for tossing around. Again, it’s pretty versatile, as it can convert into a cot or lounge chair. Like the oversized tent cot, it sits 11 inches off the ground.

A sturdy base eliminates the need for uncomfortable crossbars. At the same time, it can hold up to 300 pounds. Also, the tent has no-see mesh windows and doors. They provide easy access, better ventilation, and privacy. Like the oversized model, it comes with a waterproof carrying bag. Thus, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Special Features

  • Converts to a cot or lounge chair
  • Rustproof aluminium frame supports 300 pounds
  • No-see mesh windows and doors for privacy and ventilation

7. GYMAX 2-Person Tent Cots – Foldable Camping Waterproof Shelter with Window

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If a solo camping trip isn’t your thing, then this tent cot will suffice. It’s 46.5 inches wide and 81.5 inches long. Hence, it’s spacious to fit two grownups. So, you can bring your spouse or a friend to keep you company. Again, the tent has a dome-shaped roof. As such, it’s up for the task if you’re looking for more headroom.

PU-coated 420D oxford fabric makes the tent waterproof, both inside and out. Also, it has a rain fly for extreme wet weather conditions. The frame holds the tent 12 inches off the ground for added protection. Furthermore, it adopts a sturdy construction that holds 500 pounds.

Special Features

  • 4 screening windows for ventilation and panoramic view
  • Extra-large size for couples
  • Sturdy frame holds up to 500 pounds
  • Rainfly and 420D PU fabric offer protection from extreme wet conditions

6. Outsunny Portable Camping Cot Tent with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag

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Outsunny tent cot gives you more in a single package. It comes with an air mattress, sleeping bag, sheets, and a pillow. So, it has pretty much everything you’ll need in a camping tent. For the record, this is a pop-up tent cot. Hence, it’s a lot easier to set up. Though not waterproof, the water-resistant nylon protects against light rain.

The bed is 76 inches long and 32 inches wide. However, it beats most competitors in terms of headroom. Not to mention, it’s elevated way off the ground at 16.5 inches. Thus, dampness and biting insects are less likely to be an issue.

Special Features

  • The extra-large zippered door gives easy access and locks ou insects
  • Pop-up design speeds up the setup process
  • All-in-one set (Tent cot, air mattress, pillow, and sleeping bag)

5. Outsunny Compact Elevated Camping Cot Tent Combo Set

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If the headroom is a concern, then this tent cot is your best bet. It offers 46.5 inches headroom, beating all other competitors. Also, it has the highest lift (17 inches) off the ground. Hence, it offers unmatched protection from dampness and crawling insects. As for the bed, it measures 76 inches long and 30 inches wide. Thus, it has plenty of room for one person.

The tent uses a fiberglass frame and nylon fabric, making it pretty light. Even then, it’s strong enough to hold 225 pounds. Moreover, the pop-up design makes it a piece of cake to set up. Like the Outsunny 4-in-1 tent cot, it has an oversized door for easy access.

Special Features

  • Water-resistant nylon keeps out water, UV rays, and insects
  • Pop-up design for easy setup and takedown
  • Ample headroom (46 inches) keeps you from bending a lot

4. Winterial Double Tent Cot with Collapsible Aluminum Frame

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As the name suggests, this tent cot sleeps up to 2 people. It has 4 wider windows, which you can unzip to get a panoramic view. Also, the windows use fine mesh. It provides ventilation and keeps you from prying eyes. Not to mention, it locks out insects and bugs.

Moreover, the tent uses 420D fabric. It’s rip-resistant as well as waterproof. The frame uses aluminium. It’s light but at the same time strong enough to support 500 pounds. After use, this tent cot folds flat for easy storage.

Special Features

  • Extra-large design accommodates 2 people
  • 4 mesh windows provide ventilation and keep out insects
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric keeps you dry
  • Sturdy frame supports up to 500 pounds

3. GYMAX Person Camping Waterproof Tent Cot

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Oxford fabrics, even the heavy-duty ones, can not keep you dry in the storm. But with a PU coating, it provides a 100% waterproof barrier. That’s the case with this tent cot. It uses 420D PU coated fabric and 600D rain fly. Hence, it can handle extremely wet conditions.

Also, it has breathable built-in vents that keep out biting insects. The aluminium frame holds the cot 12 inches off the ground. Thus, it offers comfort and protection from dampness, rocks, and insects.

Special Features

  • 420D PU coated fabric makes the tent 100% waterproof
  • 600D rain fly resists the rain as much as possible
  • Built-in vents keep out bugs and provide excellent ventilation

2. Tangkula Portable 2-Person Waterproof Tent Cot

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Though it doesn’t have a rain fly, this tent cot has 420D PU coated fabric. So, it still provides a 100% waterproof barrier. Again, it has large screen doors on all sides. As such, it’s a lot more breathable. Using micro-mesh, it locks out even the tiniest insects and bugs. Not to mention, the tent keeps you 12 inches off the ground. Hence, you get maximum protection round the clock.

The tent is 46.5 inches wide, making it spacious enough for 2 people. The package includes a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty PU coated fabric keeps you dry
  • Large micro-mesh doors make the tent breathable
  • Extra-large size fits 2 people

1. Kamp Rite Kid’s Tent Cot with Rain Fly

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This tent is advertised for kids. But then, it measures 69 inches long and 27 inches wide. Not to mention, it can hold up to 250 pounds. In a nutshell, adults with smaller body frames can use it as well. Also, if you need a featherweight tent cot, this is your best bet. It weighs only 8 pounds, making it three times lighter than most models.

You can convert to a lounge chair or sleeping cot, all in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the tent has 4 micro-mesh openings. It keeps you cool, especially in the summer heat. Again, it uses 190T polyester fabric. It’s incredibly light but offers a high degree of water resistance.

Special Features

  • 190T polyester fabric offers excellent water resistance
  • Ultra-light design (8 pounds) for easy portability
  • Hinge design for converting into a lounge chair or cot

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