Best Rat Cages in 2022

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Suppose you own a little pet in your home. You do want to keep it safe and warm, just like any other animal pet. Rats are also among them who need to be kept in a safe place from external dangers. Having the best Rat Cages is a better opportunity to give love to your little pet.

It takes a lot of time to take care of them. They have social peculiarities and are more innovative than older pets. There are many options to look for a rat cage. They come in different types, sizes, models, and brands available online and offline in the markets. It isn’t easy to find the right product for the little pet.

Buying the correct type of rat cage is the initial step. Also, it depends upon the number of Pet rats who will be inhabiting the Cages. In this article, we will help you in solving your doubts about buying a rat cage for your little pet. Our team will be providing a detailed review based on the following list of Cages.

We have compiled a list of Rat Cages that will suit your little pet to have a content life in a compact space. We will also guide you to the following factors to consider to look for in an ideal rat cage if you want to give your little pet the best comfort with its cage. Here are the following buying guides, which we have curated for you to choose Carefully. To avoid any further harm when you buy a Cage.

Buying Guides To Choose For Best Rat Cages in 2022


The Rat Cages comes in two types of materials; Metal and plastic. An age made out of metal may be more durable than a plastic one. Please make sure the Metal cages are coated with PVC as they tend to last longer than usual. They are more expensive than plastic or metal without PVC. But will provide the best features without fading, rusting, or eroding the animal from within.

Some plastic materials are made of high quality, which is durable and has good sturdiness. But they are ultimately broken down by those persistent rats who are hell-bent on escaping. These Cages are Cost-effective. But compared to metal material. They didn’t last long.


As much as rats love to explore. They tend to have a large amount of space which makes them comfortable and happy. They increase, which is why they require a lot of space as Rat pets became unhappy. When they are provided with shared space. So looking at the right size is one of the essential factors.

Accessibility & Cleaning Effort

Always look for the rat cage, which has long doors with full width, so that you are easily able to reach your pets and able to clean efficiently without any hassle.


Having good ventilation in the cages helps the rat get better Oxygen as baby rats don’t have strong lungs. A good ventilation cage will help better deals with the contamination and smells and a better possibility of visibility.


A giant rat cage with Portable features is meant for multiple rats so that you can disassemble the Cage easily. When you are traveling, it is easier to move to a different house to fold up the cage.


The design of the rat cage is one of the factors to look in a rat cage. They are designs such as tunnels, shelves, ramps to consider in a rat cage which will keep them occupied.

List of Best Rat Cages in 2022 on

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12. BLKJ Hamster Portable Rat Cage

BLKJ Hamster Portable Rat Cage

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Are you looking for portable and better homes for your little pets?. This product from BLKJ Hamster Cage is for you. It is durable and safe for your Hamster, who can play in the spinning well, and a cute tiny home f durable, High-quality plastic and iron wire material.

The most helpful feature is you can carry it anywhere due to its portable quality. It comes with a knob that is easy to install and one with a ladder to reach the home. You can quickly assemble the parts and have ease of use while cleaning with mild soap water.

It is suitable for mice, rats, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, and gerbil. This portable cage’s dimensions are 47cm in length, 30cm in width, and 27cm in height. It offers free ventilation, which reduces the smell odor of the hamsters and has a convenient life. It is one of the expensive portable cages

Why We Loved It

  • Prevents the odor with its free ventilation.
  • It comes with an anti-skidding handle which helps in reuse.
  • It is made up of solid plastic iron wire material.
  • You can take it anywhere due to its portable feature.

11. Topeakmart Removable Ramps Rat Cage

Topeakmart Removable Ramps Rat Cage

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This rate cage from Topeakmart has a two-story stimulated large safe critter Cage. It is constructed with rust-resistant solid metal, which is hammered in a paint finish that offers durability and sturdiness along with ample space for playing. It comes with removable ramps and platforms, making your pets adjustable to the new surroundings.

This giant rat cage comes with extra shelf storage where you can keep up the handy accessory toys. This 2-story cage provides a rolling stand for a large living rat family. It has a fabric color cloth that gives comfort to your pet along with a lockable door.

One of the features it includes is a Slide-out Tray to keep up the things. You can easily clean and feed on the extra opening from the top and the Middle mesh panel. This cage’s dimensions are 31cm in length, 20cm in width, and 54cm in height.

Why We Loved It

  • Two times larger than other Cages.
  • Lockable Casters.
  • It has durable Wire Construction.
  • Suitable and safe for small pet animals such as Hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, Hedgehogs, and even kittens.

10. YINTATECH Indoor and Outdoor Metal Rat Cage

YINTATECH Indoor and Outdoor Metal Rat Cage

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Suppose you want a fancy cage for your little pets. Then this YINTATECH 52-inch Metal Animal Cage is for you. Its spaciously designed enclosure is primarily for the pet species such as chinchillas, rabbits, and Guinea pigs. It comes with a 6-level construction with attached ramps to climb up and down the row easily. It has different areas for efficient space to play and sleep comfortably.

The cage has a wall-mounted water bottle and pet bowl with four Castor wheels. The cage has a 0.98” bar to accommodate several Small Animals. It has three lockable cage door settings, which secure helps to keep them from escaping. Its ideal smooth surface helps to stay safe and comfortable around the corner.

You can easily clean up and Vaccum with its pull-up and pull-back Slide-out Tray. It had a feeding bowl and a premium water bottle. SP that you can easily feed the little. Animals. This cage’s overall dimensions are 24cm in length, 16.3 in width, and 53cm in height.

Why We Loved It

  • It has a safety Setting lock which has a firm handle.
  • It has three front handle openings.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • It provides good durability and convenient to relocate anywhere.

9. Savic Hamster Rat Cage

Savic Hamster Rat Cage

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This Hamster Cage from Savic Zeno is made up of high-quality stainless steel material. This product is one of the largest in the Savic Zeno family of Cages. It comes with an ideal pale for your pet to play freely and enjoy sleeping comfortably and play around.

It also includes multiple accessories where it can play easily. You can access the cage with the convenient wide front door so that you can feed the pets and daily cleaning. Its doors are fitted with a lock that prevents the pets from escaping.

The spacing between the wires includes 9.5mm, which helps to keep up the pet safe. It can accommodate multiple hamsters at once in one cage as it has deep base ground, which prevents the spilling of food.

It has a tunnel where the Hamster can play easily. This cage has a lot of features which have advantages and offers come at a reliable price.

This cage’s overall dimensions include 31.5″ length, 20″ Width, and 20″ in height inches.

Why We Loved It 

  • With narrow wire spacing, it has a safe and convenient place for tiny pets.
  • It comes with multiple accessories such as a water bottle of 16oz, and a feeding bowl, tunnel, wheel, house, and Penhouse.
  • It has a Wide Front door.

8. Go2buy Metal Rat Cage

Go2buy Metal Rat Cage

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Another Rabbit Cage to Consider is this go2buy brand which offers these large cage homes for your pet. Its features include a Slide-out Tray, a water bottle, and a plastic food box which five shelves and ramps for a spacious space to move around.

It comes with a built-in hammock, which is made up of iron material. The enclosure also features a five-level structure to play around with, with three oversized front door openings beneath for easy access to feed or clean out the cage. The slide-out tray at the bottom of the cage is secured by a lock for pet standing while cleaning the tray.

The cage has narrow of 1” bar spacing so that the pet won’t have the trouble of getting wounded while playing. Its easy mobility of four heavy-duty Casters helps to move around easily. It measures 25.2″length,16.9″ width 51.6″Height.

Why We Loved It

  • It has large hinged doors.
  • Reliable for easy cleaning and feeding the pets.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Wrought iron construction with powder hammered coating gives strong durability.

7. Exotic Nutrition Durable Rat Cage

Exotic Nutrition Durable Rat Cage

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This durable mansion cage from an exotic nutrition brand offers a suitable and convenient life for your pets. It is ideal for ferrets, Prairie dogs, Degus, Mice, and Chinchillas. It is entirely chewed proof which is constructed with the metal material.

This product comes with Secure locks, which are finished with an animal-safe powder coat for durability. Its unique locking mechanism helps to secure the pet animals from escaping. This solid metal cage comes with a pull-out tray that quickly catches the debris and helps in cleaning.

The product has ½ inch bar spacing narrow to prevent escaping. It has storage features that food, toys, and other cage things in the cage’s bottom. This cage has360° rotational, which allows moving efficiently from Room to Room. It has customized ladders and shelves, which can be rearranged or removed with your choice.

Why We Loved It

  • It has customizable ladders and shelves.
  • It is constructed in high-quality iron material.
  • Easy to Move and has a storage facility.
  • It is ideal for Chinchillas, Rats, Ferrets, Prairie Dogs, Degus, Mice.

6. Aivituvin Wooden Rat Cage

Aivituvin Wooden Rat Cage

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This product is constructed in a wooden cage of fir wood material which is entirely safe for pets and is a hundred percent non-toxic. Thankfully it has three Ramps and two seesaws for your rats as they love to play around. It is upgraded with two mesh materials which allow attaching a water bottle and an exercise wheel so that you can feed the pets easily.

Its multi-level Provides a lot of activities connected with a wood ramp so that your pet can enjoy playing. The deep-down ground contains a wood shaving for your little one to dig and play in the sand. It has a leakproof plastic tray made up of good quality so that you can easily clean any debris around.

You can give your little critters a room full of accessories such as a food bowl, seesaws, which give maximum fun play to your hamsters. It is made up of 100% solid wood, which lasts longer than usual. It measures 23.6″length,15.7″width, 31.5″Height.

Why We Loved It

  • One of the best product which is constructed in solid wood.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good value for money.

5. YAHEETECH Extra Large Rat Cage with Shelves and Ladders

YAHEETECH Extra Large Rat Cage with Shelves and Ladders

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This giant three-level cage from YAHEETECH has Ultra robust Construction, which offers a lot of features. It has a detachable mobile stand which can be removable. Whenever it is needed, it has two front doors, which is Convenient to interact with your lovely pets.

It is fully accessorized with free rope bungees. Where you can balance the ability of the pet. The ramps and platforms are constructed in metal material which helps in quickly climbing the pets. It has a detachable rolling stand added to use for mobility or use as storage space.

Its extra storage space is easy to keep up the toys and helps hold the shelf handy. This product is best for small animals such as Guinea OG, Hamster, Squirrels, etc., and pet birds such as monks, parrots, quacker, Canary, and finch. It measures 81 cm in length, 46.5cm—width, 175.5 cm height.

Why We Loved It

  • It is ideal for both small and large pets.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • With four industrial Casters, it helps in moving the big cage slowly and steadily.
  • It is made of ultra-strong Construction.

4. Ferplast Tower Two Story Rat Cage

Ferplast Tower Two Story Rat Cage

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This two-Story Cage from the brand Ferplast will be a perfect choice for your little pet as it provides endless options to explore within its ferret Tower. The whole cage is fully accessorized with everything such as a large water bottle, food dish, litter pan, two adjustable play tubes, and ramps to play slide and walk away freely.

It also includes a hammock which gives your pet to play around and a cozy nap. It has a detachable latch that can remove the comprehensive portion of the cage. Its convenient access to the rooftop manages to connect with the metal mesh’s latch system, which acts as a base for part storage and routine cleaning.

The Overall dimensions of this ferret Cage are 25.2″ in length, 31.5″Width, 63.4″Height inches. The bar spacing for this ferret Cage is 7″ length and 5″ Height inches which helps to move quickly in the cage.

Why We Loved It

  • It is accessible to Maintainance and access.
  • Multiple levels and fully accessorized things.
  • Easy to assemble with its latching system, connecting the metal mesh to plastic base pans.
  • It has optional Wheel Casters.

3. PawHut Rolling Small Rat Cage

PawHut Rolling Small Rat Cage

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This rolling cage for small pet animals is an ideal home with easy transportation. It provides extra-large space, which gives maximum comfort to your small pet. It has multiple doors, which allows easy access inside and out with a deep basin for litter.

The cage also contains sliding-out bottom trays, which are available for easy cleaning. They can be removable. It is made of good quality Steel and coated PP material which is non-toxic. It differs a good amount of ventilation necessary for pet animals and has 0.5″bar spacing.

The bottom of the grid helps in avoiding the wet or dirty feet of the animals. The latches placed in the cage are for additional security. For easy transportation and movement, it comes with four Universal wheels. It measures 39.25’’ Length, 25.5’’ Width, 43’’ Height inches. It is one of the expensive products.

Why We Loved It

  • It is one of the cost-effective products.
  • Multiple doors for easy access.
  • Coated with a powder steel finish.
  • It is not suitable for rats and hamsters.

2. Prevue Pet Products Critter Rat Cage

Prevue Pet Products Critter Rat Cage

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This Prevue-Pet-Products-Critter Cage downstairs comprises its entertainment and security for small pets. It provides a Paw Friendly design that gives broad access to pet owners to open the cage quickly. It offers easy to assemble, is lightweight, and provides durability and sturdiness.

The inside features include tight with a spacing which gives a wide range of space for small pet animals. The cage’s bottom has storage space to keep the food items, toys of the small pet animals. It has four levels which give sturdiness and allow to explore the area with its ramps and plush hammocks, which helps the animals to play.

It offers easy to clean with its removable grille and tray in this cage with a wind Bell lock. For extra stability, it provides metal and rigid rubber Casters, which allows to move the pen quickly and lock into place as needed. The Overall dimensions of the product 37” Length, 23 ⅛” width, 63 ⅜” high, which also includes the stand with its 7/16″ Wire Spacing with gives comfortable space to explore.

Why We Loved It

  • It is constructed with a metal material.
  • Designed to keep a variety of small animals.
  • It has a built-in shelf to store extra toys.
  • Lightweight and offers durability.

1. MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Rat Cage

MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Rat Cage

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This product is one of the best brands which offers spacious space to your small pets. One of the crucial parts of this cage is its features which include double doors with full width and a bottom pan or tray white. You can place the food bowl or toys to play for the small pets.

This product comes with a locking door with latches that are ferret-proof so that they don’t escape easily. It also has swing-up locking ramps which protect the feet of no-slip passage between the levels so that they don’t get hurt. To make the height-adjustable, it has a removable shelf. The latches provide a safe and sturdy metal cage that keeps your pets safe.

The cage provides safe leak protection, which helps in easy cleaning and feeding the pets. It provides locking maneuvers Casters for security. It also has the desired height to create a storage area and it measures 36″Length, 25″Width, 62. 5″ Height inches.

Why We Loved It

  • It comes with a pull-out tray for feeding the pets.
  • Extra Storage space with a wind-bell lock.
  • It latches, secures the position, and is easy to maintain.
  • Provides a lot of room for your pets.


Overall in this article, we have curated the following list of Rat Cages in 2022 with buying guides and reviews for you. Now you will be able to choose the best rat cage for your little pet. Ultimately make a list of choices and based on your preferences. Select the one which is suitable and long-lasting for your small pet.

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