Top 10 Best Makeup Train Cases Review In 2022

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While travelling, it usually becomes very problematic to carry your makeup items. Without proper storage of your makeup accessories, it can make your trip a stressful one. That is one of the reasons why you need to opt for makeup train cases. It helps you to keep your makeup accessories in proper arrangement. Thus, it allows you to travel without any hassle.

However, too many options might put you in a dilemma to figure out the right travel makeup train cases. Hence, we have taken a lot of effort into finding suitable products and make this selection process much smoother.

Top 10 Best Makeup Train Cases review

10. SHANY Mini Makeup Case

SHANY Mini Makeup Case With Mirror

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Shany has brought to you a really innovative makeup case with all the features you need. The portable makeup train case has all the necessary compartments and storage options. Therefore, keeping your kit organised and functional. Since it is so compact you can take it wherever you want. Use it as a personal makeup train case or for your portable professional needs. In this case, all the drawers extend outwards so that you can have a clear view of everything from every angle.

No need to sort through your supplies wherever you need a foundation pack or a particular brush. The sorting capabilities of this makeup train case bring you the incredible organisation of your makeup tools, supplies and accessories. Moreover, it doesn’t weigh much but is incredibly durable and this is possible due to its lightweight aluminium construction. Use of aluminium also means it is less susceptible to rusting or corrosion from humidity or exposure to other elements.

Key features:

  • These cute textures cases come in a variety of colours to choose from.
  • Doesn’t allow in any dust and the case is also spill-proof.
  • This product doesn’t use methods or products that involve animal cruelty.

9. SHANY Essential Pro Makeup

SHANY Essential Pro Case with Shoulder Strap and Locks

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Shany has brought to you a compact makeup train case that includes features which help you to not just organise your kit efficiently, hit also lets you carry them with ease. With a shoulder strap that is adjusted, you can have it to the perfect length. This enables less swing, yet allows you to easily take it on or off.

As a matter of fact, you get two latches to place every product safely. In fact, the compartments are pretty spacious to fit in items like dryers as well.

Key features:

  • Made from high quality and non-toxic materials like ABS plastic and aluminium.
  • You get a pair of keys that let you lock your case for theft protection.
  • The ergonomic handle feels easier on your hands while carrying the case.

8. SHANY Color Matters Case

SHANY Color Matters - Nail Accessories Organizer and Makeup Case

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The interiors of this case have high-quality leather construction that is derived from completely synthetic materials. So, it doesn’t involve real animal skin or other materials that are obtained from cruelty towards animals. Furthermore, Shany is a trusted and reliable brand that holds PETA membership for a long time and hence doesn’t involve practices that harm animals in any way.

This case from the United States has high-quality materials construction but delivered to you at an affordable price. It has several slots that let you keep nail beauty supplies or other such products in an organised manner in clear view. Identifying and picking out a product is much simpler than with cases from other competitor brands. The interiors are also water-resistant and won’t get the damaged cause of spills of liquid or powder-based supplies. This makes it a product that is your trusted companion for years.

Key features:

  • A mirror at the underside of the lid gives you a clear vision of your makeup.
  • The waterproof makeup train case has a warranty period.
  • Each divided slot has generous dimensions of 1.5-inches by 1.5-inches.

7. Joligrace Makeup Case

Makeup Train Case Professional Adjustable - 6 Trays Cosmetic Cases Makeup Storage Organizer Box with Lock and Compartments

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You get 6 trays arranged on a cantilever structure that just pop out beautifully when you open this case. The trays have dividers which are removable and rearranged to fit your makeup essentials. You can even change the size of the bottom compartments easily.

If you want more depth for larger items, then dividers of bottom compartments are easily removed. So none of your products needs to be squished or crammed inside

Key features:

  • Wider 12 mm makeup train case frame with thicker reinforcements for longevity.
  • The diamond finish on the makeup case looks brilliant.
  • Is used for domestic as well as professional purposes.

6. Related Travel Makeup Case

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer Portable Artist Storage Bag

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With Relavel you get customization and versatility like never before. This case from the brand lets you organise not just the makeup supplies, but also the case itself. It has independent dividers that are interchanged and positioned. However. you like to make room for larger products or fit in a lot of smaller products. Constructed out of thick and high-quality oxford fabric, this bag is very light, yet resilient and the nylon lining protects it from dust, water, liquids and more.

It has a generous space and has plenty of room to keep everything from your eyeshadows and makeup brushes to nail polish and shampoo. So, you don’t have to rely on cheaper alternatives or extensive replacements while you’re on vacation.

Key features:

  • Wide handle that makes carrying it over long distances easy and stress-free
  • It is also used as a shaving case or for storing your camera, electronics and other gadgets
  • The case if shockproof. It means small bumps won’t wreak havoc inside the case and also has two-way zippers which increase its accessibility.

5. Joligrace Makeup Case Professional

Joligrace Makeup Train Case Professional Cosmetic Box Travel Organizer with Mirror & Lock Black Pattern

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A lot of this makeup train case is detachable and just slides over to reveal a huge makeup station for your portable makeup needs. It uses cantilevers for sliding out 3 vanity trays that have been padded with PVC material for easy cleaning.

You also get a brush holder that care removed and used separately. No need to worry about security either since it has metal latches is reinforced. Finally, it’s lockable with a pair of keys to keep your belongings safe and sound.

Key features:

  • Large handle with sufficient padding for comfortably carrying the bag.
  • The make train case’s mirror that has a huge surface area for viewing.
  • Exterior panels can take a lot of abuse due to ABS construction.

4. Yaheetech 3-in-1 Professional Makeup Train Case

Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case

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Yaheetech brings some of the most brilliant makeup tools and accessories available in the market. You get a full-sized makeup trolley train case that has enough room for all your tools, foundations, lip gloss, nail polish, brushes and more. The trolley design has four wheels which make moving it around very easy and convenient.

These wheels can swivel in any direction and requires you to pull the case with the minimum amount of force for flawless manoeuvrability. But that’s not all; the wheels are also detached so that you can make this case your stationary makeup station. Hence, prevents it from rolling away due to slight bumps.

This case has a strong yet lightweight frame made from aluminium that is naturally resistant to rusting and corrosion. The handle is stretched out to your desired height so that you can handle the case while moving in the most comfortable way.

Key features:

  • Comes with a total of 8 metal locks that keep your things safe and secure.
  • Rounded corners mean no sharp metal or other parts might leave cuts on your skin.
  • You can even detach the top case which features makeup pallets for reducing your travel bulk.

3. Relavel Professional Makeup Train Case

Relavel Professional Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Bag Brush Organizer and Storage

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Relavel has equipped its case with a large shoulder strap that is used for conveniently carrying around your case. But if you don’t want it and don’t like the idea of a strap hanging out from your case, then this case have you covered with the detachable strap design.

It has enough organisational chambers and compartments to impress both newbies and professionals. If you are on a vacation with your trolley luggage then you can even attach this bag to its handle.

Key features:

  • You get a total of 12 brush slots that can fit brushes of any size due to the elastic construction.
  • Hair straighteners also get a safe home with elastic bands.

2 Joligrace Makeup Train Case Love Pattern

Joligrace Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Organizer Box Lockable with 3 Trays and a Brush Holder White Love Pattern with Mirror

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Joligrace brings to you a really amazing makeup case that looks super cute with patterns all over the exterior panels. It stands out from the rest due to its unique design but doesn’t lose out on quality.

Furthermore, it has a three-tiered design with trays sliding outwards to give you a clear view of the contents inside. No need to carry an extra vanity mirror either since it already has one built into it.

Key features:

  • It has a detachable tray with generous size and made for holding all your brushes.
  • All the trays have PVC padding for shock and spill resistance.
  • The bottom chamber is deep enough with a height of 7 cm.

1.Ovonni Portable Makeup Train Cases

Artist Lockable Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Storage Box with 15 Compartments 4 Trays

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Ovonni has made their makeup train case with plenty of compartments and storage drawers that let you bring your beauty accessories and supplies along with you on your journey. The deep tray has dividers which are removable. Now, place according to your requirements for a custom DIY setup.

The bottom section allows you up to 15 compartments for storing your vanity products in a neat manner.

Key features:

  • Corners are reinforced and plated with chrome to prevent rusting.
  • Exterior panels have MDF wood construction while the interior has polyurethane construction.
  • Have two latches that are locked for security against theft.

A makeup lover will always keep their makeup in the safest condition and will always carry it with them wherever needed. And the makeup train cases will help in neat arrangements as well as safe transportation.

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