10 Best Automatic Electric Hand Dryers for Home and Office Reviews

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Personal hygiene is extremely important as it can prevent various diseases and the spread of germs. After washing your hands, you have to dry your hands as wet hands are the playing ground for germs. Therefore, you need a hand dryer so that you can dry your hands instantly after washing. There are different types of hand dryers available in the market, and the automatic ones are the best as it is hands-free.

Table of the Best Automatic Hand Dryers Reviews

10. AIKE AK2630S Compact Automatic Hand Dryers for Commercial and Home Use

Hand Dryers

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This automatic hand dryer runs at a power output of 1400watts. Overheating and over-current safety also make this system extremely secure and robust. Therefore, most regular 120-volt outlets operate with this model. Moreover, the construction of material from ABS-polycarbonate increases the lifetime of this machine. The computer comes with overtime safety lasting 45-seconds.

This dryer also comes with corrosion-proof material construction. Furthermore, the machine conveniently makes your hands dry within 10 to 15-seconds. The heavy-duty drying machine is resistant to wearing and tearing. The dryer produces 105/m airflow with a maximum operation noise level of 76-dB. This commercial-grade model is perfect for public areas, hotels, households, and other spaces.


  • It comes with a compact high speed.
  • Reduce the noise level with an air duct.
  • Smart warm flow designed hidden switches.

9. XLERATOR Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryers

XLERATOR Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryers

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This dryer also works with a maximum noise level of 9-dB. Furthermore, the polymer cover is resistant to rust, wear, tear, and damage. The contoured nozzle simply dries your hands within 10 to 15-seconds. The machine produces high-velocity airflow. This dryer consists of an infrared optical stop-n-start sensor.

This hand dryer also comes with the construction of heavy-duty polymer material. Furthermore, the noise-reducing function makes this dryer ideal for domestic purposes. This model is efficient enough to keep your hands dry faster than other models. The surface-mounted drying machine makes operation trouble-free for all. You can simply discard harmful paper towels by installing this convenient dryer.


  • Patented technology, consumes less energy.
  • 3 times faster hand drying performance.
  • Eliminates storing, collecting bacteria.

8. Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryers

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Make your hands dry within 10 to 10-seconds by using this hand dryer. The model also works within the operational noise level of 70 to 72-dB. Moreover, the 1351-watt dryer is highly energy-efficient. You can use this model in places, like casinos, restaurants, bathrooms, shopping malls, and more. This eco-friendly dryer comes with an automated feature to support hassle-free and hygienic hand drying.

The sensor also helps users to adjust the sensing range from 2 to 5.9-inch. Furthermore, the waterproof housing and cover come with stainless-steel material. The dull polished cover of this drying machine is resistant to wearing, tearing, corrosion, and rust.


  • Energy saver and anti-bacterial filter.
  • Installation is a simple, stainless steel cover.
  • It helps dry hands in 10-20 seconds.

7. Royal Sovereign Personal Automatic Hand Dryer – RTHD-790S

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This hand dryer makes installation hassle-free and lesser time-consuming. The automatic function of this drying machine also supports the hygienic and stress-free operation. Moreover, you can simply mount this model against any wall. You can even use this dryer as a countertop model in your kitchen room. This machine is an ideal replacement for the unhygienic cloth towels.

This touchless drying machine also makes your hands instantly dry within 15-seconds. Furthermore, the automatic shut-off function efficiently automatically shuts off the dryer after removing hands from the sensor. The silver finish makes this handy metal dryer extremely sophisticated, sleek, and corrosion-proof.


  • Equipped with a touch-less automatic function.
  • It helps reduce waste in the environment.
  • Compact design with silver coating.

6. ASIALEO Thin Automatic Electric Commercial Hand Dryer for Bathrooms or Restrooms

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This automatic hand dryer comes with a slim-profile construction to leave a contemporary appeal to your washroom. The modifying wiring helps you to easily and directly plug-in to the power outlets. The energy-conserving model also makes an ideal alternative to the paper towels. Moreover, the automated feature offers hands-free and hygienic hand drying.

The waterproof housing also prolongs the lifespan of this dryer. Furthermore, the stainless-steel cover of this machine comes with a dull polished finish. Therefore, this cover makes this dryer resistance against rust and corrosion. You can conveniently adjust the sensor distance from 2 to 5.9-inch according to your requirements.


  • Simple installation consumes less energy.
  • Space-saving and simple to clean.
  • Premium quality, precise and firm control.

5. Bobrick 7120 TrimLineSeries Zinc-Plated Steel ADA Surface-Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer

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With a thin and sleek profile, this hand dryer looks good in your modern kitchen and washroom. The zinc-plated steel material construction also makes this dryer extremely durable and corrosion-proof. Moreover, the automatic shut-off function automatically stops working when you remove your hands from the sensor. The dual air outlets generate swirling air circulation.

So, this machine only takes about 25-seconds to make your hands completely dry. Furthermore, the electronic sensor works precisely and saves a lot of energy during operation. The 1/7-horsepower motor supports universal-type resilient mounting. The sealed ball-bearing at drive shaft end and lubricated sleeve bearing make operation convenient for all.


  • Equipped with a high-gloss satin surface.
  • It comes with an electronic sensor.
  • Gives a swirling circulation of airflow.

4. Alpine Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer – Commercial High-Speed Hot Air Hand Blower

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Made from heavy-gauge stainless-steel material, this hand dryer withstands the harshness of rough handlings for years. With a smart sensor, this machine also helps users to make their hands drying within a few seconds. Moreover, the low-profile automatic dryer does not consume much space in your washroom. This 1800-watt model supports touchless hand-drying for hygienic use.

The aluminum dryer also comes with a corrosion-resistant and polished finish to offer durability. Furthermore, this machine only takes about 10-seconds to dry your hands. This commercial-grade hand drying machine runs without making any loud operation noise. The compact machine makes installation trouble-free for users.


  • Features long-lasting and corrosion-proof.
  • Equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Lesser-power consumption, chic sleek design.

3. World Dryer 0833 NOVA-1 Plug-In Economical Surface Mounted Plug-In Quick Install Automatic Hand Dryer

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With a simple and low-profile design, this hand dryer acquires very little space in your washroom. The model also makes installation hassle-free and lesser time-consuming. Moreover, this plug-in dryer works with most of the 110 to 120-volt standard wall outlets. This automatic dryer comes with a heavy-duty aluminum exterior to ensure durability.

The surface-mounted dryer with a sleek tapered design also supports simple push-button operations. Furthermore, the model has simple on and off operations for users’ safety. The dryer works almost silently and consumes lesser energy during operation. This vandal-resistant equipment is suitable to install in commercial spaces like public toilets and more.


  • Simple installation and space-saving design.
  • It features an automatic and quiet function.
  • Equipped with a tapered design, time-saving.

2. Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer

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With a maximum power output of 1800-watt, this hand dryer makes hands completely dry within a few seconds. The modifying wiring also allows users to directly plug this unit into a power outlet. Moreover, you can easily mount this machine against any wall. This energy-efficient machine is very much eco-friendly.

This dryer is also an ideal accessory for your commercial places, home, bathroom, restaurants, and other spaces. Furthermore, the exterior of this model comes with the construction of commercial-grade stainless-steel material. The waterproof housing and automated feature enhance the functionality of this machine. You can adjust the sensor working range from 2 to 5.9-inch.


  • Installation is simple, lesser energy usage.
  • Features stainless steel and dull polished.
  • Ensures hygiene with automated features.

1. World Dryer Nova 5 0112 Aluminum White Push Button Hand Dryer – 120V

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This hand dryer with aluminum material construction lasts for years. The swivel nozzle also allows users to turn on the drying function. Moreover, this 120-volt bathroom accessory consists of a silent induction motor. Therefore, this dryer runs almost silently. You can even instantly dry your face by using this machine.

The low amp motor also wastes no extra time or energy to run this dryer. Furthermore, the brushless motor does not require any special maintenance or replacement. The chrome-plating finish of this aluminum machine extends the lifespan of this equipment. This dryer produces 148-cubic feet of air volume just in a minute.


  • Equipped with adaptable dry timing.
  • It comes with a quiet induction motor.
  • Features lastingness and anti-vandal.


There are different types of hand dryers available, and you should choose as per your budget. Apart from cost, you have to check the features and settings available. There are some which let you control the speed of hot air blowing. Besides, the noise is something that can bother many, and you should check other technical specifications before buying.

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