Best Professional Travel Hair Dryers & Hair Blowers Reviews In 2020

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Of all hair styling tools and appliances, a hairdryer is one tool you can’t do without. It not only dries your hair but also nourishes as well as protects it from damage. Not to mention, it’s by far the best tool for reducing frizz. But to reap the most benefits, you need a trusted and reliable hairdryer. Honestly speaking, choosing the best hair dryers is easier said than done. You’re likely to run into technical words that will leave you confused. Above all, there are key items you need to focus on, including wattage, material, weight, and speciality features.

But don’t get frustrated yet. We’ve singled out 10 best hair dryers for different hair types and budgets. As such, you won’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.

Table of the Best Hair Dryers Reviews

10. Elchim 3900 Healthy Professional Ionic Hair Dryers – Ceramic Blow Dryer

Hair Dryers

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Elchim 3900 is by far one of the best high-end hair dryers. It’s a ceramic hairdryer. Hence, it provides more consistent heat that’s less harsh on your hair. That makes it ideal for all hair types. Also, it has a power output of 2400 watts. Not only does it provide salon-quality results, but it also reduces drying time. For the record, it cuts down drying time by up to 30%. Despite the exceptional power output, this hairdryer is much quieter than most competitors.

Moreover, this hair dryer has 2 airspeeds and 3 temperature settings. As such, you can find the ideal setting for your hair type. Also, it comes with 2 attachments for brushing and precision styling.

Special Features

  • Powerful air compression technology reduces drying time by up to 30%
  • Ceramic material makes it ideal for all hair types
  • AC professional motor can deliver power for over 2000 hours
  • The diffuser keeps the texture intact while adding volume
  • Cool shot setting reduces frizz as well as makes the hair shiny and sleek

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9. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool – Hair Dryers

Performance AC Motor Styling Tool - Hair Dryers

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Like the Elchim 3900, this hairdryer uses ceramic technology. So, it provides a uniform heating ideal for all hair types. Not to mention, it has ionic technology that reduces frizz by up to 75%. The motor outputs 1875 watts for fast drying time. For the record, it dries 50% faster and lasts 3 times longer than average hairdryers.

The dryer has 3 heat settings. So, you can choose the precise amount of heat that your hair requires. Other extras include a diffuser for textured styles and a concentrator for smooth styles. On a side note, this hair dryer has a removable filter. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to clean.

Special Features

  • Ceramic and ionic technology provides uniform heating for all hair types and reduces frizz by 75%
  • 1875 watts motor lasts 3 times longer
  • A cold shot button locks in your style and boosts shine
  • A diffuser keeps curls smooth and intact
  • Concentrator nozzle for straightening and de-frizzing

8. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

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This hairdryer is from a brand with years of reputation. Hence, you don’t expect it to provide any less. The ceramic material and infrared technology provide efficient and uniform heating. Though it’s ideal for all hair types, it’s even more excellent for fine hair that’s prone to damage.

6 heat and airspeed settings make it a do-it-all hairdryer. Also, there’s a cold shot button that leaves your hair sleek and shiny. As for the concentrator nozzle, it cuts down frizz as well as help straighten the hair. Furthermore, the hairdryer has a soft-touch rubber housing for a better grip. For the record, this hairdryer uses a 2000 watts professional-grade motor.

Special Features

  • Soft rubber housing reduces vibrations as well as provide a better grip
  • Infrared heat penetrates the hair drying it from the inside out
  • The ceramic interior provides uniform heating and is gentle on all hair types
  • Cold shot setting leaves the hair sleek and shiny

7. TREZORO 9300 Professional Ionic Hair Dryers – Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer

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This hair dryer is among the most versatile. It combines the benefits of ceramic and tourmaline hair dryers. Tourmaline offers the most intense ionic action. Not to mention, it has a turbo function that speeds up the process 10 times more. While most models reduce frizz by up to 75%, this hair dryer reduces frizz by 90%. As for the ceramic coating, it offers a gentle and consistent heat, allowing your hair to dry faster.

Moreover, this hair dryer has an upgraded 2200 watts motor. It speeds up the drying process and has 6 airspeed and heat settings. Among them is a cold shot button that reduces frizz even further. Also, the hair dryer comes with two concentrators to cater for all hairstyles. A non-slip handle and soft rubber housing make the hair dryer more user-friendly.

Special Features

  • Turbo ionic generator transfers 10 times more ions, reducing frizz by up to 90%
  • The curved handle and soft rubber housing provide added comfort
  • Powerful 2200 watts motor speeds up the drying process as well as offer salon-quality results
  • 6 heat and airspeed settings together with two concentrators meet the demands of all hair types and styles

6. Remington D3190 1875 Watt Damage Protection Ceramic & Ionic Hair Dryer

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Remington D3190 is by far the best affordable hairdryer. Unlike other cheap alternatives, it’s as durable as the more expensive salon-grade hair dryers. Also, compared to standard Remington hairdryers, it provides 3 times more protection. It combines negative ions, tourmaline, and ceramic to maximize shine as well as prevent hair damage.

Aside from damage control, this hair dryer comes with a diffuser attachment ideal for curly and wavy hair. Not to mention, it has a concentrator ideal for a straight style. The removable filter makes the hairdryer easy to clean, enabling it to operate at its most efficient level. Furthermore, it has separate heat and fan speed settings. Among them is a cool shot that locks in your styling.

Special Features

  • Advanced coating provides 3 times more protection than average hair dryers
  • Ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline grill offer faster drying with less speed
  • Micro-conditioner technology leaves your hair shiny and healthy
  • The cool shot setting keeps your hairstyle intact

5. Senndio Tourmaline Hair Dryer & Hair Dryers with Diffuser & Concentrator

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The ultra-light ergonomic design and low noise make this hair dryer more comfortable to operate. Despite the small size, it packs a ton of features under the hood. Well, this is a tourmaline hairdryer. Unlike a regular ionic dryer, it transfers more ions to smooth your hair as well as lock in moisture. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for extremely thick or frizzy hair.

There are 6 heat and airspeed settings to adapt to your needs. Also, this hair dryer comes with two attachments. There’s a diffuser that gives your hair a natural fluffy look. Not to mention, a concentrator that styles straight hair.

Special Features

  • Ultra-light design and low noise makes it comfortable to operate
  • Tourmaline grill speeds up drying as well as eliminate frizz
  • A diffuser and concentrator meet the demands of different hairstyles

4. Berta 1875W Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Berta 1875W Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryers

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This hair dryer uses an ultra-thin precision motor. Not only is it 2 times lighter, but it also has double the speed of standard motors. So fast it is that it can dry and shape your hair in under 3 minutes. Also, it combines both ceramic and advanced ionic technology. As such, it protects your hair from damage as well as eliminate frizz.

A micro-mesh net makes the hairdryer entirely dust-proof. Moreover, it prevents hair from being sucked into the dryer. This hair dryer boasts low noise technology. Not to mention, it has an ergonomic design. Hence, it’s more comfortable to operate.

Special Features

  • Micro-mesh filter locks out dust
  • Low noise technology minimizes user fatigue
  • Ceramic coating and tourmaline grill reduces frizz and hair damage
  • The ultra-thin precision motor is 2 times lighter and faster than standard motors

3. JOHN Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer Fast Drying Professional Hair Dryer

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The 2200 watts power plus motor provides gale-speed air flow for super-fast drying and styling. Aside from ionic technology, the hairdryer also has micro-conditioners. So, it not only eliminates frizz but also provides maximum shine and protection. Again, the dryer has a ceramic coating. As such, it’s an excellent choice for drying soft-thin to coarse-thick hair.

This hair dryer has 2 airspeed and 3 heat settings for versatile styling. Again, it has a 9-foot tangle-free cord for added safety. Well, this is a semi-compact hairdryer with a balanced weight. Therefore, it reduces user fatigue drastically.

Special Features

  • Precise temperature sensor protects the hair from damage
  • Ceramic ion speeds up drying time by up to 60%
  • Durable power plus motor offers decades of use
  • Micro-conditioners reduce damage while boosting shine

2. LARMHOI 2000W Professional Salon Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

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The design of this hairdryer is quite unlike those of other models on the list. It adopts a cylindrical shape. Instead of different buttons, it has one multi-use button. Overall, it offers 6 airspeed and heat settings. The dryer uses an upgrade gallop motor. At 2000 watts, it’s incredibly powerful. Not to mention, it’s 1.45 pounds lighter than standard motors. For the record, this hairdryer is by far the lightest on our list.

A U-shaped wire distributes heat uniformly. Moreover, this hair dryer has an advanced ionic technology to tame frizz and boost shine. Lower radiation makes it safe, as well as saves energy. Also, the dryer has a 360-degree rotary nozzle. Hence, it’s easier to connect and remove attachments. For the record, this hair dryer comes with 2 concentrator nozzles.

Special Features

  • An ultra-light design minimizes user fatigue
  • The 360-degree rotary nozzle makes it easier to connect and remove attachments
  • Advanced ionic technology maximizes shine as well as eliminate frizz
  • Low radiation for added safety
  • One-button design makes it easier to operate

1. Conair Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

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Conair is a well-known brand and a safer bet when it comes to affordable hair dryers. This model is among the best in its line of hair dryers. It uses a tourmaline ceramic coating that reduces heat damage. Not to mention, it has ionic technology that boosts shine as well as reduces frizz.

Like other models on the list, it has 2 airspeed and 3 heat settings for custom heat and airflow. Moreover, it has a cold shot setting that locks your hairstyle in place. Also, this hair dryer comes with a concentrator for smooth styling. A chrome and diamond finish gives this hairdryer a luxurious look.

Special Features

  • Diamond and chrome finish offers a luxurious look
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology reduces heat damage
  • Ionic technology reduces frizz and maximizes shine

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