Top 10 Best Floor Folding Gymnastics Mats | Tumbling Mat Reviews

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Gymnastic gyms are usually equipped with gymnastics mats. This is done to ensure the safety of the gym users is not compromised. They are usually made of high quality to provide comfort and ease. You will actually find many types of gymnastic mats in different market places. These are mats that can be used inside a house or outside. There is one thing you need to check however and that is their quality before you go ahead and buy one. Many users of gymnastic gyms normally prefer not to wear shoes at all.

This is to enable them to execute and move their bodies more freely. That is why you will find that these mats are made of good quality rubber. The use of rubber is to prevent it from being too slippery. The majority of Gymnasts and athletes usually perform their routine exercises on a daily basis. That is why they usually need a wide area which enables them to move their bodies in different directions without falling down because the rubber material is convenient for this kind of movement.

Presently, these mats are not only used by people who perform this sport but also other individuals who like having regular exercises in their backyard or in the park. There are several types of mats that can roll and fold easily and one can easily bring them along every time they are exercising.

Table of the Best Folding Gymnastics Mats Reviews

10. BalanceFrom Extra Thick Anti-Tear Gymnastics Gym Folding Exercise Aerobics Mats

Gymnastics Mats

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This mat is 4 feet wide 10 feet long and has a 2-inch thick firm high-density EPE foam which is ideal for exercises and activities such as pilates, yoga, martial arts, and aerobics. Its surface is usually made of durable non-toxic lead-free 18 oz puncture-resistant technology which usually makes the mat to be easy to clean with water and soap. It also comes with a Velcro on all sides which makes it quite easy to hook several mats together if you need to make a large workout area or even a tumbling run. It can also easily be folded in the user’s desired shape. All mats from BalanceFrom come with a two-year warranty.

9. Z ATHLETIC 4ft x 8ft x 2in Folding Gymnastics Exercise Gym Mat

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This mat has an incredible professional design because this company that makes it has been manufacturing and designing these products for over two decades. These mats can be used in a gym or at home because they are of high quality. These mats can be multifunctional meaning they are convenient for commercial use, home use and also competitive uses in a gym.

You can use them for dancing, weight training, cheerleading, pilates, general exercises, parkour and many more. These mats are also expandable in size. You can hook and loop connections on all the four sides and this will allow you to extend it and make it convenient for customized use or even gymnastic runs. This type of mat usually comes with guaranteed durability since they are made of high-density and are cross-linked with polythene foam which is covered in high quality 18oz vinyl.

This makes the manufacturers of these types of mats meet and exceed the industry standards in all categories. Additionally, these mats are easy to clean, safe and non-toxic.

8. BestMassage Gymnastics Mats & Exercise Tumbling Mats for Home Gym

BestMassage Gymnastics Mats & Exercise Tumbling Mats for Home Gym

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This type of mat is convenient for home yoga, lightweight gymnastics, and many more purposes. It is made of high quality and ensures the safety of the users is not compromised at all. This mat is easy to fold and carry to your desired place of use. This mat comes at a pocket-friendly price in the market.

7. Polar Aurora 4’x10’x2 Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat Aerobics Stretching Yoga Mats

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This exercise mate is made of high density and Eco-friendly Foam. This mat is soft and highly resilient to ensure anyone who is exercising is comfortable and will train safely. This mat is easy to carry and store. This is because it consists of four panels which means it can be easily folded. Folding this mat will ensure you save massive storage space. The mat has two handles that are sewn in both ends making the mat easy to hold and carry.

Additionally, this mat is usually made of durable PU leather that is easy to clean. This material will last longer and will be able to protect the inner foam that ensures one is exercising safely. This mat is suitable for various types of exercises and comes in some beautiful colours. It can also be easily folded into different shapes.

This mat can be used for a variety of exercises such as dancing, yoga, wrestling, light stretching, general exercises and martial arts. This mat also has velcro straps that are built on both ends of the mat and this enables you to add some extra mats if you want to have a tumbling run kind of an exercise.

6. Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Mats – Folding Tumbling Panel Mat

Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Panel Mat

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This mat is of high quality because it is covered with an extremely durable 18oz knife coated vinyl material. This vinyl is usually stretched tightly over the foam. This mat can also be used for multiple purposes. It will work for you if you are a dancer, fitness enthusiast, martial artist, gymnast, and others. The product of Tumbl trak is durable and this comes as of this companies experience in this industry for it has been doing this for the last three decades.

This mat is durable and will withstand any kind of rigorous use. This mat comes with much superior design. You can fold it in different shapes and use it for tumbling activities and more. This mat also comes with a 2-year warranty.

5. Giantex 4’x10’x2 Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mats

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Giantex is another mat that is convenient for several activities that are not only limited to gymnastics. They include stretching, martial arts, pilates among others. This mat is lightweight meaning that you can easily carry it from one place to another. It also comes with Velcro on two edges which enable one to connect end to end and this enables one to connect more units and make it easy to transport it to wherever you are moving to.

This Giantex mat is made of eco-friendly PU cloth and also high-quality EPE foam which ensures that even if you fall while undertaking your activities, you are guarded against injuries. This one has a zippered cover which means removing it is quite easy. This mat is also machine washable. Additionally, this mat is easily foldable into 4 quarters which ensures it is easy to fold and carry it conveniently.

4. ZENOVA Gymnastics Tumbling Mat – Folding Gym Mats with Handle Gymnastic Floor Mats

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This is another incredible mat that one can use for different purposes. You can do yoga, martial arts, pilates, and other activities on this mat. This mat is of great quality and prevents one from getting an injury while carrying out an activity. These gyms are easy to fold making it easy to carry them around. These mats are thick and will prevent you from falling when undertaking an activity. These mats are available at a very friendly price.

3. Matladin Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Aerobics Mat

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This mat comes with a reinforced carry handle. This handle ensures that you can conveniently carry your mat around with ease. The exercise mat is easily foldable which ensures the storage is easy. This one normally uses a superb high density environmental friendly EPE foam which ensures one achieves a durable, healthy, better resilience which cannot be easily distorted.

This mat comes with a toxic-free leather cover which is waterproof, non-slip, crack resistant and this is very safe and healthy for everyone. It is also very easy to clean. The aspect that makes this mat durable is that its stitching is reinforced well on all sides. This makes it very convenient for kids to play on while they try to learn yoga, aerobics, and many other activities.

This exercise mat also comes with a hood & loop velco on all sides which ensures that one can combine many mats together to create a larger size. You can get this mat at an incredible price.

2. Best 4’x10’x2 Gymnastics Gym Folding Exercise Aerobics Mats Stretching Yoga Mat

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This mat comes with foam support. It is crafted with 2 inches of thick high-density EPE foam which ensures that comfort is provided and protection is also available in an event of a hard fall. This mat is long-lasting and can be maintained quite easily whether one uses it for dancing, yoga, and gymnastics. This mat is easy to carry because it has a handle. It can also be easily folded in a 4-panel design which enables one to store it easily. It also comes with hook & loop fastener systems on the edges which enable you to pair it with other mats to create a larger area of activity.

1. Gymmatsdirect Gymnastics Mat Folding Tumbling Exercise Mat

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This mat is very convenient for tumbling, gymnastics, parkour, general exercises, martial arts, pilates, stretching, yoga, and many other uses. This mat is eco-friendly because its material is about 4-inch thick white foam. This makes it safe for kids. This mat is durable because it has a non-absorbent shell which will last long for your workout needs. This mat is easy to fold and hence carrying and storing it is quite easy.

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