Top 10 Best Gymnastics Balance Beams for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2022

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Gymnasts, whether beginners or professionals, will require the services of a balance beam at some point. It’s by far one of the easiest and most affordable at-home gymnastics equipment. Though simple, it’s almost a must-have for mastering the beam event. Moreover, it quickly inspires confidence in any gymnast, especially newbies. And as most would tell you, installing a balance beam is pretty straightforward. But then, there are so many types of gymnastics beams. You get them in different sizes, designs, and materials. Not to mention, there are thousands of models out there. So, how do you tell the best gymnastics balance beams to buy?

Luckily, we have a roundup of the best home gymnastics balance beams you can find on the market. So, take the time to read and check them out to find your ideal match.

Table of the Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews

10. FBSPORT Gymnastics Balance Beams – Folding Floor Gymnastics Equipment for Kids & Adults

Gymnastics Balance Beams

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In terms of size, this balance beam gives more variety. It’s the only model with three size options, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Well, this is a floor beam. Hence, it’s an excellent option for beginners. Nonetheless, the top of the beam is regulation 4 inches. As such, beginners will get a complete feel of what it’s going to feel like balancing four feet in the air someday.

Also, the beam is made of high-density EVA foam. It’s soft but sturdy enough not to flatten out over time. Not to mention, it’s covered in a suede-like material that mimics competition-grade balance beams. As for the base, it has non-slip rubber to keep it from sliding. Furthermore, the beam is lightweight (5 pounds), easy to fold, and comes with carrying straps. As such, it’s easier to store and transport.

Special Features

  • Carry straps and foldable design make it easy to store and transport
  • Strong double-stitching makes the cover tear-resistant
  • High-density EVA foam is soft, light, and doesn’t flatten out
  • Extra-wide non-slip base improves stability
  • Three size options (8 feet, 9 feet, and 10 feet) for a wide variety of application

9. Alpha Mats Floor Gymnastics Balance Beams for Training

Alpha Mats Floor Gymnastics Balance Beams for Training

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Like the FBSPORT, this balance beam sits at floor height. Hence, it’s perfect for beginners who want to advance to more challenging skills. Also, the beam is 4 inches wide. As such, you get the feel of what it feels like to practice on competition-grade models. Though it doesn’t have high-density padding, the medium-density foam provides adequate support.

Moreover, this balance beam has a wooden core. Though a bit heavier, it offers superior support. The surface has a suede finish. Not only is it soft but also non-slip to minimize injuries. After use, the beam folds to half its size for easy storage.

Special Features

  • Floor-level height gives beginners a simple start
  • Non-skid bottom and suede finish reduce injuries and slippage
  • Durable wooden core doesn’t flatten out
  • Medium-density foam offers excellent cushioning and support

8. Milliard Adjustable Balance Beam –  Floor Beam Suede Gymnasticson Training with Legs

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This balance beam is the real deal for a competition-grade beam. Most often, the lowest practice height for competition-style beam balance is 7 inches. The highest, on the other hand, is 18 inches. However, this balance beam takes things the extra mile. It’s adjustable to 24 inches high, making it ideal for advanced practice. But then, it also has a floor mode for beginners.

The pull and click system makes height adjustments super easy. Also, the beam has a solid wooden core. As such, it can withstand hours of abuse and hard landings. The broad feet are made of non-slip material. Not only do they keep the beam from sliding, but they also protect your floor.

Special Features

  • The floor mode and high mode accommodate both beginners and advanced users
  • Adjustable high mode lets you sharpen your skills
  • Solid wooden core offers superior support and lifetime durability
  • Pull and click system makes height adjustments a breeze

7. Best Choice Products 9ft Folding Floor Balance for Gymnastic and Tumbling

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This floor beam gives little gymnasts the skill set they need to advance to the next level. It’s a full-sized beam. Hence, it will build your confidence as well as help you hone your skills. Also, it has medium-density foam that cushions against hard landings. As for the cover material, it comes in vinyl. It’s durable and can wipe clean for easy care.

The balance beam is light, making it pretty easy to carry. Not to mention, it can fold in half for compact storage. For the record, this balance beam can fit in a closet easily.

Special Features

  • Floor level design allows newbies to build their confidence
  • Medium-density foam protects against hard landings
  • Foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport

6. Matladin Balance Beam Gymnastics for Kids – Firm Balance Beams Gymnastics Equipment for Practice Training

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Matladin balance beam prioritizes portability. In as much as it’s lightweight, foldable, and with carrying handles, it also comes with a carry bag. That makes it an excellent option for on-the-go practice. A pinewood core and high-density EVA foam keep your feet from sinking. To top it all, it has a suede-like layer that gives little gymnasts a competition feel.

The textured base provides extra grip, which keeps the beam from sliding. Not to mention, it protects the floor from scratches. Also, this gymnastics balance beam uses recessed hinges that protect tiles and hardwood floors from dents and marks.

Special Features

  • Recessed hinges protect the floor from marks and dents
  • Foldable design, built-in handles, and carry bag improve portability
  • Textured bottom provides extra grip to keep the beam from sliding
  • Firm wooden core withstands countless hours of heavy landings

5. Giantex 7 Ft Folding Gymnastics Balance Beams – Floor Gymnastics Beam for Training

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Though it’s designed for kids, this balance beam adopts a sturdy design that supports up to 400 pounds. It has a firm pinewood core and high-density EPE foam. Hence, it prevents sinking as well as ankle injuries. The surface has a non-slip and abrasion-resistant flannel cover. As such, it’s durable as well as safe to train on.

The beam folds in half for compact storage. Not to mention, it has recessed hinges and rubber feet to protect the floor from scratches. Moreover, the rubber feet keep the beam in one place as you train.

Special Features

  • Sturdy pinewood core supports up to 400 pounds
  • Abrasion-resistant flannel cover has a non-slip surface for added safety
  • High-density EPE foam cushions your feet from hard landings
  • Recessed hinges and non-skip feet keep your floor scratch-free

4. Nimble Sports 8 Feet Tan Balance Beam, 14 to 24 Inches High

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Like the Milliard beam balance, this model accommodates both newbies and advanced users. A set of low braces boosts the confidence of beginners. Then there’s the high mode, adjustable from 14 to 24 inches for advanced practice. Overall, the beam offers up to 6 height adjustments. Because of that, it makes an excellent option for persons of all ages and skills.

The core is made of wood to provide sturdy and firm support. What’s more, it’s wrapped in high-density foam. Hence, there’s zero chance your feet will sink or twist as you train. Furthermore, the beam has a pretty wide base. It offers maximum stability and has non-slip caps to keep it from sliding.

Special Features

  • Low and high modes for beginners and advanced users
  • 6-position height adjustments make it excellent for all ages
  • Premium suede cover offer competition feel
  • A sturdy wooden core and high-density foam provide firm support

3. EZ GLAM Gymnastics Adjustable Balance Beam

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This balance beam is available in two lengths of 6 and 8 feet. Hence, it offers more variety to suit different needs. Also, the beam has the floor and a high mode. The floor mode boosts confidence among beginners. As for the high mode, it has a 4-position height adjustment of 17 to 24 inches. Thus, it can accommodate more exercises for advanced users. For the record, this balance beam supports up to 7 different exercises.

A solid wooden core enables the beam to withstand hours of hard landings. The suede outer layer, on the other hand, gives users a competition feel. Though it doesn’t fold, this balance beam is pretty compact for easy storage.

Special Features

  • Steel frame and wooden core provide sturdy support
  • 2 modes (Floor mode and high mode) accommodate both beginners and advanced users
  • Multiple height adjustments make it ideal for persons of all ages
  • Two length sizes ( 8 feet and 6 feet) accommodate different needs

2. Giantex 8FT Folding Floor Balance Beam – Sports Gymnastics Skill Performance Training Easy Storage

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The Giantex floor balance beam is specially designed for little gymnasts. The entire frame is made of wood, making it strong enough to support up to 177 pounds. Also, it has a full-sized length of 8 feet. Hence, it’s an excellent choice for professional trainees as well.

The detachable legs, which have rubber end caps, add more stability. At the same time, they protect the floor from scratches. Moreover, this floor balance beam uses a professional-grade suede cover. It’s non-slip and wear-resistant to provide years of use. Like most models on the list, the beam folds after use for compact storage.

Special Features

  • The sturdy wooden frame supports up to 177 pounds
  • Pro-grade suede cover has a non-slip and wear-resistant surface
  • Rubber feet provide non-skid performance
  • Light and foldable for easy storage and transportation

1. Springee 6ft Vinyl Folding Gymnastics Beam for Home

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This floor balance beam adopts an extra-firm design. Hence, it doesn’t flex and supports gymnasts up to 160 pounds. Also, the bottom has over 10,000 texture dots. As such, it doesn’t slide on any surface. Together with the 4-inch width, it enables newbies to practice with confidence.

Again, the beam is wrapped in textured vinyl. Thus, it offers a non-slip surface that’s easy to clean. This balance beam is pretty light and folds for easy storage. For the record, this balance beam supports gymnasts from levels 1 to 10.

Special Features

  • Textured vinyl cover is easy to clean and prevents slippage
  • Non-slip dots at the bottom keeps the beam from sliding
  • Extra-firm core supports up to 160 pounds
  • Light and foldable design for easy storage and transportation

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