Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels Reviews In 2022

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A house with a big or small garden needs to water the plants on a routine basis. But carrying water on a bucket and watering every single plant is really a tiresome job. And similarly, the use of hose is also a big headache as it will keep tangling. Therefore, one needs to own garden hose reels to easily maneuver the hose from one location to another. You can just roll it up and water throughout your garden.

Choose from the range of garden hose reels that can benefit you while gardening and let those beautiful flowers bloom. These are convenient to use and have a tangle-free experience.

 Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels review

10. BOSNELL Garden Hose Reels

Metal Garden Hose 100FT

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Bosnell brings this metal garden hose reel that is created from top quality parts to bring you a feature-rich product having high value for money. Since the hose has a 304 stainless steel construction, it is highly durable. As a result, it won’t snap or leap like its plastic counterparts that easily. Moreover, since it is made from stainless steel, it has high resistance against rusting and corrosion.

So, you can use this for a long time before there is any need for replacement. Finally, you can certainly control the spray pattern by rotating the front dial

Key features:

  • No need to worry about leaks, since you have a rubber gasket.
  • Unlike other fragile pipes, this one is indeed designed to avoid tangles.
  • With a total length of 100 feet, your whole garden would be covered.

9. Liberty Garden 712 Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden 712 Single Arm Navigator Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel

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Liberty Garden has brought to you a multi-directional garden hose reel that is adequately sized. In fact, it has a solid build quality that would last you for years. It has a thick and heavy-duty 18 gauge steel construction. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t bend or break easily. It can take a lot of weight without any issues and can hold up to 125 feet of the hose. Therefore, deliver it smoothly as you move around in the garden watering your plants.

You don’t need to waste too much time on assembly either. It rather comes in almost ready to mount condition, just the handle needs to be attached.

Key features:

  • It is certainly powder coated with an attractive bronze finish, that protects the reel from corrosion.
  • Has a storage tray has steel wires construction for keeping frequent use tools within quick reach.
  • With the pull-up knob, the reel is rotated to a full 360-degrees for more maneuvering freedom.

8. Liberty Garden 709 Steel Hose Reel

Liberty Garden 709 Steel Wall/Floor Mounted Hose Reel

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Another fantastic floor-mounted garden hose reel for you that offers flexibility and versatile use. The 709 indeed has high-quality heavy gauge steel construction to withstand a lot of force and rough use. Even though steel has high corrosion resistance, Liberty Garden went the extra mile to apply a protective powder coating. That’s why gives it resistance against most elements of nature like rain and dirt.

You can furthermore use it on the floor with rubber bumpers. It prevents your expensive flooring from getting scratched or mount it to an external wall.

Key features:

  • No need for any tools or professional help for assembly, the handle is rather attached without even a screwdriver.
  • It comes with a thick and strong 5-ft leader hose.
  • The handle has a soft ribbed grip to avoid accidents or pain while cranking out the hose.

7. Rapid Reel Wheel Garden Hose Reels Model #1043

Eley / Rapid Reel Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Model

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Rapid reel provides you with one of the most unique garden hose reels in the market since it is compact. It has high quality and lightweight aluminum construction which isn’t as bulky as steel, but very durable. So, small bumps now and then won’t damage the reel.

Since it is lightweight you also get to move it around with less force around your garden and keep yourself out from a tangled mess. For further facilitating mobility the reel also has wheels. It is certainly rugged and thick enough to move on any terrain

Key features:

  • The portable garden hose reel indeed features 10-inch tires that have dense stuffing that doesn’t get punctured.
  • Being backed by a 10 year warranty period, you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • It comes with an inlet hose made from durable polyurethane material.

6. Liberty Garden 710 Navigator Garden Hose Reel

710 Navigator Rotating Garden Hose Reel

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The Liberty Garden 710 has an elegant style with intricate patterns that give you the feeling of antiquity and accentuates any wall that you mount this on. It also has a powder-coated finish for shielding against the onslaught of nature’s elements like water, dust and more. Irrespective of the season, your garden hose reel stays protected throughout the year. It is even rotated by its axis horizontally a full 360 degrees. So no matter which direction you want to go, the hose won’t be pressed by any metal parts. And you can rather have uninterrupted water flow.

However, you also get a knob at the top which lets you lock the reel in position for the firm and stable use.

Key features:

  • It has a shelf space at the top that lets you place your gardening tools, accessories or even a potted plant.
  • The handle is certainly easily attached or removed
  • The rotating garden hose reel is a really strong and resilient structure due to heavy-duty steel construction.

5.  Rapid Reel Hose Reel Cart Model #1043

Eley / Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model 1041

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Another incredible hose reel from Rapid Reel with ergonomic design and convenient use. One of the best things about this reel is that it comes with its own mounting hardware. No need to go to the hardware store and spend even more money on installing this reel. You can use this reel in two different ways.

It means that the reel is indeed mounted parallel to your wall or perpendicular to it. Therefore, if your faucet is on the side of the house or at the front of the house, you can configure the mount to suit your needs.

Key features:

  • With disc walls on either side, your hose stays organized and doesn’t slide out.
  • High-quality brass fittings look great and can take a lot of abuse.
  • Depending on the diameter of the hose, it can rather hold anywhere from 100 feet to 150 feet.

4. Giraffe Retractable Hose Reel

Retractable Garden Hose-Reel with 9 Adjustable Sprayer Nozzle 5/8 in

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With this deal, Giraffe Tools provides you with an all in one solution, an enclosed reel, a hose, and retractable convenience. Unlike other hose reels, this one has a high-quality spring and other mechanisms that allow smooth retraction of the extended hose. You don’t have to deal with overlapping issues either since an automatic guide is integrated to tackle that job.

With the spherical plastic stopper, the hose is also stopped softly without any major impact. You also get 10 spray patterns for washing bikes, cars or watering your plants

Key features:

  • Although the reel wouldn’t get easily corroded, you can detach it from the mounting bracket easily for storage.
  • The bracket can swivel around 180-degrees.

3. Liberty Garden Decorative Hose Reel

Garden 708 Steel Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

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Liberty Garden has equipped this amazing hose reel with a top shelf that can become a convenient place for storage. It is strong and stable enough to bear the weight of your garden tools or even beautiful potted plants.

With a powder coating bronze finish this reel has protection for year-round weather conditions. As a result, will be useful to you for a prolonged period of time. Even the cranking handle certainly has a grip so that you can use it with minimal effort

Key features:

  • Four-point mounting makes it super strong and doesn’t allow shakes or wobbles
  • All you need for assembling the handle is a screwdriver.
  • Features intricate decorations and galvanized hose fitting that indeed looks appealing.

2. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Hose Reel

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel, 65 Feet, Brown

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If you are looking for a feature-rich upgrade to your current traditional garden hose reel, then look no further than this premium enclosed hose reel from RL Flomaster. No need to buy your own hose since it already has a hose installed inside the reel. Besides, it also has a stopper guide that prevents overlapping of the hose.

It is so light that you can even take it out of its mount and carry it with its comfortable and integrated handle. Mount this hose on a wall or even a slim post easily due to its intelligent mounting design. Just connect the reel to the mounting bracket, align the holes and insert the pin. It’s that simple and easy. You also get complete maneuverability since after the moment you can swivel the reel within a 180-degree range. Not just that, but after you are done using the hose, simply tugs and release. The hose will be automatically retracted and you don’t have to walk up to the reel after washing your car or watering your lawn.

Key features:

  • The special nozzle allows you to spray water in 8 different patterns including jet stream and mist.
  • No need to visit the hardware store, it comes with a mounting bracket
  • For storing it during the winter you can easily unmount the reel

1. Liberty Garden 704 Decorative Aluminum Hose Reel

704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

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Iron is too bulky and while steel is strong, it isn’t immune to rusting. So Liberty Garden has forged this hose reel from aluminum that is lighter than both those metals and completely immune to rusting. Even under heavy rain or exposure to dirt, it doesn’t get affected.

You don’t have to call in a restorer within a year or do maintenance every so often. Moreover, the reel has been die-cast in decorative patterns that give it a unique and interesting look. It will not just sit on your wall, but also make it more beautiful.

Key features:

  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings on this reel have been made from aluminum and shatterproof brass.
  • Powder-coated for enhanced weather resistance.
  • No need to waste even a minute on assembly, since it ships to you already assembled.

Cover the garden area properly and water every nook. The top-notch garden hose reel brands will make it a hassle-free task for you.

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