Best Electric Rat Traps in 2022

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Over the years, the big pest companies have evolved with their technological innovations to electric rat traps. Rat Traps have been around as long as there have been rats. But there is no effective solution to minimize the rat problem. Farmers and pest professionals have worked down for a solution to keep their numbers down.

But eventually, they are not able to catch every Rat. The rest of the rats figure out what a trap is and they avoid it at all costs. It is important to keep the mice and Rodents away from your place. Because they carry disease and their Urine leaves disease wherever they go.

While wooden rat Traps tend to be messy and within a few hours a foul smell arises. So users prefer other types of Rat Traps which can be helpful in killing the Rodents as well as there is no squeakiness and mess comes around. There are also humane Traps or plastic Traps which allow the rats to be released. But it is not sure that they won’t come back again.

So out of all types of Rat Traps. Electric Rat Traps have emerged as the easiest way to deal with these rats. Instead of going for professional pest control which can cost you bucks. You can do it for yourself and save hundreds of pounds a year. An electric Rat trap is an electrical trap device that kills the rat quickly with no type of mess around.

It is concerned with the disposal of the remains. It involves a high-voltage shock to kill the rat. When it enters the tunnel-shaped trap which has a baited area along with on its back which lures the rat to enter. The interior of the tunnel is made up of a tunnel that consists of a metal plate that senses the pressure and delivers a charge of 7000 volts to kill the rats on the spot.

That’s why electric Rat Traps have become the one and only solution for people. They offer advantages such as they provide safety to the user, invisibility, and no more foul smell of the Carcasses. So in this article, we will discuss some of the best electric Rat Traps along with its buying guide to help you in choosing the one.

Here are Some of the Factors to Consider While Buying an Electric Rat Trap


Electric Rat Traps come in two types as Plug-in models and battery-operated models to use anywhere. Check for the ones which offer light type on the exterior part of the trap. When occupied it turns on the light.

Ease of Use

Look for the type of Electric Rat trap that offers ease of use. They should be safe to use with user manual instructions and don’t become a trap for yourself.


Purchase the rat traps which have high-quality rechargeable battery voltage. As frequent use of batteries can slow the power of the shock. So buy rechargeable batteries that offer constant support and replace the cost of constant replacements.

Electric Rat traps are found to be effective and they are highly-priced ones available. So prefer the ones which offer various features and are budget-friendly. One important note to remember that always changes the location of the trap after every successful kill.

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10. Victor Multi Kill Electronic Rat Trap

Victor Multi Kill Electronic Rat Trap

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This electronic mouse trap with Multi-Kill features from Victor has high-voltage shock features which kill the rats instantly. It has a blinking green light indicator which keeps for seven days. When the trap has been killed it indicates yellow color light.

When the red light flashes It indicates that it’s time for the batteries to be replaced. This can be able to kill 10 mice per setting. You don’t have to worry about opening the trap and resetting it. It automatically disposes the dead mouse to its collection drawer with the help of this rotating Shock ‘N’ Drop Chamber.

Thus it eliminates the need to empty the trap after every kill. It has two staircase entries on either side which allows the rat to reach the chamber where the bait is kept and metal plates await inside the tunnel which delivers high school to Rat which kills the rat instantly.

Why We Loved It

  • It has no- touch and no one mouse which helps to dispose of the dead mice directly into the trash.
  • It alerts you with the yellow light indicator when the kill is made.
  • The high-voltage shock kills 10 rats with one setting.
  • Automatically deactivates the trap when it is opened.

9. MONTRAP Effective Indoor- Outdoor Electric Mouse Trap with Automatic Door

MONTRAP Effective Indoor- Outdoor Electric Mouse Trap with Automatic Door

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This upgraded electronic mouse trap offers a smart sensor system with a removable gate design to trap and kill the rat instantly within 3 minutes. It is supplied in two pieces that are easy to assemble. It has portable use features with a wide range of applications which helps to keep indoor or outdoor places.

This rat trap has a light indicator that can be pressed and held for three minutes to turn the green flash and wait for the rat to trap. Even when the rat is not killed. You can press the electric manila shock button to kill. The machine is water-proof and has built-in drainage holes to dry up the bottom surface.

It can be reusable after every kill. All you need to do is install the 4AA batteries. It comes with two uncap buttons which can be used to dump the rats into the trash without touching it.

Why We Loved It

  • No- touch and no one trap.
  • It is water-proof designed for families.
  • Built-in drainage holes to dry up the machine.
  • This electronic mouse trap is reusable.

8. P PURNEAT Powerful Electronic Mouse Trap

P PURNEAT Powerful Electronic Mouse Trap

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This electronic rodent zapper can catch from small mice to big Rodents. It emits up to 8000V electric shock which kills the rodent in seconds. This is easy to dispose of and no-touch trap with either choice of plug-in or insert batteries option prefer. It comes with a protective switch in the trap to secure the human body and pets.

When the rodent is dead inside. It indicates a flashlight that needs to be cleaned up after it is trapped. You can hang the bait in the bottom hole of the trap and simply plug in the device. You can just slide the dead body into the trash by picking up the device and then wash the cage in the running water. It can be reusable and kept to dry off the surface.

Why We Loved It

  • Creates a mess-free operation.
  • It is produced with highly sensitive detection technology.
  • Safety protection switch to use.
  • LED light indicator that flashes light when the rat is killed.

7. Rat Zapper Classic Electric Mouse Traps

Rat Zapper Classic Electric Mouse Traps

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This Rat Zapper has been one of the effective and efficient electronic rat traps in the market lately. Its high-voltage shock kills small and medium-sized rats. All you need to do is insert the batteries of 4AA and add a choice of bait such as bananas or peanut butter along the wall and place the trap and power it up.

When the red light flashes It indicates that there has been a catch. Its Smart Circuit technology senses when a rat has entered the metal plates. This product specially designed for indoor use. It is easy to set up and kills 20 rats per battery. In every setting, it kills one rat with no one cleanup. You just need to activate it by turning on the light and no handling required in this electronic rat trap.

Why We Loved It

  • No handling required.
  • Easy to set up and has smart circuit technology.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It indicates red light when a rat enters.

6. Victor Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap

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This Victor electronic rat trap needs no introduction. When it comes to easy handling. As it comes with an upgraded humane high-Voltage Shock. It comes with three electronic rat traps. It is fully charged with 4C batteries which can kill up to 50 rap stars. You can place it in the high rodent area and turn it on with smart circuit technology.

It allows easy disposal of the dead rat with its removable kill chamber which helps in easy use and cleaning process. It has a large bait cup feature where you can keep a large chunk of bait. With its advanced technology, it triggers the metal plates when a rat enters.

Thus applies the shock for two minutes until it kills the rat. All you have to do is switch off the trap machine and place the bait and insert batteries and switch it on. Then it indicates the green light when a rat enters and gets killed.

Why We Loved It

  • Easy to clean and bait.
  • It can kill up to 50 rap stars per set of four batteries.
  • It comes with three electronic rat traps.
  • This is one of the products which is Value of money.

5. Eliminator Safe Tox Electric Rat Trap

Eliminator Safe Tox Electric Rat Trap

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This efficient powerful electronic rat trap from the eliminator has precise rodent detection technology which activates the trap and ensures all the rats and rodents get instantly killed. This product is effective for rats, chipmunks, squirrels, rats, etc.

This product has a 700V shock to the Rodents which instantly kills them when it enters the trap without any poisons. The trap has a plug-in adapter of five feet for hassle-free services. You can safely discard the rodent by simply picking up the device and slid it off into the trash and keep it back to its position for the next trap.

It can operate using the plug-in adapter or 4 ‘D’ batteries. The trap also includes an extensive plugin that helps to reach the hard end area to check for the trapped Rodents. It comes with a battery. This electronic mouse trap occasionally uses in warehouses, factories, houses, etc. It is one of the best products which comes at a nominal price.

Why We Loved It

  • One of the Products which offer no mess and safe to use.
  • It uses precision rodent detection technology.
  • It has 7000V electric shock technology which kills the rodent.
  • You can use plug-in or batteries.

4. PestZilla Electronic Rat Trap Poison Free

PestZilla Electronic Rat Trap Poison Free

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This particular brand Pestzilla is one of the efficient electronic rodent zappers that is easy to use to trap Rodents. All you need to do is simply plug in the device with either a provided adapter or batteries at a desired location for the Rodents. It comes with an ultra-powerful shock of 7000V which kills off the Rodents without using any chemicals or poison.

This product has advanced smart technology which detects the rodent and kills off instantly without any possibility of escaping. It is easy to clean and you can keep a small amount of bait for the Rodents. And switch on. It operates on hassle-free mode which helps to read the hard end areas with the help of an extension plugin.

Why We Loved It

  • It has no touch/no see the feature.
  • It can operate either using batteries or plugins.
  • For better performance, it has upgraded some parts of the movie trap.
  • It is safe to use.

3. OWLTRA Instant Kill Electric Rat Trap

OWLTRA Instant Kill Electric Rat Trap

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This instant kill rodent zapper comes with a dual infrared Sensor that keeps the pet safe from shock. It comes with a magnetic latch that simply pulls off the dead rodent in the trash can. It has a design of no- escape which gives the rodent shock treatment with a voltage of 6000-9000.

The product can deactivate automatically when the top is removed. It has infrared sensors in the chambers which design in such a way in the front and back. This product only activates when a rodent is detected. Thus it is safe for kids and small pets.

It has a quick zap system that kills the rodent immediately without causing any suffering. The battery of this trap comes in a powerful source type with a convenient bait area. Where you can simply keep a piece of bait with the help of Cotton or a toothpick.

Why We Loved It

  • This OWLTRA electronic rat trap is easy to use.
  • It has two infrared sensors with smart rodent detection.
  • The LED lights indicator helps to check easily.
  • Its humane solution helps to trap and remove easily the rodent.

2. Rat Zapper Electronic Rat Trap

Rat Zapper Electronic Rat Trap

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This Rat Zapper offers hands Down service with its efficient features such as no-touch, hands-free, Safe and sanitary use, a flashing light, etc. The LED flashing light indicates when a Roden trapped and a red light indicates it killed.

This trap is also suitable for large-sized mice and rats. The chamber in this product is larger than the rat zapper classic. This trap kills 60 rats at one set of ‘D’ cell batteries at one go.

All you need to do is a place near the rodent area and add bait of your choice then insert the batteries and turn on the button. It will start getting activated.

Why We Loved It

  • It comes with four electronic rat traps.
  • Easy to use and no-touch feature.
  • Its ultra rodent detection technology lasts for a longer time.
  • It kills 60 rats at one set of D batteries.

1. Victor Electronic Rat Trap

Victor Electronic Rat Trap

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This Victor electronic rat trap Zapper is an excellent choice and value of money product. It designed for indoor use of Rat and Mouse infestations. With each set of 4C batteries, it kills 50 rats. It has easy to use where you need to place at various locations of these four straps.

Then simply turn on the button. It activates using its Smart Circuit technology which senses a green LED light. When a rodent enters and kills instantly with its humane high-Voltage Shock. And indicates a green light when it has been exterminated.

You can directly dump into the trash without any touch or worry about the seeing factor. Thus it helps in no-view rodent control. The Victor brand has been known for its pest control products which are highly used by the Users. The design with a patent manner prevents the rats from escaping.

Why We Loved It

  • It used for indoor use only.
  • It has an auto-reset feature that allows trapping easily with its sensor technology.
  • Non-toxic and free from rodent poison solution.
  • High voltage power kills off instantly.


These electronic rat traps help in killing off the rats and rodents easily without poisoning them. And your pets and young kids won’t get affected by this trap. These top picks are the overall options for an electronic Rat trap Zapper for mouse problems in your places. If all of these don’t help you. Then you may contact the pest professionals and they will guide you with protocols.

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