Best Zip Line Kits in 2021 Reviews

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Add a measure of fun to your entertainment options. You can do it easily when you purchase one of the top 10 best zip line kits in 2021. These kits let you up to your entertainment and bring it to a new level.

Zip lines are great when you and your children get bored with computer and video games. When that happens you just take to these top quality zip lines and have old fashioned fun.

Everything you need to set the zip lines up is included in the box. Before long you and your kids will have some quality time zipping down the line.

List Of Our Best Zip Line Kits Review On Amazon.Com

10. Chetco Zip Line Kit

 Chetco Zip Line Kit | Seat Included

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The heavy gauge cable is made from galvanized aircraft metal that is designed to hold you up as you zip to the other side of the line. Holding about 350 pounds at one time, you should be able to enjoy this ride without worry.

Once you open the kit up, you get to choose how far you and your kids zip down the line. You can go as far as 200 feet or lessen that distance if you want. How far you travel remains in your control and it is your decision to make.

The wooden seat and 1-inch rope should hold everyone comfortably. Plus, stop blocks make sure you do not go past the point of no return. Easy to set up and get ready.

9. Alien Flier X3-150 Zip Line Kit

 Alien Flier X3-150 Zip Line Kit

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Made with aluminum and steel you get a lightweight yet very strong zip line to entertain your kids and their friends. After you set it up, the zip line holds about 250 pounds of weight at one time.

On top of that, one-piece locking handles to make sure no one falls off as they zip down the path to their destination. Then the 1/4 inch metal line goes 150 off into the distance giving everyone a great ride while it lasted.

A tow rope and a rider activated speed control let everyone have a great time at their own pace. All the equipment you need to set this ride up safely is included in the kit. It shouldn’t take long to get it installed and ready for action.

8. HearthSong 150′ Blue Backyard Zipline Kit

 HearthSong 150' Blue Backyard Zipline Kit Kids Holds 250 lbs Adjustable Seat Non-Slip

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As the title says, this zip line doe snot goes on forever but stops at the 150-foot mark. That is still long enough for your kids to have a great time. Installation is simple and easy. Just find two sturdy trees far enough apart and attach the line.

That is all there is to it and in a few moments, your kids will have the ride of their young lives. The adjustable seat lets riders of various heights have a great time throughout the day.

Sadly, the zip line only holds about 250 pounds so above average people cannot ride this entertainment option. Easy to grip handles should keep your kids’ hands safely on the line.

7. iZipline Zip line Kit

 iZipline 95 Feet Zip line Kit with Seat and Bungee Brake,Speed Trolley Pulley with Grip Handle Bar

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95 feet is still long enough for everyone to enjoy an afternoon of zip line fun. The distance may not be great but it keeps everyone safe and their hands should not get tired.

A bungee cord braking system makes sure all riders come to a gentle stop without fear of injury. With a 250-pound weight limit, a majority of people and kids can safely ride this zip line through your property.

Rubberized handles provide a soft yet sure grip for everyone’s hands. No one should slip off this zip line by accident. All the hardware needed to set up this new toy is included in the kit. Once opened, it won’t take a long time for setting up.

6. CTSC Zip Line Kit

 CTSC 60 Foot Zip Line Kit for Kids and Adult

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If your backyard is not that big, you and your kids can still enjoy some zip line fun. This kit measures about 60 feet in length fitting smaller yards perfectly. All you need are strong sturdy support beams to attach it.

The easy to assemble kit line holds about 250 pounds so parents can have their turn at fun. Strong sure-grip handles help keep hands in place as kids zip over your yard with ease. No one should be slipping off during their run.

On top of that, this zip line is safe to use and can provide hours of fun for everyone,. Even the neighborhood children should have a great time. Just practice good safety habits and you should be fine.

5. Slackers Zipline Hawk Series

 Slackers Zipline 70' Hawk Series with Seat

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70 feet may not seem like that far but it is a good distance to travel when you ride along a zip line. Once this device is set up and ready to go, everyone should be able to have a turn and make their day.

As long as you weigh 250 pounds or less, you can enjoy this zip line with your family. The 10-foot seat rope lets you place the seat that is comfortable for everyone. Tall or short can seat easily and enjoy their ride.

A zip line tool is included to help make set up a snap. Its tri head fits all nuts and bolts this device has. Comfortable and soft safety grips keep everyone’s hands on the handles.

4. Eagle Series Seated Zip line Kits

 90' Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit

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The bright red color on this zip line lets everyone see how you are doing as you zip along the line. Then the sturdy zip line comes with a comfortable seat so that all riders do not get sore during their ride. The seat adjusts to different heights.

In addition, the water-resistant materials should keep this device in top shape through a lot of bad weather. Everything you need to set up this new entertainment device is in the box. It shouldn’t take you long to get the ride ready and surprise your kids.

Sure-grip handles keeps your hands from getting sore as you hold on. That means your hands should stay strong throughout all your rides.

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3. Slackers Night Riderz Kit with Spring Brake

 Slackers 100' Night Riderz Kit with Spring Brake

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After zipping 100 feet you want to know that your stop will not be harsh and hard. This zip line kit comes with a spring break to make sure your stop is as much fun as the ride itself. Once in place, you can stop safely and not worry about being hurt.

Plus, 2 adults can set this up in less than 60 minutes. All they need is the included socket wrench and they are good to go. After the line is in place, you should be able to place 200pounds on it with ease. The line is tested to 600 pounds but doesn’t tempt fate.

Also, if you do not want to go 100 feet you can shorten the distance to the length you want.

2. ipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Zip line Brake Kit

 90' Zipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Brake Kit

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Stopping is as important as zipping. This zip line comes with an easy to install spring brake to make sure all users stop smoothly and without injury. Then the included socket tool helps you get this zip line and brake up in place in no time. Maybe 45 minutes tops.

Made from high-grade steel this zip line should be strong enough to handle almost all riders that come its the way. As long as you weigh under 200 pounds. The line is tested for 600 but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Measuring 90 feet long everyone should have a great time riding this zip line. Easy to grip handles contribute to the overall fun.

1. CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kits

 CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat-Zip Line Kits

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Ride the zip line seated. The adjustable seat takes a heavy load of your hands and lets you ride without fear. Then when it comes time to stop, the approx. 5-foot spring brake lets you glide to the end in style.

Easy to hold handles make sure everyone stays safe on the seat. No stress should be on your arms. Once the zip line is secured, it will handle about 250 pounds at a time. Just about everyone can enjoy the smooth fun ride and live to talk about it.

All the hardware should be inside the kit to make setup go fast and easily. The instructions should tell you how to do it and make the zip line safe. It is fun for the whole family.

Some final words

Those last words describe these top 10 best zip line kits in 2021. They are fun for everyone who can get on them and ride. They come with adjustable seats to make sure everyone can stay safe.

Plus, they are made from tough, strong metal to make sure there are no accidents. With their easy assembly just about anyone can set one of these top zip lines up and have it ready before the children get home from school.

Have lots of fun with these entertainment options.

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