Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers in 2022 Reviews

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You might know that yogurt is not only good in taste but also provide a lot of health benefit. Its benefit includes strengthening immune system function, weight management and reduced inflammation. Since it has a lot of health benefits, some suggest that you should consume yogurt daily. With these benefits and the fact that you should eat yogurt frequently, it might be a good idea to invest in the yogurt makers that allow you to prepare your favorite yogurt whenever you want.

Yogurt makers enable you to make a large amount of yogurt for yourself and your family. Besides, it allows you to customize your own taste. Generally, with your own recipe you might get a more delicious and healthier yogurt than those that available on the market. You could decide on how creamy or sweet your yogurt are by using your own yogurt makers. Continue to read the below list to understand better the different type of yogurt makers:

List of Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers in 2022 Reviews:

10. TIBEK Yogurt Maker LCD Display Yogurt Makers

TIBEK Yogurt Maker LCD Display Yogurt Maker Machine

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Now you can fulfill your desire to sip different flavors of yogurt from the convenience of your home with the set up of this TIBEK yogurt maker. Basically, it comes in a pack of 8 glass jars that are safe to use. Each of these jars packs in different flavors of yogurts in order to meet the different needs of your family. It is quite easy to store them in your home, office or school and you can use them whenever you want. There is no need to concern about safety. The device will be automatically switched off once your yogurt is prepared.


  • The temperature can be adjusted from 20℃ to 55℃.
  • It comes with an intelligent timing control and the bright LED display shows accurate temperature control.

9. Luvele Pure Plus Yogurt Maker 2.1qt Glass Container

Luvele Pure Plus Yogurt Maker

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Without much hassles, you will be able to prepare your desired probiotic packed yogurts that are free from additives and preservatives. You will get to drink pure and natural yogurt that feels tasty to your tongue. This Luvele Pure Plus yogurt maker machine comes with user-friendly operation and provides a perfect temperature range at which the bacteria can grow. The growth of some of the bacteria is vital for the preparation of yogurt and this maker facilitates the same.


  • In this yogurt maker glass container, there is a 24-hour digital timer. This timer is used for preparing SCD & GAPS yogurts that are diet-friendly.
  • It presents three incubation temperature settings i.e. 97, 100 and 104 degrees. Therefore, the bacteria essential for preparing yogurt to get the desired temperature.

8. Automatic Yogurt Maker Machine 7 Glass Greek Jars

Automatic Yogurt Maker Machine 7 Glass Greek Jars

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This yogurt maker machine is also known to be able to produce the frozen yogurt. With this equipment you would not have to worry when you want to produce the tasty homemade yogurt. When you are making your own yogurt, you are able to ensure that there would be a lot of healthy ingredient in the process. Thus, your family will be able to consume a delicious and healthy yogurt unlike those that purchased from the market. Moreover, with the use of glass instead of plastic it will be both safer and greener.


  • The design of this 7-jar yogurt maker is new to ensure that it fits with everyone’s liking.
  • The homemade yogurt from this machine ensure the health of your loved ones as it will improve the immune system of the children as well as the elderly.
  • There will be no preservatives and harmful substances in the yogurt produced from this machine.
  • The temperature is more precise through the use of food-grade materials.

7. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Makers

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

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With the container of 50-ounce, this yogurt maker is capable of producing more than six servings of yogurt instantaneously. You could start or stop this machine at ease by just pressing on a button. Additionally, the inclusion of time control allows you to simply set the specific time to ferment your yogurt exactly base on the recipe.


  • The implement of built-in cooling system so that it can automatically shifts to the perfect freezing temperature.
  • This appliance is durable due to the use of stainless steel as its materials.

6. Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker with 8 Glass Greek Jars

Yogurt Maker Automatic Digital Yoghurt Maker

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This yogurt maker machines is automatically operated. Its storage box-type is BPA free so that it could ensure full safety and sanitary while making the yogurt. Besides, it comes with 8 additional jars in order for you to make 8 diverse flavors yogurts at once. As a result, you could make different flavored yogurts yogurts base on your and your family preference to serve the entire family at ease.


  • Easy to control the temperature through the use of LED display and timing control function.
  • With 6 oz jar capacity, you could carry around this yogurt to anywhere you want. Besides, you could also store these yogurts jar with no complication.
  • There are no preservatives or artificial colored included.

5. Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker Machine with One Touch Display

 Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker Machine with One Touch Display

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Functioning as a healthy option, this dash bulk dairy product maker enables you to plan various kinds of yogurt at the comfort of your home. Probably one of the best features of this machine is that it lets you to manage your preferred ingredients. As a result, you can choose to make any type of yogurt as you like, including the sweet one, plain one or the one with different tastes of fruits. Moreover, it is very lightweight and small. Yet, all the necessary accessories are included.


  • It implements the system that allow the constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 30W. Thus, it is very cost efficient.
  • A modern addition to your kitchen counter-top with its stainless steel and transparent lid.
  • With only 180ml glass jar, it is easily stored in the fridge or packed in a lunchbox or brought to your picnic.

4. Homeleader Yogurt Maker, Automatic Digital Yogurt Makers

 Homeleader Yogurt Maker, Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker

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The yogurt maker machine from Homeleader serves as a healthier and better option to the traditional one. You can be sure that, with the use of this machine, your family is able to consume only the fresh, natural, tasty yogurt. Furthermore, it allows you to easily prepare 8 specific type of flavor all at once.


  • You could adjust the time from 8 to 48 hours as this equipment comes along with LED display and timer.
  • Safer and better with the use of 8 jars that are manufactured from food-grade glass.

3. Flexzion Maker Machine with 7 Yogurt Containers

 Flexzion Maker Machine with 7 Yogurt Containers

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In the meantime, you can now easily prepare 100% natural yogurt inside your own home and at your convenient time. By using this yogurt machine, you can choose what to include in your yogurt dependent on your needs – either organic or just plain taste. Moreover, you could also experiment the new flavor according to your preferences.


  • This Flexzion yogurt maker allows you to prepare fresh and healthy yogurt with just a press of a button.
  • This machine allows you to prepare 7 diverse types of flavors spontaneously.

2. MVPower Automatic Digital Yogurt Machine with 8 Glass Jars

 Yogurt Maker - MVPower Automatic Digital Yogurt Machine

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Offered within the storage box-type containers, the included glass jars are made from the sturdy materials. Its operation is safe and consume a low power of 25w, which is very efficient. The time setting feature for up to forty eight hours permits you to arrange the specified sort of yogurt.


  • Functioning of yogurt production can be achieved automatically through the use of voice control.
  • It equips with an intelligent timing control and LED display to allow for a precise temperature control.

1. Proctor Silex 86300 Yogurt Maker Machine

 Proctor Silex 86300 Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display

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This Proctor Silex yogurt maker comes along with the necessary recipes. Moreover, with the included 32 oz container, you could easily make and store your favorite yogurt. Besides, you do not have to worry, the plastic used as the materials for the container is BPA-free which is safe to use. Also, its snap-down clips enable an easy storage.


  • There will be an alarm to inform you when your yogurt is done.
  • The included digital control allow you to set a count down until your yogurt is ready.
  • This equipment is easy to clean.

Concluding Note:

The smooth, solid, tasty yogurts are totally rely on the essence of flavors that can be presently arranged with these yogurt makers. As a result, you would not have to worry about any unsafe substances includes in yogurt making because you are the one who put all the ingredient.

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