Top 10 Best Waterproof Camera Backpacks In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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In today’s world, the cameras have become extremely expensive, along with the advancement in picture quality and settings. Therefore, when you have a camera of sizeable investment, you need to protect your investment in all cost. Cameras are meant to be taken outdoors for clicking photos and shooting videos. That is why you need to opt for a waterproof camera backpack to carry your camera anywhere you go without worrying about the weather condition. No matter what, the camera will stay protected, and the following list contains the top 10 best waterproof camera backpacks to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best Waterproof Camera Backpacks In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Case Logic Waterproof Camera Backpacks

10. Case Logic Waterproof Camera Backpacks

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Made from high-quality and durable nylon fabric, the outer shell makes this backpack exceptionally resistant against water. This waterproof camera backpack also comes along with ultra-soft and shock-absorbent foam dividers. Therefore, you can simply put a drone camera up to 320X270X140-mm. You can easily store SLR camera bodies.

The separate computer compartment of this bag also allows you to store a laptop up to 16-inch. Furthermore, the EVA foam base of this bag offers resistance against any weather condition. The backpack stands still without any support. The revolutionary hammock system holds the SLR camera above the bottom of the case to resist impact.

  • Includes shock-resistant foam dividers.
  • Consists of a stable and free-standing base.
  • Easily accommodates a drone and cameras.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#9. Abonnyc Waterproof Anti-shock Backpack

9. Abonnyc Waterproof Anti-shock Backpack

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This waterproof camera backpack comes with shockproof interior foam dividers. Therefore, the customizable padded blocks also help you to keep the cameras and other accessories from damages. Moreover, the waterproof material construction of the bag protects your gears from heavy rain and light snowfall.

With the help of multiple storage pockets, the bag also offers ample space to store a few necessary accessories. Furthermore, you can use this backpack to hold the cameras of Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic and more. The bag offers protection to your accessories from abrasion and extrusion. This backpack comes along with an additional rain cover to protect your cameras from getting wet.

  • Offers protection against heavy downpours.
  • Consists of several small to large pockets.
  • Accommodates cameras of different companies.
  • The build quality could have been better.

#8. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack

8. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack

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Made from heavy-duty nylon fabric, the outer layer of this waterproof camera backpack offers ultimate resistance against wearing. With the help of detachable dividers, the bag also lets you organize the storage accordingly. Moreover, this bag offers plenty of space to store 2 DSLR camera bodies, compact tripods, 6 lenses and more.

This bag also comes with a completely separated storage compartment to accommodate a laptop up to 13.3-inch. Furthermore, this backpack comes with anti-theft zippers and reinforced stitching to make it exceptionally durable and safe. The comfortable shoulder straps with extra padding of this bag keep your shoulders and back fatigue-free.

  • Includes anti-theft zippers for safety.
  • Suitable for long trips.
  • Comes with adjustable, padded straps.
  • There is no drawback to discuss.

#7. Zecti Waterproof Camera Backpacks

7. Zecti Waterproof Camera Backpacks

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This waterproof camera backpack comes along with removable and organizable foam dividers. Therefore, you can freely change the setting of the interior space accordingly. Moreover, this backpack comes with the construction of thick canvas fabric to offer resistance against water. The extra rain cover protects your gears during heavy rainfall.

This dustproof and weatherproof bag also protects your accessories from dust, rust, corrosion, and shock. Furthermore, you can use this backpack to carry 3 pieces of DSLR cameras, tripod, and 4 lenses. A separate compartment allows you to carry a laptop lesser than 13-inch. The detachable liner box simply turns into a regular backpack for traveling.

  • Keeps gears safe from rust, dust, and water.
  • Can hold up to 3 cameras and accessories.
  • Easily transforms into a travel backpack.
  • There is no cons to point out.

#6. Endurax Camera Backpack

6. Endurax Camera Backpack

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Derived from heavy-duty and long-lasting polyester fabric, this waterproof camera backpack offers exceptional durability. The customizable foam dividers of this bag also let you organize the space as per your needs. Moreover, the different compartment with front flap helps you to store a laptop up to 14-inch. The PVA armored front panel absorbs all the shocks to keep your equipment protected.

The main storage compartment of this bag also offers enough space to accommodate 1 camera, flashlight, and multiple lenses. Furthermore, this compact backpack comes with padded shoulder straps to offer comfortable traveling. A spare compartment can hold a 10-inch tablet.

  • Includes a separate laptop compartment.
  • Comes with padded foam organizers.
  • Feels light in weight, suitable for traveling.
  • There is no negative point.

#5. ESDDI Waterproof Camera Backpacks

5. ESDDI Waterproof Camera Backpacks

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This large-sized waterproof camera backpack is able to hold up to 2 camera bodies, 1 iPad, 6 lenses and more. With the help of an independent laptop storage compartment, you can also carry a 14-inch laptop with you. Moreover, the side compartments of this bag help you to store the tripod holder and water bottle near your hands.

You can also keep small items, like SD cards, chargers, spare batteries, notebooks inside of the small mesh pocket. Furthermore, the outer surface of the backpack involves the construction of waterproof and rip stop 900D polyester-nylon fabric. The customizable and shock-absorbing foam dividers of the bag help you to organize the interior space accordingly.

  • Suitable for carrying multiple accessories.
  • Includes 2 pieces of side mesh pockets.
  • Premium-quality, wear-resistant nylon fabric construction.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#4. TARION Camera Backpack Waterproof

4. TARION Camera Backpack Waterproof

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With a compact appearance and functional storage design, this waterproof camera backpack stands for travel-friendless. The inner lining with EPE construction of this bag also offers ultimate protection to the gears against shocks. Moreover, the outer shell of this backpack comes with the construction of the waterproof fabric.

For additional safety, this bag also comes along with a rain cover to protect equipment from heavy downpours. Furthermore, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 17-liter, this bag includes several sections to hold various accessories. The top layer of this bag includes extendable drawstring closure to accommodate extra gears. The side-access compartment provides quick access to frequently-used items.

  • Includes a shock-resistant interior space.
  • Comes with a huge load-bearing capacity.
  • Consists of several side pockets.
  • There is no drawback at all.

#3. CADeN Camera Backpack

3. CADeN Camera Backpack

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This strategically-design waterproof camera backpack includes an organizable foam cutout. So, you can also store up to 2 camera bodies, flashlight, iPad, 7 lenses, tripod place, and other equipment. Moreover, this bag holds a separate compartment for a laptop up to 14-inch. The backpack includes a USB port. So, you can charge your cellphone and camera battery on the go without putting down the bag.

The elastic mesh bags on the sides of this backpack also easily hold an umbrella and one water bottle. Furthermore, this compact bag comes with a PP board and a 7-layer of PE foam to organize the storage with ease.

  • Consists of removable foam dividers.
  • Includes a sturdy, impact-resistant PP board.
  • Comes with an inbuilt USB port.
  • There is no cons to write about.

#2. Camera Bag Backpack by BPAULL

2. Camera Bag Backpack by BPAULL

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This large-sized waterproof camera backpack comes along with and extra rain-cover. So, this bag also protects your gears from excessive downpours, dust, storms and other weather conditions. Moreover, the bag consists of a storage compartment for a laptop up to 15.6-inch. This backpack is versatile enough to accommodate different models by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and more.

The convertible interior space of the backpack also helps you to adjust the storage space accordingly. Furthermore, this bag offers enough space to accommodate a pair of DSLR cameras and3 to 5 pieces of lenses. You can carry a flashlight and other accessories with no hassle.

  • Offers a perfect fit for most of the cameras.
  • Includes an additional rain cover.
  • Comes with enough interior space.
  • There is no cons as such.

#1. S-ZONE Waterproof Camera Backpacks

1. S-ZONE Waterproof Camera Backpacks

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Derived from standard canvas fabric, the waterproof camera backpack looks more like a leather bag. So, the canvas fabric also naturally offers resistance against water and moisture. Moreover, the side-door design of this bag helps you to have quick access to your camera and other accessories. This dual-strap bag allows you to adjust the strap length up to 31.5-inch.

The cushioned insert organizer of this backpack also includes adjustable and 3 removable cushions. Furthermore, the bag offers an additional storage compartment for a laptop up to 14-inch. The backpack includes a few small storage pockets. So, you can store small items, like SD cards, flashlights, standard zoom lenses, and other equipment.

  • Looks very attractive and functional.
  • Includes several storage compartments.
  • The canvas fabric offers ultimate water resistance.
  • The straps could have been more comfortable.

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Buying Guide for Waterproof Camera Backpacks

Check out the following points when you buy waterproof camera backpacks.


For the sake of your camera and other equipment’s safety, a waterproof camera backpack must come with high-quality material construction. For ultimate safety, a backpack must come with padded compartments to keep your gear protected from accidental damages.


No matter what, a camera backpack has to be a one-time purchase. Therefore, selecting a bag with exceptional durability and high-quality reinforced stitching is the only option left. However, it is better to look for a bag that comes with enough rigidity to withstand the weight of your gear.


These backpacks are available in countless shapes, sizes and various numbers of compartments. You should choose a backpack wisely as per your requirement. You will not like a carry a huge bag if you have to go for a short trip and vice versa. Therefore, you need to focus on your purpose before choosing the size of the camera backpack.


Many of the backpacks come along with sling straps which are perfect for small cameras and accessories. Nevertheless, the backpacks with dual strap help you to store different types of cameras and accessories with ease.


A bag with side opening offers the fastest access to your camera. So, you can simply reach your device without putting the bag down. For quicker access to your other gadgets, you can look for a bag that has multiple exterior pockets to accommodate your SD cards, umbrella, water bottles and more.

Shooting Purpose:

For wildlife or nature photography, you need to carry bulky lenses, so you need to look for a large-sized camera backpack. For regular photography, you can simply pick a small to medium-sized bag.

Destination and Trip Length:

The destination and length of the trips play a vital role while picking a backpack. For instance, for short trips, you only need to carry your camera and other limited accessories, like laptops, chargers, batteries, SD cards. On the other hand, for long trips, you can to add more accessories even a sleeping pad. In that case, you need a large-sized camera backpack.


There are different types of waterproof camera backpacks available. You should go through all of them before you choose one for you to fulfill your purpose completely. The buying guide is there for you to understand the different parameters in order to determine the best waterproof camera backpack with your own judgment. All the best waterproof camera backpacks we have listed are highly durable and totally value for your money.

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