Best Wall Mounted Electric Space Heaters in 2022 – Reviews & Buy Guide

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When winter cold sets in, it’s time to dress warmly and keep indoors. That is the time to switch off your AC and power on your home heating system. Wall-mounted electric space heaters provide a convenient, energy-efficient, and affordable way to heat up your living space. They are energy-efficient, affordable, and deliver more targeted room heating compared to central home heating systems.

There are many brands of wall-mounted electric space heaters today. This rich variety comes with the promise of choice and affordability. However, filtering through the brands can be overwhelming, more so if you’d never had an experience with space heaters before. There’s a way out, nevertheless.

In this review, we have compiled some of the best wall-mounted electric space heaters for you. We have included detailed product descriptions, features, and pros. All that is meant to help you make an informed purchase of the best electric space heater. That having been said, let’s get started with the descriptions.

The Best Wall Mounted Electric Space Heaters in 2022 Review

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7. DeLonghi HCX9115E SlimStyle Convector Heater

DeLonghi HCX9115E SlimStyle Convector Heater

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Sleek, compact and stylish, the DeLonghi convector heater features a dual-fan system for rapid room heating. By design and style, this electric space heater blends well with all modern home decors. Tight on space? No reason to worry about yourself. This high-end space heater comes in a SlimStyle ideal for small to medium spaces. Besides, it is wall-mountable so it saves you vital floor space. DeLonghi wall-mounted electric space heater works as a standalone spot heater. It can also be used as a supplemental room heater if the central room heating system isn’t as effective. What’s more, the space heater features with an adjustable thermostat for efficient heat regulation.

Key Features
  • Power rating: 1500W/ 120V/ 60Hz
  • Heating technology: Hi-Fi
  • Installation options: standalone and wall-mounted options.
  • Controls: adjustable thermostat, 3 heat settings, LED displays
  • Uses a dual-fan system for efficient room heating.
  • SlimStyle design makes it ideal for small and medium spaces.
  • It features an Eco-function that automatically adjusts heat and power settings for more efficient home heating.
  • Dual fan design and a high power-rating ensure instant heating performance.

6. Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared space heater

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared space heater

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Heat Storm Phoenix is a high-end space heater that supports smart control from the comfort of your phone. It uses a patented HMS dual-wall technology for efficient and fast room heating. It is part of a line of portable room heating units by Heat Storm Phoenix. As such, it is suitable for heating small to medium spaces. It supports two power modes and a patented heat exchanger with HMS technology for efficient room heating. What’s more, this space heater is ETL certified. It includes an in-built safety system to prevent over-heating that could precipitate a fire disaster.

Key Features
  • Power rating: 1500W and 750W
  • Heating technology: Heat exchanger with HMS technology
  • Heat source: Infrared quartz bulb
  • Control: Wi-Fi smart control
  • Quality guarantee: ETL safety certified
  • Convenient and smart Wi-Fi temperature control from the convenience of your phone.
  • ETL safety certified wall-mounted heater is equipped with systems to ward off overheating.
  • It features an integrated high-performance fan for rapid airflow ensuring efficient room heating.
  • It comes in portable standalone and wall-mountable options.
  • You can choose between 2 power modes: 1500W (red leaf) and 750W (green leaf).
  • A user-friendly room heating system can be touched without any risk of burns.

5. Flame & Shade electric fireplace room heater

Flame & Shade electric fireplace room heater

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Enjoy instant and convenient room heating with this 22” electric space heater. Smokeless and efficient, the Flame & Shade electric heater adds sophistication and style to your home or office. You can use it as a standalone or wall mounted electric space heater. For safe and efficient heating, it comes with a high-temperature safety cut off switch. What’s more, users get to choose from its 10 LED flame and fuel bed colors, 5 flame speeds, and 3-bed brightness levels. It supports two power ratings; 750W and 1500W. You’ll choose on either, depending on your heating needs.

Key Features
  • Tempered safety glass front
  • Controls: adjustable thermostat and timer
  • Power rating: 750W/1500W/ 120V
  • Settings: 5 flame speeds, 10 LED flame & fuel bed colors
  • Remote control
  • Changeable fuel beds
  • Convenient remote-controlled thermostat temperature regulation.
  • Its dual power ratings ensure efficient room heating
  • It comes with a tempered glass front to protect against sparks and flares.
  • This room heater comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It can be wall-mounted or used as a standalone electric space heater.

4. Broan-Nu Tone wall heater

Broan-Nu Tone wall heater

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Broan-Nu Tone wall heater has a stylish contemporary style that adds a sophisticated finish to your home decor. Its superior futuristic design features a set of straight louvers, subtle contours, and radius edges. It can be used both as a standalone or wall-mounted electric space heater. For convenient temperature control, the Broan-Nu Tone wall heater comes with an adjustable front-mounted thermostat. With a 1500W/120V/240V power rating and an in-built fan, this heater delivers draft-free airflow for uniform room heating. It includes a thermally protected motor system that powers off automatically thus preventing the unit from overheating.

Key Features
  • Power rating: 1500W/120V/240V
  • Design: radius edges, straight louvers, and subtle contours.
  • Temperature control: thermostat
  • Overheating protection: thermally protected motor
  • Works best as a supplemental heat source to your home’s central heating system.
  • Every unit is backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • It has a contemporary design featuring a durable heat resistant grille.
  • Easy temperature regulation thanks to the inbuilt thermostat.
  • Thermally protected ultra-quiet motor and transverse blower facilitate efficient airflow for rapid space heating.

3. Broan white grille wall heater

Broan white grille wall heater

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The Broan wall heater is one of the best brands in the market today. It is powered by a nickel-chrome heating element. Depending on your application, this heater can be recessed or wall mounted. Either way, its performance is exceptional. By design and heating performance, Broan is best suited for supplemental heating. For instance, if your central heating system isn’t working alright, you can use this space heater to make your space comfortably warmer. The unit features a front-mounted remoter controlled thermostat for temperature regulation. You get to choose and set your preferred heating temperature. Lastly, this wall mounted electric heater comes with an inbuilt safety system to prevent overheating.

Key Features
  • Power rating: 750W/ 1500W/ 240V/ 120V
  • Design: white grille with downflow louvers
  • Temperature control: thermostat
  • Safety controls: Manual reset thermal overload protector
  • It uses a durable high-efficiency nickel-chrome heating element for rapid room heating.
  • Its permanently lubricated motor and a high-efficiency blower wheel ensure efficient warm air circulation for rapid room heating.
  • The manual reset thermal overload protector prevents the unit from overheating.
  • Simple installation process; the unit can be recessed or surface mounted.
  • UL listing ensures reliable room heating all year round.

2. Heat Storm Deluxe white infrared wall heater

Heat Storm Deluxe white infrared wall heater

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When it comes to alternative heating systems for your room, space is of the essence. More so if you are tight on space. You don’t want a heating system that occupies much of your floor space. The Heat Storm Deluxe comes in a slim wall-mountable design saving you crucial floor space for other essentials. With a power rating of 1000W and 3100 BTU, this infrared wall mounted heater is best suited for 500 sq. ft spaces. For efficient room temperature regulation, this unit features an in-built thermostat. The integrated LED display indicates the ambient temperature setting. The display allows you to monitor and make adjustments to suit your heating needs.

Key Features
  • Power rating: 1000W & 3100BTU
  • Max heating space: 500 sq. ft.
  • Installation: wall-mounting
  • Control: remote-controlled thermostat
  • Thermal safety technology: anti-trip electrical breaker
  • Every purchase of this unit is backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Mountable slim infrared electric space heater saves you vital floor space.
  • To protect the unit from thermal excesses, the Heat Storm Deluxe space heater features an integrated anti-trip circuit breaker.
  • Smooth and easy temperature regulation, thanks to the integrated remote-controlled thermostat.
  • LED display for monitoring performance.

1. Stiebel Eltron wall mounted electric heater

Stiebel Eltron wall mounted electric heater

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This is a German-built high-efficiency wall-mounted electric space heater. It comes with galvanized ultra-quiet steel squirrel cage type blowers. These ensure efficient warm air circulation for rapid heating. The down-draft design facilitates even heat distribution. Stiebel Eltron can be used both as standalone and for supplemental room heating. It features a CK trend on/off switch for convenient system shut down. This comes in handy whenever you no longer need further room heating. And to guard against icing and frost, the lowest thermostat setting maintains room temperature above freezing; frost protection setting.

Key Features
  • Temperature controls: thermostat and CKT booster timer
  • Frost protection setting: lowest thermostat setting
  • Safety feature: CK Trend On/Off switch
  • Design: Down-draft design for even heat distribution.
  • Operations: Ultra-quiet fans with squirrel cage type blowers
  • It comes with an inbuilt thermostat for easy temperature regulation
  • High performance galvanized steel squirrel cage type blowers facilitate rapid air circulation for efficient room heating.
  • Has a down-draft design for efficient warm air circulation.
  • It can be used as a standalone heat source or as a supplemental central heating alternative.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Mounted Electric Space Heater

When it comes to warming up your living space, wall mounted electric space heaters are the best. Their design and performance make them suitable for warming up small to medium spaces. Compared to central home heating systems, space heaters provide a better way to warm your rooms while also offsetting your power utility bills. That having been said, here are some considerations you may want to make when buying electric space heaters.

  • Heating Technology: Wall-mounted electric space heaters are powered by different heating technologies. The four main ones include convection heaters, radiant heaters, fan-forced heaters, and micathermic heaters. Convection heaters deliver uniform streams of warm air for rapid heating. Radian heaters are best suited for use in small spaces. They deliver instant spot heating effect. Fan-forced heaters come with in-built fans that facilitate the rapid air circulation in and out of the space heater. The warm air streams from the unit then warm-up your living space. Micathermic heaters, on the other hand, are best for widespread heating. They are suitable for heating large spaces.
  • Heating Capacity: The heating capacity has to do with the space heater’s wattage rating. The capacity determines the room size it can warm up effectively. The higher the wattage, the larger the recommended heating space. A general approximation is that 10W of power corresponds to a square foot of living space. Do the math to find out what suits you best.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Some electric space heaters consumer massive amounts of power. As such, they cause your power utility bill to balloon. We recommend purchasing energy-efficient space heaters. They get the job done while also keeping your power bills low. The best way to gauge a unit’s energy efficiency is by checking is power rating.
  • Safety Features: Electric space heaters can potentiate fires that can raze and destroy property. For this reason, modern designs of space heaters are equipped with safety features. These automatically disconnect power in the event of thermal excesses. Some of these features include a thermostat for temperature regulation, integrated circuit breakers, etc.
  • Noise Levels: Noise from some electric space heater can be so much as to even disturb sleep. Most of the noise results from the inbuilt fan. Most manufacturers have figured out ways of minimizing the noise. They are making use of more efficient fans. You may want to consider this, especially if you intend you use your space heater at night.
  • Space: If you are tight on space, you may not want to buy something that takes up a massive floor area. Wall-mounted electric space heaters are very economical on space. They are unlike standalone space heaters that take up some floor space.


That is it for this round-up of the best wall-mounted electric space heaters. Be sure to compare all the products in this listing to find what suits you. Also, check the Amazon links provided for the best price deals and additional product details. Good luck with your shopping!

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