Top 10 Best Trailer Covers In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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An uncovered trailer has to withstand multiple elements including weather, dirt, mold, and mildew. To make sure there will be maximum protection, you can make use of a trailer cover. It acts as a safeguard to your trailer and prevents roof leak by protecting against ice and hailstorms. A trailer cover delivers exceptional performance and is ideal for outdoor use. With it, you don’t have to worry about the fading and frequent maintenance of your trailer. Here is the list of the top 10 best trailer covers.

List of Top 10 Best Trailer Covers In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Classic Accessories Deluxe Travel Trailer Covers

10. Classic Accessories Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

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This trailer cover comes along with zippered panels. Hence, the zippered panels also let you get in the RVs trouble-freely. Moreover, this upholstery is perfect for toy haulers and travel trailers. The toss bag system makes installation stress-free. This protective gear offers ideal fitting for 20 to 22-feet RVs.

The front and rear tensions straps are also adjustable. Furthermore, the integrated undercarriage strap system easily discards wind lofting. Hence, the cover never drifts away with the wind. The triple-ply breathable fabric construction reduces moisture build-up. These elasticized hem corners keep the cover secured against your vehicles. The poly-fabric construction is water-repellent and wear-resistant.

  • Multi-dimensional design for consumer comfort.
  • Highly resistant design for enhanced durability.
  • Easy installable and detachable design.
  • The quality could be better.

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#9. ADCO Designer Series Travel Trailer RV Cover

9. ADCO Designer Series Travel RV

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The ultra-compact trailer cover fits 34.1 to 37-feet recreational vehicles. This upholstery also prevents the untimely aging of vehicles. Moreover, you can cover air conditioners, slide outs, and ladders. The triple-ply cover has the construction of long-lasting polypropylene fabric. Hence, the cloth resists water, rain, snow, and dust.

You can keep the cover secured against vehicles with adjustable straps. Furthermore, this upholstery is perfect to use around moderate climates. This cover keeps your vehicles protected from high moisture. The soft interior never leaves a scratch on your vehicle. You can use this cover to deter UV rays.

  • Multiple size construction for versatile fit.
  • Weather-proof design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Easy fold construction for enhanced storage.
  • The average rating is slightly low.

#8. Leader Accessories Windproof Travel Trailer Covers

8. Leader Accessories Windproof Travel

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This cover is suitable for RVs from 27 to 30-feet. The adhesive repair patch also makes repairing of this cover is easier. Moreover, the four-ply construction makes this upholstery ultra-durable. You can shield your vehicles from dust, dirt, wind, and water. The cover offers resistance against mold and mildew build-up.

The breathable fabric construction also reduces wind lofting. Hence, the cover offers protection against moisture condensation. Furthermore, the scratchproof upper surface makes this upholstery hardwearing. The adjustable tension panels provide custom fitting for vehicles. This cover consists of multiple zippered panels. Therefore, you never have to remove the cover for entering your RV.

  • Weather-friendly design for long-lasting experience.
  • Modifiable design for consumer comfort.
  • Superior quality material for enhanced durability.
  • It is not fully UV resistant.

#7. AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

7. AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

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The trailer cover comes with an integrated ventilation system. Hence, this upholstery also prevents moisture condensation. Moreover, this system easily reduces wind lofting. The breathable texture of the cover reduces the chances of oxidation and corrosion. This multiple-ply construction keeps the delicate paint of RVs protected. You can use this cover to deter snow, dust, dirt, and more.

The cover is scratchproof and leaves no scratches to your vehicles. The adjustable tension panels offer custom fitting around this vehicle. Furthermore, the cover comes with elasticized corner hems to eliminate wind lofting. The buckle attachment system offers easy assembly and disassembly.

  • Easy adaptable and maintainable design for comfort.
  • Multi-functional design for user satisfaction.
  • Temperature-friendly design for enhanced sustainability.
  • There is no cons at all.

#6. KING BIRD Anti-UV Travel Trailer RV Cover

6. KING BIRD Anti-UV Travel RV

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The trailer cover comes along with two durable straps. You can use this upholstery for covering RVs from 30 to 33-feet. The air vents on this cover keep the exterior of vehicles dry. Therefore, the cover protects your vehicles from rust and corrosion. Moreover, rip-stop fabric construction has 5-ply and 3-ply weaving patterns.

Hence, the cover also stays dry and breathable. Furthermore, the set has four pieces of wheel covers. You can keep your RVs safe from UV rays, rain, snow, nicks, and dirt. However, the cover leaves no scratches on the body of your vehicles. The reinforced straps offer exceptional resistance against wind.

  • Improved resistant construction for long-term potency.
  • Collapsible design for mobility and storage.
  • Sturdy material for long-lasting experience.
  • There is no such cons.

#5. Wolf by Covercraft Travel Trailer RV Covers

5. Wolf by Covercraft Travel RV

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This trailer cover comes with multi-layer construction. Hence, this upholstery also offers exceptional protection to your vehicles. Moreover, polypropylene fabric construction makes the cover extremely hardwearing. The breathable texture keeps the car exterior dry and corrosion-free. This cover fits a perfect fit for 24.1 to 26-feet recreational vehicles.

The included patch kit also helps you to repair this cover. Furthermore, the rain gutter covers shield your vehicles from gutters. The cover includes a strap and buckle system on the front and back. Hence, this system keeps the upholstery secured against vehicles. The storage bag keeps your cover safe during traveling.

  • Flexible construction for user satisfaction.
  • Environment-friendly design for consumer comfort.
  • Easy transferable and maintainable design for longevity.
  • There is no negative point.

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#4. XGEAR Travel Trailer RV Cover

4. XGEAR Travel Trailer RV Cover

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You can use this trailer cover for protecting vehicles from environmental elements. This cover also makes a perfect fit for 20 to 22-feet recreational vehicles. Moreover, the 150D polyester fabric construction assures safety against oxidation and corrosion. The breathable texture reduces moisture condensation. The top layer of this protective gear has a silver coating.

Hence, this silver coating also deters UV-rays. Furthermore, this cover efficiently protects the delicate paint of your car exterior. The multiple zippered panels let you get in the vehicle without removing. This cover consists of waterproof straps and buckles. The protective gear also has adjustable front, rear panels to offer snug fitting.

  • Easily modifiable design for secure fit.
  • Advanced quality material for long-lasting comfort.
  • Water-shield construction for enhanced protection.
  • It is slightly difficult to set up.

#3. RVMasking Top Travel Trailer RV Covers Waterproof

3. RVMasking Top Travel RV Waterproof

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The trailer cover comes with weighted toss-under buckles.  Hence, these buckles also keep the cover in the proper place. Moreover, you can use this cover for RVs from 28.7 to 31.6-feet long. The cover consists of a rolling zippered door. This upholstery lets you have easy access to RVs without removing it.

The cover also includes eight pieces of air vents. Therefore, these vents let air escape to prevent oxidation or corrosion. Furthermore, the adhesive repair patch extends the lifespan of this cover. This purchase brings you gutter protectors, tire covers, and windproof straps. A provided carrying bag also keeps this cover protected when not in use.

  • Sturdy stretchable straps for safety and comfort.
  • Adaptable design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Advanced safety design for accident-free experience.
  • There is no such cons.

#2. Cooltop Travel Trailer RV Covers Waterproof Fits

2. Cooltop Travel Trailer RV Cover Waterproof Fits

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This trailer cover offers perfect fitting for 28.7 to 31.6-feet long RVs. The high-density 300D polyester outer shell also makes this cover ultra-durable. Hence, this polyester fabric repels water and rain. Moreover, the cover keeps your vehicles safe from harsh environmental elements. The side top layer of this cover has the construction of 210D polyester.

The breathable fabric layer also deters snow, dust, and dried leaves. Furthermore, the nonwoven cover seems to be breathable. Hence, this protective gear includes eight air vents. Therefore, these vents reduce moisture condensation. The cover has 16 buckles and straps, and 2 reinforced straps. Therefore, this upholstery for vehicles never blows away with the wind.

  • Weather-proof design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Easy setup design for superior comfort.
  • Multi-dimensional design for universal fit.
  • The durability is questionable.

#1. Arch Motoring UV Protection RV Travel Trailer Cover

1. Arch Motoring UV Protection RV Travel

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The triple-ply trailer cover fits a recreational vehicle up to 27-feet. The nonwoven layers of this cover also prevent moisture condensation. Hence, the cover protects your vehicles from rust and corrosion. Moreover, the breathable fabric layers offer ultimate safeguarding to your gear. The scratchproof top surface prolongs the lifespan of this RV accessory.

The dustproof layer also offers quick cleaning. Furthermore, the 100-GSM thickness resists ripping and tearing. The carrying pouch keeps the cover protected when not in use. You can deter UV rays, rain, and wind from damaging RV campers. A long rope also keeps the cover protected against vehicles.

  • Advanced adaptable design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Multi-application design for superior comfort.
  • Robust construction for improved durability.
  • There is nothing wrong.

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Buying Guide for Trailer Cover

Check out the following list of parameters when buying.


The fit is one of the most important considerations that you need to keep in mind while buying a trailer cover. It is available in different sizes and you will have to see if there will be a snug fit for maximum performance. Look at the length, height, and width carefully so that there can be a perfect coverage.


Consider investing in a trailer cover that is composed of high quality materials. You will have to see if it lets you use it for a long time and offers protection from multiple elements. Some of the common types of materials are solution-dyed acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene.


Go for the one that delivers exceptional performance. You will have to see if it is ideal for harsh outdoor conditions. The trailer cover must offer protection from all types of weather including rain, ice, snow, hailstorm, and wind. You need to see if it prevents leakage. Some can also come with an anti-UV coating that helps to prevent fading.


Select the one that lets you install it conveniently. It must come with an easy procedure so that you can tie it securely on the trailer. You need to see if it eliminates the need for having other items.


To make sure there will be increased breathability, you can see if it comes with air vents. This is a vital consideration and helps to prevent moisture, mildew, and mold. For having an effortless covering, you can see if the product comes with zippered panels.


Your trailer needs cover no matter where you park it. There are portable trailer covers available that are of high-quality. They provide protection not only from the rain and water but also from sunlight and UV rays. There are so many different types of these trailer covers available to pick from and we have selected the best ones for you.

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