Top 10 Best Tie Dye Kits in 2020

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The art of tie dye is a completely unique prospect that hasn’t lost its charm even after decades. No matter, it is an interesting project or just you are looking for something to bring back memories of the past, you only need one of the best tie dye kits for this purpose. There are lots of amazing things that you can do with modern options that are very easier to use.

These kits don’t only come with different colored dyes and accessories, but also lots of amazing dresses, handkerchiefs, etc. However, many of you might be thinking about how to find the appropriate model out of hundreds of choices available in the market. To ease your tensions, we have created a list of top 10 best tie dye kits available to buy in 2020. Please check them carefully and decide the right one.

List of Best Tie Dye Kits Review

10. Guft2U 175PV Tie Dye Kit (best for beginners)

Gift2U Tie Dye Kits

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Are you a beginner and looking to enhance the power of your creative mind? If yes, then there is better option to start other than this Guft2U tie dye kit that has nearly 175 tools. This unit is perfect to use for young kids who just begin to use their mind in a complete manner.

The manufacturer delivers this unit with a full range of toolset that include a wooden clip, dropper pipettes, glass marble, rubber bands, plastic sealed bags, 50 gloves, and disposable aprons. The majority of buyers are very positive about the performance of this unit and shopped it again multiple times.


  • Delivered with a great set of accessories
  • Perfect to use in small areas
  • Inspires creativity among kids
  • Available in two different variants


  • Slightly smaller rubber bands

9. Caloyee 26 Colors (best for quantity)


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The ninth position is accommodated by this 26 color kit that is known for its long-lasting use.  It comes in 180 packs that include 140 rubber bands, 5 protective gears, two pieces disposable apron, and one piece table cover along with main colors. This perfectly crafted kit has a very simple operation where there is no need for soaking at all.

All you need to do is filling it with water and the colors are good to apply. Moreover, these dyes conform to the ASTM D4236 and EN71 that is pretty great. You can buy this amazing unit for creating beautiful designs.


  • Equipped with 26 brilliant colors
  • Complete set of tools in the package
  • Extremely convenient to use
  • Environmental friendly dyes


  • Minor complaints about missing bottles

8. Caloyee Tie Dye Kit

Caloyee Tie Dye Kits

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The next one is another budget-friendly unit equipped with five vibrant colors for creating beautiful designs. It can work up to 36 projects that are pretty great considering the price of this unit. This kids-friendly & non-toxic product is ideal for everyone aged 6 years or above. Creating vibrant design is quite easier thanks to easy to use application.

We are happy to say they are the most perfect option to choose if you are looking to give a gift to a creative artist. There is no use of toxic and acid in these colors so you don’t need to worry about health of the users. It is a complete package that readers can shop without putting too much pressure on the pocket.


  • Stays within budget of an average buyer
  • Completely non-toxic & acid free
  • Capable to create vibrant designs
  • Machine washable dyes


  • Limited color choices

7. Tulip One Step Kit Kaleidoscope (best 12 color tie dye kit)


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Finding a better 12 color tie dye kit other than the Kaleidoscope is a very difficult task. It is a highly brilliant kit that come with adequate tie dye for completing nearly 35 projects. There are 12 top-quality non-toxic bottles of dyes present in this kit that can be activated just by adding water.

It is one of the best tie dye kits that ask users to presoak fabrics before using. You will also get step by step instruction manual with this unit for better creativity. Also, these dyes are completely safe to wash in machine as they don’t lose their brightness at all.


  • Very useful instructional guide
  • Good value for money
  • Work without presoaking
  • Machine washable dye


  • Complaints about fading, but the numbers aren’t too strong

6. Sntieercr DIY Tie Dye Kit (best for creating stylish patterns)

Sntieecr Tie Dye Kits

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If you are looking to create highly creative patterns, then we will suggest the buyers to choose this DIY tie dye kit. It comes with nine different kinds of equipment for making things easier. You will get tools like kid’s gloves, rubber brands, disposable aprons, wooden clips, tie dye line, and droppers pipettes.

It will let you create perfectly designed patterns about which majority of buyer’s wishes. This kit is useful for people of all ages ranging from kids to even retired professionals.


  • Easy to apply for kids
  • Packed with tons of accessories
  • Useful for a variety of applications
  • Create beautiful patterns


  • Multiple tools create confusion among beginners

5. Tulip Electric Neons (best budget-friendly pick)


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The buyers with a habit to shop always budget-friendly things should buy a tie-dye kit should invest in this product. There are synthetic and natural fibers used in these colors for giving them a vibrant look. Despite being available at a very low price, it comes with 10 rubber bands, 1 protective gloves pair, 4 synthetic dyes, and an instructional guide.

It is an easy to use kit that comes with pre-mixed dyes making sure you don’t need water. The artists are allowed to use them anywhere they want only by shaking the bottle for instant application.


  • Super-cheap option to shop
  • Doesn’t need water for mixing
  • Create vibrant designs
  • Equipped with all set of accessories


  • Few colors than other options

4. Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

Jacquard Tie Dye Kits

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The artists who love to make colorful & groovy tie dye shirts at a decent price should think about investing in this product. It comes with a good amount of colors along with rubber bands and vinyl gloves giving you liberty to try with complete peace of mind.

The complete unit is manufactured in the United States following the norms of ASTMD so its use is fully safe for kids. Apart from main material, you will get instruction set and DVD video for understanding the use of these colors in a better manner.


  • Professional level performance
  • Come with all set of accessories
  • Delivered with great sort of tutorial material
  • Capable to stay on t-shirts for a long time


  • Too small rubber bands might be an issue for some people

3. Vanstek Tie Dye DIY Kit (best 24 color tie dye kit)


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The next product that we want to talk about is this brilliant kit having 24 vibrant colors for creating brilliant designs. There are 167 things in this pack, including 120 rubber bands, 10 plastic films, 10 pairs of plastic gloves, 1 instructional guide, and 2 plastic table covers.

It is a highly recommended package whose dyes are made from non-toxic and acid-free material. The step by step manual helps the kids to boost their creativity. Also, the colors mix quite easily without fading for a long time.


  • Perfect for creating vibrant designs
  • Lots of color choices
  • Friendly to use for kids
  • Doesn’t fades away at all


  • Takes time to get absorbed in dry clothes

2. Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit (runners up)

Tulip Tie Dye Kits

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This popular tie dye kit is an excellent choice that you can use for small art projects quite effectively. The Tulip brand has done a great work that makes its right option for beginner’s crafters. It is an awesome kit that doesn’t ask for pre-soaking that usually demanded by normal models.

This package comes with 12 squeeze bottles having non-toxic colors that are completely safe for skins. You will also get step by step guide with this unit that mention the technique for creating beautiful looks. The company also gives information about latest techniques to the buyers through their official website.


  • Doesn’t ask for any presoaking
  • Machine washable dyes
  • Compatible with natural fiber fabrics
  • Completely non-toxic material


  • Colors fades quickly than others
  • Quantity not up to the mark

1. Phoenix Vital Life Rit Tie Dye Kit (editor’s choice)


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The top option in the list is this great kit from Phoenix Vital Life brand that will allow you dye up to 6 t-shirts with little bit effort. It comes with six colorful designs along with eighteen rubber bands and three fiber active colors. Using this unit is quite easier thanks to simple to understand instructions manual.

The vibrant & bright colors available in the kit are fully resistant against fading. Moreover, they don’t bleed and considered appropriate even for cotton fabrics.  The kit comes with an instruction manual that lets the users about the way to develop six unique & creative designs. Overall, it is a top model that you can buy for tying up to 6 t-shirts without any problem.


  • Very convenient & easy to use
  • Simple to understand instructions
  • Completely fade resistant vibrant & bright design
  • Non-bleeding colors


  • Took time for getting used to
  • Minor arguments about its quantity

How to choose the best tie dye kit?

No matter you are pro artist or just starting journey in the world of creativity, it is important to buy the kit that possesses all the features you needed. Many buyers don’t put too much attention while checking this unit that turns out to be a bad idea later. Here, our team is going to tell you about the major factors need to be checked while buying a tie dye kit below:

  • Color Count

The most important thing to check in the dye kit is the color count of the kit you are shopping for. It is better to go for multiple color options as you don’t have to blend colors. In this guide, we have added kits with different count ranging from 5 to 26. Choose the one according to your needs with a calm mind.

  • Accessories Set

A common mistake that people make while shopping a tie dye kit isn’t checking the accessories set. However, you shouldn’t be one of them and check it out making sure the kit has everything you need. It will make sure there is no need to buy anything extra after buying the kit.

  • Budget

The next thing to keep in mind while investing your money is the budget. As you see, it is available in many different types of price ranges. Our team has added the units at various prices making sure buyers end up shopping within their budget. Identify what amount you can spend from the pocket and invest money according to that.

  • Binding Level

The modern tie dye kits don’t ask for soda ash that was traditionally used for binding colors. The thing you need to ensure is there should be any mess while creating colors. It will help even beginners to make colors quite easily.


Which of these models are you going shop for dying the t-shirts? It is a creative work that can either do as a hobby or even make a career in this industry. Choose one of these best tie dye kits so that you have the necessary tools for doing things wonderfully.

Do you have a creative idea that you want to share with fellow readers? If yes, please write about it in the comment section.

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