Top 10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods in 2020

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Do you want a fishing pole that will be low in weight and not burden you in your various adventurous expeditions? Fishing is, of course, a great way to spend time and make yourself feel blissful. It makes you forget all your worries and spend a happy time. However, for an excellent fishing experience, you will need a proper fishing rod. And what can be better than a telescoping fishing rod? These fishing rods certainly can increase in size and help you to get reach the distance. Furthermore, they use high-quality materials in construction.

Hence, you will have never be able to worry about its durability. But enjoying at the moment becomes difficult if the product you chose doesn’t properly function. So, in search of the top products in the market, we have come down to a total of 10 best telescoping rods. Check it out and have your own views.

The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods to Buy in 2020

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10. WhitstyWig Telescopic Fishing Rod


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In this scenario, the Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod from the house of Whistywig scores major brownie points. This is an excellent fishing pole perfect to use in all kinds of fishing adventures. You can use it either on freshwater, saltwater or rivers.

Next, the frame is retractable and is adjustable between the lengths of 19.5-inches and 86.5-inches. The handle length is also adjustable making it easier to accurately throw the reel. Besides, the fishing pole can sustain a load of 8 to 15 pounds. Most importantly, the lure size can vary from 0.17 to 1.4 ounces.

Key Features:

  • You will find that the body of this highly flexible fishing pole is from IM6 carbon fibres. Plus, it separates into 8 sections.
  • The guides with this fishing pole are from stainless steel to keep it durable over a long period.
  • The reel seat is from graphite to give it a superior strength while being light in weight.

9. KastKing Blackhawk II Fishing Rod


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KastKing is a popular maker of various gears that one may require in different kinds of adventure sports activities. The Blackhawk II is a superior fishing rod in comparison to other similar items. It is from a carbon matrix with a solid glass tip.

Hence, it makes it highly durable and highly precise equipment to carry on your fishing adventure. Highest quality materials are in use in the preparation of this rod. So, it promises to function over a long period. Stainless steel guides prevent rusting while the graphite seat for reels gives it an acute strength.

Key Features:

  • The design of this telescopic fishing rod allows you to keep the reel on. Thus it saves you a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in re-rigging the reel every time.
  • Each of the section can collapse by a simple twist starting from the bottom frame. Thus it is always travel-ready in a matter of seconds.
  • The handles have careful design and come with EVA material coating. Hence, it makes the gripping easier and more comfortable.

8. PLUSINO Fishing Rod

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rods

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If there is a fishing enthusiast in the family and you are looking for the perfect gift option, you should try the PLUSINO Fishing Rod. This amazing device is available in two different models. You can obviously opt for the fishing pole and reel without any addition. Otherwise, you can also opt for the PULSINO fishing kit. In the latter choice, you get all the implements that you will require in your fishing routine.

From fishing lines, lures to hooks, and others, you will get everything. An amalgamation of carbon fiber and fiberglass are in use to construct this excellent fishing rod. This mixture ensures that your fishing pole is highly durable without compromising the flexibility factor.

Key Features

  • The fishing rod packs in a tremendous anti-reverse function that makes it a very useful rod to rely upon.
  • The reel seat uses stainless steel material to extend its life against the effects of seawater.
  • Grip comes with EVA material which enhances its degree of comfort to the hands.

7. Sougayilang Fishing Rod


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When you are buying the Sougayilang Fishing Rod, you are calling in a bout of freshness and high utility fishing pole. This is a device that is completely perfect for use anywhere. Be it in freshwater or salty water, you will be able to use it freely. The handle has EVA grip lining which ensures comfortable handling of this fishing pole.​ Furthermore, the rod obviously uses high-density carbon fiber in its construction. Hence, this rod is completely lightweight and highly durable.

Key Features:

  • This wonderful fishing rod uses a 5:5:1 gear ratio to give you an effortless fishing experience.
  • The fishing rod can reach great lengths but can also compact to a small size which enables it to be carried around.
  • Reel comes with an interchangeable handle to facilitate left hand or right-hand fishing.

6. Bluefire Fishing Rod

Bluefire Telescopic Fishing Rods

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The Bluefire Fishing Rod is a trustworthy fishing pole to rely upon. When you purchase this, you get a whole kit of fishing paraphernalia comprising of all the things that you may require while fishing. Fishing line, lures, hooks are all provided in the kit along with a fishing pole and a reel.​​ Carbon fiber is an exceptional material which is very sturdy and very light and is used on the construction of this fishing pole. With a gear ratio of 5:2:1 you can go through a smooth fishing experience using this rod.

 Key features:

  • High-quality carry bag made from nylon material is provided with the pack in which you can carry around the entire kit.
  • Stainless steel together with ceramics went on to make the guide rings on this fishing rod to give it a corrosion-resistant property.
  • The retrieve rate is also commendable and quite smooth making way for a great fishing experience.

5. Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod


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Bass, trout or salmon- name the fish and it is caught using the Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod. It is made from 24T grade of carbon fiber material which imparts high strength and durability properties into this pole. The fishing pole is still very lightweight in spite of being so sturdy. The guide ring is made from stainless steel and ceramics which improves the dissipation of heat after handling it for a long time.​ EVA material is used for the grip which is soft and comfortable and enables holding the fishing pole for a long duration.

 Key Features:

  • The fishing pole is available in six different sizes for you to choose from to suit your needs.
  • The excellent fishing rod is backed by a one year warranty and you will get customer services for the life of the product.
  • It is reduced to a small size and is fitted into the car trunk, boat and so on.

4. Daiwa Legalis Tele Fishing Rod

Daiwa Telescopic Fishing Rods

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If you want to go for exceptional design with tremendous properties in a fishing pole, you can try the Daiwa Legalis Tele. It is a sturdy and highly flexible fishing pole that will really help in your fishing expeditions. The maximum length that this telescopic fishing pole can reach is 11.81 feet. It can be reduced to mere 33.85-inches from this great height when you want to carry it around. The weight of the lures attached to the fishing pole should be between 1.41 and 4.23 ounces for the most effective fishing experience.

Key Features:

  • The Daiwa Legalis Tele is made from carbon fibers of HM+ grade to give it a durable body.
  • Guides used in this fishing pole are composed of titanium oxide which imparts an anti-resistant property into this pole.

3. ShinePick Fishing Rod Kit


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ShinePick Fishing Rod Kit is a lovely choice if you want to put your hands on all the fishing paraphernalia at once. Talking about the fishing rod, this one is made from carbon fibers which impart a lightweight while keeping the frame robust and sturdy. The fishing pole uses a powerful gear ratio of 5:2:1 to conduct all the fishing activities. With this amazing fishing pole, chances are high that you will never miss a fish. This is a complete fishing kit and you do not have to look for another item when you have it.

Key Features:

  • The package comes with a fishing pole, reel, line and an accessories case consisting of lures, hooks, and such materials.
  • The setup uses DS3000 fishing reel which is very strong and can help catch the largest fish.
  • It is a flexible fishing pole that allows you to maneuver it in any way you feel.

2. jaccer Telescopic Fishing Rod

jaccer Telescopic Fishing Rods

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The jaccer Telescopic Fishing Rod is an example of pristine craftsmanship made possible using alloy and carbon fiber material. The materials make this a very durable pole for fishing while having no effect on the weight of the mechanism. You can use this rod in freshwater or in seas without a second thought as the vagaries of nature cannot affect the rod or its parts. All the components are resistant to abrasion or corrosion and will function smoothly for a long time to come.

    Key Features:

  • The handy fishing rod is just 200 grams and so, take it to places by hand or in a vehicle.
  • The rod in this fishing pole can be expanded to 2.1 m, 2.4 m, 2.7 m, and 3.0 m according to your convenience.

1. High Altitude Brands Portable Fishing Pole

High Altitude Brands

Are you looking for a fishing pole that features a small dimension when not in use and can be opened up into a humongous fishing pole? If so, then you should go for the High Altitude Brands Lightweight Portable Fishing Pole. 24-ton carbon fiber and graphite material of M6 grade are used in the manufacture of this tremendous fishing pole.

T fishing pole comes in 5 expandable sections keeping provisions to extend the length. As a matter of fact, it also ensures that the rod does not break. Since the rod is made from a retractable frame there are high chances that you may get dirt within. However, a cap at the rear end ensures that you can even clean the insides if the need arises.

 Key Features:

  • The fishing pole features a hook keeper system. As a result, enables you to carry hooks on the pole itself without having to depend upon the carry case.
  • This is a trusted fishing pole that weighs only 6-ounces and features a small 18-inches frame that is expandable.
  • You can easily clean the dirt off the telescoping rods.

A fishing rod is like an extension of the arm to the fishing enthusiasts. Keeping that in mind, the more flexible a telescoping fishing rod and reel is, the better will be the handling.

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