Top 10 Best T5 Grow Lights in 2021 Reviews

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As more and more of us opt for homegrown foods to try and keep our diest healthy, the need for different farming implements and equipment will always be on the rise. One of those things that you are likely to need at some point when it comes to home indoor gardening is a T5 grow light. Grow lights provide a light that mimics the natural light that plants need to make their food and will hence ensure your plants grow fast and healthy.

There are all kinds of TG grow lights out there and every manufacturer will claim that their light offers the best possible growing conditions for your plants. However, this is not always true and so you need to take extra precautions when shopping. To help you find something that actually works and will give you great value for your money, here we review 10 of the best T5 grow lights out there.

List of The Best T5 Grow Lights:

Top 10 Best T5 Grow Lights Reviews:

01. Jump Start 4′ T5 Grow Light

Jump Start 4' T5 Grow Light

  Get it now on This flexible and powerful grow light is ideal for seedlings and other house plants. It offers a faster growth rate with 15-20% lumens. The light system comes with a frame that assures stability, and you can install it with ease.

Another amazing feature is that you can adjust the height easily and set at a preferred point, which facilitates the germination of the seedlings. It also has an internal reflective finish that ensures the plants get all the light directly. It features a high output T5 full daylight spectrum bulb.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a complete grow light system that you can purchase without breaking the bank, this one is for you. This T5 grow light system is easy to use and speeds up the rate of growth of your house crops.


  • It is a cheap product
  • Conveniently adjustable height
  • Higher light output
  • Delivers faster growth rate
  • Handy reflector included


  • Weaker ballast
  • The overall design could still be more user-friendly

02. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System

  Get it now on With this product from Agrobite, you get to enjoy a high lumen output of up to 8,000 lumens and provide an impressive performance which ensures your plants grow in a good state. It has a powder-coated steel housing that allows your plants to have access to maximum light cover.

The design of this light system takes a little space in your set up. It is also flexible, which means you can place it at different locations in the room, where you feel it can provide maximum light coverage. This light is available in different sizes, either two feet or four feet long and two-eight tube capacity.

Conclusion: This comes with T5 bulbs included in the package, and it provides you with the best conditions you require to start your indoor cultivation. It allows a high capacity of bulbs to provide a wide area with enough light. Also, it comes with a five-year warranty.


  • More affordable
  • Does not need separate ventilation
  • Allows for a great number of bulbs
  • More space-saving design
  • Flexible placement (overhead, vertical or horizontal)


  • Would use a timer
  • No full spectrum of light

03. Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp

Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp

  Get it now on This Hydroplanet T5 grow light is yet another amazing grow light that will give you the best farming experience. It ensures fast and healthy plant growth and you can always be confident of ending up with more produce regardless of what you are growing. And there is also a handy reflector to direct the light effectively.

It comes with plug and play ballasts that make your work easier and save you time. The light has 8 6500 HO grow bulbs and is fitted with aluminum reflectors which directs the light to the plants. It comes with a 15′ power cord.

Conclusion: This grow light allows you to place it at different positions that you see fit for your plants’ growth, and the frame is made from steel and powder coated to prevent rusting. It can be daisy-chained.


  • Delivers very bright light
  • Energy efficient
  • Presence of a reflector to direct light
  • Flexible and secure hanging mechanism


  • Not compatible with the GFCI outlets and LED bulbs.

04. Durolux T5 Grow Light

Durolux T5 Grow Light

  Get it now on With this high output grow light of up to 20000 lumens, you can grow your plants and expect good results because they will have all the light they need to make food. It is also fitted with the daisy chain feature and has two switches for dimming functions to the inner and outer bulbs.
This T5 grow light from Durolux, has a German hammer-tone reflector to supply the light evenly to the plants. It is one of the top-rated products in the market today

It is designed to be used even in wet conditions because it is waterproof, and the power cord that is included in this package is 8 feet long. It also comes with a five-year warranty. If you were looking for a grow light for your house crops, this is ideal for you.

Conclusion: A great all-round grow light that delivers more than enough light for any plant type and is also designed to provide wider coverage.


  • High light output
  • The reflector provides wide coverage of light
  • 2 switches for the outer and inner bulbs
  • Safe to use in damp environments


  • Bulbs do not last very longer

05. Hydrofarm Agrobrite Designer T5, FLP48

Hydrofarm Agrobrite Designer T5, FLP48

  Get it now on This Hydro farm Agrobite is one of the best grow light systems in the market. It measures four feet while allowing a capacity of up to 8 tubes to be fitted. It is made from durable materials to serve for a longer period without being damaged. It is also built to fit into small grow sites.
It comes with eight 6400K T5 light tubes and a ten-foot power cord. This grow light can be in two ways, either overhead or vertical. It gives out up to 40,000 lumens of brightens.

The Hydrofarm Agrobite T5 designer offers you awesome performance, and it is flexible; hence, its daisy-chainable systems allow the user to pick the most suitable location to set up the project.

Conclusion: Simple and low-profile grow light designed to offer flexibility and will work anywhere including in smaller spaces.


  • It is a low profile
  • More flexible design
  • Decent light output
  • No need for assembly
  • Daisy chain


  • Would use ventilation

06. VIVOSUN T5 HO Grow Light

VIVOSUN T5 HO Grow Light

  Get it now on You want a set of T5 lights at a lower price, and the quality of services offered is stunning? Then this Vivosun product will do the magic for you. These 54-watt bulbs produce 5000 lumens of brightness, and its lifespan is up to 20,000 hours, which is way much better when compared to the other lamps.

This product saves you the cost to put up ventilation because it produces very low heat emissions. It also emits a balanced blue and violet spectrum at 6500k, which makes the plants grow stronger.
This is a high-quality product that ensures you produce is healthy, and the growth rate is boosted by the amazing conditions provided. Better yet, it is fit for all stages because of the minimal heat radiation to the plants.

Conclusion: More affordable grow light fit for all stages of plant growth and will also offer longer service life to save you even more money.


  • Cheap product
  • Long bulb lifespan
  • Works for all growth stages
  • Color temperature of 6400K


  • Should include an effective ventilation system

07. Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet / 8 Tube

Apollo Horticulture T5 4 Feet / 8 Tube

  Get it now on This product from Apollo Horticulture is one of the top-rated T5 grow lights on the market, thanks to its awesome performances in the indoor cultivation industry. This lightweight T5 grow light has a capacity to hold up to 8 bulbs. The light is made from high-quality materials and hence requires less frequent repairs.

It is also fitted with switches for easy dimming, and it uses 432 watts of power. The fixture is designed to be hanged either vertical or horizontal positions. This Apollo T5 comes with a 7.5 feet power cord and requires a 120v wall power outlet.

Conclusion: This T5 grow light produces very bright light from the 8 fitted tubes, which enhances the growth of the vegetation and it comes at a more affordable price tag.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to use dimming switches
  • Can be hanged both vertically and horizontally
  • Can accommodate up to 8 tubes
  • Durable overall construction


  • Some users feel the power cable is short

08. VIVOSUN T5 HO Grow Light

VIVOSUN T5 HO Grow Light

  Get it now on This Vivosun product also comes in a set and offers excellent overall performances. It provides you with the lighting services up to 20,000 hours. With 24 watts of power, it can produce 2,000 lumens of brightness hence allowing the site to have the best conditions to germinate seedlings.

The plants will develop strong and healthy, thanks to the grow lights to emit violet and blue spectrum at 6500K. The flowers also blossom using these favorable conditions. This product eliminates the need to set up ventilation because it also produces very low heat emissions.
They assure the owner to expect a great harvest by offering breathtaking environmental conditions that will ensure the vegetation is well catered for.

Conclusion: This is a high-quality product and is worth every penny you spent to get it. It is an excellent addition to your accessories.


  • Produces little heat
  • Long service life
  • Relatively more affordable
  • Good quality material


  • Bulbs burn out easily

09. Durolux DL8048 T5 Grow Light System

Durolux DL8048 T5 Grow Light System

  Get it now on Durolux DL8048 is a plug and go grow light that offers you the ideal lighting for your indoor garden or greenhouse. The unit powers up to 3 fixtures from a single wall outlet, which reduces clutter and makes it more convenient. Your plants will develop healthy thanks to the blue-white veg bulbs emitting at 6500K.

It also features a compact design that provides more light, more evenly, with a smaller footprint than most T5 fluorescent fixtures. The aluminum frame also guarantees you a durable product that will not rusts in the humid growing conditions of your indoor garden.

Conclusion: This is a quality but affordable lighting fixture that will serve you well in any indoor lighting environment.


  • Convenient as it powers up to 3 fixtures from a single wall outlet
  • Decent light output
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • 2 switches for step dimming


  • The two switches are still sort of limited; three would have been better

10. VIVOSUN HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture

VIVOSUN HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture

  Get it now on VIVOSUN HO is an efficient and high output light fixture that offers you an excellent deal because for its quality, it is highly affordable. You get a 6500K T5 light that comes with four tubes and can give you 5000 lumens, which makes this a powerful and effective lighting system.
Also, the light’s fixture allows it to reflect up to 97% light dues to a very effective reflector. The limited amount of heat produced by the unit makes it safe for your plants even if they are placed near each other.

The unit offers you complete control of the entire system through two on and off switches. It allows you to use 2 or 4 lights depending on your requirements at that particular time.

Conclusion: Fantastic choice for anyone looking for the best value for cash because despite being top quality this is still a fairly priced grow light.


  • Durable, sturdy build
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Produces limited heat
  • Powerful and effective


  • Consumes a lot of electricity
  • Moving the light can be tedious as it is quite fragile


You can be confident that there are many good grow lights out there that will help you grow a healthy indoor garden. And now you will no longer have to spend a lot of your time searching for the perfect T5 grow lights as you can be certain that there is at least one option from the 10 above that will work well for you. All you need to do is just pick what suits your budget and the area you want to cover.

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