Top 10 Best Shower Curtains in 2020

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Need new Shower curtains for the bathroom? Do you want to look into the top shower curtain brands for the best shower curtain for your bathroom? Then I think you have come to the right place. We will provide you with the list of the Top 10 Best Shower Curtains In 2020.

Well if you have never hunted for a shower curtain, then let me tell you it’s not anything easier. They have different materials, brands, quality, prices, and dimensions not to forget. The ideal shower curtains are supposed to be resistant to water, hence not getting wet, neither letting the outside get wet which then can be a big mess.

When searching for the curtains, you predictably will search for a good looking one as well, so here we bring to you the list of the Top 10 Best Shower Curtains In 2020 that are aesthetic, mildew proof, and satisfactory to other assuming factors.

The Top 10 Best Shower Curtains In 2020 guide is compiled based on the reviews, comments, ratings, specifications, etc. Be sure to check out the guide and other details.

Top Best Shower Curtains In 2020

10. Striped Aimjerry Hotel Showe Curtain

Aimjerry Shower Curtains

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Contemporary and chic to the design of nowadays, the Striped Aimjerry Hotel Showe Curtain is a striped white curtain that will fit with almost everything in your bathroom. Whether it be a colorful bathroom or a solid color, the curtain has a versatile match with almost any design. The set of the curtains comes with curtain rings and hooks for convenience, and what’s more, is that it is cleanable by just a slight rinse. You could also daily wash it in the washer as per your choice. It’s a bingo when you look for classy design, however, it has a slight transparency to it.

Design: 12 metal rings

Measure : 72” length x 72” width

Material: complete polyester fabric

Hue: numerous designs and colors

Weight: 700 g

9. Grey Textured Shower Curtain


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It seems this is the best looking fit for one’s house ( aesthetically). The Grey Textured Shower Curtain comes with a metal hook that is hue complemented with the beads, giving it the chicness you may desire. The durable Grey Textured Shower Curtain also comes with rust-resistant metal rings, and the hue does not wear away after simple washes. Though you may need a liner for the fabric, the curtain is easily washable and best for the users in every way.

Set: along with 12 hooks

Material: complete fabric polyester

Size: 72” length x 72” width

Hue: dark grey

8. Paisley Kassatex Bathroom curtain

Kassatex Shower Curtains

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This product has a strong feminine pattern on its curtain for sure. Well, the Paisley Kassatex Bathroom curtain is one thing that is said to be an adorable and fashionable fit for the little women. The curtain is smooth as it’s made of cotton. Oh! And don’t forget that the design would fade if you would add bleach to the curtain, so better be careful. The design is the match for many customers, but as the curtain is made of cotton, and is a little thing you have to put a lining on it so that the water doesn’t pass through.

Material: completely fabric cotton  

Shade: grey and blue

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

Weight: 600g

7. White Shower Curtain AmazonBasics


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This curtain has so many features to it – White Shower Curtain AmazonBasics. The classy waffle finish and the complete polyester is sure a durable match and a favorite of many. The white fashiony qualitative curtain will give your bathroom a heavenly look, and showers will get lengthy!. Offering a standardized dimension, you don’t have to make after changes to the curtain, and the curtain comes with ready made holes. Though the curtain doesn’t come with any liners, nooks, or rings, you have to be frank about the highly aesthetic curtain.

Material: fabric complete polyester

Shade: several colors

Weight: 400 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

6. Design Shower Curtain Barossa

Barossa Design Shower Curtains

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Just Like everyone wants the quality things in your hotel room, like the bed, curtain, room decor..the Design Shower Curtain Barossa is like a hotel curtain. Both chic and durable with complete polyester. The design not only is cleanable in the washing machine through soft rinses, but it also is dew resistant!. This makes your bathroom area less wet that enables you to do many other things like hair drying, applying makeup, and others. It comes with rust-free grommets, and the price is little hiked due to the high-end quality.

Material: fabric complete polyester

Shade: grey

Weight: 480 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

5. ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set


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The thick material and perfect durability of this product make it stand out from the rest. The  ALCHEMY Shower Curtain Set is waterproof, and the dew just slides off. This is a good thing, your bathroom is very dry. Totally Aesthetic for your bathroom, the grommets come with the rust-resistant and ready hoops for easy installation and long-lasting time period of use. It’s lightweight and portable, thus making the product kind of steep in the online platform.

Material: fabric complete polyester

Shade: Pink, gold, blue, green

Weight: 460 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

4. Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain

Barossa Design Shower Curtains

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Through the curtain can seem like it’s developed through cotton, but the specially developed product in the online market is completely polyester. The rugged daily washable Waffle Weaver Fabric Shower Curtain is water-resistant. The suitable size of the curtain, it’s installable in hangers, rods, bathtubs, other such supports. Though the color of the curtain can be a little light, it’s perfect for a wide range of audiences.

Material: fabric complete polyester

Shade: plentiful shades

Weight: 930 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

3. White Shower Curtain Ruffle


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This unique shower curtain has a ruffle pattern on it to make it seem heavy and apt for the fashionable bathroom you have. The White Shower Curtain Ruffle is moisture resistant and keeps the other half of your bathroom dry for your comfort. Dries off quickly, the durable polyester is completely attractive to many. The ruffles are not completely dominating the fall of the curtain, but it has a cool touch to it, with 12 different types to it as well.

Material: fabric complete polyester

package: 12 set

Shade: plain white

Weight: 860 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

2. Floral Fabric Shower Curtain

Uphome Shower Curtains

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This very fun and floral design to your bathroom is something many girls look for. It may remind you of good scents, or maybe looks aesthetic, but sure is popular and classic. The Floral Fabric Shower Curtain is almost a raincoat, resistant to moisture…dividing the other half to be more dry and usable. This splendid product doesn’t need a liner and has a heavy hem that doesn’t blow or lift effortlessly. The prints are prominent, so those flowery people, this is the best fit for you!.

Material: fabric complete polyester

package: 12 hooks (plastic)

Shade: many options

Weight: 680 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width

1.Madison Shower Curtain

Madison Park

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A hotely touch and a high standard product is something you are looking for, then this is the best fit for many who want a relaxing and long, good bathroom. Making it effortlessly clean, the Madison Shower Curtain can be washed daily heavy duty type. The prototype design is a simple popular amongst the users and many aesthetically set people. It’s multifunctional and easily installable. The Madison Shower Curtain has many colors to it, the colors are not too vibrant, they are soft for a soothing mood in the steamy bathroom.

Material: fabric complete polyester

Shade: taupe, aqua, grey, blue, choral

Weight: 750 g

Measure: 72” length x 72” width


Depending on our list, you can make an easy and efficient choice towards the pick in the models, floral designs, plain, colorful, ruffles, waffles, and many solid plain colors as well. We have shortlisted all choices from the classic to the contemporary. they are not only aesthetic, but also moisture-proof and long-lasting. However, before making the purchase go through details like the dimensions, design, set, specification, budget, and likewise. So, we have made a top ready-made list for the users – Top 10 Best Shower Curtains In 2020.

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