Top 10 Best Server Cabinets In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are looking to have a perfect data center, then you can make use of a server cabinet. It makes sure there will be optimal performance and allow you to utilize your space. With it, there will be maximum efficiency and you can have a clean look. Server cabinets come in different sizes and offer you maximum convenience. It offers you many options with many features and is ideal for the designing phase. Check out the following list of the top 10 best server cabinets to pick from.

List of Top 10 Best Server Cabinets In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Tripp Lite Server Cabinets Rack Enclosure

10. Tripp Lite Server Cabinet Rack Enclosure

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This server cabinet does not require any assembly. The mesh door panels also assure 360-degree air circulation. Moreover, the wall-mounted cabinet makes mounting stress-free for all. This organizer has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 200-pounds. Nevertheless, this cabinet offers quick mounting against the floor. The 12U organizer accommodates most of the 19-inch rack equipment.

The swing-away rear panel also offers easy access to the back. Furthermore, this cabinet includes top and bottom cable routing ports. The reversible front door comes with a secured locking mechanism. However, the perforated side panels are lockable. The detachable covers let you block unused cable ports.

  • Comes with bottom routing ports.
  • Ideal for standard electronic equipment.
  • Consists of a 180-degree swing-away rear panel.
  • No such con.

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#9. Rack Cabinet with Glass Door

9. Rack Cabinet with Glass Door

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The server cabinet holds the equipment firmly. However, the venting panels also let air pass through the chamber. Hence, your electronic modules stay cool while functioning. This cabinet provides a maximum mounting depth of 29-inch. Moreover, the organizer comes along with hardwearing caster wheels. You can shift this cabinet from one space to another.

This rack cabinet is also suitable for KVM switches and more. Furthermore, this 12U network rack lets you mount the caster wheels without any hassle. The dark glass door helps you to view your equipment without any hassle. Nevertheless, the rear mesh panel quickly dissipates the heat.

  • Includes removable side panels.
  • Makes assembly quick and easy.
  • Has a widely adjustable mounting depth.
  • No wrong as such.

#8. NavePoint Server Cabinets Enclosure Locks

8. NavePoint Server Cabinet Enclosure Locks

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This server cabinet comes with keys, M6 cage nuts, and mounting screws. Hence, you never have to struggle to mount this organizer. Moreover, the rack has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 110-pounds. The cage-nut style bolting makes mounting easier for individuals. Nevertheless, the welded frame structure reduces the risks of rusting and corrosion.

The heat-treated front glass door lets you have a quick-view of equipment. Furthermore, the security locks assure the safety of your modules. The included cooling fan keeps your modules cool and well functioning. However, the cold-rolled steel construction extends the lifespan of this cabinet. The detachable panels help you to manage the cables consistently.

  • The side panels are removable.
  • Has a cage-nut mounting panel.
  • The heat-treated tempered glass door.
  • Nothing wrong.

#7. V7 Wall Mount Rack Cabinet Enclosure

7. V7 Wall Mount Rack Cabinet Enclosure

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The vented door keeps the air cool inside this server cabinet. Therefore, you can make your data devices run without producing excessive heat. Moreover, this cabinet has the construction of premium-quality cold-rolled steel construction. The lockable 6U cabinet makes the organization of electronic equipment trouble-free. However, the adjustable mounting rails help you with proper organization.

The detachable top and bottom cable panels also add a sleek look to this cabinet. Furthermore, the square holes let you mount the equipment with no trouble. The detachable caster wheels help you to mount or dismount them in no time. Nevertheless, the numbered U positions guide you to mount devices easily.

  • The cable panels are detachable.
  • Has an optional caster wheel assembly.
  • Comes with customizable mounting rails.
  • No con at all.

#6. Sysracks Server Rack Locking Wall Cabinet

6. Sysracks Rack Locking Wall

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This hard drive enclosure has honeycomb mesh panels on the door. The venting holes also let air circulate through the chamber. Moreover, the 18U wall-mounted server cabinet accommodates multiple electronic data devices. The cooling fan draws in cool air to dissipate the mechanical heat. However, the cabinet comes with lockable caster wheels.

Hence, you can also mobilize or immobilize this cabinet in no time. Furthermore, the detachable side panels make the organization of data devices convenient. This organizer comes with dustproof cable entries to protect devices from damages. Nevertheless, the leveling feet let you place this cabinet on any surface.

  • Has an 8-outlet power bar.
  • Includes lockable side panels.
  • Consists of dustproof cable entries.
  • No con as such.

#5. Electriduct Server Network Cabinet

5. Electriduct Server Network Cabinet

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The 4U server cabinet comes along with a solid door. The enclosed cabinet also offers quick wall mounting. Moreover, the punch-outs on the top and bottom panels increase the practicality of this organizer. Hence, wire management becomes uncomplicated by using these panels. The wall-mounted cabinet keeps your electronic modules safe from potential damages.

The mountable enclosures have the construction of powder-coated steel material. Furthermore, the reinforced rear panel comes along with mounting holes. The provided mounting hardware makes mounting hassle-free. However, the vented side panels help the modules run without any complication. The ICI thick lead-free static powder assures the utmost safety to devices.

  • Comes with adjustable mounting rails.
  • Includes panels for cable organization.
  • The lead-free static powder-coated finish.
  • Issues with mounting screws.

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#4. TUFFIOM Server Cabinets Equipment Rack

4. TUFFIOM Server Equipment Rack

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The assembly process of this server cabinet is never trouble causing. The mesh door also lets air circulate through the inner chambers. Moreover, this cabinet preserves standard or non-standard electronic equipment modules. The lockable side panels make removal instant and easy. However, the cooling fan keeps the chamber cool.

Hence, your data devices stay cool for consistent operation. Furthermore, the top, back, and bottom openings provide quick access to wires. You can use caster wheels to shift this cabinet to different spaces. Nevertheless, you can store patch panels, routers, and switches. The cabinet can handle a weight of up to 110 lbs.

  • The mesh side panels and doors.
  • Ideal for different electronic modules.
  • The side panels have a quick locking system.
  • No complaint.

#3. KENUCO Wall Mount Cabinet Glass Door

3. KENUCO Wall Mount Cabinet Glass Door

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The pre-assembled server cabinet makes this piece suitable for server offices. The locking tempered glass door offers easy access to content. Moreover, the cabinet has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 140-lbs. The anodized steel finish reduces the risks of catching rust and corrosion. This cabinet offers quick wall mounting as well.

The data network enclosure also stores 19-inch rack-mount equipment. Furthermore, the locking tempered glass door keeps devices safe from damages. You can mount this cabinet against walls. Nevertheless, the network-attached storage holds up to 23-lbs of weight. The provided screws make assembly quick and easy. The venting slots can keep data devices cool and well functioning.

  • The tinted front door is reversible.
  • Comes with a welded frame design.
  • The rack has height and depth adjustment features.
  • Nothing negative.

#2. RAISING ELECTRONICS Network Server Cabinet


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The server cabinet has a plexiglass door. You can also use this organizer to keep 19-inch rack-mount devices. Moreover, the cabinet is capable of withstanding up to 180-lbs of weight. This network server cabinet has the construction of premium-quality cold-rolled steel material. However, the organizer comes with a rail depth of 12-inch.

The pre-drilled screw holes at the base let you attach caster wheels. Hence, you can transport this rack smoothly from one space to another. The glass door helps you to have a glance at your equipment. This cabinet serves the purpose of your offices, studios, and residential purposes. Nevertheless, the glass door is shatterproof as well.

  • Holds plenty of standard equipment.
  • The glass door has a see-through texture.
  • Has a quick configuration for caster wheels.
  • Very few reviews available.

#1. Safstar Wall Mount Server Cabinets

1. Safstar Wall Mount Server Cabinet

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This wall-mounted server cabinet comes with cold-rolled steel material construction. You can also use this cabinet for storing 19-inch rack-mount equipment. Moreover, this cabinet serves as a wall-mounted or freestanding module. The 5.0mm thick tempered glass door panel offers a quick view of the equipment. Nevertheless, the lockable door keeps data devices safe from intruders.

The cabinet also lets you organize the data devices with ease. Furthermore, the removable side panels provide quick access to equipment. The venting slots and a ceiling fan keep the equipment cool. However, the top-open brackets make wire and cable organization and access quicker.

  • Includes detachable side panels.
  • Offers consistent operational heat rejection.
  • A ceiling-mounted fan and ventilation slots.
  • Ratings are low.

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Buying Guide for Server Cabinet


There are different types of server cabinets like an open frame, enclosed cabinet design, two-post design, and four-post design. Always see if it lets you use it conveniently and some will also allow you to make easy adjustments. You need to invest in the one that lets you have a hassle-free operation.


The one that allows you to use it for a long time will be a perfect buy. However, you need to see the overall strength as it can have welded or bolted construction. In addition to this, you need to consider the server cabinet load capacity.


The size is one of the most important factors that you will have to consider before buying a server cabinet. It comes in different sizes and you will have to see if it meets your needs. You will have to measure the internal dimension as well as the external dimension.


With proper ventilation, there will be exceptional performance. It helps to break up the hot spots so that there will be an appropriate temperature. For this, you will have to consider the number of fans and then make your purchase.


It can come with multiple shelves. Shelving can be of different types like telescoping shelves, fixed shelves, and modem shelves. Some can come with universal rails and allow you to customize the width and depth. Apart from this, you will find fixed and slide rails so that you can use it according to your requirements.


The server cabinets are necessary to keep number of servers in the most organized way. There are various types of server cabinets available and one has to purchase as per requirements. When it comes to buying, you should go through the buying guide for better clarity and you will be able to distinguish the best ones easily.

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