Top 10 Best Router Tables In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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A router table is a necessary for any workshop, and there are different materials of which the router tables are made of. You can mount your router on top of it, and you can place the wood boards as per your requirements to do the cutting job. There are too many router tables available online, some of which are quite cheap-quality. Therefore, our team has done an extensive research and spotted the top 10 best router tables for you. Here is the list of the top 10 best router tables below.

List of Top 10 Best Router Tables In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table – Adjustable Featherboards – Hardware for Mounting Routers

10. Bosch Cabinet Style Table - Adjustable Featherboards

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This cabinet-style router table comes along with a 6-feet long power cord. Equipped with a large fence also comes along with adjustable MDF faceplates. Therefore, this model offers a smoother and nearly quiet operation. The set includes mounting plate rings, aluminum mounting plate, adjustable feather boards, adjustable clear guard, and more.

The tall aluminum fence of this table also allows users to increase the cutting precision. Furthermore, the dust collection ports of this model offer hassle-free dust management. The feather boards easily attach the table and fence and provide protection against kickbacks. The mounting plate has pre-drilled holes to support simple installation against workbenches.

  • Can handle tall stock with ease.
  • Adjustable face plates for smoother operations.
  • Pre-drilled to fit variety of routers.
  • The adjustment is an issue.

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#9. Dremel Shaper/Router Table – Fits Tool Model: 4000, 400, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 200, 100, 8200

9. Dremel Shaper/Router Table - Fits Tool Model: 4000, 400, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 200, 100, 8200

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This router table comes along with the dimensions of 8X6-inch. The bench-top model also mostly works with the routers of the same brand. Moreover, the unit comes with an adjustable fence. You can use this table for both corded and cordless models. The table simply connects with most of the workbenches.

With the help of an adjustable fence, this model also matches the needs of different woodworking tasks. Furthermore, this table helps woodworkers to get perfect slotting, sanding, grooving, and trimming edges. The durable material construction makes this table extremely durable. You can use this model for different cutting patterns.

  • Features trim edges and adjustable fence.
  • Consist of a large work table.
  • Cordless rotary tools into a bench.
  • It is good only for small projects.

#8. Skil Router Tables RAS900 by SKILSAW

8. Skil Router Table RAS900 by SKILSAW

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This router table offers simple mounting. Therefore, you can also change the bits without any leveling. Moreover, the storage containers of this model help you to store and protect your accessories. With the help of a starter pin and guard, the table allows you to route curved edges with precision. This model has a pair of containers.

This power tool also comes along with a quick clamp system. Furthermore, the bit height gauge helps users to set up and develop the accurateness of the cutting. You can do precise routing with the help of two feather-boards. The quick-release mounting system helps you to attach and detach the routers with ease.

  • Comes with accessory storage containers.
  • Bit height gauge to simplify set-up.
  • Two feather boards for accurate routing
  • There is no negative point.

#7. Kreg Precision Router Table System – Table Fence w/ stand & Table Top

7. Kreg Precision Table System - Table Fence w/ stand & Table Top

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Derived from heavy-duty 12 and 16-gauge steel material, this router table helps users to use routers hands-freely. The measuring scale of this model also offers convenient and accurate indexing. Moreover, you can simply adjust the height of this table from 29 to 35-inch. This unit comes along with a miter gauge and a T-track.

The keyhole slot of this table also fits the quarter-turn fence lock. Furthermore, this model helps users to remove the fence with ease. So, they can hands-freely operate the routers. The fence of this table offers easy adjustability, and you can operate it by using your one hand.

  • Keyhole slot accepts quarter-turn fence look.
  • Equipped with a combination miter-gauge.
  • Locks firmly with dual locks.
  • There is no drawback as such.

#6. Bench Dog Tools Cast Iron Router Table – 40-102 ProMax Extension

6. Bench Dog Tools Cast Iron Router Table - 40-102 ProMax Extension

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This router table comes with the construction of high-quality material to extend the lifespan of the unit. The model also mostly works with the contractor-grade table saws. Moreover, you can effortlessly use this table for most of the right-tilt cabinet-grade table saws. With the help of 8.5 to 11-3/4-inch plate openings, this model works with a wide variety of routers.

This model also comes along with a router top, mounting hardware, and fence. Furthermore, this table is suitable for small shops. The unit works perfectly with the 27X1.5-inch thick cast iron tables. This table comes with a sturdy aluminum frame to keep the 28-inch pro-fence flat and square.

  • Fits all right-tilt cabinet-grade table saws.
  • Fits all contractor-grade table saws.
  • ProFence quickly dismounts and hangs.
  • There is no cons at all.

#5. Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table – Wood Working Craftsman Tool Benchtop

5. Goplus Electric Aluminum Table - Wood Working Craftsman Tool Benchtop

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Made from high-quality and commercial-grade aluminum material, this round table lasts for years. This electric model also includes extensions tables at both ends. Moreover, the sides of the extension tables of the rustproof unit are extendable up to 8X18-inch. This lightweight model consists of a miter gauge and a see-through protection cover.

This bench-top wood-working table also comes with a power switch 3-prong plug. Furthermore, the transparent guard of this unit simply catches dust while operating the router. So, you can work mess-freely almost everywhere. This router accessory mostly works with the routers with a base plate up to 6-inch.

  • Easy care, cleaning, and quick installation.
  • Rugged, durable frame and selected material.
  • Exact miter gauge and multifunctional.
  • The quality could have been better.

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#4. Trim Router Tables by Rockler

4. Trim Router Table by Rockler

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Compatible with compact routers, this router table allows you to work with confidence at any place. With the help of pre-drilled holes, the model also helps you to simply attach this to a table, bench, and on the plywood. Moreover, this table comes with the construction of a long-lasting vinyl-coated MDF board.

You can also effortlessly use this unit for routing chamfers, round over, and dadoes. Furthermore, this model lets you simply assemble and detach the router without any tool. You can use any standard router along with the ¼-inch thick acrylic base of this lightweight yet sturdy table to work hands-freely.

  • Rugged and adjustable trim router table.
  • Made of durable vinyl wrapped MDF.
  • Can attach a clamping strip for quick use.
  • It is slightly on the smaller side.

#3. XtremepowerUS Electric Router Table – Wood Working On/Off Swtich Craft DIY Benchtop

3. XtremepowerUS Electric Router Table - Wood Working On/Off Swtich Craft DIY Benchtop

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With the dimensions of 13X34-inch, this router table handles different levels of work pressures. From DIY to professional woodworks, this model also matches the skill levels of different people. Moreover, with the help of an inbuilt scale, the tool helps users to have easy and precise indexing. The grooved surface prevents chips and dust from escaping.

The model also includes a 2.5-inch dust collection port. Therefore, you can use your household vacuum clear for instant cleaning. Furthermore, the push-out pocket fence increases jointing capabilities. So, you can simply straighten the broad edges. This bench-top model includes an easy on-off switch for user’s convenience.

  • Built-in scale for accurate indexing.
  • Comes in lightweight yet strong.
  • Grooved surface keeps dust/chips away.
  • The precision is not crisp.

#2. Kobalt Fixed Corded Router Table

2. Kobalt Fixed Corded Router Table

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Powered by a 12-amp motor, this router table delivers smooth and precise cutting without any difficulty. With the help of a cast-aluminum base, this model also offers impact-resistant cutting every time. Moreover, the motor housing of this device effectively decreases the weight of this machine. So, users can simply use the table as per their convenience.

The motor housing also simply increases the lifespan of this equipment. Furthermore, equipped with a pre-drilled aluminum mounting plate, this model is suitable to use with different kinds of routers. This machine allows woodworkers to adjust the rough and micro-fine depth. So, they can smoothly and swiftly do the exact setups.

  • Table top made of casted aluminum.
  • Collet enables the use of ¼ inch bits
  • Corded router and table included.
  • There are few reviews available.

#1. Benchtop Router Tables by Chicago Electric Power Tools – 1-3/4 HP Router

1. Benchtop Router Table by Chicago Electric Power Tools - 1-3/4 HP Router

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This bench-top router table makes woodworking flexible for the DIY woodworkers. Equipped with a 1-3/4-horsepower motor, this unit also turns the tasks easier and lesser hectic. Moreover, the properly-balanced base of this unit extends the efficiency. You can even use this device with a wide variety of routers.

This equipment is also a perfect machine for hobbyists and beginners. Furthermore, this device allows users to easily adjust the depth as per their requirement. The convenient dust collector of this model keeps your workspace free of mess. This machine works with minimal operational noise. You can use this unit to work with materials with a maximum thickness of ½-inch.

  • Flexible design for versatile applications.
  • The base is highly stable for easy work.
  • Compatible with a variety of routers.
  • The reviews are discouraging.

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Buying Guide for Router Tables

Here is the list of the important points that you need to keep in mind before buy router tables.

Compatible Routers:

Many router tables come with the design to fit different types of routers, while some tables only make compatibility with the same brand routers. If you own a router, then it is better to look for a table by the same brand. However, if you are a professional woodworker and have to work with a lot of routers, then you must search for a router table that simply works with a wide variety of routers. Many manufacturers come up with different base plates for a single table.

Table Quality:

The high-quality router tables are always come with a moderate yet wise price range. Many models include washers that allow users to raise or lower the corners according to your needs. So, it is important to check the material construction of the table before purchasing it. Nevertheless, it is good to avoid looking for the warping tables.

Surface Quality:

The surface quality also plays a vital role while considering a router table. A surface with durable material can simply extend the lifespan of the devices. Most of the time, the tables come with the construction of metal or cast-iron material. However, the cast-iron surface offers more durability than the metal ones. But, the heavy cast-iron surfaces are hard to move from one place to another. You can also go for the aluminum ones, as they are light in weight and offers convenient transportability.  The plastic and wooden table surfaces are cheaper than the above-mentioned materials. But, if you go for the high-quality models, then the plastic and wood surfaces can be durable.

Miter Gauge:

Just like the fences, the miter gauges of these tables help users to maintain a perfect angle while cutting the bits. You can use this miter gauge to create perfect decorative pieces. It is better to search for a model that comes with a perfectly working miter gauge under the pressure of a working router.


There are a lot of factors you need to choose, and the requirements vary from one person to another. Therefore, at first, you should be clear about your requirements and needs and then go through the top 10 best router tables. That way, you can relate the features and specifications perfectly, and you can choose the best one to fulfill your requirements.

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