Top 10 Best Round Dining Tables

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We all know the phrase ‘kitchen is always the heart of every home’. Nonetheless, the rest of the party takes place in the dining room. Finding a round dining table gives your dining room a jovial and lavish outlook. So, here are 10 best round tables for furnishing your dining room.

Round tables are preferable for their elegance aw sell as their ability to fit in a small space. Choosing the right type of round table for your dining room can be difficult. But, the above lists are some of the best round tables you can consider having. If you are someone looking for a classy, contemporary round table, you can go for Gubi Dining Round Table. It just has plenty to offer.

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A List of 10 Best Round Dining Tables

1. Gubi Round Dining Table

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Gubi Round Dining Table is an organic table with aesthetic looks and designs. Accompanied by veneer chairs, this table leaves nothing but elegance. What’s more, due to its sleek and classic design, the table complements nearly all types of chairs. It is available in a variety of wood materials such as oak, black stained ash, marble top with wooden legs, and American walnut.

2. Haku Round Dining Table

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This is one of the best round dining tables with contemporary settings. The table is made with durable materials and in modest style. The table consists of a sleek dark glass at the top and timber legs which contain a contemporary brass finish. With the top diameter of 110cm, the table can comfortably host four people. This is, therefore, makes it perfect for a small living space.

3. East West Furniture Round Table

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For those who are looking for a traditional farmhouse pedestal table, East West furniture is the perfect option. This round dining table is crafted from rubber wood. Especially, it is available in many colors option. This not only makes the table durable but also makes it visually appealing. What’s more, the table’s sides can be folded down to save space if needed, or if you have few guests.

4. Leick Round Table

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This type of round table is usually perfect for small spaces. It is made from solid oak and oak veneer. Besides its versatility, the table also comes in different sizes. It has two leaf sides which fold perfectly for easy storage. Besides, its sides can also be raised to provide a continent range of seating options.

5. Nordic Round Extending Table

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The table is crafted from high-quality oak to bring the contemporary look. With its extendible, the table can be more useful for a larger family of about six members. The unusual structure of the table gives it’s a feeling of lightness and sculptural interests. Arguably, this is one of the best round tables for a modern dining room.

6. Rivet Molly Round Marble Table

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If you are looking for a roundtable with a substantial aspect of design, appeal, and vitality, this table has it all. The table contains a top frame made of metallic rings which overlap over each other to bring out its graphic design. The tabletop is free from sharp edges to make it easier to clean. The table comes with a variety of finishes at the top such as wood, ceramic, marble or glass.

7. Metal Cage Round Table

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The table is crafted using modern Scandinavian design, making it one of the most appealing round tables. Besides, it has contrasting colors with a contemporary feel and plenty of personalities.With a diameter of 110 cm and a height of 74 cm, the table is wide and big enough to accommodate about six people comfortably. Crafted with ash wood, this table is not only easy to clean but also to maintain.

8. Elysium LED round dining table

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This table boasts of elegance and modern centerpiece. The top is always pampered with a tempered glass that has an inbuilt LED lights that provides a glorious glow. Besides, the table is wide enough to accommodate four adults in one sitting fully. On top of this, the table has a neutral chrome bass which further emphasizes on its modern design.

9. Forest Green Dining table

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This is another excellent round table that is popular not only for its sleek design but also for its durability. The top of the table is fitted with tempered glass with a smooth round edge to bring its elegant taste. Further, the table is supported with four beech wood legs and embedded steel wire for maximum stability. It can comfortably host 4 to 6 chairs.

10. Winsome Spectrum Dining Table

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Winsome Spectrum Tables are unique round dining table with chrome color leg and other contemporary designs. The legs are also made of metals to provide further stability. Moreover, the top is made from a durable and adorable MDF fiberboard. What’s more, the table’s top surface is usually smooth and easy to clean. This makes it one of the best round dining tables in the contemporary world.

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