Top 10 Best Reclining Office Chairs in 2022

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Sitting in front of your computer on your desk all day is very challenging. Most importantly, it can give rise to a number of health complications. Several people with a desk job suffer from back, spinal cord and lower back problems. The thing that contributes most to these complications is the chair you seat in. Normal chairs are very discomforting.

Also, they are responsible for several health complications. Thus, the recliner chairs! The recliner office chairs can recline to a great degree and you can also adjust their height. Plus, they use high-quality material in their construction. As a result, they are very comfortable to seat in. Interested in buying one? Have a look at our list below to choose the best recliner chair.

The Best Reclining Office Chairs to Buy in 2022

10. Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Herman Miller Reclining Office Chairs

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Every day you need to conduct a long day in the office, sitting down in front of the computer. This is a very hectic ordeal. Further, it puts a lot of strain on your body, especially your back and hips. To ease you under such predicament Herman Miller is altering the classic Aeron design to craft the all-new Aeron Task Chair.

It is very similar to the previous models but a lot of technology and innovation is making it very comfortable. Moreover, it is featuring an 8Z Pellicle seat with elastomeric suspension. Hence, it can easily take up the shape of your body in any position that you sit in.

Key Features:

  • This wonderful and highly comfortable chair uses recycling materials.
  • The chair comes in 3 different sizes namely A, B and C to accommodate all types of people in the world.
  • The chair is available in classy-looking black colour with a sleek design.

9. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller

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An office chair should be such that makes your work easier and not very difficult. The Herman Miller Embody series promises to provide the comfort you as you sit down for painstaking computer work. It features 6 ergonomic functions and always keeps your back at ease.

The recline is capable of diminishing compression in the spine. This, in turn, reduces the loss of fluid from the discs. This chair also features a fabric which is very much similar to your skin. And thus helps to regulate the body temperature, keeping it normal, as you sit on your back throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • It is very much eco-friendly. Plus, it uses completely renewable energy in its production.
  • The body of the chair has quality materials, 95% of which is easily recyclable.
  • The Herman Miller 12 year warranty backs this chair taking care of any problem that comes.

8. B2C2B Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair

B2C2B Reclining Office Chairs

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When you get a new office chair your first and most important concern is the degree of comfort it can provide you. When you bring the B2C2B Office Chair to your office, you bring the ideal partner for comfort. This chair features a very comfortable cushion with an excellent headrest and great armrests.

The moving chair comes with castors that offer a full 360⁰ swivel. Further, it can move about freely without making any noise. It uses easily breathable fabric. Hence, it helps in maintaining a normal temperature throughout the day, thus preventing back sores.

Key Features:

  • The comfy and innovative office chair is laden with a 4.33-inches thick cushion that easily takes up the shape of your body.
  • Recline function ranges from 90⁰ all the way up to 135⁰. So, you can fix it anywhere in that range.
  • It has the capability of bearing loads of up to 300 lbs.

7. HABDA Ergonomic Office Chair


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When you get a chair it should fulfil two criterions- firstly it has to be comfortable for you. The second thing is that the chair has to be strong and sturdy. The HABDA Ergonomic Chair has a strong steel frame that is quite resilient. The wheels of this chair work noiselessly. There will not be a single squeak as you roll about throughout the day.

The chair comes with features so as to give you variety in height, angle of tilt, lifting and locking mechanisms to reach the most comfortable position. It also has a footrest to allow you to relax in between working. It certainly has a soft foam cushion and you will never have to compromise on relaxation.

Key Features:

  • It offers an ergonomic black mesh design. Hence, it ensures that good airflow is always present.
  • The chair covers a perfect dimension and has an amazing comfortable backrest.
  • The sturdy construction of this chair can sustain a maximum of 250 lbs.

6. HABDA Reclining Office Desk Chair

Hbada Reclining Office Chairs

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A chair of dreams, the HABDA Reclining office Desk Chair is efficient for your work as well as rests in between. With a comfortable backrest, adjustable headrest, and an amazing footrest, this chair is te supreme embodiment of productivity. The office chair features a 24” x 24” seating area giving you plenty of room to make yourself cosy.

Its sturdy frame is capable of withstanding up to 300 lbs of weight. The backrest is like a mesh giving it a breathable property. This adds on to the comfort of the chair as it maintains steady airflow. Hence, it keeps your back cool and sweats free at all times.

Key Features:

  • Environmental green foam technology for seats and PU hand rest makes the fabric of this chair very durable.
  • This chair features an amazing range of reclining angles between 90⁰ and 150⁰. Thus you can work efficiently and rest comfortably.

5. Smugdesk Office Chair


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You may be someone who likes to spend all day gaming. Or maybe, you are very much into your work and the only thing stopping you is the uncomfortable chair in your office. With the Smugdesk Office Chair, you can comfortably play games or work in peace all day. The chair has high-quality leather lining and features reclining functions.

It can rotate a full 360⁰ without any problem or difficulty. As a matter of fact, the chair also has provisions for pneumatic controls that allow you to alter the height of the chair. The control handle also allows you to tilt the chair to and fro. So, adjust it to the most comfortable position for you.

Key Features:

  • Get a chair that has a 12 month warranty period by buying the Smugdesk Office Chair.
  • The chair offers a robust frame and can support up to a maximum load of 300 lbs.
  • Its five-star chrome base along with the nylon castors make for a strong base and noiseless motion.

4. RESPAWN 110 Racing Chair

RESPAWN Reclining Office Chairs

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Maybe you are a gamer or a workaholic, but there is something in common to either of you. You have to sit back on a chair all day long to work your way through all those hard levels. The RESPAWN 110 has a styling racing chair design. The stylish chair has it all- adjustable headrest, cosy armrests, and even a considerable footrest.

It also comes with small cushiony pads put up in such a way that it always matches the contours of the body. Offering as many as 40 adjustable settings, it also has soft armrests for extreme comfort. Finally, it is just perfect for every gamer!

Key Features:

  • It has tilt tension adjustment facilities allowing you a smooth time.
  • The capacity of this chair is to support a maximum of 275 lbs.
  • The chair cushions use bonded leather available in contrasting shades aiming to give it a sporty look.

3.    AmazonBasics High Back Office Chair


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AmazonBasics High Back Office Chair is a lovely inclusion for your office. Its attractive looks are secondary to the joy and comfort of using this chair. Firstly, the seat has segmented cushions padded in such a way that it matches your body shape.

The seat is adjusted in terms of height and angle of inclination. Next, it can also make a full 360⁰ swivel effortlessly and noiselessly. The seating area is a tremendous 29.13-inches by 25.59-inches. And the height of this chair is adjustable within the range of 41.34-inches to 45.08-inches from the ground.

Key Features:

  • Bonded black leather and durable PVC were used in making the upholstery for this chair.
  • The chairs rest on a 5 pointed chrome base with smooth castors giving you stability and motion in one fluid system.
  • The ergonomic chair can support a load of up to 275 pounds without failing.

2. Flash Furniture Ergonomic Chair

Flash Furniture Reclining Office Chairs

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Sitting on a chair is tedious and highly uncomfortable. To curb your daylong discomfort Flash Furniture has come up with a brilliant ergonomic chair. It is designed simply and has a lot of great functions. The seat of the chair is padded in such a way that it maximizes the ergonomic capacity.

This is tilted to a wide variety of comfortable positions and can be locked anywhere you want. Finally, the seat’s height is adjustable to always allow you to reach the keyboard or desk in the correct posture.

Key Features:

  • The backrest has a transparent mesh design that makes airflow a breeze. This keeps your back cool at all times and keeps the sweat away.
  • It’s seat is layered with a 3-inches thick foam mattress.
  • The seat is of CA 117 fire retardant foam that is durable and does not easily catch fire.

1.BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair


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A chair that is padded in just the right way is very significant to daily office workers. Segmented cushion design is nothing new but BestOffice has mastered the art of making such cushions. The Ergonomic Office Chair is always going to support your back tirelessly and give you ample seating area.

The sleek design is layered with a PU leatherette fabric giving this chair a classy look. Adjustable height and headrest make it a great choice. Finally, the padded armrests add to the already great design.

Key Features:

  • The seating area on this chair measures 20-inches x 20-inches allowing anybody to sit upon it.
  • This chair boasts of an immense backrest with dimension 20-inches x 28-inches to give you ample lumbar support.
  • It is a robust construction that can easily hold up to 250 lbs of weight.

Even the tireless office hours will now be comfortable. The adjustable reclining office chair will help you to work in the best relaxing way.

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