Best Rabbit Houses in 2022

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Pets are adorable but where do you put them when they are not normal household pets? In one of the top 13 best rabbit houses in 2022 that is where. These rabbit houses work well and they keep your pet rabbits safe from predators.

Plus, they look decorative in your back yard. Made from top construction materials, these rabbit houses should last you a long time. With a variety of entries, you can choose where to feed your pet rabbits.

Having one of the best rabbit houses working with you, your rabbits should remain healthy and be with you for years.

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13. Rhomtree Large Wood Rabbit House

13.Rhomtree Large Wood Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop Rabbit Bunny Outdoor Garden Backyard Hen House Small Animal Cage Pet House

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Made from fir this little rabbit house can hold many different rabbits. The wood is painted with non-toxic paint and protects the wood from the elements. The two-tone color scheme adds a bit of decoration to your backyard.

On top of that, the elevated house goes up a few inches to guard against any flooding that may happen. Then 4 doors open up into 2 rooms/ That gives you plenty of feeding options as well as easy access to your rabbits.

Removable trays are under each floor to make cleaning up a breeze. With an inside ladder, your rabbits can get some exercise and move out of danger. In addition, 3 doors have wire mesh to make sure there is plenty of airflow throughout the house.

12. Yoshioe Rabbit House

12.Yoshioe 36 2 Tiers Rabbit Bunny Dog Wooden Pet Hutch House with Waterproof Spacious Inner Room

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One of the first things you see when you look at this rabbit house is the nice ladder. This ladder makes sure your pets have access to both floors with ease. It is also made with traction surfaces to keep your pets from slipping as they use the ladder.

Also, the asphalt composite roof keeps the water away. It is a tough roof that can handle hard rains without complaint. Then the slide-out plastic tray lets you empty the mess without getting your hands dirty. It cleans up easy and fast.

Heavy-gauge wire on the 3 doors and 2 sides keep all other animals away from your quiet p[ts. A wood door gives you access to their sleeping quarters. This rabbit house is built solid and should endure all seasons with ease.

11. Pets Imperial Dorchester Rabbit HOuse

11.Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry Nest Box Ark Rabbit Hutch Run

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Go all out and really show your rabbits that you love them when you erect this large rabbit house in your back yard. Built with wood and wire, you get a large 6’ 8” by 2’ 7” by 3’ 4” secure place to raise your rabbits. A wood storage box is on the back to keep all your food and other rabbit supplies close at hand.

In addition, the tongue n groove wood is treated to make sure it lasts you many years. Plus, you get one access door that is tall enough for most people to enter. There is one galvanized metal tray that is easy to clean underneath their indoor living area.

It will take you a while to assemble this rabbit house but it is worth it when the job is done.

10. Kinbor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Hutch

10.Kinbor Outdoor 60 Wooden Bunny Hutch Hen Duck Coop Large House Removable Tray & Ramp & Run Area

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Give your rabbits first-class treatment by assembling this rabbit house at your home. Its two levels give your pet lots of room to roam and play. Both floors have an easy to remove tray that doesn’t take much to get clean again.

After you have assembled this rabbit house, the wire mesh keeps other animals out while letting the air in. Then a composite roof keeps the water, rain, and snow away. It works on your home’s roof it will work on this one.

Once you have your rabbits I side the easy to use ladder lets them scamper upstairs. 3 access doors make sure your ability to get to your pets is not impeded. Also, the trays stop any burrowing keeping your pets inside where they belong.

9. Good Life Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch

9.Good Life Two Floors 62 Wooden Outdoor Indoor Roof Waterproof Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage Guinea Pig Coop PET

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This little 62-inch rabbit house can be used indoors and out. If you do not think your rabbits will be safe, then move everything inside. If you put it outside you have a tough composite roof protecting your pets from the elements.

The wood-framed upstairs also adds a level of protection and security. 3 access doors make feeding your rabbits nice and simple and with the 3 waste trays clean up is just as easy. The wire is strong enough to bar any outside animals from trying to get inside.

An easy to use ladder connects the two floors providing your rabbits with lots of options as they enjoy their comfortable surroundings. Your pets should be safe and healthy inside as the floor is elevated to protect against a little heavy water.

8. CO-Z Topnotch Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit House

8.CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Cat Shelter Guinea Pig House

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Rubber feet on this rabbit house keep the wood legs from rotting out due to damp ground and bugs. Also, the floor of this house is elevated a little to protect your rabbits from any flooding that may happen.

In addition to that, the house assembles easily as long as you follow the included instructions. A pull-down door turns into a ladder for easier entry and exit and you would have to add your own wire mesh to keep your pets from escaping.

For easy access, the 20 by 16 1/2 inch roof lifts up. It is hinged so you can get into your rabbits and feed them using one hand. Inside is a single room that should be large enough for at least 2 furry friends.

7. Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages

7.Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages,Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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Decorate your rabbit house with a few flowers. The upstairs balcony holds a few potted plants to spruce the place up. The wood construction materials are painted to make sure this rabbit house does not ruin your home’s value.

3 doors provide all the access you need and the wood trays keep the area safe from bacteria and germs. Just make sure to clean them regularly. Rubber feet on the wood ends to protect the wood from the elements and wood-eating creatures.

With the composite roof, your rabbits should be safe from the weather including the heat and UV rays. A hinged roof also provides lots of access to your rabbits when you need more room to maneuver. When not around you can lock all the doors so nothing gets to your cherished pets.

6. PawHut Outdoor Triangular Rabbit Houses

6.PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House with Run

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For people who like simple things and not too extravagant. This wood rabbit house goes together fast and provides a nice shelter from nature for your pets. It is not a large house, measuring about 45 by 24 by 21 inches in size. But it is big enough t house a few of our rabbits without crowding them.

The strong wire offers your pets good protection while letting them get the benefits of nature and the good weather. 2 access doors make cleaning and feeding simple to do. Everything about this rabbit house is simple.

Then the small size makes this rabbit house easy to relocate. You should be able to use it indoors as well. It’s a nice starter rabbit house for those just beginning their rabbit keeping time.

5. Merax Rabbit Houses

5.Merax Rabbit Hutch,48 Outdoor Bunny House Cage 2 Story Pet House Chicken Coop with Removable Tray & Run Rabbit Cage Guinea Pig House

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Show your rabbits that you care by assembling this top of the line rabbit house just for them. With its 48 by 25 by 36-inch dimensions, your rabbits can have a lot of playing room when they are not sleeping.

The elevated second floor provides your rabbits with a safe place to sleep and the ladder is not too steep for them to climb up in a hurry. A slide-out tray ensures your rabbits have a healthy environment to live in.

Dual locks on the main access doors provide enough security for your pets. There is no way they can escape. A small wood access door lets you reach your pets when you need to take them to the vets. It is a solid rabbit house with plenty of ventilation.

4. Aivituvin Rabbit Houses

4.Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor Bunny Hutch with Run Outdoor Rabbit House with Two Deeper No Leak Trays - 4 Casters Include

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Castor wheels are the unique feature of this rabbit house. If one location is not safe, just roll it to another. Then the two ramps let your rabbits enter and exit their abodes without straining themselves.

The strong wire and wood rabbit house is safe and secure for a few of your rabbit friends. On the lower floor, they have over 5 feet of space making sure they get the exercise they need. Space is a good thing

The upper floor has about 3 feet of the room making it a little more cozy for your pets. Removable trays keep the mess to a minimum. Everything about this rabbit housework together to make sure your pets stay with you and have a comfortable home for a long time.

3. SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Houses

3.SmithBuilt 48 Rabbit Hutch - Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

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This nice looking wood rabbit house says, class. It is simple in design but it is also very classy. Its sloping wood ramp gives your pet rabbits a great way to go between floors. It is a safe easy to scale ramp that has lots of traction.

On top of that, the composite roof makes sure your rabbits stay nice and dry. It holds off the elements for many years and works with the wood siding to keep your pets nice and warm.

3 access doors make sure you can get to your rabbits fast when there is an emergency. The strong wire keeps predators away allowing your rabbits to live in peace. A slide-out tray handles the cleanup chore. All you have to do is pull it out and empty it.

2. Kennel-Aire “A Frame Rabbit Houses

2.Kennel-Aire A Frame Bunny House

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Not every rabbit house has to be elaborate. These simple yet effective rabbit households small rabbits with ease. It has full access through the roof and smaller access doors for your pet to g through when they want to go outside.

The castor wheels let you relocate your pet from inside to the outside when the weather is nice and back in when the weather turns a little nasty. A plastic waste tray can be removed and cleaned with ease.

When you want a nice secure safe temporary place to house your rabbits, this is the rabbit house to use. It is a great transitional house that solves immediate problems. Plus it can help you separate rabbits when you do not want them to breed.

1. Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

1.Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch Farmhouse Red

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The wire is sturdy and strong. Predators should not be able to enter at any time even when you are not around. Then the solid wood frame holds that wire in place making sure your rabbits are thoroughly secured.

With 2 floors, your pets have lots of room to explore and run around. Then the composite roof and wood siding provides a warm location for them to sleep. Measuring 48 by 25 by 36 inches in size there is plenty of room for a rabbit family

Also, you have a removable tray to collect the waste. This tray should keep the rabbit house nice and clean. After it is washed and cleaned, germs and bacteria should not be a problem. Some assembly is required and in a few hours, your rabbits will have a good home.


Rabbits are quiet, peaceful calming pets. They also do not ask for much. A little food, shelter, and protection You can give your pet rabbits all of those things with one of the top 13 best rabbit houses in 2022.

These rabbit houses are easy to assemble, have great roofs for the most part and strong wire to make sure no predators attack. You can’t do better than these top rabbit houses. When you want to raise rabbits, these are the top homes you should turn to to make sure your effort goes well.


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