10 Best Post Hole Diggers 2022

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Excavating the mud for some purposeful reason is quite tedious and an unpleasant job.  That too, if you need to dig holes for a really good reason, be it for fencing or to put up a mailbox or maybe to plant a nice tree, you cannot avoid doing this messy job.  Nothing to worry about, there are some Best Post Hole Diggers designed to simplify the efforts and help dig holes for the needful purpose.  It can be anything in-house chores or fixing fences around the homes, over the weekends, or might be that you are into this field as a professional, you surely should make your job less cumbersome and manage to finish the task quickly.  This hole digger will definitely be an assistant by your side.

There are the ones with the manual mode of operation and also automatic ones, our list of the best pole hole diggers will clear your confusions in regards to your exact requirement and allow you to pick the best ones available in the market.  We have studied and researched enough earth-piercing tools and are here with the top 10 list of post-hole diggers that are not only effective but also provide durability, ease, and convenience to operate.

10 Best Post Hole Diggers-Reviews

Here are our top picks of the 10 best post hole diggers which we proudly endorse for you.

10. Dirty Hand Tools Post Hole Digger

Dirty Hand Tools Post Hole Diggers

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Though last in the list, a good combination of speed and dexterity.  The Dirty Hand Tools 10062, Model 90 is a post hole digger with a three-point hitch.  This tool makes your work easy with its speed.  From your tractor seat itself, you can ensure speedy digging and make faster post holes in an accommodating time.  The heavy-duty gearbox and the driveline along with the quick-connect yoke to get fixed into the standard 6 spines PTO, is advantageous.  The spiral drilling part can be replaced and the driveline is also equipped with inbuilt safety shields, gearbox U-join, and the gearbox output shaft.  The gear-box has a good 3-year warranty, also the boom auger along with the A-frame.  The driveline carries a 1-year warranty too.

9. Titan Attachments Post hole Digger

Titan Attachments

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The Titan 60 HP steel post digger is a pre-eminent selection while looking out for a manual digger with ultra-strength.  The robust steel tubing frame material measuring 27/8” has been designed specially to provide stability and rigor.  It can work in compliance with up to 60HP tractors.  This posthole digger very well can be combined with the subsisting 3 point joint and PTO of the tractor.  To drill into hard ground or soil or in a huge property, the Titan Posthole digger will prove worthy due to its ruggedness.  There is a descriptive safety and instruction booklet provided.  The augers are of different sizes 6”, 9” and 12” (Please note: they are sold separately).  Also for your information, the 12” auger can dig the ground up to 24” to affix tall posts.

8. ECO LLC Post Hole digger

ECO LLC Post Hole Diggers

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ECO LLC is a gas-powered hole digger.  This auger comes with 2 handles to be used either single-handedly or by 2 persons at a time.  You can drill the ground for multiple purposes like fixing fence posts, planting of trees, or poles/bars for any other purpose.  The equipment contains two drill bits.  The auger bits are of sizes – 6 inches and 10 inches, to enable digging 2 different sized holes at a time, without much struggle.  The assembling is easy as well as it’s ready to go once assembled.  It has a 52cc 2.5 HP gasoline engine.  The provision of 2 handles provides good balance while digging.

7. XtremepowerUS Stores Post Hole Digger


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This company is a fairly new manufacturer of electric post hole diggers. Nevertheless, one cannot doubt its quality or the capacity and other features of the digger. The product model, the working mechanisms are very easy to understand, and also it isn’t much heavy.  The 10.9Amp diameter drill can dig up to 4” depth, If you need the digger for gardening or for ice fishing, the COLIBROX would be the perfect hole digger.  It can run up to 1200W revolutions per minute with a power supply of 110V 60Hz.  The excellent shield that this product feature is the money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the machine, you can very well have your full money back.

6. MXBAOHENG Post Hole Digger

MXBAOHENG Post Hole Diggers

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MXBAOHENG highly claims the use of best quality products that are well researched, guaranteed, and also the engagement of expertise professional minds,  for manufacturing these Electric diggers so as to provide longer life. With utmost care in structuring combined with the latest design model, the contraptions are very efficient and boast of being one of the best in the present industry standards.  The drilling revolutionary motor speed is 200 rotations per minute, which results in faster and deeper digging.  The trivial weight allows a simpler start and is an easily usable machine. The main arena where it works well is gardening, building decks, installing fence posts, and similar. It promises strength, longevity, and competence.  The latest design features smooth lawn diggings, gardening, digging in the outdoor space.

5. GoPlus Post Hole Digger


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GoPlus is an electric 1200W 1.6HP Post Hole Digger.  This has a very easy and simple mechanism with a durable motor making it absolutely a superb machine for building decks, constructing fence posts, gardening, and many other drills.  It can be done by a solo person and is very simple, to begin with.  The power supply is 110V 60Hz and can rotate up to 200 rounds per minute.  The auger speed is very fast and effective as well.  It provides the required ruggedness to the motor and the force needed for screwing holes in the hard ground, be it the backyards, lawns, verandah with the best power of 90ft-lb.  The auger bit is of 4” (diameter), size 31-½” long.

4. Landworks Earth Auger

Landworks Post Hole Diggers

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Here comes the super wonderful cordless earth auger, on par with the ecological requirements.  The company gives you a good 3 years warranty.  Landworks Heavy Duty Electric cordless auger guarantees durability.  It consists of a 6” x 30” steel earth auger and Power Head with a Lithium-Ion battery.  It is termed eco-friendly as it does not give out smog or make a loud noise while in action.  There are absolutely no ill-effects during or after the operations. To protect overheating on the powerhead while tilling, the machine is incorporated with an overload protector. The handles are placed adequately distanced to ensure sufficient hold and balance while drilling.  To maintain the efficacy, this equipment has a planetary gear mechanism for higher output. It is built with a brushless motor, which makes the tilling methodical.  The machinery comes with a 2Amp Hour Lithium-ion Battery and a charger. One more option available is a 4 Amp Hour battery, which can be bought separately.  It just weighs 22lbs, which is minuscule to the general expectation, hence there is the ease in carrying and working with it.

3. ARKSEN Post Hole Digger


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This electric post hole digger comes with a power supply voltage of 110V 60Hz, performs excellently well with versatility.  It is suitable for building decks and fence posts, gardening, and many more drills.  It rotates to a maximum of 200 RPM to dig in faster and smoothly.  For effective and methodical drilling, the motor speed of 1200W enables 200 RPM.  It is a light product and easily starts its process with a 4 in 1 drill designed for the maximum drill output.  This ARKSEN equipment pierces through the ground easily.  It is 31 ½” long, with a 4” (diameter) auger bit and a speed of 200RPM.  The maximum force stands at 90 ft-lb.

2.  Southland Post Hole Digger

Southland Post Hole Diggers

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Southland SEA 438 is a gas-powered hole auger and has come up with equipment made of cast metal components. The butterfly handles, operational by either one or two people give good hold and ease in operation with firm grips to handle heavy vibration while drilling the ground.  The auger is about 8 inches and the maximum depth it can go up to is 2.5 feet below.  It is reasonably priced in comparison with the other brands in the market. The 43cc engine gives an easy start to the machine.  This engine is manufactured by MAT Engine Technologies.  The owner’s manual is provided, which explains the assembling and start the procedure.  The digger is easy to start as well, hence absolutely no hassles.

1. Hiltex Earth Auger


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If your need is a mighty, optimum performing hole digger, please look at Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger.  It’s a 1200W, 11 Amps machine with a 1.6HP powerful, high operational motor.  It confers 90 ft-lb torque with 200RPM speed.  It is an exemplary hole digger suited for activities like planting shrubs and trees, building decks, fence posts, and many more drilling works. The product has given safety the top priority.  To prevent any sort of power trip when the machine is not being used, it is built-in with the safety lock to keep the trigger in check when the switch is not likely to be put on.  It can be handheld very comfortably as it comes with a unique anti-vibration handle to grip which gives additional trust and willingness to use the machine with utmost leverage by a single person.


In the final analysis, your choice of owning a hole digger depends on how often you would need it, how big the drills would be, and how many holes you need to dig.  Depending on the above factors like the recurrence, measurements, and the number of augers, choose an ideal one from our top list of 10 post hole diggers.  The features are given in detail to make the selection easier.

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