Top 10 Best Portable Photo Printer Reviews

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There’re many models of photo printers, but most of them are huge, and you cannot bring them along on your trip. The one with a miniature size is really trendy nowadays. That’s why, with all the soaring demand, here is the list of the best portable photo printer we recommended you should get to print out your favorite shots.

List of the Best Portable Photo Printer

10. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer

10. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer   Get it now on This mint pocket printer of Polaroid has a portable size of the phone which you can easily bring along anywhere inside your pocket. It’s a wireless product connected with Bluetooth from your phone to transfer the file you want to print by downloading the polaroid app.

Furthermore, there’s no need for you to bother yourself with the printer ink or paper at all as Polaroid had used a zero ink technology or ZINK which required no printing supplies as the normal one.

There are several packs of 20, 30, or 50 sheets you can choose from. The setting is not complicated for any user. Each printing photo has a sticky back so you can peel it off and stick on your diary or anything you want. The battery is enough for 50 printing.

9. Polaroid 13MP Portable Instant Print Digital Photo Camera

9. Polaroid 13MP Portable Instant Print Digital Photo Camera   Get it now on Another version of the photo printer from Polaroid is SNAP Touch 2.0. This super fantastic model has 2 in 1, refers to both camera and printer in one device. There are many displays and settings for editing after taking photos. After that, just press a bottom and you’ll get your favorite shot print out in size 2×3. But you can also save it inside the card slot of the camera and print them later. Moreover, you could scan out the photo from your phone by simply connecting Bluetooth to the device.

Another advantage of choosing this version of polaroid is that it can be connected to your social media which easily just posts directly. The ZINK paper is really unique and helps you save costs on ink and other tools. Does it seem convenient? That’s why this is a product you should consider getting.

8. Sprocket Portable Photo Printer by HP

8. Sprocket Portable Photo Printer by HP   Get it now on This portable printer of HP has great functions you should check out and there’s no need to worry about bringing along as it’s enough to fit inside your pocket. This printer can connect to any device that is possible with a Bluetooth connection either Android or IOS. It’s not just to print only photos from your gallery but also any photo from online as well since this Sprocket of HP can link with your social media.

When you use the HP app along with the printer, it will be easier since you can edit or customize your personal pictures before printing with their HP ZINK 2×3 inches paper that can be used as a sticker. You also can scan in the printed photo. If there’s a problem or it comes as a malfunction, there’s a 1-year warranty provided when you purchase.

7. Wireless Compact Photo Printer by Canon

7. Wireless Compact Photo Printer by Canon   Get it now on This photo printer from Canon will produce satisfying photos, yet high in quality with the natural color which looks exactly the same as the one you take. The wireless part makes it less troubling for the user by connecting via Bluetooth or you can use a USB or camera card to the plugin for transferring files. On top of the machine, there’s a screen display picture that you choose and edit before proceeding with the printing. The application for using the printer is and the steps are clear with an explanation.

As there are many sizes of the photo you could print with this machine such as a postcard, card, or even square label. It’s not big and lightweight, so even if you bring it along all day long, you won’t get tired. Several devices also could connect at the same time and putting the picture together before printing;

6. Kodak Wi-Fi Portable Instant Photo Printer

6. Kodak Wi-Fi Portable Instant Photo Printer   Get it now on For the Kodak’s dock printer, there’s not much trouble each time you want to print 4×6 inches. There’s a dock for USB and micro USB cable for Android users or for connection to iPad, camera, and any other smart device which has no need for Bluetooth; only a few minutes, you’ll get your beloved photo out. For IOS users, there’s also an adapter giving.

The most unique part here is that you can charge your phone with this printer, the power can withstand around 2 devices. The quality of printed photos with sticky back is high and durable with any wet conditions and the color won’t fade away.

5. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer by Polaroid

5. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer by Polaroid   Get it now on With this Polaroid ZIP, you’re ready for creating more memories on your trip. The size is small for you to bring along anywhere. It’s easy to use and takes less time to print out the size of 2×3. By converting the file into a real photo using ZINK that requires no ink, you can customize it into anything you want with the sticker-like on the back, the waterproof part and it won’t tear easily.

After purchasing the machine you’ll get to download a polaroid application for free which concludes many useful and awesome options for editing your photo if you’re the DIY person. The long-lasting battery life can print up to 25 per single charge, enough for any activities or events.

4. Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (2nd Edition) by HP

4. Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (2nd Edition) by HP   Get it now on HP has released the 2nd edition of Sprocket. If you have used the older version, you must already know about its quality. For this new model, it won’t lower your expectation at all as there’s even more function for the usage. This time you can enjoy the fun in editing photos with your friend as several devices can connect to the photo printer at the same time and a notice light showing whose device is currently printing.

The strong connection is useful since it’s always ready whenever you want to print it, and it won’t lower your battery life when you left it there the whole time. There is also a warranty of one year for purchasing the product.

3. Mini Link Smartphone Printer by Fujifilm

3. Mini Link Smartphone Printer by Fujifilm   Get it now on You will absolutely love this portable printer from Fujifilm. There’s a motion control when you move it around. By turning it horizontally, it will automatically switch from printing mode to fun mode for more advanced options for editing the photo. The printing process is even more satisfying, all you have to do is swipe up the photo you want and it will print straight away within 12 seconds; it works the same for video.

You don’t need to screenshot it, just swipe the part you want up and it comes out that instant. Furthermore, you also can repeatedly print the same photo by pressing the button on the machine. You and your friend can jointly combine the file and print it together at the same time.

2. Mini 2 HD Wireless Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer by Kodak

2. Mini 2 HD Wireless Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer by Kodak   Get it now on This Kodak instant printer can produce your digital photo into a lovely one by simply pressing the printing button. There are 5 steps before the finished product comes out but you would be satisfied with the result and it’s dry immediately. It’s available for all smart devices both Android and IOS, and you won’t need any micro USB to connect because it can transfer easily via Bluetooth.

The quality of printed photos will last for a foreseeable future. If you download the app from Kodak, you’ll get to experience many new things and unimaginable tools you never saw before.

1. Mobile Mini Photo Printer through Bluetooth by Canon

1. Mobile Mini Photo Printer through Bluetooth by Canon   Get it now on Canon IVY has a portable size of an adult palm which is easy for users to bring along. You could use a photo from either your phone gallery or social media account to print by connecting the Bluetooth first. This IVY uses ZINK paper which is very durable and lasts for a long time.

You could customize your picture through the Canon app that can be installed for free and includes the tools you’ll be needed for editing. The sticky back of the photo, you can stick any place right away after printing. 10 sheets already included when you buy the IVY.

Buying guide

Printing tools:

Normally, we need ink and paper for printing but it’s troublesome and hard to bring as long as there might be an accident that the ink spills. A printer using Zink paper is the best choice.

Printing speed and size:

This is an important point when buying. If it’s too big or heavy, you can’t carry it with you all the time. The same goes for speed. If it takes 5mn or more per sheet, it’s annoying and you shouldn’t buy that.


Getting the brand product could guarantee the quality that will meet your demand, so the suggestion here you should buy a well-known product. Plus, they tend to give you a warranty.


To sum up, most people like taking selfies or photos when they’re on a trip to some beautiful place for the vacation. They think that it’s necessary for them to capture the scenery and create something out of it, that’s why a photo printer is needed.

So, you should take into consideration any possible flows that might be inconvenient later on before purchasing the printer. As listed above, these picks are the best portable photo printers we highly recommend

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