Top 10 Best Picnic Backpacks in 2022

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Going on a picnic with your loved and dear ones is always fun. It allows you to spend quality time with the people in exotic locations. Nevertheless, if you are going on a picnic then you need to carry food and drinks with you to maximize the fun. And for that, you will definitely proper picnic backpacks. Carrying your food, drinks and other necessities without a proper backpack can create problems. The food can turn bad. Also, carrying all the items can become a huge problem.

Well, the backpacks provide all the solutions to your problems. They have excellent construction and are easy to carry too. However, you need to check on the space inside in order to meet the requirements. So, here are our top picks of picnic backpacks on Amazon and you are surely in luck.

List of Best Picnic Backpacks Review

10. VonShef Large Picnic Backpack

VonShef Picnic Backpacks

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Perfect for four people, this picnic backpack is what you need to have a great time with your friends. This backpack from VonShef is very stylish. The bag makes use of canvas material with green khaki color in its construction along with faux leather. Therefore, it does not make you fashionable but also ensures you about extraordinary service.

Interestingly, the bag also comes with a picnic blanket which is also completely waterproof. So, you can easily spread it on the ground and seat on it without having to worry about any spills. As a matter of fact, this bag weighs only 6.5 lbs. Thus, it is very lightweight and easy to handle. Also, it allows you to take out all the parts so that you can use it as an overnight travel backpack.

Key features:

  • The backpack also includes cutlery sets, wine glasses, napkins, cutting board, butter knife, bottle opener, and salt-pepper shakers. So, it takes care of everything you need.
  • It also offers shoulder straps with padding. Thus, you will have no trouble carrying it.
  • Plus, you also get a removable cooler bag with insulation as well as a wine carrier. Thus, it allows you to keep your food and drinks perfect without trouble.

9. Picnic Paradise Co Picnic Backpack

Picnic Paradise Co

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This backpack is what you need to get away from the daily hustle of life and unwind at a lovely place with your dear ones. A modern interpretation on the classic picnic baskets, this 35 piece picnic backpack has got you covered on all fronts. This backpack comes with proper insulation as well as a wine holder.

Hence, it keeps your food and drinks at proper temperature thus providing you complete enjoyment. Furthermore, the backpack is completely waterproof. So, you will not have to worry about damaging the contents of the bag in case of a sudden downpour. Also, the bag offers a top handle and shoulder straps with proper padding. Hence, it is easy to carry too.

Key features:

  • Of course, the backpack comes with a dew resistant and waterproof picnic blanket for comfortable seating. You can also roll the blanket and clinch it on the front of the bag for ease of carrying.
  • Besides, it also offers you an aerator, wine key, and stopper as well as a drip collar. Also, you get four plastic wine glasses with the bag. Thus, it ensures complete enjoyment of your spirits.
  • Apart from melamine plates and other utensils, it also comes with a cheese knife and a wooden cheese board.



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An excellent backpack, it is truly an epitome of style and luxurious design. This backpack uses the best quality fabric as well as materials in its construction. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the durability of the material at all. With this picnic backpack, you will also get, stainless steel cutlery sets with wooden handle, plates, wine glasses, corkscrew opener, cheese knife and board as well as salt and pepper shakers. Interestingly, all these items come with FDA approval. Thus, they are completely safe to use. On top of that, you also get a picnic blanket for comfortable seating.

Key features:

  • The backpack comes with proper insulation. As a result, it helps you to keep the food items at the proper temperature for a long time.
  • Also, the backpack is completely weatherproof. Thus, it promises to withstand harsh weather conditions easily.
  • Lastly, you also get two water bottle holders on both sides. So, you can easily carry wine bottles or water bottles easily.

7. VonShef 4 Person Outdoor Picnic Bag

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A backpack that combines style with functionality, this backpack provides you with everything you need for spending a great time with your dear ones. If this backpack ensures anything then that is the ease of storage. It comes with clever compartments that allow you to store all the necessary items without any trouble.

First of all, there is a separate cooler compartment inside the backpack. It allows you to keep your food items fresh for a long time. There is another separate compartment that allows you to store all the other items you require. In case you need more space, there is a front pocket that stores any other accessories you will need.

Key features:

  • Surely, this backpack comes with plates, napkins, cutleries, chopping board, wine glasses and all other utensils that you will need.
  • Next, you get a tartan patterned matching picnic blanket with a special waterproof PEVA layer for seating purposes. You will also be to roll it and clinch the blanket on the side of the bag for carrying it.
  • Lastly, the top mount carry handle allows you to easily grab the bag. Also, the shoulder straps with padding make it very easy to carry.

6. Gonex Picnic Backpack Bag for 4 Person

Gonex Picnic Backpacks

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If you are looking for a durable and sturdy picnic backpack then this is definitely a great choice for you. Certainly, this bag comes with high-quality insulation. In fact, it offers you aluminum film lining for effective insulation. Hence, it keeps your food fresh and at the right temperature for a very long time.

On top of that, you also get a 59-inch fleece blanket with this bag. Furthermore, it comes with the backing of Waterproof PE material. Thus, it serves your seating purpose and allows you to spend quality time. Lastly, you also get cutlery sets, napkins and all the utensils to make your picnic a memorable one with this bag.

Key features:

  • The bag surely comes with external zip pockets. Hence, it allows you to store extra accessories.
  • Besides, it boasts construction from premium quality 600D fabric which is water as well as tear-resistant.
  • The wine holder also comes with an aluminum film lining. Hence, it provides proper insulation to keep your wine cool.

5. Hap Tim – Waterproof Picnic Backpack

Hap Tim

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Well, a highly fashionable backpack, this Hap Tim picnic backpack really holds all your essentials perfectly. Next, it is carried around completely hands-free without any hassle. Of course, the most intriguing thing about this handsome backpack has to be its design. Surely, this bag uses high-quality nylon fabric along with PU reinforcement. PU is definitely much stronger and resistant to abrasion, tearing and water. Thus, the bag promises to last for a lifetime.

Key features:

  • It boasts ultra-strong zippers along with non-fraying stitching. Thus, it further strengthens the bag to a higher degree.
  • The storage compartment of this bag is 15% larger than most of the other bags available in the market. Hence, it allows you to pack more with the utmost ease.
  • Lastly, the inside of the backpack has a PEVA lining insulation. So, it does not only keep your food fresh but also protects the contents of your backpack from water.

4. VonShef Picnic Backpack

VonShef Picnic Backpacks

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Another excellent product from VonShef, this one caters to all your needs perfectly. Highly stylish and fashionable, it surely uses good quality polyester material along with PEVA lining in its build. This extraordinary construction provides the product with undeniable strength and resistance to any adverse condition. Moreover, the backpack also provides you with cutlery, wine glasses, napkins, dinner plates and other utensils for four people. As a result, you will get everything you need to make your picnic an enjoyable one.

Key features:

  • The cooler compartment of the bag comes with aluminum film lining. So, it keeps your food warm or cold for a long time.
  • Also, the waterproof picnic blanket can easily be hitched on the front of the bag using buckle straps. So, the backpack offers you extra space for packing all your essentials.
  • It has a multi-pocket design. You will different pockets apart from the spacious main compartment. Thus, you will not have any trouble in stashing all your essentials.

3. Plush Picnic – Picnic Bag Backpack

 Plush Picnic

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Certainly, this picnic backpack is a special one. One of the most interesting things about this picnic backpack is the fact that it is completely hand made. The designers working for Plush Picnic choose the best quality materials and utilize their expertise to give a proper shape to this stylish picnic backpack. A perfect combination of style and functionality, this picnic backpack comes with everything you need for a good time. From necessary utensils to wine cork bottle opener, you get all the essential items that you might require.

Key features:

  • It uses 600D poly canvas fabric in its construction. Thus, the bag is not only durable but it is also waterproof and resistant to fading.
  • You will also get an extra-large cooler compartment on the back. Therefore, you will not have any trouble keeping your food items fresh.
  • Having a weight of 4.2 lbs, this backpack is not bulky at all and very easy to carry.

2. apollo walker Picnic Backpackapollo walker Picnic Backpacks

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Since 2003, Apollo Walker has been manufacturing high-quality backpacks to deliver complete satisfaction to its customers. So, this picnic backpack will not be a disappointment either. High quality and intelligently equipped picnic backpack, it is completely stylish and comes with all the necessary flatware that you will need for a romantic getaway. Apart from multiple storage compartments, this backpack also offers padded shoulder straps. As a result, it does not strain your shoulders. Next, the top padded grab handle provides further convenience of carrying.

Key features:

  • The main food storage compartment of the backpack is surely 15% larger than other backpacks. So, it easily fits all your food and drinks without hassle.
  • Also, the backpack boasts premium insulation lining. Therefore, it keeps your food and drinks at a suitable temperature as well as fresh for a long time.
  • You also get a detachable wine or bottle cooler along with this back. So, the backpack promises you complete enjoyment with food as well as spirits.

1. Nature Gear XL Picnic Backpack

Nature Gear

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Perfect for four people, this picnic backpack has all the features that you need to make your outing beautiful and memorable. The backpack comes with a large insulated main compartment. In fact, the main compartment boasts a custom insulation lining. Therefore, it keeps your food items and the drinks in just about the right temperature. It also comes with a waterproof fleece blanket. Since the picnic blanket is waterproof, you will be able to use it for seating purposes easily without any trouble.

Key features:

  • Obviously, you get all the flatware you need for four persons to enjoy a lovely time.
  • Next, the backpack has a durable construction from high-quality materials. Thus, it is completely weatherproof and also resistant to physical damages.
  • It offers a padded top handle and shoulder straps. Thus, you get the complete convenience of carrying.

Want to arrange a fancy picnic in a peaceful location? Then pack your spacious picnic backpacks and leave for the beautiful time ahead with your family, friends or all by self.

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