Best Pet Travel Bags in 2020 Reviews

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Along with your pet, you need to carry their supplies. One of the top 15 best pet travel bags in 2020 will help you meet your pet’s needs. These travel bags handle all sorts of pet supplies, including their favorite food and water bowls.

These bags have the pockets you need to store everything in a compact and convenient manner that is perfect for travel. Dedicating one bag to your treasured pet is a great way to treat them well.

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15. Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag

15.Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag with 2 Silicone Collapsible Bowls, 2 Food Carriers, 1 Water-Resistant Placemat, Pet Supplies Weekend Tote...

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When you purchase this pet travel bag, not only do you get a lot of room for your pet supplies, you get free food and water dishes. The foldable dishes do not take up a lot of space and are easy to keep clean.

Also, this travel bag is designed to hold all the items your pet needs. From medicine to diapers to a lot more, you will be prepared for any pet situation that arises. The 14 1/2 by 8 by 12-inch bag comes with handles or a padded adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

On top of all that, dividers let you stay organized. You should be able to find what you need quickly.

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14. Let’s Go Fido Dog Walking Bag

14.Dog Walking Bag with Collapsible Bowl and Water Bottle Converts to Cross Body or Waist Pack. Perfect for Travel, Dog Parks, Hiking, Training, Camping, Beach

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An exterior mesh pocket should hold the included water bottle without it getting in your way. Also, you get a collapsing food or water dish to make sure your dog has the nutrients they need as you travel. Both items are BPA free.

Then 3 zippered pockets keep your pet supplies securely inside. Measuring approx. 9 by 7 1/2 by 4 inches in size, this pet travel bag has the room you need even if you are going for a short walk.

Plus, you get carrying options. This bag comes with a fanny pack styled strap or an over the shoulder strap to make carrying your pet supplies easy and comfortable. Made from durable nylon that is easy to keep clean.

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13. Houndy! Dog’s Travel Bag

13.Houndy! Yoho Dog's Travel Bag. Large Stylish Waterproof Durable Canvas. Perfect for Traveling, Camping, Outdoors, Carry-on Dog Bag. Two Pet-Safe Food.

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Made from Scottish canvas this is one tough and durable dog travel bag. Plus, it is very waterproof. No matter where you go, this travel bag is ready for duty and will hold up under normal travel time.

Also, the main compartment is quite spacious allowing you to put a lot of items inside. Then with the BPA free dishes included, you get the room for 30 cups of food. The 25-liter capacity also lets you put other pet supplies inside as well.

Measuring 17 by 12 by 8 inches overall, this bag comes in two colors to suit your sense of choice. In addition to that, the adjustable shoulder strap keeps this bag comfortable on your shoulders.

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12. Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag

12.Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag Accessories Supplies Organizer 5-Piece Set with Shoulder Strap 2 Lined Pet Food Containers, 2 Collapsible Feeding Bowls. Everyday

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This zippered top-loading pet travel bag gives you plenty of room to pack your dog’s needed items. Then a mesh pocket in the lid provides the extra storage room to make packing simple and easy to do.

On top of that, your purchase provides you with 2 collapsible food and water bowls along with 2 lined food containers. You can carry your pet’s food and snacks without getting them dirty.

Side mesh pockets will hold water bottles so you can keep your dog hydrated on long trips without stopping the car. Then a zippered cloth table folds down so your dog does not have to have its food or water in the dirt.

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11. Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag

11.Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag for Dog & Cat Week Away Tote Organizer Bag for Dogs Travel Incudes 1 Dog Tote Bag,1 Dog Food Carrier Bag, 2 Silicone.

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Talk about being prepared for anything. You can be like the Boy Scouts and be prepared with this dog travel bag. Not only does it come with collapsible dishes but it has one frisbee and one blanket inside as well.

Your dog can rest after it plays with this travel bag on duty. Plus, a large tote holds 3 pounds of dog food. If that isn’t enough features, then the large space inside for other pet items may convince you how great this dog travel bag really is.

In addition to all of that, this 16 by11 by 8-inch bag meets airline carry on regulations and has room for 22 1/2 liters of pet supplies.

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10. Top Dog Pet Gear Dog Travel Bag

10.Top Dog Travel Bag - Airline Approved Travel Set for Dogs Stores All Your Dog Accessories - Includes Travel Bag, 2X Food Storage Containers and 2X...

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This pet travel bag is for the person who cannot travel without packing the kitchen sink. Not only does it have a solid exterior pocket for your dog’s water, but it also comes with two collapsible bowls that hold 8 cups of food and water each.

On top of that, there are 2 cylinder-shaped bags that hold an additional 15 cups of food or snacks each. If that wasn’t enough, then you get a divided main compartment to stay organized. Plus, a mesh pocket in the lid for smaller items.

You can get everything your dog needs inside this bag without even trying. A magnetic exterior pocket holds thinner supplies of paperwork for your dog.

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9. Purrpy Pet Carrier

9.Purrpy Premium Cat Dog Carrier Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Travel Bag, Car Seat Safe Carrier Deep Grey M

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A faux leather handle lets you carry this pet travel bag by hand or you can use the padded shoulder strap to make sure your pet has everything he or she needs on their trip. Two exterior pockets let you carry small items without hassle.

Plus, this 16 1/2 by 9 1/2 by 10 1/2 pet travel bag can hold a small dog without complaint. The airlines have approved of this bag so you know you can get it on board with you as you fly.

Lockable zippers keep your pet safe and the mesh front panel provides the airflow he or she needs to remain cool. A fleece pad provides your pet with a comfortable place to lay.

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8. Ytonet Dog Backpack

8.Ytonet Dog Backpack, Pet Carrier Bag with Mesh for Small Dogs Cats Puppies, Comfort Cat Backpack Bag Airline Approved for Hiking Travel Camping Outdoor Hold...

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Keep your arms free as you and your pet travel to your next exotic destination. This pet travel bag is designed to be carried over your shoulders like a backpack leaving your arms free to handle other chores.

On top of that, this 16 1/2 by 11 1/2 by 10-inch travel bag can hold up to 18 pounds of dog and 15 pounds of cat. With the mesh panels built-in, your pet gets all the ventilation they need. Zippered closures keep your contents safe and secure as you travel.

Then the adjustable shoulder straps provide your body with a comfort zone making it easy for you to carry your treasured pet. A top lid lets your pet stick its head out.

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7. Top Dog Pet Gear Travel Set for Dogs

7.Top Dog Travel Bag - Airline Approved Travel Set for Dogs Stores All Your Dog Accessories - Includes Travel Bag, 2X Food Storage Containers and 2X.

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This attractive looking pet travel bag keeps you looking good even though you are hauling your pet’s supplies. The gray coloring is stylish and fashionable so it won’t clash with your outfit.

Once you open the top lid, you will find a divided compartment. This accessory lets you stay organized and put a lot of supplies inside. Then a mesh lid pocket will hold smaller pet items for you.

Plus, you can get up to 30 pounds of pet food in the 2 large included containers. Two collapsible food and water dishes hold about 8 cups each. With a water bottle pocket on the side, you can carry some extra water for your wonderful pet.

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6. Hilike Pet Travel Bag

6.Hilike Pet Travel Bag for Dog&Cat -Weekend Tote Organizer Bag for Dogs Travel -Incudes1 Dog Tote Bag,2 Dog Food Carriers Bag,2 Pet Silicone Collapsible...

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A convenient fold-down tray is one of the special features that come with this pet travel bag. Just open the zipper closure and your dog has a little table to eat from. Then a mesh lid pocket holds additional items so you do not have to leave anything behind.

With the 2 included food storage bags, you can bring 30 cups of food with you as you travel with your pet. Also, the main compartment holds a lot of pet items you may need just in case things happen.

This 12 by 15 by 8 bag holds about 17 liters of pet supplies for you. Stay organized and be prepared to meet your dog’s needs with ease.

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5. Overland Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag

5.Dog Travel Bag - Week Away Tote for Med and Large Dogs - Includes Bag, 2 Lined Food Carriers, Placemat, and 2 Collapsible Bowls (Royal Blue)

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You should be able to pack a lot of dog food and other pet supplies inside this pet travel bag. Measuring 14 by 15 by 17 inches overall, you can use this bag to bring enough food for your dog on your next camping trip.

2 included lined food bowls hold 30 cups of food combined, plus, you have an exterior water bottle pocket for extra fresh water. A divided main compartment handles the organizing chore and makes sure your important items are on top.

A fold-down zippered side acts as a table and holds the 5 cup capacity folding food and water dishes. Handles and an adjustable shoulder strap provide carrying options.

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4. Wahl Professional Animal Travel and Tote Bag

4.Wahl Professional Animal Travel Tote Bag with Zipper, Turquoise Paw Print Design (#97764-300)

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It may look like your puppy walked all over this travel bag but it is the cute design t let you know this pet travel bag is for dogs. Inside all the zippered closure pockets you will find enough pouches and compartments to organize your pet’s trips. There is also lots of space for their needed supplies.

In case you want to bring money or cards with you, there is a handy wallet compartment for them. Then a 45-inch adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying this pet travel bag super easy and convenient.

With overall dimensions reaching, 14 by 8 by 9 1.2 inches, you can get a lot of your pet’s favorite things inside this bag.

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3. TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling

3.TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)

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Carry your small cat or dog like a baby with this travel sling. You can take your pet on nice walks as you do your errands and then keep them in this sling for safety and rest. It comes in a variety of colors to match your color preference.

Also, to keep your pet inside, once you place your pet there, attach the security clasp to keep him or her from jumping out. The 34 by 12-inch sling only holds 10 pounds o large dogs are not allowed inside.

Machine washable for easy cleaning and keeping this sling bacteria-free.

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2. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

2.AmazonBasics Medium Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Airline Travel Carrier Bag - 16.5 x 9.5 x 10 Inches, Black

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This soft-sided pet travel bag makes transporting your treasured dog simple and without much fuss. Once inside your pet will have approx. 17 by 10 by 10 inches of space to move around in.

Plus, this bag will hold about 16 pounds of weight while still meeting airline carry on under seat regulations. While your pet is inside, mesh panels ensure that they get plenty of air and stay cool.

The carry handles are balanced and snap together for an easier hold. Or you can use the adjustable shoulder strap to make transport simple and convenient.

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1. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

1.Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Medium, Brown

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This airline approved pet travel bag is durable and strong. It holds up to airline travel situations well and protects your pet all the time they are inside. Zippered pockets let you carry snacks, paperwork or other needed items.

Plus, your pet has a lamb styled pad to sleep on as it enjoys the good airflow coming through the mesh panels. Measuring 17 by 11 by 10 1/2 inches in size, you can get your 16 pounds or lighter dog inside without sacrificing any comfort.

The adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying your pet simple and you can switch to the handles if your shoulder gets tired. This is a very durable and long-lasting pet travel bag.

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Making sure your pet’s needs are met is one way to return the love they provide. Using one of the top 15 best pet travel bags in 2020 is the way to meet those needs. You can get a lot of pet supplies inside while also having room for food and water.

That makes these pet travel bags too valuable to pass on.

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