Best Pet Cameras in 2022 Reviews

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When you are not home​, you can keep an eye on your pet and the trouble they are getting into with ease. All you need is one of the top 12 best pet cameras in 2022 to help you. These cameras give you a bird’s eye view of your pet and its daily activities.

They come with top of the line lenses, special equipment, and full tilt and rotation capabilities so you do not miss anything your dog does. Plus, in case you are not sure f what is going on, you can also zoom in and take a closer look. These top 12 cameras are the best of the best and work hard to serve you well when it comes to looking after your dog or cat.

List of Best Pet Cameras in 2022 Reviews

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12. Conico Pet Camera

12.Wireless Security Camera 1536P Pet Camera, CONICO 3MP Dog Cam Baby Monitor 360 Viewing 8X Zoom, 2-Way Audio, Surveillance Camera with Motion Sound.

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Once you put this pet camera in place, you can view the whole room with 2304×1536 resolution. That gives you a clear view of what is going on when you are not at home.

Plus, when you need to focus on a specific location, you can use the 360-degree rotation, the 100-degree tilt and the 8x zoom to get a very close look at what your dog or cat is up to.

On top of those features, you also get instant alerts when something moves or the camera recognizes a face or a sound. The built-in motion detection system captures and then tracks the different movements of your pet. With night vision, you can still see what your pets are plotting when you are out on a date or the lights are out.

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11. Victure 1080P FHD Pet Camera

11.Victure 1080P FHD Pet Camera with WiFi IP Camera Indoor Wireless Security Camera Motion Detection Night Vision Home Surveillance Baby Elder Monitor with 2

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The built-in wifi connection is what allows you to see what your pet is dong when you have to be away from home. You can see if they are watching television or napping in 1080 p.

Plus, with the technological upgrades, what you record over your wifi cannot be seen by anyone else, even if you lose that SD card. The card holds up to 64 GB of recordings.

Also, you get 355-degree rotation and 100 degrees tilt to make sure you catch all the events taking place at home. Then with a 30-foot range, your pet camera will capture movement in low light conditions.

A built-in mic and speaker system let you communicate with your pets or your children if the need arises. This makes giving instructions to your children easier than using the phone.

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10. Netvue Indoor Security Camera

10.Indoor Security Camera, 1080P Netvue Home Camera 2 Way Audio and Night Vision, Motion Detection, Compatible with Alexa Echo Show, Pet Monitor, Baby Camera

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Of course, pet cameras serve several functions. They can record your babysitter, watch your kids or be a security camera that guards your home when you are not around. And it does all these features quietly.

With a 130 degree viewing angle and 4x zoom you should be able to see almost all the action taking place in every room you place a camera. In addition to that, the camera is compatible with Alexa.

You get sharp 1080 p images to make sure you know exactly what took place while you were out. Also, this camera will record up to 24 hours a day, all you have to do is select the sensitivity, zone, and timing.

One thing you should be aware of, your smartphone is the only device that can access the two-way communication system built into this model.

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9. Conico Wireless Camera

9.Wireless Camera, 1080P HD WiFi Pet Camera Baby Monitor, Pan Tilt Zoom IP Camera for ElderNanny Security Cam Night Vision Motion Detection 2-Way Audio Cloud

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Cover all your pet and security needs with just one top of the line camera. This pet camera sees all and knows all when it comes to events taking place at your home when you are absent.

The 355-degree rotation and the 100-degree tilt lets you capture every corner of your room with ease. Also, while you are out for the evening and the lights are not on, you can still record your pet and their activities. The night vision still sees all within its range limits.

Plus, the built-in mic lets you talk to your children or comfort your pet when they are home alone. If there is anything unusual taking place your smartphone will receive an alert. Then you can store your recorded data in the Cloud system for future use if you still need that information.

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8. Netvue 1080P Pet Camera

8.1080P Pet Camera, Home Camera 2 Way Audio, Baby Monitor Night Vision, Motion Detection, Compatible with Alexa Echo Show, Indoor Camera, Security Camera

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Capture your dog’s or cat’s activities in 1080 p quality. The images you see are second to none and help you see what occupies your pets’ time when you are not there. Also, this camera works with Alexa for your convenience.

Once you have the camera in place, it can see up to 32 feet away in low or no light conditions. The automatic switch feature makes the change for you. On to that, you get 360-degree rotation and 100-degree tilt functions that make viewing and recording better than ever.

Also, a built-in mic and speaker function lets you stay in contact with lonely kids or sad pets. Keep your family company even when you cannot physically be there in person. A Netvue App lets you set the camera up through your smartphone.

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7. TOOGE Pet Camera

7.TOOGE Pet Camera, Dog Camera FHD Pet Monitor Indoor Cat Camera Night Vision 2 Way Audio and Motion Detection(Updated)

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You can be apart but not apart from your treasured pets with this pet camera on the job. Keep an eye on them and watch what they are doing while you are at work or at a social event.

This camera gives you 2.4 G wifi connection, as well as high-quality images so you can be close to your pet without being there. Then the night vision features see up to 16 feet away without help from the lights.

On top of that, the 4 times zoom combines with the 250-degree rotation and 80 degrees tilt to give you a full view of your room. There shouldn’t be anything this camera’s eagle eye should miss.

Also, you can adjust and fine-tune the motion detection feature. It can be as sensitive as you want it. Once activated you get alerts through your phone.

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6. Petcube Bites Pet Camera

6.Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser HD 1080P Video Monitor, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Sound & Motion Alerts. designed for Dogs & Cats

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Keep your dog nice and happy as well as well-fed with this unique pet camera. Not only doe sit keep a close eye on your beloved pets, but it can also feed them treats at the same time. That is one smart camera.

The camera will hold up to 2 pounds of treats as it does its pet scanning duty. It also holds features that produce 1080 p images, 138-degree rotation 3x zoom, and night vision. Your home should be safer with a well-fed pet and this camera on guard duty.

Then you do not need a subscription to view the last 4 recorded hours on this pet camera. A two-way communication system lets you comfort lonely pets and reassure them that you will be coming home to be with them soon.

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5. Heimvision HM203 1080P Security Camera

5.heimvision HM203 1080P Security Camera with Smart Night Vision Ptz Two-Way Audio, 2.4GHz Wireless Home Surveillance IP Camera for Baby Elder Pet Nanny.

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It isn’t so much the day time that you need real security. You can use this camera to record your pet during the daylight hours while reserving the security features for night time use.

With 1080 p, 360-degree rotation, and 110 degrees tilt you can cover your room all night long to make sure no one does anything bad inside. Then with sound and motion functions, this camera will record anything that moves or breaks something.

The night vision capability makes it all possible. Then when you see that your pets or kids are getting sad that you are not around, you can talk to them through the two way mic and speaker system built into this camera. The night vision extends up to 49 feet away. A user-friendly app helps you tap into all the features this pet camera brings to your home.

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4. KAMTRON Wireless Home Camera

4.Security Camera 1080P WiFi Dog Pet Camera - KAMTRON Wireless Indoor Pan Tilt Zoom Home Camera Baby Monitor IP Camera with Motion Detection Two-Way Audio,

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Cover your home with a top-notch camera that lets yo pan, tilt, and zoom in on anything you want to look at while you are away. The 350-degree rotation works with the 100-degree tilt to make sure you see every inch of every room you have a camera in.

Plus, the zoom function lets you have a closer look at treasured artifacts in your home. With the night vision capability, you can keep an eye on your pets and things with ease.

On top of those functions, you also get two-way audio communication. You can hear your pets or children and they can hear you in top-quality sound. Also, you will be able to see them while they will not be able to see you. All the details about all the features and what they do are in your owner’s manual.

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3. Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera

3.Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera, WiFi Home Surveillance IP Camera for Baby Elder Pet Nanny Monitor, Pan Tilt, Two-Way Audio & Night Vision SD

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The wireless function is a good thing to have. That saves you the trouble of running and hiding wires. Then the 1080 p ability will give you sharp images to review. The 15 feet per second recording speed contributes a lot to those sharper images.

To view your room completely, this camera comes with 350-degree rotation and 76-degree tilt options. Plus, you can use the 4 times zoom to get close-ups. Then when the sun goes down, this camera will record actions up to 20 feet away when the lights are off.

In addition to those features, this camera has an SD memory card slot. You can place up to 128 GB SD cards inside to record and review all that has taken place while you were gone. Instant alerts are a part of the features of this pet camera.

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2. Furbo Dog Camera

2.Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

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When you install a pet camera, use one that will keep your dog from getting hungry while you are not home. Once installed, you can use the handy app to distribute those treats and keep your dog nice and happy.

Plus, with the sound detection function, you will get an alert every time your dog starts to bark at something outside. A 2-way communication system allows you to talk to your dog and get them to stop disturbing the neighbors.

Also, the 160-degree rotation allows you to keep an eye on your room throughout the day or night. The night vision option makes sure the room is covered when the lights go out.

The 3 step set up is not difficult to master and connect to your home wifi system. After it is up, you can monitor your home with ease.

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1. TENVIS Security Camera

1.TENVIS Security Camera- Wireless Camera, IP Camera with Night Vision Two-way Audio, 2.4Ghz Wifi Indoor Home Dome Camera for Pet Baby, Remote Surveillance

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Get full coverage of your home with one of the top pet cameras in the business. You can use these cameras in any room you have plus, you can use the 720 p quality images to make sure your contents and pets are safe and sound.

Also, if you have to go out at night, the camera will still record up to 32 feet away using it stop of the line night vision. 355-degree rotation and 120-degree tilt should blanket the room with the camera’s all-seeing eye.

On top of that, the 2-way audio can give you a little peace of mind as you check in with your pets or children. You can communicate with them to calm them down or make sure everything is okay. Then the motion detection function records for 15 seconds and sends you an alert in less than 3.

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What these top 12 best pet cameras do besides bring you a little peace of mind is bring you top coverage to your home while you need to be away. These cameras will record not only your pet movements but also the movements of anyone in the room when they should not be there.

On top of that, the built-in communication some of these cameras have allowed you to talk to your pets or children without using the phone. That helps a lot when you won’t be home for hours.

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