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With the approach of summers, bbq themed parties around the beaches are common. Such summer parties are incomplete without chilled wines and beers. How about fashionable wooden furniture which can keep your drinks cold? Yes, you heard that right. To beat the heated afternoon and for keeping you cool nifty center patio tables with cooler fitted ice-buckets are constructed.

We are providing a chart below discussing the durability and cons of each type of materials used to construct a patio table/furniture:

Name Of The MaterialProsCons
ShoreaStrong and durableLimited availability
EucalyptusDurableCracking issue prevails
IpeDurableDifficult to move
White OakWater resistant and strongless oil comprised
Stainless steelDurableExpensive
AluminumLow maintenance, strong and light in weightnot much effective during windy climate
Wrought IronDurableRust issue
Resin and PlasticsRecyclable, All weather resistant


Not good for windy climate or environment
Recycled PlasticsStrong, durable and easy to cleanToo light to withstand wind


To ease you, We will present a comprehensive list of top 10 high-quality patio tables with coolers that can benefit you in many ways with their useful service.

Let’s Get Started With the List Top 10 Patio Table With Cooler

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10. Backyard Expressions Patio Outdoor Garden Cooler Furniture 

Backyard Expressions Patio Outdoor Garden Cooler Furniture

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An imperishable wood constructed patio table which can enhance the beauty of your house party anytime. Rustic brown in color and stylish in look. A drawer inbuilt inside the table which can work excellent on decks, patios and indoors. It includes an ice box which is accompanied with a bottle opener. A secure drainage system is also provided.

Cast iron and galvanized steel have been blended to form it. This combination has an insulated foam linear, helps to keep your drinks cold for an extended period. Presence of side handles in this beautiful table helps to transfer it anywhere. A lid is accompanied on the top, which can keep your drinks cold and safe. The weight of it is around 35.2 pounds.

Why Buy This Product?

It can surely bring a unique charm in your house or garden decoration. Easy assembling of beer cans or drinks can be done. It holds a capacity of 45 cans and Ice approximately. Light in weight and can be transferred smoothly around the house — amazing cooling benefits provided by the table.

Key Features
  • Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Amazing Portability
  • Rustic brown color
  • Icebox with bottle opener accompanied
  • Good drainage flow
  • Cooldown drinks
  • Weight 35.2 pounds
  • Lid top found
  • Two side handles
  • The capacity of holding 45 cans and ice cubes
  • You can use it for gifting item
  • Helps to keep your drinks cold for a long time as it benefits both for indoor and outdoor parties
  • Authentic, stylish look and design
  • According to a few users, the quality and the assembling of the table was not as good as expected
  • Some customers have opined it could have come with more number of screws for a better sturdy feel

9. UPHA Cart On Wheels Patio Cooling Bar Furniture

UPHA Cart On Wheels Patio Cooling Bar Furniture

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A wheel-based designed easily portable patio table. The superior quality steel induced to construct the body of the furniture adds a unique beauty to your home decoration. Rattan plastic and high coatings on the legs of the table ensure the durability of the product.

Exterior base is again made up of plastic imitation rattan, and the interior consists of PP lined injected the foam. The ice chest drawer comes with four rolling wheels which can be moved at 360 degrees easily.

Two metal sides handle help to move the table from one place to another. The distinctive designed upper section is separated from the lower part. It helps to contain ice and drinks. Separately a bottle opener and a bottle cap catch bin are fixed to the sides.

On the backward section, there is a presence of a drain plug for allowing the water to pass through easily. An overall spacious table which has the capability of holding up to 100 cans / 50+ bottles. The average weight of this furniture is 37.4pounds.

Why Buy This Product?   

If you are looking for a portable cooler cart for your home gatherings, you should opt for this. Highly suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. It can be a marvelous gifting item. Extensive design of this cart-on-wheel product can be ideal for your party decoration. Ample amount of space inside the lower section is beneficial for storage purpose.

Key Features
  • A stunningly designed table
  • Four wheels comprised
  • Two sections divided
  • Extreme durability and portability
  • Plastic imitation rattan based exterior finish
  • Two metal side handles present
  • The capability of holding up to 100 cans / 50+ bottles
  • Drainage plugin back
  • Ample spacious table
  • Fantastic quality product designed for beverages and ice cubes
  • It can be fit in anywhere inside your house. Resettling the table is easy
  • Few customers have opined, it should have arrived with a covering so that it can be protected well when it is not used
  • The top of the base can have a possibility of getting rusted.

8. Peach Tree Press Inc Serving Cart Rolling Wheels Rack

Peach Tree Press Inc Serving Cart Rolling Wheels Rack

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It has been well constructed with Peachtree rattan wicker and has two rolling wheels and two stable legs. You can quickly move the table around and serve drinks to your guests in the parties. An elegant handle is attached for stability and pushing purpose.

The upper top is comprised of a tempered glass material. So it can help to put your food bowls and drinks on it without worrying as well as it is easy to clean. The separate lower base has four sectioned partitions for appetizer and beverage section which you can fill with ice cubes and drinks. It also has a different wine glass holder underneath the upper base. The ice cube bucket is removable.

Why Buy This Product

Exclusively suitable for bbq parties or get together at your home both for indoor and outdoor purpose. It is effortless to assemble with the accessories of your preference. A manual guide also comes along for you to help you regarding the assembling use. The compact sized kitchen trolley cart can increase the elegance of your party. Extensive durability in nature is another advantage of this rack.

Key Features
  • Peachtree rattan wicker built
  • Comes with two rolling wheels and two stable legs
  • Portable
  • Sturdy handle
  • The lower base for beverages and ice cubes
  • Separate glass holders attached
  • Durable in nature
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for parties both indoor and outdoors
  • Comes along with a manual
  • It can give a unique look to your deck
  • Very sturdy and fashionable in looks
  • Superior quality product
  • The manual accompanied with the product is not user-friendly
  • Few customers have opined that the size of the table rack is small than expected

7. Best Choice Products Outdoor Patio Bar Cooler Table 

Best Choice Products Outdoor Patio Bar Cooler Table

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The curvy drum-shaped table which is constructed with wicker and steel frame construction. It is exceptionally suitable for any patio or gatherings at the house. A removable lid is attached to the top section where you can keep your food plate or even glasses of wine etc. The height of the product is 41.5 inches. Easy to clean is one of the benefits of this table bar.

Considerable drainage is possible due to the built-in drainage plugin which helps to transfer ice melted water quickly. The color of the item is dual brown tone. It has a capacity of holding 7.5 Gallons, and the overall Table Capacity is 44 lbs.

Why Buy This Product?

It is light in weight and easily portable from one place to another. The stylish and cozy design of the table can offer a perfect way to have a beautiful date night. For your outdoor decor, the elegant style of the product is also an advantage.

Key Features
  • Curvy drum shaped lower section
  • Upper removable lid provided
  • Height- 41.5 inches
  • The capacity of holding 7.5 Gallons
  • Dual brown
  • Table capacity -44lbs
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Drain plug built in
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • The table if heated, can be cooled down easily by flex seal sprays
  • Convenient to use and amazing portability
  • For high-end functional table and ice bucket, all in one can be used
  • Few customers have complained about drainage and leakage from the table

6. Zen style Adjustable Height Patio Bar Table

Zen style Adjustable Height Patio Bar Table

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Exclusively designed for multipurpose the table can keep your beverages cool for a long time. You can also use it for a coffee table or any outdoor party activity. A unique design of curvy lower section attached with a top removable lid. Height of the item can be adjustable according to your choice. You can use both the parts of the table for keeping your drinks in an ice bucket.

It is very durable as it is constructed with PE rattan, which is weather resistant. So it can be any weather you don’t have to worry about your patio table at all. A thin yet durable iron coating and black galvanized wrapped iron sheets are induced in the product to ensure the durability.

Black in color creates a sophisticated style statement for your party. A smooth inbuilt drain plugin is also attached to the table for seamless flow of melted ice.

Why Buy This Product?

Elegantly designed furniture which can be used for patio, deck or even pool parties mainly. It is effortless to maintain and clean by simple dry dusting. Extremely durable for a long time and helps to keep your drinks cold for a more extended period. Adjustable height of the bar table is another feature to opt for this item. You can use the lid for keeping the wine glasses or bottles.

Key Features
  • Elegant design
  • Adjusting height
  • Durable
  • Built-in drain Plug
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Color- black
  • Iron and PE rattan used
  • The heights can be well fit by twisting the knobs. It is straightforward to assemble the product.
  • Being lightweight yet sturdy material used is another advantage of it.
  • Few users have complained about the leakage issue.

5. Super Deal Weather-Resistant Rattan Adjustable Bar Table 

Super Deal Weather-Resistant Rattan Adjustable Bar Table

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A significant brown colored table designed in an hourglass-shaped. A considerable amount of storage is provided in this item. You can use it for a bar table as well as for serving coffee. The height of the patio table can be adjusted well according to your preference. In case you want to use it for coffee, you can lower down the height by a simple twisting knob method.

The height range is from 22 inches to 38 inches. A sturdy lid is attached on the top, and the interior can be filled with ice cubes and drinks. A high-quality PE wicker with a UV protected frame is used to build this stylish, durable furniture. Galvanized iron sheets are coated well in the interior part of the table. Extreme cooling of beverages at a small period can be achieved if you use it.

Approximately the drinks stay chilled for about 12 hours in the ice cube rack of it. An inbuilt drain plug in also induced in the table to provide extensive smooth drainage.

Why Buy This Product?

You can use it for any summer parties, or cocktail gets together. You can lift the lid and keep your drinks cold for a long time. It is effortless to clean and maintain, unlike other table racks. You can decorate your outdoor or sitting rooms, bar counter with this exclusive stylish furniture.

Key Features
  • Brown in color
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Height is adjustable and can be ranged till 22 inches long
  • Sturdy lid attached
  • Galvanized iron sheets component
  • Cooling till 12 hours
  • Easy to maintain
  • Well designed, apt for summer pool parties
  • Smooth drainage is beneficial
  • Perfect height suitable for everyone
  • It is an expensive product compared to other similar items

4. Do4U Patio Trolley Outdoor Ice Bucket Cart 

Do4U Patio Trolley Outdoor Ice Bucket Cart

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It is crafted by using a PE wicker and a sturdy iron frame. Extraordinarily durable and significantly portable. The best advantage of the product is; it is weather resistant so that you can use it during any time of the year without any issues. There are two racks constructed; the top layer can be used for keeping fruits or serving food items.

The lower part is designed for keeping beverages in an ice cube holder. Along with this, the presence of wine glass holders also makes the design unique and classy. For smooth mobility, the manufacturers have designed wheels at the trolley table, and two side handles.

Why Buy This Product?

The materials used in the construction of this portable table are all UV resistant. You can use it at any point of the year, including any season without being scared or tensed. Extensively designed for outdoor patio parties but you can use it for average coffee table purpose as well. Rust free is another significant advantage of this item to opt for. The whole look of this elegant product can enhance the beauty of your home decor.

Key Features
  • A sturdy and durable table
  • Portability
  • Weather resistant
  • Wheels attached
  • Stylish design
  • Two side handles attached
  • Top removable layer
  • Superior quality product
  • Easy to assemble
  • Few users have opined that the storage area was not much sufficient at the bottom area.

3. Giantex Height Adjustable Patio Table 

Giantex Height Adjustable Patio Table

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A brilliantly designed patio table bar which can be easily adjusted for your convenience. A removable top lid is attached with the lower hourglass shaped base table. It can be used for all purposes like for serving drinks and beverages. There is a presence of a built-in drainage plug to smooth transmission of melted ice. Easy to clean and maintain. Rattan plastic is used to construct the patio bar table. The ice cooler generates one of the best cooling effects; it keeps your drinks cold for a long duration.

Why Buy This Product?

You can use it for any indoor or outdoor house gathering, bbq parties. The adjusting height of the table serves the purpose of coffee and drinks effectively. It can be easily maintained and clean by any individuals without any hazards.

Key Features
  • Adjustable easily
  • Removable top lid
  • Sleek Hourglass design
  • Rattan plastic used
  • Drainage plugin
  • High-quality product
  • Affordable price range
  • Few customers have noticed the instability of the table once it is adjusted
  • Leakage issue was also predominant

2. Keter Outdoor Cool Bar Patio Garden Table (Brown)

Keter Outdoor Cool Bar Patio Garden Table (Brown)

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It has been crafted for a multipurpose benefit for serving coffee and other beverages. 100% recycled plastic and plastic resin materials have been used to construct this table. The height can be locked easily by pulling up the table lock so that unnecessary table shifting can be avoided. For smoother drainage, an inbuilt plug in the drain is attached to it.

Why Buy This Product?

Suitable for home parties or outdoor garden parties. It can enhance the beauty of your home decor. Pure recycled plastics are very much beneficial for any weather. Hence, the durability of a more extended period is guaranteed.

Key Features
  • Multipurpose benefits
  • 100% Recycled plastics used
  • Easy drainage
  • Enhances home beauty
  • A compact table which can be used in any bbq/ pool parties.
  • Easy to use and maintain which can save your time
  • The quality of the table is not that excellent to the hype for.

1. Keter Smooth Modern Outdoor Cool Patio Table (Grey)

Keter Smooth Modern Outdoor Cool Patio Table (Grey)

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A smooth and sleek designed patio table for any garden or house parties. An extendable table top is attached to the item, which can be used for serving wines or coffee according to your choice just by twisting a small knob. Polypropylene resin has been used for constructing this patio cool table. A removable drainage plug is also present for natural drainage of melted water from ice.

The storage capacity of the table is 7.5 Gallon drink, which means 60 cans or 40 bottles of water along with ice. Cold restoration can be done until 12 hours. Very easy to clean and maintain. The sturdy legs of the table can give maximum support to it and holds on correctly.

Why Buy This Product?

If you are searching for a durable, stylish patio table, you can invest in this item. Beneficial for any summertime parties at your house. Materials used in the building the table are rust free and any weather resistant.

Key Features
  • Sleek design
  • Capacity holds 7.5 Gallon drink
  • Grey color
  • Drainage plugin present
  • Polypropylene resin content
  • Versatile uses
  • Durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fantastic furniture which can give you a pleasant experience at your home/pool parties.
  • An affordable product
  • Few users have complained against the poor quality of screws in the table

Patio Tables With Coolers | Buying Guide

It can solve your traditional problems of warm beers under the sun. The stylish center tables come in different shapes and sizes. However, while investing on a patio table, you should always keep in mind, some of the critical factors which can guide you to find the right one suitable for you.

  • Durability: There are many synthetic based resin patio tables which look very stylish and are usually lightweight. However, aluminum is a better material to go for. It is rust resistant and can prevent moisture damage more than any other metals compared. Another benefit of aluminum, it does not get heated up rapidly under the sun. Even if it gets heated, aluminum can be cooled down quickly.
  • Purpose: Mainly, patio furniture is used for decorating the gardens. They can be used for usual get-together approach or even for house parties.
  • Weight: Usually low in weight and durable in nature, but again, it depends on which metal you are using.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: There are few metals which can be easily cleaned by using mild soap or detergent. Again there are many metal-based patio tables which require intensive care. To avoid such issues and lengthy procedures, Try investing in lower maintenance patio tables.
  • Materials Used: Patio tables can be made up of wood, metals, wrought irons, stainless steel, aluminum, resin, and plastics. Even recycled plastics are also used to build such tables. Depending on the durability and budget, you can choose the table you prefer.


Various patio tables are available in the market and online. Before investing on the patio table with coolers, it is always recommended to go through the reviews thoroughly. It will help you to get the best one according to your preference and budget.

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