Best Outdoor String Lights for Home Decoration in 2022 – Top Reviews

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Outdoor string lights help you brighten outdoor spaces by creating a beautiful and romantic ambiance. Whether it is your porch, Gazebo, Garden, or even your camping cabin, these lights are bound to personalize your outdoor space into a lively setting for dining, relaxing, and entertainment. The best thing about these lights is that there are no set rules on how to hang them. With minimal planning, it is time to unleash your creativity and give your outdoor space an enchanting look.

Unlike other complex decorating lights, outdoor string lights are thin and flexible, allowing you to bend them on fences, trees or even a roof for easy installation. Best of all, these lights are weatherproof, so you don’t need to repeatedly put them up and take down after every special occasion. What’s more, they are incredibly inexpensive. Try them today and celebrate your summer holiday in style

Top 10 Best Outdoor String Lights in 2022

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10. AmazonBasics Weatherproof String Lights

AmazonBasics Weatherproof String Lights

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Whether under the summer heat wave, rainy fall season, or winter snow, the bad weather never compromises the performance of these string lights. Boasting of a premium construction you can enjoy graceful lighting and elegant appearance season after season. Even better, you don’t have to repeatedly put these lights up and take them down after your party. These lights come in a durable SJTW rated weatherproof design that remains installed all year round as it withstands daily use. It works well pretty well in even areas with extreme weather conditions.

Simple, customizable elegance! These lights come in various colors including white, black, and green, allowing you to select the model that matches the surrounding décor. Also, it is available in a decent 48ft length with an end-to-end connection that accepts up to seven additional strings, giving you a total of 384ft. Moreover, the lights are UL listed for enhanced safety.

  • Weatherproof construction for all year round enjoyment
  • Delivers a warm, welcoming glow
  • Various color choice allows for easy, customized elegance
  • SJTW rated for safe use outdoors
  • The white color on the stands tends after several years

9. Mlambert 2-Pack Dimmable String Lights

Mlambert 2-Pack Dimmable String Lights

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Designed to deliver unrivaled performance, these string lights convert your backyard into a cozy, rustic oasis that you will cherish together with your friends and family. Coming in a vintage style design that accepts Incandescent bulbs, the lights add a memorable and relaxing atmosphere to any outdoor space. This makes it a perfect pick for people who are looking to hold outdoor parties, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, and weddings. Thanks to the advanced dimming settings, these lights let you customize your space into various lights and set the right mood.

Transform your porch or Gazebo today into a beautiful retreat with these commercial grade outdoor lights. The lights boast of a weatherproof construction that withstands repeated use all year round. The heavy-duty cord is well insulated to work well in hot and cold temperatures, windy, rainy environments as well as damp climates. This lets you leave the lights on display all year long.

  • Create a beautiful retro look at your backyard easily
  • Solid construction ensures weatherproof performance
  • Comes with inbuilt hooks for easy hanging
  • Advanced dimming settings
  • Dimmer switch not included

8. addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

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Practical, multipurpose use and durable, very few string lights match the performance that comes with this string light. Whether you want to decorate your balcony, patio, or even your Christmas tree, this tree fits it all. One light setting can be boring, but this will never be the case with this light. Its dimmable settings let you set the right mood for the party.

You can use this light all seasons year-round thanks to its weatherproof design. So, don’t let extreme heat during the summer or excess snow during the winter stop your party. Moreover, we love the heavy-duty construction cable that is fitted with 15 incandescent bulbs. Thanks to the smart installation, you also get to enjoy installation flexibility. Use the hooks, zip ties, or guidelines to hang up to five linked strands and use your imagination when it comes to arranging them.

  • Commercial grade outdoor durability
  • IP65 waterproof construction
  • Multipurpose design, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Dimmable settings to set the right lighting
  • Slightly low maximum wattages (limits the number of strands that you can interconnect)

7. SUPERDANNY 52FT Outdoor String Lights

SUPERDANNY 52FT Outdoor String Lights

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Looking forward to a fun moment with family and friends this summer? Well, we have good news for you. Actually, you don’t need to spend a lot of your hard-earned money in planning an outdoor/ backyard party. Hanging these lights to your backyard, patio, or porch instantly transforms the space into a cool atmosphere that resonates with your mood. Each of these stands measures about 52ft and is equipped with 30 Edison vintage bulbs.

Combining a commercial UL approval and weatherproof construction, you can use these lights all seasons year round and transform the outdoor into a lively setting for dining, entertaining, and relaxing. Besides, these lights come with end-to-end connections allowing you pair several strands and illuminate a large area. As a bonus, you are providing with 30 spare Edison bulbs.

  • Pure copper cord and UL safety approval
  • Emits a warm, romantic yellow ambiance
  • Commercial grade weatherproof construction
  • Made to last season after season, year after year
  • Limited dimmable settings

6. SUNTHIN Pack of 2 48ft String of Lights

SUNTHIN Pack of 2 48ft String of Lights

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These fairly lights are indispensable for individuals looking to fill their outdoors with an eerie and charming ambiance of happiness. Whether you are looking to decorate your garden, patio, or a large garden, the SUNTHIN lights will add a touch of elegance in your home and let you have fun as you enjoy an outdoor party with friends and family. These lights are also dimmable, allowing you to create the right mood for your party.

Whether you want a romantic atmosphere or a soft, relaxed atmosphere for your guests, this model has your back. Another great feature that comes with this light is its weatherproof construction. Besides being made from heavy-duty cord, the strands have a special waterproof socket. Above all, you are provided with extra changeable incandescent bulbs.

  • End to end connection
  • ETL approved
  • Heavy-duty and Weatherproof construction
  • The package includes a pair of 48ft long string lights
  • Higher price tag but it is worth noting that the package has two string lights

5. FOXLUX Outdoor LED String Lights

FOXLUX Outdoor LED String Lights

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Let your neighbors admire the warm, romantic ambiance delivered by this outdoor LED light. Coming in a decent 48 feet length, this string light brings a beautiful display when hanging at your patio, Offset umbrellas or around a tree. This lets you create a welcoming atmosphere for a birthday party, BBQ party, or just chilling with friends at your backyard. Interestingly, this light is ideal for both outdoors and indoors. The cozy glow also makes a perfect decoration for your indoor parties.

One of the reasons why this model is recommended for large outdoor parties is that you can connect up to 40 strands. This makes it not only ideal for decorating the whole home compound but also for commercial use such as restaurants. Moreover, these lights boast of commercial-grade weatherproof construction, making them ideal to use outdoors all year round.

  • The multipurpose design makes them practical to use almost everywhere
  • Creates a warm and cozy ambiance
  • End to end connectable design with up to 40 strands
  • Waterproof and shatterproof bulbs
  • Slightly expensive

4. Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights

Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights

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If you are looking for an easy and economical way of creating a romantic ambiance in your backyard or lighting you’re your home for special occasions, then these string lights from Lampat are a great choice. Enjoying a cool breeze in the evening with your family and friends at your backyard that is warmly lit with gorgeous lights will surely bring a truly unforgettable experience this summer. Having been made using a thick yet flexible cord, you can use your creativity to hang the lights just the way you want.

Does your anniversary correspond with the summer holiday? Well, it is time to surprise the other better half with something unique. Adding these bulbs in your bedroom will bring an enchanting look. With soft glowing lights, these strands will radiate calm and peaceful lighting that lets you relax and spend quality time with your other better half. Each stand has a total length of 25 feet with 25 clear G40 Bulbs. Plus, the lights have three end to end connection, allowing you to add up to three strands when you are looking to light a large area.

  • Gives out a beautiful illumination
  • Commercial grade weatherproof construction
  • Multipurpose, ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting
  • Very easy to hang
  • Slightly shorter than other models

3. Amico 49FT Outdoor String Lights

Amico 49FT Outdoor String Lights

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A light that delivers a warm glow is nice; it is even superb if it has dimmable settings to allow you to create an even livelier environment. This outdoor light comes with vintage style bulbs that give your outdoors an enchanting look. If you are a warm light that you can easily customize to bring a relaxed environment, then you will absolutely love this string light. For enhanced durability and safety, the power cord is UL certified. It also IP65 waterproof rated, making it safe to use in extreme weather conditions such as rainy days and damp climates.

In the same breath, this light is made using exceptionally high-quality materials, making it ideal for wide applications including celebrations, BBQ parties, and weddings as well as commercial use such as restaurants. Besides, these lights are also compatible with dimmer switch that customizes the light into a more soothing, romantic lighting.

  • Compatible with dimmer switch
  • Wide compatibility
  • Delivers a romantic and soothing mood lighting
  • Weatherproof and UL Certified
  • The dimmer kit is not included

2. Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights

Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights

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This summer, up to your game and impress your guests, family, and neighbors with a superbly lit backyard. Having been made by masters in this game, these lights transform your parties instantly by adding a festoon touch. Forget about the chilly nights; this string light comes with 15, 11-watt incandescent lights that produce a warm glow, adding a romantic and intimate vibe to your dinner dates. Even better, the light is ruggedly built using durable waterproof materials that last year after year.

There is hardly a limit to the number of lights that you can use to decorate your patio. Ideally, using more lights brings a more relaxed atmosphere. Each strand measures about 48 feet with a yellow glowing incandescent bulb set at 3 feet apart. Plus you can connect up to eight end to end strands and customize the arrangement to suit your needs. Moreover, you can now have complete faith while using these ETL listed compliance lights.

  • Various lighting modes
  • ETL compliant for enhanced safety
  • Weatherproof construction lets you use them outdoors anytime
  • Easy installation
  • The bulbs are quite fragile

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Hanging Vintage String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Hanging Vintage String Lights

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Give your pergola, patio, or porch a French bistro look and feel with this vintage styled string light from Brightech. These lights give your backyard a stunning retro look that you and your guests will love. Fitted with Edison bulbs that give off a warm nostalgic glow, the string light lets you create a warm garden atmosphere for a romantic dinner, cocktail party, BBQ or even a wedding reception. Better yet, these lights boast of heavy duty, commercial grade weatherproof construction. Boasting of Brightech’s weatherTite technology, you can use these lights outdoors rain or shine. For added durability, these lights come with an extra thick flexible cord that lets you hang them almost anywhere.

Make your home stand out this summer with these multipurpose string lights. The lights are cleverly designed to offer best in class dimmable operation, enabling you to set the right mood outdoor or indoors with a flick of a switch. Apart from this, each string comes with 15 incandescent glass bulbs. As such, this string light will illuminate a large area incredibly well.

  • Heavy-duty, weatherproof construction
  • Dimmable settings let you set your preferred mood
  • Deliver a nostalgic glow that transforms your outdoor into a stunning retro look
  • Long strands measuring 48 foot, lets you illuminate a large area
  • None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best String Outdoor Lights

String lights for outdoors add warmth and charming illumination to your backyard, patio, or camping sites. However, to do this, it is paramount to get the lights that meet your needs. The following tips help you select the best outdoor string lights from the multitudes available online.

  • Overall build: Well, while you should expect to find most of the outdoor lights to have weatherproof constructions, their performance differs depending on the manufacturer. Some will provide this performance for several seasons then deteriorate with time. When looking at the weatherproof performance, start by looking at the cord of the string light. It should be well insulated from heat, cold while retaining its flexibility. The bulb sockets should also have a watertight construction.
  • Installation: Another crucial feature to look at is the installation. We recommend selecting lights that have hanging tips or hooks, especially for string lights with bulbs that are close to each other. Hooks also make it easy to hang on tree branches, nails; pretty much anywhere. However, if the bulbs are well spaced, you don’t have to worry about hooks as you can wind the wire around tree branches or nails effortlessly.
  • Look and energy efficiency: It doesn’t make sense of installing a sting light only to make the place look hideous than it is now. We recommend going for incandescent bulbs if you are looking for a more romantic or add an enchanting look to your space. However, if you are looking for brighter illumination and energy efficiency, we recommend selecting the LED string lights.


An Outdoor string light can make the difference between a night filled with joy and a boring dinner at the Patio. The best thing about each of the lights we have reviewed here is that they are weatherproof. This means you don’t have to keep installing and taking them down after every party. With that being said, it is also crucial to remember that our needs are unique. Therefore you should do your due diligence and pick a model that meets your needs best. Cheers!

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