Best Outdoor Curtains in 2021 Reviews

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You must want to gain a little privacy when there are those people who are called nosy neighbors for a reason. They like to watch what their neighbors do all the time. One way to keep the neighbors from spying on your activities is to use one of the top 20 outdoor curtains in 2021.

These curtains not only withstand the stares of the neighbors but also handle the different weather patterns that hit your area. They are strong durable and private which makes them a good addition to your home’s outdoor areas. They also look good too.

List Of Our Best Outdoor Curtains Review On Amazon.Com

20. PONY DANCE Outdoor Curtain Drapes


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Measuring about 95 by 52 inches each, these two curtains use 7 curtain rod hangers to block your neighbor’s view. Along with that function, these curtains also block about 95% of the UV and other sun’s rays.

Made from waterproof polyester the rain is not going to be a problem either. Enjoy your backyard again by using one of the top outdoor curtains on the market today. They hold their shape even after machine washing and ironing.

19. Exclusive Home Curtains Indoor/Outdoor Window Curtain

 Exclusive Home

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Add a little decorative touch when you hang these striped outdoor curtains in your patio area. The fabric is a water-resistant polyester that also repels mold and mildew. Each panel measures 96 by 54 inches in size which allows them to cover a lot of territories.

In addition to that, the 8 silver-colored grommets fit 1 5/8 inch curtain rods with ease. With 6 colors to choose from, you should be able to find one that enhances your outdoor area. Hand washes or spot clean.

18. Cross Land Outdoor Waterproof Patio Curtains

 Cross Land Outdoor Waterproof Patio Curtains

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You have spent a lot of money landscaping and decorating your outdoor patio area. Don’t ruin it by putting cheap curtains up to block the neighbors’ view. These 84 by 54-inch curtains handle the noise, the light, and other issues while keeping the look of your patio area perfect.

These waterproof curtains also come with rustproof grommets. That makes them look good for years. Also, they block UV rays so your carpets and furniture do not fade in the sunlight.

17. RYB HOME White Sheer Outdoor Curtains

 RYB HOME White Sheer Outdoor Curtains 96 inches Long

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Sheer curtains add a touch of elegance and luxury to any area they are attached to. These 96 by 54-inch sheer curtains will make your outdoor patio area look very elegant.

Once you put these top curtains up, you are going to get the right balance between light and privacy. Light come sin but not the glare. Also, they are not afraid of the weather or the washing machine, To dry just hang them back up again. The grommets are rustproof as well.

16. RYB HOME Waterproof Sheer Curtains

 RYB HOME Waterproof Sheer Curtains

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Waterproof curtains are a must for any outdoor curtains. These100 by 96-inch curtains are waterproof and they help keep the light and glare from your rooms or patio spots. Being sheer, they let the airflow through to your room keeping it nice and cool.

Plus, you have quick dry curtains that can be machine washed. When that is done just return them to their spot and hang them up to dry. These curtains are easy to slide on and off the curtain rod.

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15. NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain

 NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain Tab Top Extra Long Drapery for Pool

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The beautiful solid colors these curtains come in will complement your patio area and upgrade its look. They measure 108 by 52 inches overall and make sure your patio area looks better than a billionaire’s.

In addition to that, these curtains block the sun, rain and the wind to give you a peaceful moment or two on your patio. They also block the neighbors from peering into your activities. If you want, you can use them as a outdoor shower curtain to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

14. RYB HOME Outdoor Curtains

 RYB HOME Outdoor Curtains 100 inches

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If you live in a cold region of the country, these thermal curtains can help keep the cold out and the heat in. Even in your outdoor area. Measuring about 100 by 95 inches in size you get a great privacy screen.

Not only are the neighbor’s stopped from watching, so are the sun and the rain. Or you can hang them in your home to let their beauty upgrade and enhance the look of every room you put them in.

13. IKEA Sheer Lace Curtains

 Ikea Mesh Lace Curtains, 110 Inch By 98 Inch

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When you want the cool breeze to flow through your home, these sheer curtains may do the trick. Not only do they let the air through, but they also provide a little privacy as well. Having privacy lets you relax a little.

Also, each panel measures about 110 by 98 inches in total and cover large windows with ease. They slide on a variety of different sized curtain rods without giving you any hassles. If you need to, these curtains can be cut to length without hemming.

12. Chad Made Outdoor Waterproof Curtain

 Extra Wide Outdoor Waterproof Curtain Wheat 120" W x 96" L Grommet Eyelet

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13 available colors let you explore your creative tastes and give your room a fresh updated look. Each panel in this set measures about 120 by 96 inches and provides you with privacy and sun protection.

Then the rustproof aluminum grommets do not rust preserving the good looks of these curtains for many years. These curtains are also great for outdoors but they may fade over time in the hot summer sun. Use cold water when you wash the curtains in your washing machine.

11. Elrene Home Fashions Single Window Outdoor Curtain Panels

 Elrene Home Fashions Matine Indoor/Outdoor Solid Tab Top Single Panel Window Curtain Drape, 52"x84"

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White adds an angelic look to your porch, patio or room. These white curtains should have your guests thinking they are in heaven when they visit your home. You have 3 lengths to choose from so all your windows can look so heavenly.

On top of that, you get 108 by 52-inch curtains in this set. They help block outsiders’ view of your activities or the sun so you stay nice and cool. Once up, they block UV rays, rain, resist mildew and a lot more.

10. NICETOWN Balcony Privacy Curtains

 NICETOWN Balcony Privacy Curtains Outdoor

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Having a little privacy is important. There will be those times where you do not want anyone and everyone watching everything you do. These top outdoor curtains come in 6 colors to make sure your home looks good all the time.

In addition to that, these 84 by 52-inch curtains block the sun, the rain and are wrinkle resistant. Their rustproof grommets also lend a hand in keeping your home looking great. That is as important as having some privacy.

9. IKEA LILL mesh lace curtains

 IKEA LILL mesh lace curtains, 8 panels

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In this set, you get 8 panels to cover your windows and get a little privacy in your home. Also, you get a little sun and airflow without it being annoying or fading your interior decor.

The curtains 110 by 98-inch size makes them able to handle lots of window or patio space with ease. Made from polyester, these curtains should last you for many years to come. They look good and handle your needs like an expert.

8. Sun Zero Beacon Woven Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

 Sun Zero Beacon Woven Indoor/Outdoor UV Protectant Grommet Curtain Panel

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You may not be rich but you and your home can look like it. These top-quality curtains look classy no matter where you hang them in your home. With their 84 by 52-inch size, you get lots of UV protection once you hang them up.

Also, the curtains are lightweight but that doesn’t stop them from being water or stain resistant. Rustproof grommets contribute to the curtains lightweight. Machine washable and tumble dry capable.

7. NICETOWN White Sheer Outdoor Curtains

 NICETOWN White Sheer Panel Elegant Tab Top Waterproof Curtain

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84 by 54 inches provide your outdoor areas with a lot of sun protection. Enjoy the sun’s light without having to endure the heat. Even though these outdoor curtains are sheer, you still get a little privacy when unfolded.

On top of that, you have machine-washable curtains that help stop the insects from ruining your party. With a wrinkle-free construction, these outdoor curtains should always look their best when handling your privacy concerns. YOu can dry clean them also.

6. Sun Zero Valencia UV Protectant Indoor Outdoor Curtains

 Sun Zero Valencia UV Protectant Indoor Curtain Panel

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Stripes add a decorative touch to any indoor or outdoor setting. They are a good conversation piece and help contribute to your outdoor setting’s overall look. Plus, you have sun, stain and water protection to varying degrees.

On top of that, you also get 84 by 54 inches of coverage. That amount blocks out a lot of the sun and its UV rays. Made from tough polyester these curtains are durable and good looking. They also come with rustproof grommets.

5. Exclusive Home Curtains Indoor/Outdoor Window Curtain

 Exclusive Home Curtains Indoor/Outdoor Solid Cabana Grommet Top Curtain Panel Pair, 54x96

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Flexibility is king. These great outdoor curtains work well inside and do not deprive you of any good looks. Also, you have lots of privacy once you hang these curtains where you need them.

Made from water and mildew resistant polyester these outdoor curtains also block the sun as well as the neighbor’s stairs. Measuring 96 by 54 inches in size, you can get these curtains in 14 different colors. Upgrading your home’s look is going to be easy.

4. brightown LED Curtain String Light

 600 LED Curtain String Light 20 Feet Pro Icicle Lights with Remote and Timer

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Block the neighbor’s view by using the handy remote control to light up this outdoor curtain. It comes with 600 LED lights to make sure you have privacy as well as being able to see what you are doing.

8 light modes and a timer give you 6 hours of a great light show that will impress your nosey neighbors. The curtains are waterproof and provide you with 20 by 10 feet of outdoor light fun. They go up like normal curtains.

3. Lighting Ever LED Curtain Lights

 LE LED Curtain Lights, 19.7x9.8ft, 594 LED

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Once you bring this curtain set home you will have about 594 LED lights putting on a light show that is second to none. With 8 modes and 20 by 10 feet of space, these lights make sure you have a great time and a lot of privacy.

They also do not use up a lot of energy when on. Plus, you can touch them while they are on. These lights should not overheat even with long term use.

2. Coolaroo Exterior Roller Shade

 Coolaroo Exterior Roller Shade, Cordless Roller Shade with 80% UV Protection, No Valance

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Blinds can be outdoor curtains as well. This set of blinds make sure you get about 6 by 6 feet of privacy as well as sun protection. They are easy to put up and once you have that task completed, these blinds go up and down very easily.

Then the knitted fabric allows for some airflow while blocking out about 80% of the UV rays that come their way. The blinds also resist fading, mold, and mildew to make sure your home is always healthy and good looking.

1. Twinkle Star LED Window Curtain

 Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light Wedding Party Home Garden Bedroom Outdoor Indoor Wall Decorations

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300 LED lights shine brilliantly once you turn them on. After you install this light curtain, you can have privacy as well as a fine-looking patio or another outdoor area. Also, the curtains cover about 6 1/2 feet by 10 feet so your patio gets lit up like a Christmas tree.

Plus, the corded controller gives you 10 feet of length to help you operate this light curtain. A push of the button gets you one of 8 possible light modes. Easy installation makes this light curtain a reality in your home.

Some final words

Protecting your privacy is not wrong. There are just some things you want to keep from your neighbors and these curtains help you do it. When you turn to one of the top 20 best outdoor curtains in 2021, you are getting the top of the line protection.

Also, you are getting a good looking curtain that enhances any room or outdoor area you place them in. With the protection from the sun and water, you also get to keep you and your family safe from health issues.

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