Top 10 Best Nursing Pillows in 2022 Reviews

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For new moms and newborn babies, there must be no compromise in their health aspects. During this phase, they may prone to falling sick and getting allergic. To provide them with comfort, it is best to purchase nursing pillows for them. The process of breastfeeding will be easier and less stress when the moms use these pillows. There is a need for proper support in order to make sure the breastfeeding is free from discomfort. There are a lot of factors to select the best nursing pillows that include shape, quality, comfort, types of materials used and many others.

Getting your baby into correct position and supporting the baby weight until the process of feeding completes may be challenging. But with the use of a suitable nursing pillow, it can be more easier. A wrong choice of nursing pillows may let you end up with discomfort and improper position while breastfeeding. Do take a look at the best nursing pillows below to get a proper idea regarding their purchase:

Our List of Top 10 Nursing Pillows in 2022 on Amazon:

10. Bamibi Multi-functional Pregnancy Pillow

Bamibi Multifunctional Pregnancy Pillow

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Now the breastfeeding moms can sleep well during pregnancy by the use of the Bamibi pregnancy pillow. Moreover, during the breastfeeding period, these moms will be able to sleep comfortably on their side while nursing. Basically, this is a side sleeper pillow capable to support your stomach. As a result, there will be a reduction in pain or discomfort experienced during back or hips.


  • This pillow product could be used as a baby nest or a breastfeeding pillow in order to support the baby properly and comfortably.
  • There will be the prevention of regurgitation or lying down to sleep.
  • It comes with a baby protecting internal cushion that could be positioned in a convenient fashion in bed or sofa.
  • Multi-function which could facilitate the moms since pregnancy until after delivery.

9. NurSit Basic Nursing Pillows and Positioner

NurSit Basic Nursing Pillows

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Basically recognized as a nursing and baby support pillow, this product offers appropriate support for nursing. The essential qualities include hypoallergenic and microfiber filling. Therefore, Nursit is the finest breastfeeding pillow that could make both yourself and your baby feel at ease while performing the most difficult task ever.  Moreover, it proves to be an excellent travel nursing pillow for offering maximum comfort at different places –home or travel.


  • It comes with a 100% polyester cover.
  • This nursing pillow is made machine washable.
  • It is guaranteed to be as soft as new every time you use it.
  • In order to clean it, just toss the whole pillow inside the washing machine. There is no need to remove pillow slipcovers or pulling out filling.

8. Borje New Design Newborn Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow

Borje 45°Angle Newborn Nursing Pillows

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Prepared in a beautiful new design, the Borje adjustable pillow is made with soft materials inside. The material used in the making of its pillow cover is 100% cotton, so your baby will adore the softness of the fabric. During the use, it will comfortably bond with your baby while breastfeeding or while bottle feeding. Hence, excellent relief will be provided for your back and arms.


  • It facilitates ergonomic position during breastfeeding.
  • The zipper is covered so irrespective of the side you use, your baby’s skin will never touch the zipper.
  • Its baby feeding pillowcase is machine washable –just pop it in the washer inside the gentle cycle and it will come clean.

7. The Original Inflatable Nursing Pillows with Slipcover

Inflatable Nursing Pillows

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The Royexe inflatable breastfeeding pillow includes a revolutionary portable nursing cushion design. This unique design allows you to carry this soft nursing pillow wherever you want. Unlike other large breastfeeding cushions, this nursing pillow deflates completely to conveniently fit into a corner of your baby’s diaper.


  • Whenever inflated, it will alleviate the mom’s tired hands and allows easy latch-on for proper baby positioning.
  • Its manufacturing is done using the tough PVC material, so it can withstand pressure up to 300 lb.

6. Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillows

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The Boppy best latch breastfeeding pillow is specially developed with a lactation consultant. Its firm side showcases soft minky fabric which is uniquely contoured to assist turn your baby towards you for a simple latch. Moreover, the softer fiberfill side comes with a cotton blend fabric. This fabric material provides a snug surface to adopt the growth of your baby.


  • There are two distinct surfaces that make its overall design unique.
  • There is an adjustable belt that retains the snug fit inside against your body to guarantee proper support. You will be able to tuck buckles into little pockets for the purpose of washing.

5. My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillows

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillows

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Throughout the breastfeeding session, both the mom and baby will feel the support of this supportive nursing pillow. It encourages improved posture during breastfeeding, eliminating strain on your neck, arms, and back. The overall huge design is sufficiently big to conveniently support both twins during breastfeeding.


  • In this nursing pillow, the convenient pocket stores your maternity supplies within easy accessibility.
  • There is a special matte finish layer capable to refract light to remove glare.
  • Important features include residue-free removal, anti-reflective, oil-resistant, reusable, high clarity, smudge resistant, washable, and anti-glare.
  • It comes in a special wrap-around design to conveniently adjust to fit most sizes.

4. Infant Nursing Arm Pillows

Infant Nursing Arm Pillows

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Prepared in a beautiful gray color, this infant nursing pillow is useful for feeding a baby while traveling. It can uniquely benefit both babies and nursing mothers. It proves to be an excellent companion for your mom and babysitter’s buddy to provide excellent support and comfort. Also, it can aptly adopt the growth of your baby.


  • Its surface is made slip-on with cushion to enhance the softness during the use.
  • This nursing pillow is made in a compact and travel-friendly design. It is super lightweight and made in a portable design to let you carry it easily in your bag.
  • Its size is 10 x 12 x 4 inches when closed and it is 22 x 11 x 2 inches when laid flat.

3. Nai-B Inflatable Nursing Pillows

Nai-B Inflatable Nursing Pillows

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The Nai-B inflatable nursing pillow is specially designed for both mom and baby. Its manufacturing is done from the eco-friendly materials and it comes with a 100% cotton cover. Moreover, there is a germ-resistant TPU inner chamber. To simplify the hassles during wash, its cover is machine washable. Besides, the air chamber is easy to wipe clean.


  • The pillow possesses a comfortable curve and there is an adjustable air chamber with incorporated pump.
  • Its waist belt is wide and made sturdy for comfort. You only need to remove it for experiencing lightweight and compact benefits.

2. littlebeam Portable and Versatile Nursing Support Pillow

littlebeam Breastfeeding Nursing Support Pillows

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The littlebeam nursing support pillow boasts the unique body-hugging shape. This shape eliminates the need for straps for Velcro to stay in place. Moreover, it provides the perfect height for hassle-free latching and comfort.


  • Its portable small size conveniently fit inside the diaper bags for feedings instantly. So, you will be able to nurse anytime and anywhere without any discomfort.
  • The pillow’s multipurpose features can offer excellent postural support for supporting the head, knees, lower back and neck of mom and bay.
  • It includes soft, supportive memory foam interior to allow perfect positioning during a breastfeeding session.

1. Itzy Ritzy Infant Nursing Pillows

Itzy Ritzy Infant Nursing Pillows

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The Itzy Ritzy’s infant nursing pillow is capable to provide customized support for baby and mom. There will be a reduction in the arm strain while also keeping baby comfortable. Basically, this pillow can be used after feeding to assist comfortably burp baby by rocking it gently back and forth when resting them against the pillow.


  • It is easy to rotate the nursing pillow around the arm to get the perfect fir and hold according to your comfort expectations.
  • This nursing pillow allows you to use it as an armrest by merely placing it beneath your arm and not place your arm through the inner opening.

Concluding Note:

In absence of proper support, the breastfeeding mothers may need to suffer from pains in their neck, head, shoulders, and back. Both the breastfeeding mothers and baby will feel great comfort throughout the nursing period with the use of these pillows.

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