Top 10 Best Night Vision Security Cameras in 2022 – Buying Guides

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Are you still worried about leaving your house or your shop for a whole night and don’t know what’s happening when you leave? Even security guards don’t emphasize much about capturing anyone’s actions.

In solving your worries, we are introducing the top 10 best night vision security cameras that you can use all day long and seeing any actions or people along the streets, in front of your shop or outside your house.

Those cameras will surely serve you well, by its smart performances as well as high-quality and clear pictures.

Here is the list of Best Night Vision Security Cameras:

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10. Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera for Outdoor Home Surveillance with Solar Panel by REOLINK

Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera for Outdoor Home Surveillance with Solar Panel by REOLINK
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Reolink is known as one of the best cameras with water resistance and its unique features. It is a wireless camera that is portable and easy to install both inside and outside your place, exclude the set-up professionals coming to your place and saving your money.

Reolink Argus Pro has verified enduringness against harsh water and extreme sunlight with an IP65 certification. You can also see live actions from the camera by simply commanding to the google assistant. It comes with a micro USB hole and a battery that can be refilled.

The most interesting part that captures everyone’s attention is its resolution videos. It has full HD pictures and strengthens night-sight with 1920×1080 resolution, capturing smooth, clear videos and high-quality images with a better night-vision.

The Argus Pro allows users to insert an additional space for videos storage, saving every motion to Reolink cloud quickly and reversible videos playing back and forth. You can install this camera by yourself. The voice projection is comprehensible and instructions will come along in the box.

9. ZOSI 8 Channel Night Vision Remote Access Surveillance Camera System

ZOSI 8 Channel Night Vision Surveillance Camera System
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ZOSI has DVR recorder paired with 8 weatherproof high-quality bullet cameras of 720p full HD with a great long night vision 65ft and 72degree view angle. The CCTV cabling provides an efficient quality for a more stable wireless system that users can rely on.

You can view and remote your security camera anywhere and everywhere you want to via ZOSI client software on your PC or laptops or smartphones. The camera also alerts notifications and emails to your phone directly, whenever there are any unstable things.

ZOSI provides 4 types of recording modes to satisfy the consumers’ needs. It allows the users to download the files that are recorded for the USB and it doesn’t have a hard drive. This camera provides customers a 2 years’ warranty and refunds in 90 days if problems are found.

8. Youmeet WiFi IP Security Camera – Home Surveillance Cameras with WiFi and Wire Connection

Youmeet WiFi IP Security Camera - Home Surveillance Cameras
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Youmeet is an intelligent indoor and outdoor camera, which can be easily installed and set up. This camera comes with a lot of special features that meet the users’ needs. The two-way connection is easing your way of checking any situations that are happening in your house, shop or on the streets by remoting and reviewing from anywhere in the world.

The two-way audio is gaining more closeness between where the camera belongs and you. It is a built-in microphone and speaker, making you talk to your loved one whenever you want and enabling ringtones is also available for the camera as well.

An IP66 waterproof function is working well along with this camera, but it is not advisable for the camera to stand on strong sunlight reflection and it is recommended to installing under the roof. The quality of the camera is working great by the 2MP 4MM zoom lens, good quality lives videos and a high resolution of 1920x1080p picture quality.

The camera is automatically set its function to an auto white balance, exposure, sharp and contrast rich-night vision quality and IR auto switch.

This security camera supports the live motion, sound detection, and smartphone notifications alert. It also supports microSD card recording videos and playing backs. A default black or white vision is available up to 20m/60ft.

This camera has 110degrees wide-angle lens with 350degree horizontal and 95 degrees vertically rotating to any desired angles.

7. 1080p Analog HD MPX Bullet Night Vision Security Camera by Lorex

1080p Analog HD MPX Bullet Night Vision Security Camera by Lorex
  Get it now on Leaving your home, shops or workplace at night won’t be a concern anymore when it comes to Lorex, a day or night 1080p HD bullet security camera. It keeps you away from wicked activities that are expectedly happening.

The design is astounding and perfect as it seems for a good quality camera with a high-tech resolution and MPX security system.

The camera provides a night vision range up to 130ft in high-exposure and complete darkness. It offers securitized vandalism and ip66 waterproof for both outdoor and indoor usages.

6. 1080p Dome Wireless Night Vision Security Camera by YI

1080p Dome Wireless Night Vision Security Camera by YI
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This camera is easing your way of using a security camera by a fast and versatile setup and installation. It is a simple and flexible storage anywhere you want. It is working as a smart camera, which supports a 345degree horizontal rotation and 115degree vertical rotation. It automatically returns to an auto-masking mode ensuring nothing is being recorded without your permission.

YI cloud is being created to cooperate with the camera system by securing any actions in your recorded videos from an SD card. By all means, even if your camera is damaged or stolen the videos are still safe and secured with the YI cloud.

An auto-cruised mode is also available in this camera, it can detect moving objects and captures any movements with motion tracker in the tech support. This camera automatically sends the notifications directly to your smartphone, whenever it detects the baby’s crying sound within a few seconds.

A superb night-vision that you can possibly see, if your baby is deeply falling asleep at night, or fully awake without any LED flare to any directions it is pointing.

The two-way audio allows you to have a clear and stable dialogue between you and your loved ones and it lets you activate both loud-speaker and a microphone. The camera lets you customize the settings based on your own choice.

5. 1080P HD Smart Wifi Security Camera – Night Vision by TP-Link

1080P HD Smart Wifi Security Camera, Night Vision by TP-Link
  Get it now on Let’s secure your belongings as well as checking any detective motions with Kasa Spot indoor security camera that does the live stream videos and pictures in a crystal clear and full HD quality with a 1080p.

It provides 130degree angle view to ensure that nothing is out of sight. The camera simply alerts notifications for users instantly, when it detects motion or unusual sounds, easing your way in using and you don’t have to open the app all day long just to check what happens.

It provides a night-vision up to 20ft during dark nights, a securitized and stabilized security will come to your way. All of your video streams are being protected with industry standard 128bit encrypted with SSL/TLS.

4. Waterproof Surveillance Cameras Night Vision by X-VIM

Waterproof Surveillance Cameras Night Vision by X-VIM
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X-VIM is equipped with many special features that everyone is wishing for. It provides 4 channels. It instantly pushes notifications for detective motions and sounds, when an unknown person is breaking into your house or shop. An IP66 weatherproof camera that is flexible in both indoors and outdoors usages, whether it is raining, snowing.

The recorded videos can be controlled and viewed on your mobile phone, TV or PC anytime and anywhere you want to. It ensures accurate saturated-colors in any circumstances, day or night and the videos can be lived streams as well.

The camera also allows users to set up a detective zone from your DVR and any detective motions are emailed directly to you. There are 1-year warranty and 30 days’ refund for dissatisfaction.

3. ANNKE Full HD Surveillance Camera System, Night Vision for Outdoor

3. ANNKE Full HD Surveillance Camera System
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As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”, and that is what describes the ANNKE Surveillance Camera System. The image quality coming out of these cameras is very impressive. A 3 megapixels’ camera is transferring a cool-vision by its exposure and vividness, results in gratifying your way of seeing pictures and outputting great recording quality. As with most mid-range to high-end surveillance cameras, these come with an amazing night vision feature as well reaching up to 100 feet.

They also boast an H.264+ Compression technology, this enables you to record up to 7 times longer than H.264 with the same HDD, which in turn enables users to save more money on video surveillance storage. Furthermore, these have motion detection technology, that has been programmed to reduce the wrong number of notifications, allowing users to receive accurate pictures and updated information through email. A quality product worth every penny.

2. Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Security Camera by SV3C

2. Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Security Camera by SV3C
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The SV3C outdoor security camera is a highly popular choice for those who are looking for a feature rich and inexpensive camera. This camera comes in 2 versions, 1080p and 720p which includes almost everything most users could ever need from a security camera such as wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz (does not support 5G), an IP66 waterproof rating (withstanding temperatures of -20°C up to 60°C, a motion detection system that takes snapshots/recordings and sends it via email (giving users freedom to adjust sensitivity to their liking).

One of the main selling points of the camera, however, is the night vision mode, the camera is assembled with 36 pcs IR led lights, and not to mention the wireless monitoring system that allows users to view what is being recorded live from their phones or PCs while away from home. The camera also supports up to 128gb of onboard SD storage for saving clear recordings.

All in all, a definite solid choice for most consumers, unless they are MAC users, then there might be problems with some software such as PC Client and Search Tool, but definitely not a deal-breaker.

1. Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera by Netvue (Updated Version)

1. Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera by Netvue (Updated Version)
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The Netvue 1080p outdoor security camera has a lot to offer with a very reasonable price tag. This feature packed camera has a 36mm lens that provides a 100° view, it allows users to get live full HD video both day and night, thanks to its infrared LED’s letting them see up to 60 feet in the dark. Also, it has a two-way audio system, allowing users to listen and reply to the audio input.

Not to mention, the camera also includes cloud storage for users to save all their video recordings, and with an IP66 waterproof rating, this camera can withstand any sorts of rainy weathers, as well as fluctuated temperatures making this camera super durable.

So, at this price-point, and a ton of useful features, this camera is hard to beat, and a very good pickup for anyone in the market for a new wireless camera.

Buying Guide

If you are considering getting a high-quality night-vision camera, this buying guide may help you through choosing the right one based on some verifications:

  • Quality and Resolution: We recommend you look for a full HD camera for a better picture so that it is easy to check and identify any suspicious motions. It is better to find a 1920×1080 or even better for a 2048×1536 resolution.
  • Micro SD slot: This slot is important in storing recorded videos and playbacks, whenever you miss out the live streams. It is highly-highly recommended to find a camera that can contain storage up to 64gb or more.
  • Angle View: A perfect angle view might be 355degree horizontal and 110degree vertical so that you don’t miss anything out of your sight.
  • Water Resistant and Sunlight: It is important to find a camera that can stand for harsh water and strong sunlight because we are mostly putting night-vision cameras for outdoor usage.
  • Warranty: There should be at least a 1-year warranty for reassurance.


It is crucial for having a night-vision security camera for both indoor and outdoor usages. It keeps you away from your concern in securing your place from distance and protects your place from nefarious actions that may occur as well. After reading this article, we hope you might make the right decision in choosing a good quality camera to put at your place.

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