Top 10 Best Music Stand Lights in 2022

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You might be wondering which the best music stand lights are, here we can sort out this problem of yours. We have collected the best models for you concerning these music stand lights. You can even use them as reading lights. Furthermore, they do not put any pressure on your eyes. They do not light up your page with shadows. Moreover, you can adjust their brightness level if you want to! If you are a musician or reader, then using these kinds of stand lights is a must for you.

Even more, they are exclusively designed for professional and beginner level musicians. It is by using these stand lights that your music playtime will be able to get better and professional. For reading, studying or to light up your computer, you can use this same product. One can avail these stand lights to light up their laptop or notebook keyboard. Now, let us have a look at the reviews and see which of the music stand lights will work for you:

Best Music Stand Lights in 2022 Reviews

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10. Vekkia 3000K-6000K Super Bright 19 LED

Vekkia Music Stand Lights

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Have you ever used a music stand light which manages to offer 3 brightness levels, we have one such suggestion for you. And it is this Vekkia 3000K-6000K Super Bright 19 LED Music Stand Light. Note down that this recommendation delivers 3 color temperatures and 3000K warm as well as 3 brightness levels for each color. You are free to customize your light pattern if you want to! It marks itself as a stable kind of light source because it does not flicker and dazzle.

We have given our thumbs up to this reviewed music stand light. You can try it as well as it protects your vision and also reduces eye fatigue. It is because of the presence of 19 beads of LED that you will be offered a wider illumination area. Apart from that, this light gives out an even lighting effect. It has the potential to illuminate up to four A4 pages. Lastly, this option is featured with Anti-Glare Shield Design.

What We Like

  • It is budget-friendly and more eco-friendly.
  • It can be maneuver any place you want to.
  • You will get a 1-year warranty time.

9. Kootek Clip On Book Lights Music Light Stand


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Most certainly, you are going to love this Kootek Clip On Book Lights Music Light Stand. We have given our strong support to this recommendation as it comes with a built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery. It is packed with 10 bright LEDs. And the package is included with an AC adapter and USB cord. It runs on the one-button control power system and that is the USP of it. It let you adjust and set its brightness level scale as well.

You are free to set up it on music stands, pianos or the orchestra pits. You can place this same music stand light on desks, tables. In another word, this product gives you multiple numbers of options to mount it almost anywhere and any angle as it is infused with an anti-skid clip.

What We Like

  • 10 bright LEDs are present in it.
  • It is widely and extensively used.
  • It is 100% portable and lightweight.

8. TEECOO Music Stand Light

TEECOO Music Stand Lights

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If you are looking for a music stand light option which is best to be used on music stands, then try out this TEECOO Music Stand Light for once. It offers multi-uses and that is the unique selling point of it. Also, you can use it to lighten up your iPad, Kindle and also tablets and regular books. For your piano playtime and orchestra pits, work tables or for your DJ’s, craft tables, you can mount this light.

Besides, you can carry it anywhere you want to. It is not heavy in terms of weight and light enough to move. It is by using a USB or 3xAAA batteries that you can turn on the functioning and operations of this music stand light. Beyond, it gives out a non-flickering light. It means, your eyes will remain protected for a long time. You will see three levels of brightness in it. It is up to you which brightness level you want to select. Moreover, this option is installed with 2 flexible arms and large enough to illuminate a whole sheet of book.

What We Like

  • Can illuminate and lighten up a whole sheet of paper.
  • It can stand on the desk.
  • It is 360 degrees adjustable.

7. iGoober Rechargeable Music Stand Light


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iGoober Rechargeable Music Stand Light gives the highest and extensive amount of eye care. Talking about the important features of this music stand light, you need to note down that it comes 8 LEDs and 3 light modes. The minute you will press the switch button, then you are free to choose brightness mode/ First click gives you white light. And the second click delivers and gives out warm light.

Moreover, the third click serves white and warm light. Hence, this is an ideal option that you can use for music stands, reading times. Even more, if you regularly use orchestra pits, work tables and you want to further illuminate them, then mount this kind of music stand light on them. You can clip it with anything you want to. Or you can install it in a free stand way. Lastly, this suggestion is 100% QC and guaranteed to work. You will get a full refund or full replacement if this music stand light does not make you happy.

What We Like

  • It is ideal for orchestra pits, craft tables.
  • Dual flexible arms are infused in it.
  • Customers are offered a full refund or replacement.

6. LUMIENS Brooklyn Music Stand Light

Lumiens Music Stand Lights

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LUMIENS Brooklyn Music Stand Light assures to give evenly distributed light. No doubt, this is a great and exceptional looking music stand light version. You will be much satisfied while using it. Most importantly, it is installed and accompanied by an optical grade lens. This feature will make sure and verify that you get an evenly distributed light always.

Furthermore, this specific product is made to be placed on music stands, pianos. Mount it on orchestra pits or use it for your book reading times. It has 2 flexible arms, for the reason that you can adjust it according to your needs and requirements. It is infused with 6 levels of brightness. And note down that 3 levels are present on each arm. You can take this stand light while you are traveling/ Simply bend it and bring it in a compact form. It is its silicone pads that are going to protect the gripped surface right against any kind of damage.

What We Like

  • It easily and seamlessly bends to a compact position.
  • You can clip or attach it to almost anything.
  • It offers 20 hours of continuous use.

5. BIGLIGHT Book Reading Light


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Also, we have BIGLIGHT Book Reading Light, Wireless Music Stand Light for you. Lots of best and attractive properties are present in this version. Most probably, you may give a standing ovation to this product. It is installed with a touch switch. Moreover, it let you enjoy 3 lighting modes. The presence of a robust and strong rubber-padded clamp allows you to clip it with anything. It gives out super bright light and that is the center of attraction of it, Keep in mind that each of the music stand lights is composed of 8pcs of long-lasting LEDs.

They deliver 100 lumens. The induction and outfitting of a built-in rechargeable polymer lithium battery let you use this music stand light for up to the time frame of 12 hours. Even more, it is surrounded by an extendable lighting head. You can fold or extend its head at 180 degrees. So, what are you thinking about? Try out this great and lucrative recommendation and share with us your comments about it.

What We Like

  • It contains 8pcs of longlasting LEDs.
  • It shows no flicker and no shadow.
  • Gives out no dizzy light.

4. GLORIOUS-LITE 14 LED Music Stand Lights

GLORIOUS-LITE Music Stand Lights

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Do you have an interest in buying a music stand light option that offers a 12-month warranty time! We have one such suggestion for you. Here we are talking about GLORIOUS-LITE 14 LED Music Stand Lights. Most certainly, this model will meet all your needs and fulfill all your expectations as it is infused and injected with high-quality LEDs. 3 different brightness scales are given out by it. If you do care for your eyes, then this is the correct stand light which you need to buy. It constantly offers bright, soft light and shows no flicker.

As there is a Built-in 1800MAH lithium battery is present in it, so you always have to make sure that you recharge this battery on full notes. In this way, this light will remain to stay turn on for about the time frame of 11 hours. Besides, you can clip it on your bed, books, computer or your e-reader, desk. Thus, it is the name of giving perfect lighting direction and great viewing.

What We Like

  • You can easily adjust the lighting direction.
  • You can conveniently take it while you are traveling.
  • Customers are offered 12-month warranty time.

3. Lights 14 LED Music Stand Lights- Arrives in an eye-caring design


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Coming to the next details of our recommendation list, we have reviewed this Lightess 14 LED Music Stand Light for you. It arrives and comes in an eye-caring design. This option is accompanied by super bright 14 LEDs. If you fail to look for a music stand light that does not show any of the eye-caring design traits in it, then do not miss out to try this suggestion. Besides, it is 100% convenient to take it anywhere.

It contains a Built-in 1800MAH lithium battery. Keep in mind that if you recharge this battery for 6 hours, then you will be given with 11-hour working time. The usage and application of this music stand light are quite extensive. You can use it on all kinds of music stands, pianos, orchestra, tables. Lastly, it gives you the freedom to control its 3 brightness levels. On the other hand, its LEDs last for about 100,000 hours. If you plan to buy it, then you will get a 1-Year New Replacement time as well as 24/7 Online Customer Service.

What We Like

  • 3 brightness levels are offered by it
  • Its settings can be controlled and operated by one button.
  • You will be served with 24/7 Online Customer Service.

2. Vshinic music stand light- 360 degree adjustable

Vshiny Music Stand Lights

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Vshinic music stand light is fully and completely 360 degrees adjustable/ You may love the use of this stand light because it gives the super amount of bright light. It comes with 9 LEDs and packed with an Optical Grade Lens. You will feel no trouble while using this light as it does not flicker. You can direct its light in any way you want to. And you can simply do that by turning and twisting its 360-degree adjustable head.

To carry this light while you are traveling, what you can do is to simply bend it. It is all because of the clip-on style clip grips that you may not find any hassle while installing this light. It consumes less energy and you can conveniently use it on a rechargeable lithium battery. Hence, if you fail difficulty while reading at night or you want to illuminate your music sheets on extensive notes, then simply try out this product. You will always have a great time.

What We Like

  • You can use it in a free-standing manner.
  • It grips and clips to almost anything.
  • It gives no flicker and shadow.


1. K & M Dual Gooseneck

K & M

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K & M Dual Gooseneck Music Stand Light with 4 LEDs is one of the amazing and easy to use music stand light options for you. You may find this model great looking and highly functional as it is installed with a multifunctional dual-headed light. Moreover, it comes with 2 flexible goosenecks. The light given out by it, it does not put any strain or fatigue on your eyes. Most probably, and we are 99% confident that this music stand light will not let you down. It is easy to carry. And you can power it by using a built-in battery. Do share with us your feedback if you have any interest in buying and ordering this recommendation.

What We Like

  • Powerful dual-headed light is present in it.
  • It gives 100% comfort and versatility.
  • It offers an easy attachment process.

Buyer’s Guide Choosing on Music Stand Lights

  • 3 Brightness Levels¬†

Most importantly, look for that kind of music stand light which gives 3 brightness levels. Moreover, you need to search for the version which gives 3 color temperature settings. If it offers different colors and also different brightness levels, then do buy that option.

  • Anti-Glare Shield

Also, you can buy and purchase that music stand light which functions on the Anti-Glare Shield system. This way, you will be served with a wider illumination area and 100% even lighting effect. Hence, always use that standing light which protects your eyes as well. It should not bring any strain on your eyes. And no shadow effect should be given by it.

  • Super Lightweight and Easy to Set Up

It is important for you to only grab that music stand light model which is light enough to carry. Hunt for the option which carries a travel-friendly design. On the other hand, high-quality versions, they have padded and sturdy big mouth clips. The presence of these clips makes sure to attach your stand light insecure manner.

  • Flexible arm

Your chosen music stand light should be free to rotate. This is only possible if it is outfitted with two flexible arms. This feature will make it super quick for you to adjust the directions of light in any manner you want to.


So,¬†what’s the bottom line? Do incorporate the use of these music stand lights while you have your music times. Their best and promising part is that they are portable, wireless and lightweight. You can use them as desk lights and reading lights too. Furthermore, you are free to use them at home, school and even in the office, dorm, or travel times. They are accompanied by elegant looking designs. A large number of these music stand lights are outfitted with a flexible gooseneck. In this way, you can adjust their height and angle. No doubt, they are commonly used by musicians to illuminate their sheet music. But you can use them for your reading times too.

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