Top 10 Best Lowes Lawn Mowers In 2022

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We’ve assembled ten of the best lawn Lowes mowers for the money. Experts approve every single one of these machine. Homeowners rate them highly, as well. So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to give your backyard a new breath of life or are a brand loyalist, this is the detailed Lowes lawn mowers reviews you’ve been waiting for. Read on;

Best Lowes Lawn Mower Review

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10. Snapper 12AVB2A2707

Snapper 12AVB2A2707

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The Snapper is an impressive self-propelled lawn mower whichever way you look at it. First off, if you’re a green energy advocate, this unit is for you. Unlike most mowers on this list, there’s no priming with the Snapper. Heck, it even doesn’t have a choke system.

This lawnmower yields enough power for your mowing needs of small to large yards. This baby can cut grass up to one acre and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t matter if the terrain is hilly, flat or uneven.

You’ll also love the fact that this machine comes with a Mulch plug to spread out the grass neatly across the lawn and thus help plow nutrients back into the soil. Other stand-out features include the dual-lever height adjustment, ergonomic handle, and the 8 inches front wheels as well as 11 inches rear wheels.

9. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

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The BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 lawn mower could as well be your best bet if you’re looking for a high-performance model but you are on a tight budget. One of the most affordable units on this list, it brings to the fore an output that can rival high-end models.

You can never be in doubt about this mower’s ability to deliver. It boasts brand-exclusive micro-cut twin blades for an ultra-fine cut. That way, you can decide when to cut grass for mulching or bagging.

The machine has a variable speed of 0 to 4 mph. With such speed, it can mow up to 16,000 square feet of lawn with relative ease.

If you thought that the mower above was versatile, then you may want to hear what this model has to offer regarding adaptability. You can fiddle with the cutting height starting from 1 to 1/8 to 4 inches. Nice!

8. GreenWorks Pro MO80L510

GreenWorks Pro MO80L510

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This is one of the best Lowes lawn mowers if you’re in for more horsepower. It packs a brushless motor that delivers power and performance equivalent to a 160 cc gas engine.

On top of that, this monster sports large 10-inch wheels so you can be sure that guiding it through the corners isn’t much of a hassle. Besides, it is lightweight and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge to use.

The MO80L510 has a heavy-duty built, making it an excellent choice for commercial jobs. It’s durable body, and chassis promises years of use, which translates to value for your money. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, too, thereby saving you unnecessary costs in the long run.

Even more impressive, it runs considerably quiet, according to customer feedback. It won’t hurt your ears even when operating at full power. The vibrations aren’t like anything you can’t handle, which means that you can mow for long hours without exhaustion.

7. Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc

Troy-Bilt TB220 159cc

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The Troy-Bilt TB220 is an inexpensive option for those with small lawns. It runs on an easy to start 159cc OHV 725ex Briggs & Stratton engine. Meanwhile, you can count on the mower’s patented TriAction system for a clean, level cut with a single pass.

This mower is one of the few self-propelled lawn mowers with a rake bumper. The bumper lifts grass in an upright position, thus allowing the blade to provide a more beautiful cut. Moreover, the symmetrical deck enables seamless grass flow, eliminating patches or clumping on your lawn.

The makers of this unit know how crucial it is to have a reliable lawn mower. To that effect, they’ve fitted it with a 1.09-quart fuel tank and a sizeable 1.9-bushel grass bag. With such handiness, you can rest assured that you won’t have to waste time to fill or empty the unit mid-mow.

6. PowerSmart DB2321C

PowerSmart DB2321C

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Making it to the first half of our best lawn mowers is this model by PowerSmart. It features a multi-function deck that allows you to discharge, bag, and mulch without changing modes. It gets better.

One of the most important considerations to make when buying a self-propelled lawn mower is the engine power. The DB2321C possesses adequate power for a mid-sized yard. It runs on a high-performance Kohler 149cc Xt675 series engine, giving it the ability to mow in the toughest of terrains.

We love the deck, wheels, and blade aligns in a way that allows you to close-trim on either side of the mower. You can, therefore, mow near shrubs, fences, rocks, and other obstacles. Users love the integrated water hose connector that comes in handy when cleaning under the cutting deck.

5. Craftsman M215 159cc

Craftsman M215 159cc

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The Craftsman M215 is one of the best Lowes lawn mowers if you don’t have a lot of ground to cover, this unit will get the job done just fine. The unit’s Honda gcv160 160cc 4-cycle OHV engine packs enough juice to deal with your lawn quickly as long as you haven’t allowed the grass to overgrow.

This mower is brilliantly assembled – in every sense of the word. It features powder-coated cutting decks, a variable drive system, and a steady easy-to-start engine to meet your cutting needs quickly. You can even adjust mowing pace through the convenient trigger on the handlebar.

You don’t have to worry about the machine’s ability to traverse your lawn. The 8-inches ball bearing wheels indeed play a significant role in increasing the machine’s mobility. The equally big 11-inch rear wheels, on the other hand, work to enhance maneuverability.

4. Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc

Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc

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The TB370 runs on a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, so its power isn’t debatable. It is for anyone who’s looking for convenience and consistency. This mower is incredibly quiet, cleaner, and greener more so because it abides by the EPA emission regulations.

Here’s the thing; when your lawnmower can’t move, you can’t mow. A glance at this unit tells that it can move swiftly on your lawn. After all, it comes with 8 x 11 inches high-performance wheels for additional agility when mowing. But, it is the wheel’s durability that makes them unique.

The TB370 ease of assembly features prominently in the user feedback, so we reckon it is worth mentioning. Those who’ve used this lawnmower say it takes less than 20 minutes to piece it together. Plus, it comes with an instruction manual, complete with pictures.

3. Lawn-Boy 17732

Lawn-Boy 17732

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Here’s a world-class lawn mower by Lawn-Boy, an industry leader. Powered by a powerful Kohler XTX OHV 149cc engine, the 17732 is an excellent choice for small to mid-sized lawns.

Sure, self-propelled lawn mowers, by design, are easy to move around. However, this machine takes maneuverability to a whole new level, thanks to its 4 x 4 drive wheels. The rear hi-wheel design adds agility to this workhorse.

The Lawn-Boy 17732 sports a 22 inch, 3-in-1 steel mower deck to cover a large surface area. Even more intriguing is the fact that the deck comes with a side discharge.

Any self-propelled lawn mower worth your money should offer the versatility you need to work on various terrains. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem with this unit. You can use on any ground (including slopes) and type of grass.

2. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

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A crowd favorite, this machine rightly belongs to the best Lowes lawn mowers countdown. The wide blades allow it cut leaves that scatter over your yard while enabling you to bag, mulch, or conveniently discharge everything.

You have to give to the brains behind the MJ401E-PRO electric mower. It is one of the very few models on the market using the ground-breaking Auto Sense technology. In essence, this means that the mower can automatically figure out the thickness of your grass and power up (or down) accordingly. Now, that’s we call, taking convenience and usability to a whole new level!

One of the most common gripes with push lawn mowers users is the inability to run the machine smoothly across the yard. That, however, is not the case with this model. It weighs a mere 72.6 pounds, translating to less effort when operating.

1. American Lawn Mower Company 50514

American Lawn Mower Company 50514

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The American Lawn Mower Company 50514 is an impressive beast – at least that’s what the users say. If you’ve been looking for a self-propelled lawn mower that can cut tall spring grass, then this is it. It features a self-charging electric start so you can be sure that it will be ready whenever you want it to.
You may notice that this unit is the only model with this function in our collection. Yes, it will bag, mulch or discharge according to your needs and does one better than standard self-propelled lawn mowers.

Now, if you thought that the Versa mow System was terrific, you may also want to know that this lawn mower has another equally crucial function called the Clip Director. This one does pretty much what the name suggests – it allows you to decide how much grass you want to bag or mulch, and the best part is that you don’t need additional accessories!

The powerful engine completes this machine’s outstanding functionality. The engine comes with an auto choke system and can power the mower through 8,000 square feet of mowing quickly. The micro-cut twin-blade and the brand-exclusive NeXite deck, further makes this special.

In Conclusion

We trust that our Lowes lawn mowers reviews have helped you identify what you were looking for. Feel free to share with us how your new machine is working for you!

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