Top 10 Best Laser Tag Sets in 2022

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Do computer games bore you and you want to try real PVP gaming? Do you like to have friends over? Or are you looking for a fun activity to engage in with your family? A game of laser tags is always fun to play irrespective of your age. Whether you are playing it with your family or friends, you can always feel the adrenaline rush.

Just put on the vests and get the blasters to have a real-life battle royale. While there are several laser tag sets available, it is not easy to choose the right one. Hence, we are choosing the best ones for you. In this review, we are overviewing the best laser tag sets in the market. Have a look and have fun playing:

List of 10 Best Laser Tag Sets to Buy in 2022

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10. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters

ArmoGear Laser Tag Sets

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The ArmoGear Laser Tag Blasters are some of the finest infrared laser blasters out there. It sends infrared signals at 0.9 mW and creates a safe environment even for kids. The blasters come with different modes such as pistol and shotgun. And can shoot from a range of up to 150-ft.

Moreover, having construction having the highest quality standards, your child will certainly enjoy playing with it. Ideal for any child above 8 years, it even comes with inbuilt prompts. Finally, the LED light will make the game more interesting.

Key Features:

  • This laser tag set will allow up to 4 persons to participate in an engaging game of laser tag.
  • All the materials in the construction of this laser tag set go through rigorous screening. And different specifications to give you a long-lasting toy.
  • One will need 3AAA batteries for laser blasters and vests to operate.

9. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag


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Now you can play laser tag regularly without having to spend a lot using the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set. The set allows for up to 4 people to play at the same time by forming groups of two. Next, the game is set up in an indoor environment as well as in an outdoor environment. The blasters allow you to switch between weapons. Different modes have different longevity and power, so use judiciously.

Finally, it has received perfect results from the experts and has become a child-friendly product. Therefore, they can perfume different activities with it.

Key Features:

  • The infrared signal produced by this laser tag blaster is less than 1 mW. Thus, you can trust it even for your kids.
  • You can shoot from a range of 130-feet using this amazing and highly sensitive laser tag toy.
  • Also, you can select shotgun, pistol, sub-machine gun and rocket to thwart your enemies in the game.

8. Sharper Image Two Player Toy Laser Tag Gun

Sharper Image Laser Tag Sets

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The Sharper Image Laser Tag Gun is an amazing toy to gift kids that is ideal as a 2 person game. People irrespective of their age group can play to have a fun and immersive time. This game comes in such a way that each player gets 6 lives as per the lights on the laser tag vest.

One successful hit turns one of the lights off and the first person to lose all six lives will lose the game. You can choose from different shooting modes that come with different sounds and vibration modes. So, the whole game will be extremely intense.

Key Features:

  • This is a two-player set but you can combine such sets to get a whole team of players together and have a grand time playing laser tag.
  • The laser tag set comes with wearable vests to give you a real arcade game-like feeling.
  • To keep the game realistic, it also keeps track of bullets and you need to reload the gun.

7. Best Choice Products Laser Tag Blaster Set

Best Choice Products

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The Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Tag Blaster Set is a great way to keep kids busy. It also serves as a fantastic pass time for grownups as no one is ever old enough to enter a game of laser tag. This set features four blaster and vest sets and thus can accommodate up to 4 players.

However, you can easily combine two or more sets to increase the number of players in each game. Choose from four shooting modes after you have set the team and go playing with a pistol, shotgun, missile launcher or a sub-machine gun. Each of the light on your vest indicates 3 lives and you are given a total of 9 lives at the beginning of the game.

Key Features:

  • Each of the guns measures 12-inches x 2-inches x 7-inches and is suitable for kids above 8 years.
  • With this laser tag set, you can set up a game both outdoors and indoors as it features a shooting range of up to 130 feet.
  • Reload at times to keep the game more realistic.

6. LUKAT Laser Tag Guns

LUKAT Laser Tag Sets

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Can’t you think of anything to gift a child during Christmas or their birthday? A laser tag set will make for an extraordinary gift and something that a child can put up to good use. The LUKAT Laser Tag Game Set is a lovely toy for children. It comes as a set of 4 for kids to enjoy a wonderful game of laser tag. The team can also increase by combining two such laser tag sets.

You can set your gun to four different modes to shoot at four different power levels. Sound and vibration functions are powerful. So, you can actually feel shooting and being shot in this immersive real-life game.

Key features:

  • Each of the vests and each of the guns will require 3 AA batteries to run which are not included in the set.
  • The laser tag set comes with anti-cheating functions such that none can change the color of their team while a game is running.
  • Resurrection feature brings a dramatic edge to your laser tag games- just aim at the muzzle of the other player and allow him to hit Team Switch/Activation for 2 seconds.

5. VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set


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Tag is a lovely game and with the VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set you get upgraded options to make this game even more interesting. It is a set of 4 vests and guns and comes with such features as anti-cheating function, resurrection, human voice-prompt functions and so on. This is a game that anyone can enjoy irrespective of age. You can fire the laser blasters in different modes which also bring about different levels of damage on your opponent for each successful hit.

Moreover, you can stay tension-free as the infrared emission will not harm your child. Be it a Sunday with family or a long-sought get-together with friends, this game is going to be the cherry on top for all such occasions.

 Key Features:

  • You can either play with the set of 4 of this set or you can combine two or more sets to have immersive gaming experience.
  • One can easily move with it due to its lightweight.
  • 0.9 mW signal strength is not harmful to even kids.

4. HISTOYE Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set

HISTOYE Laser Tag Sets

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If you are looking for an appreciable laser tag set with all the modern and upgraded functions, go for the HISTOYE Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set. This set is so innovative that you can even resurrect your teammates in between the game with this set. The 4 vests combine with other similar sets of 4 to have a grand time playing a laser tag tournament. This is such a versatile game that anybody can enjoy it. The guns and the vests run on 3 AA batteries. So you at least need 24 batteries while you are playing with this set.

 Key Features:

  • Anti-Cheating Functions come with this game such that no one can change the team midway into the game.
  • Shoot from a range of up to 130-ft to get your enemy down from a hideout.
  • Select from four different modes to fire your gun I. Thus causing a varying degree of damage with each successful shot.

3. Play22 Laser Tag Sets


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The Play22 Laser Tag Set is a lovely idea as a gift or even for personal use to have a grand time. This device will allow for superior time pass and give you immersive gaming experience. The laser tag set is set to produce a different sound and light effects for different situations. You can choose from 5 different teams- red, blue, yellow, green, and white.

The game does not use real lasers and is marked safe even for kids. Plus, shotgun and machine gun have 6 bullets and 2 damage points. And a missile launcher offers 3 damage points for every successful hit.

Key Features:

  • Each gun has four different shooting modes. Pistol mode has 12 bullets and creates 1 damage.
  • Shoot with any mode from up to 130 feet away from the target.

2.YOFIT Laser Tag Gun Set

YOFIT Laser Tag Sets

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If you are looking for an excellent laser tag set with which you can pass hours, you can try the YOFIT Laser Tag Gun Set. The guns have an ergonomic design such that it can easily be held for long durations. Next, the guns come with superior sound effects to give you immersive gaming experience. The pistol mode comes with 12 bullets and reduces 1 life point.

Next, the machine gun and shotgun comes with 6 bullets each. As a result, causing damage to 2 life points and rockets that you can use once to reduce 3 life points. Different hits and shots are recognizable by different sound and vibration effects. Finally, the material helps in providing a smooth surface and so, it will not hamper the productivity.

 Key Features:

  • Environment-friendly, BPA free, non-toxic plastic material is in construction of the laser tag guns.
  • The gun emits an infrared signal of 0.9 mW which is safe even for kids.
  • Choose from 4 lights as your team color- blue, red, green, and white.

1. JOYMOR Laser Tag Guns Set


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The JOYMOR Laser Tag Gun Set is one of the safest and most engaging toys for gifts. It is the perfect toy to keep your kids active and away from long hours in front of the TV. The laser tag set is composed of 4 laser blasters and laser vests. The basters shoot different types of bullets among pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher.

Each of these bullets causes a different degree of damage. The sound and light setup is impressive and gives a dynamic feel. Finally, each gun has the use of 4 AA batteries for top-notch performance

 Key Features:

  • High standards were maintained while manufacturing this gun set to produce a long-lasting, fun toy.
  • The infrared signal of less than 1 mW is maintained as a safety concern for both adults and children.

Whether you are a grown-up or just a child, a laser tag is an amazing game to pass the time. And engage in rigorous 1 on 1 battle. The laser tag set for kids and adults has a huge fan base, as a result, you will enjoy it extremely.

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