Top 10 Best Large Party Tents in 2021 – The Ultimate Reviews

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Large Party Tents hold exquisite importance as they allow you to enjoy or throw a party at the comfort of your own home. While deciding any venue for your party, many things are required to be considered like distance at which the venue is located, commuting arrangements and mostly whether the site is affordable. Also, in case you wish to organize a party at a remote location with scenic beauty, it becomes difficult to find a venue at such a place, let alone it is decent. Owning a large party tent will let you arrange for the party in your lawn or at any outdoor location without worrying about the venue.

Though party tents are quite useful, choosing one can turn into a tedious task. With plenty of options available in the market, to choose from, selecting the party tent best suited to your need is almost an impossible task. Today, we will help you choose the best large party tent for yourself by providing you the information about them and listing the top 10 best large party tents for you. There are numerous things to be considered while choosing a party tent, including the size, material, and style of the tent. Accessories also play an important role while selecting the large party tents.

We understand that with so much of variety available while selecting the large party tents, it may become a confusing task. We have, thus, enlisted the top 10 best large party tents available in the market with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Large Party Tents in 2021 on our Top List

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10. Canopy Tent by American Phoenix

Canopy Tent by American Phoenix

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American Phoenix has come with a heavy-duty canopy tent which uses a durable metal base and connectors. This model comes with sidewalls and the roof, and the sidewalls are made up of heavy-duty polyethylene. The water-resistance of the roof and sidewalls make this canopy large party tent an apt tent to be used in all weather conditions. The frame is made up of 38mm galvanized steel tubes which are corrosion and rust-resistant.

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Frame made up of Galvanized Steel
  • Durable metal connectors
  • Entrance door available at both ends
  • Roof and Sidewalls made up of 180g Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 40’ by 20.’
  • Water Resistant Fabric material
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant framework
  • Availability of Plastic windows to ensure an ample amount of lighting
  • Zip closings at both the doors
  • Color limitations. Comes in only white color
  • Lousy material, cannot handle adverse climatic conditions for a long time
  • Poor Service, people have not received the complete parts

9. Party Tent by DELTA Canopies 

Party Tent by DELTA Canopies

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The large party tent by DELTA Canopies comes in the dimension of 40’ by 20’. The framework of the tent is made of galvanized steel, which is heavy duty and comes with durable metal connectors and base. This canopy tent comes with the sidewalls attached, and the roof and sidewalls are made up of Polyethylene which is of high quality and is water-resistant as well. DELTA canopy tent is easy to set up or take down using the spring buttons available at the joints.

Key Features
  • Available in the dimensions of 40’ by 20.’
  • Rust-resistant framework made up of galvanized steel
  • Polyethylene sidewalls and roof which are water-resistant
  • Door Opening at both sides
  • Spring buttons available at joints make it easy to install or uninstall the tent
  • Durable material and framework
  • Plastic windows which are arched and provide light
  • Zipper closings at both the doors
  • Can be used for both commercial and domestic events
  • Storage bag
  • Quality of the material of storage bag
  • Comes in only white color
  • The framework not strong enough to hold on in harsh weather conditions

8. Pole Tent by DELTA Canopies 

Pole Tent by DELTA Canopies

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The pole tent by DELTA Canopies can be used for both the recreational or commercial events. With the installed sidewalls and the plastic windows carved in them, the tent offers the right amount of lighting. Roof and sidewalls of the pole tent are made up of PVC material, which is heavy-duty and water-resistant. Three storage bags are available with the pole tent, and the framework of the tent comprises of galvanized steel tubes and connectors.

Key Features
  • PVC sidewalls which come with zipper closing and are removable
  • Galvanized Steel framework
  • Two doors with zips
  • Three storage bags
  • Instructional menu enclosed in the package
  • Water-resistant roof and sidewalls
  • Detachable sidewalls
  • Carved windows to ensure proper lighting
  • Storage bags
  • ISO certified manufacturer
  • Center poles
  • Center rings are not stitched to the tent but are glued
  • Comes in white color only

7. DELTA Canopies Party Tent 

DELTA Canopies Party Tent

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This canopy shelter by DELTA Canopies comes in 40’ by 20’ dimension and uses PVC material for the rooftop and the sidewalls, where the seams are heat bonded. The framework of the party tent is made up of galvanized steel, which is completely rust free and corrosion-resistant. DELTA Canopy tent comprises of twelve sidewall panels which are made in window style and are connected using zippers. These sidewall panels are removable as well. Corner ropes are also installed in the tent to hold it at its place.

Key Features
  • PVC Rooftop and sidewalls
  • Heat bonded seams in the roof
  • Removable sidewall panels
  • Frame made of galvanized steel
  • Two doors at both the ends with zipper closings
  • PVC roof is waterproof and provides UV protection
  • Plastic windows to provide good lighting
  • Spring buttons at the joints for easy setup
  • Two-door openings
  • Stakes and ropes to hold the position of the tent
  • Heat bonded seams require extra care
  • Available in one color: white

6. Party Canopy by DELTA

Party Canopy by DELTA

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DELTA Canopy tent constitutes of the heavy-duty and high-quality framework, which includes a durable metal base and the connectors. Waterproof roof and sidewalls of the canopy tent made up of Polyethylene make the tent appropriate for both the commercial as well as the recreational use. The whole framework can be installed easily using the spring buttons available at the joints.

Key Features
  • Polyethylene Roof and Sidewalls
  • Water-Resistant
  • Heavy-duty steel framework
  • Joints constitute of spring buttons
  • Dimensions of 26’ by 16.’
  • Eight sidewall panels which are removable and have plastic windows
  • Zipped doors at both the end walls
  • Stakes to provide stability and strength to the tent
  • Easy to install or uninstall
  • Heat-sealed seams of the rooftop
  • Color limitations, available in only white color
  • Quality concerns as the users have complained about the stretching of the rings

5. Boylymia Canopy Tent 

Boylymia Canopy Tent

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This Gazebo tent by Boylymia comes in the dimension of 10’ by 20’ with the two zipper doorways. The frame of the canopy tent is made up of steel which is coated with corrosion-resistant powder. Boylymia Canopy Tent constitute six sidewalls which are removable and are connected using the Velcro fasteners. The material used is polyethylene, which is water-resistant and includes the stakes and ropes to ensure the stability and steadiness of the tent.

Key Features
  • Steel framework coated with corrosion-resistant powder
  • Polyethylene roof and sidewalls
  • Six detachable sidewall panels
  • Stakes and ropes for added stability
  • Two doorways for easy movement
  • Water-resistant material with UV protection
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Other than events can be used as a temporary storage space
  • Portable
  • Can only hold ten people at a time
  • The Velcro fasteners needed to be scrutinized to not to be affected by strong wind

4. Quictent Large Party Tent 

Quictent Large Party Tent

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Quictent Party tent is made up of heavy-duty galvanized steel frame which is resistant to rust. The roof cover and the sidewalls are made up of polyethylene, which is water-resistant and comes with UV protection. Large party tent by Quictent comes with one year warranty for the poles and the covers and a free replacement for a lifetime for connectors and ropes.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel framework
  • Polyethylene Roof and sidewalls
  • Dimensions of 20’ by 40.’
  • Comes with eight storage bags
  • Steel joint connectors
  • Framework is rust-resistant
  • Roof and sidewall material is water-resistant and has UV protection
  • Join connectors make the tent steady and strong
  • Plastic windows
  • Steel tubes are not strong enough
  • Quality issues

3. Outdoor Canopy Tent by MTFY

Outdoor Canopy Tent by MTFY

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MTFY party canopy comes in the dimensions of 10’ by 30’ with five removable sidewalls. The roof and the sidewalls of MTFY canopy tent are made of polyethylene, which is a UB blocker, and the seams of the roof are heat-sealed. This party tent covers around 300 square-feet of the surface area. Multiple sidewall options make this canopy tent by MTFY unique where you can choose from standard sidewalls with windows or mesh walls or half walls.

Key Features
  • Dimensions of 10’ by 30.’
  • Framework constitutes of Iron tubes
  • Polyethylene rooftop
  • Multiple sidewalls
  • Covers 300 sq feet of area
  • Polyethylene roof and sidewalls are water-resistant and act as a UV barrier
  • Iron tubes and ropes and stakes make the tent steady
  • Removable sidewalls with multiple options
  • Easy in assembly
  • Not enough surface area to host big parties
  • Not strong enough to withstand harsh weather

2. SSLine Party Tent 

SSLine Party Tent

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The party tent with a size of 30’ by 10’ by SSLine is wide enough to hold around 30-50 people. The framework of the tent includes the tubes with the spiral interface and the ropes and stakes, which makes the tent steady and able to hold its place. Polyethylene material makes the roof and detachable sidewalls waterproof and UV protected. This massive party tent is suitable for all kind of outdoor activities, including wedding and camping.

Key Features
  • 30’ by 10’ dimensions
  • Iron tubes with the spiral interface
  • Polyethylene roof
  • Detachable sidewalls
  • Can hold a gathering of 30 to 50 people
  • Roof material is waterproof
  • Detachable sidewalls make it suitable for several purposes and events
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in only white color
  • Packaging issues

1. Budget Party Tent by DELTA Canopies 

Budget Party Tent by DELTA Canopies

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This budgeted party tent by DELTA Canopies come in the size of 20’ by 20’ and is made of galvanized steel which is corrosion & rust-resistant. The rooftop and the sidewalls comprise polyethylene material with UV protection. Sidewalls constitute of plastic windows to provide proper lighting, and there are doorways at both the end walls. While spring buttons at the joints make the tent easy to assemble, the stakes and the ropes make it steady

Key Features
  • Galvanized steel structure with the dimension of 20’ by 20.’
  • Polyethylene roof
  • Detachable sidewalls
  • Spring buttons at the joints
  • Stakes and Ropes
  • Stable Structure
  • Waterproof and UV protected
  • Plastic windows to ensure proper lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Limited color options

Types Of Party Tents

Primarily, party tents can be categorized into four different types. Following are the four different types along with their details

  • Pop-Up & Instant Canopies

The instant canopies are the least expensive and lightest of all the party tents. As the name suggests, they are easy to set up without any use of the tools and take only minutes to install or uninstall the tent. The Pop-up Tents do not have any pole in the middle and thus, are spacious. While these tents are light weighted and easy to carry around, they are not appropriate for all situations. Their maximum size is approximately 20” by 20” and is not suitable for large parties.

Also, being light in weight, they are not able to withstand the rough usage making them unsuitable for long term use. Though, there are few versions of Pop up Canopies that are durable and come with the heavy framework.

  • Pole Tents

Standing by their name, these party tents require poles to support the weight of the tent. These party tents come in a variety of sizes, and you can find a pole tent ranging from smaller to the gigantic tents with a capacity of 100’ by 310’. The pole tents are quite cost-effective and cover a large amount of area. The poles situated at the perimeter and the center of the tent along with the tie-downs, which create tension, help keep the tent stable and upright. Another advantage of pole tent is its versatility and availability in different types of colors to provide you an option to choose from.

With all the advantages, these tents come with a few disadvantages as well. One is the placement space of the tent, and the other is the central pole of the tent. While the placement of pole tents require an extra amount of space, it might not be suitable for the places with less surface area. Also, the presence of the pole in the center of the tent may hinder the visibility or may create an obstacle for the large centerpieces you plan on incorporating.

  •  Frame Tents

Frame tents have a frame built of the metal tubes that provide support to the canopies. The framework offers a level of flexibility while placing the tents. These tents are useful when you are planning an event in a compact outdoor space or an indoor space. Due to the metal frame, these tents do not require any support in the center; thus, do not have any center poles. This allows you to use the tent as per your liking, and you also get the options of color to choose from.

But as significant, these frame tents are, they come with a price and are expensive than the other types of tents. Also, frame tents are massive, and it takes time to assemble them with the use of specific hardware tools. While assembling try not to lose or break any piece, as you will need to get it replaced and make the tent unusable for the time being. Even the frames of tent come with size restrictions where the maximum limit for the width of the tent is around 40 foot while for the length, there is no limit.

  • Tension Tents

Also known as “High peak” tents, tension tents are similar to the pole tents in the structure. They include the poles in the perimeter and the center to support the tent, which is tied to any stake creating a tension in the rope. The only difference between pole tents and tension tents is that the roof of a pole tent has a taller peak and provide an elegant look, making them suitable for business events. Also, the high peak improves the resistance to wind and provides proper drainage, allowing the tension tents to withstand the adverse weather conditions. This adds to the durability of the tents and enables them to be used for more extended periods without worrying about its collapsing.

Despite numerous advantages, tension tents use central poles for the support, which may cause a problem with specific layouts. Though the tension tents are quite spacious, they do require gigantic space to be set in and enough amount of clearance to fit the poles and stakes. This makes them unusable for the events to be held in a small space or nearby any building. Also, the tension tents are expensive as compared to the pole tents or pop up tents.

Other than the types of tents, it is critical to keep into consideration other things while making your purchase. The large party tents come in varied sizes and to select the one you must be kept in mind the kind of event you are hosting and how much sitting area is required. Also, while deciding upon the tent, you must consider the material with which it is made. Whether you would like an aluminum pole or a steel pole or you would like polyester fabric or vinyl fabric. It is of as much importance to know what accessories you would like to have with the tent-like sidewalls, storage bags, stakes, etc.


We have tried to sort your decision for purchasing the large party tent by providing all the necessary details along with the top 10 best large party tents. We have tried to include all the essential information to make your purchase hassle-free, and we sincerely hope that you will find the guide informative.

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