Best Laptop Sling Bags in 2022 Reviews

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Carrying your laptop outdoor requires a lot of effort and attention to protect it from getting scratched, broken, and lost. Therefore, by just putting it in the case and cuddling, it might not be enough. This is because you might accidentally drop it somewhere and forget to bring it with you. If you ever worry about this, it is time for you to store and carry your laptop with a peace of mind via a Laptop Sling Bags. Using it can be both protective and convenient at the same time, especially when you travel long distances.

To help you get the best out of the best, here is a collection of top 10 best laptop sling bags that come with sleek designs and quality construction. All of them are not only for carrying a laptop, but they also offer additional pockets and compartments for storing other items. With any of them from the list, you are able to carry your laptop with love and care wherever you go.

List of Our Laptop Sling Bags Review on Amazon.Com

10. Seibertron Tactical Laptop Sling Bags

 Seibertron Waterproof Molle Tactical 15.6"-Laptop Sling Bags

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You can get up to a 15-inch laptop inside this tactical sling bag for laptop. Plus, the 900D construction material makes sure the water stays out. Even if you are caught in the rain, this waterproof sling bag protects your laptop and keeps it nice and dry.

On top of that, you get two ways to handle this bag. First, you can choose to use the adjustable padded shoulder strap. Second, you can decide to use the comfortable carry handle. Either way, you remain in control and total comfort as you relocate yourself and your laptop.

Measuring 16 by 12 by 4 ½ inches approx., you have lots of room inside plus an exterior pouch to hold your water bottle. This is a laptop sling bag for those who need a good-sized bag to handle their computer and other items.

9. Kingsons Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

 Anti Theft Single Shoulder 13-Inch Laptop Backpack Waterproof Coss-body Sling Bag

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Theft is always a concern. With this 15-inch sling bag for laptop helping you out, you should be able to stop the thief before they steal your prized computer. Measuring approx. 4 by 11 by 15 inches in size, you should be able to fit up to a 13-inch laptop inside with no problem.

Also, with its unique ventilating system, your back and sides should remain comfortable with the constant airflow coming through the bag. In addition to this, a built-in USB port allows you to recharge your electrical devices while you are on the go.

A padded shoulder strap makes carrying your laptop simple and comfortable. It adjusts to make sure you find your comfort sweet spot before heading off for the day. Either gender can use this sling bag without worry.

8. Under Armour Unisex Compel Sling

Under Armour Unisex Compel Sling

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Unisex is the fancy term to mean that both men and women can use this bag without violating their gender identity. Made from polyester and nylon, you are getting one tough laptop sling bag protecting your computer.

Plus, it is machine washable. Just follow the washing instructions that come with this bag. Also, this laptop sling bag measures 18 by 12 inches in size. It is large enough to handle up to a 15-inch laptop without hassles.

On top of those features, you get a strong sling bag that resists water. Its padded shoulder strap is easy on your shoulders and should not bring you any discomfort. With 4 pockets, you should be able to carry everything you need at the time without leaving anything behind.

7. H Hikker-Link Mens Canvas Messenger Bag (Mens sling backpack)

H Hikker-Link Mens Canvas Messenger Bag Laptop Sling Backpack Crossbody Rucksack

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You may not be employed as a messenger when you purchase this laptop sling bag. That is okay as this bag is very versatile and will hold your up to the 13-inch laptop with ease. The bag measures approx. 10 by 13 by 4 inches in size, giving you a lot of space to fill up.

Four pockets make sure you have a spot for everything you need to carry. Plus, the main pockets come with zippers to make sure everything remains inside where they belong. One padded pocket holds your laptop without complaining.
With the adjustable shoulder strap, you can make sure you are carrying this laptop sling bag in complete comfort. This bag comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. You match your color preference and fashion sense with ease.

6. FUNANASUN Tactical Sling Backpack Bag

 FUNANASUN Tactical Sling Backpack Bag Military Molle Assault Pack Rucksack Daypack for Outdoors Camping Hiking Hunting

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It may not be large, but you can still get about a 13-inch computer inside this laptop sling bag. It measures roughly 13 by 9 by 4 inches in size and holds about 20 liters of materials for you. Rain is not a problem when you use this nylon waterproof bag to hold your laptop.

In addition to those features, this laptop sling bag comes with a D ring, Velcro closures, zippers, and mole webbing to make sure it remains strong enough for your computer. Plus, you have two ways to carry this bag. The first way is by its handy carry handle. When your shoulders get tired, you can make the switch fast.

The second way is by its padded shoulder strap. You can remain comfortable all the time you are relocating to your next destination.

5. Seeu Oversized Laptop Sling Bags

Plus Oversized Sling Backpack Men Women

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With a 28-liter capacity, this bag is still lightweight and does not weigh you down. Its total weight comes to about 2 pounds if that. Plus, with 8 total pockets, you can make sure all your items come with you, including your iPhone and up to 14-inch laptop.

The outer pockets are zippered, giving you the best security possible as you travel. Also, there is a headphone cable hole. This allows you to listen to your favorite music as you walk to your next class or appointment.

After you pack your things inside this laptop sling bag, the padded shoulder strap adjusts and makes carrying your items easy and comfortable. A mesh pocket allows you to stay hydrated as you make your trip.

4. Jiao Miao Canvas Shoulder Laptop Sling Bags

 Jiao Miao Canvas Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack Sling Bag Cross Body Messenger Bag-Laptop Sling Bags

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Look like you are out on an adventure when you put this rucksack designed laptop sling bag over your shoulder. You will be seen as a rugged individual who is not afraid to take risks. Plus, the conventional style will demonstrate your good judgment.

After you get this bag filled with your 13 inch or smaller laptop and other supplies, you can carry everything with ease. The adjustable and padded shoulder strap protects your body from stress and other moving factors.

You measure approx. 11 by 12 ½ inches in size, you have enough space to make sure your most essentials make it to your next destination. Made from canvas, it is one durable bag that can be used every day. At least 8 pockets help you stay organized as well.

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3. Mygreen Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag

Mygreen Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag Shoulder Sling Backpack Travel Rucksack-Laptop Sling Bags

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You can use a laptop sling bag and remain stylish and fashion-forward. This model proves that to be true. Made from washed canvas, you get a great look because great colors are a part of the look. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can always be in style no matter what.

Once you get this approx. 11 by 14 by 4-inch sling bag filled with your l3-inch or lower laptop, you can move everything with ease. First, you can use the adjustable padded shoulder strap. Or second, you can use the easy to use carry handle. When your shoulders get tired, let your hands handle your burden.

2. Leaper Retro Messenger Laptop Sling Bags

Roll over image to zoom in Leaper Leaper Retro Messenger Bag Canvas Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack Sling Bag-Laptop Sling Bags

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When you purchase this laptop sling bag, you are adding an element of professionalism to your fashion style. You will look good while you are carrying your up to a 13-inch laptop and all the accessories you need with you.

After you get this 10 by 14 by 4-inch approx. Sling bag filled, you can pack it over your shoulder. The adjustable padded strap keeps your shoulder protected as you walk. Or you can give your shoulders a break and use the easy to use a handle on the top of the bag. Either way, you remain comfortable throughout your journey.

1. Mouteenoo Laptop Sling Backpack for Men and Women

Sling Backpack for Men and Women Bag-Laptop Sling Bags

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Either gender can enjoy the comforts of this laptop sling bag. Once you put it over your shoulder, you should feel the difference this approx. 12 by 16 by 4-inch bag brings. Plus, you can get up to a 15-inch laptop inside this bag without trouble. The padded pocket makes sure your laptop is not damaged under normal use.

The padded shoulder strap provides comfort as you walk, and the slender design keeps the bag from looking bulky or over-stuffed. Then a mesh pocket holds your water bottle for you. That way, you stay hydrated if you have to walk long distances. Also, rain should not be a problem. This laptop sling bag is water-resistant.

Some final words

When you have somewhere to be in a hurry, choose one of the top 10 best laptop sling bags in 2022. These bags are designed to get you and your laptop to your next destination without any hassles.

They are made with a lot of pockets to make sure you can bring everything you need along with you. Plus, you can get there with everything remaining dry.

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