Top 10 Best Knee Walker Scooters In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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For people who are facing mobility issues, a knee walker scooter will be an ideal product. It is also suitable for people who are recovering from injuries. A knee walker scooter resembles a scooter and offers better support to your leg. It makes sure there will be better safety and includes a handlebar for having effective control. With it, you can have maximum convenience and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It comes with multiple features and has a durable construction. Here is the list of the top 10 best knee walker scooters to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best Knee Walker Scooters In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. KneeRover All Terrain Knee Walker

10. KneeRover All Terrain Knee Walker

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This knee walker scooter is suitable for riders from 5 to 6.4-feet. Moreover, the 12-inch pneumatic tires offer the best navigation of different terrains. Moreover, the lightweight frame makes this knee walker exceptionally portable. However, the folding structure never lets you compromise with your comfort. This scooter holds up to 350-lbs of weight.

The all-terrain knee walker also helps people to recover from ankle injuries. Furthermore, the adjustable knee platform and handlebars make operation hassle-free for individuals. The tie-rod steering mechanism makes smoother manueverability. However, the grips of the handlebars are of soft and shock-absorbing rubber. The drum braking system makes stopping quick and easy.

  • Ergonomic design with superior comfort.
  • Superior design grip and effortlessly maneuverable.
  • Advanced modifiable design and maintainable.
  • Nothing to point out.

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#9. Vive Mobility Knee Walker for Adult and Elderly Medical

9. Vive Mobility for Adult and Elderly Medical

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The 12-inch pneumatic tires increase the stability of this knee walker scooter. This scooter also has a detachable knee platform and folding steering handle. Hence, you can carry your scooter without any difficulty. This knee walker accelerates your recovery from ankle and leg injuries. The dual-rear disk brakes let you have better control over this scooter.

The shock-absorbing knee platform also makes the riding experience fatigue-free. The frame of this knee walker has the construction of hardwearing steel. You can replace your crutches with this scooter without a second thought. Furthermore, the all-terrain knee walker has a resilient foam platform.

  • Sturdy construction with improved load capacity.
  • Easy weight, space-saving design, and transferable.
  • Ergonomic design with superior control.
  • Could have been sturdier.

#8. Healthport Knee Walker for Foot Injuries

8. Healthport Knee Walker for Foot Injuries

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The increased turning radius offers better control to the riders. This knee walker scooter has 12-inch air-filled tires for an all-terrain riding experience. Moreover, the adjustable kneepad and handlers assure comfort to individuals. This knee walker comes with two handbrakes to make immobilizing hassle-free.

This scooter also comes along with locking-parking brakes. Furthermore, the scooter withstands up to 300-lbs of weight. The reflective stickers make riding safe during low light conditions. You can use this scooter on the grass, cracked sidewalks, and more. However, the scooter is suitable for riders up to 5.3-feet. The folding structure makes storage and transportability easier.

  • Dynamic construction with enhanced flexibility.
  • Sturdy construction with enhanced resistant features.
  • Multi-application design and user-friendly.
  • No cons as much.

#7. Vive Mobility Knee Walker for Broken Leg

7. Vive Mobility Knee Walker for Broken Leg

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This knee walker scooter comes with an improvised steerable design. Therefore, this scooter also offers better manueverability in less effort. Moreover, the contoured foam knee cushion reduces fatigue on the knees. This ankle scooter works perfectly well for people with MCL injuries or surgeries. Nevertheless, the well-built steel structure makes this scooter extremely durable.

The shock-absorbing cushion also reduces the risks of injuries. Furthermore, you can flexibly customize the length of the handlebar. Hence, you can use this knee scooter for people of different heights. The dual rear brakes keep you well balanced under any circumstance. However, the foam cushion uniformly distributes your body weight for a smoother ride.

  • Easy weigh construction and effortlessly maneuverable.
  • Improved mechanism with dynamic control functions.
  • Sturdy grip tyres with improved stability and safety.
  • Nothing cons to point out.

#6. BodyMed Folding Broken Leg Walker Knee Scooters

6. BodyMed Folding Broken Leg

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The lightweight steerable mobility device consists of a dual brake system. Hence, this model also offers proper safety to users. This steerable scooter keeps your injuries ankles and legs in complete rest. Moreover, this knee walker scooter folds down into a compact gear. Therefore, both storing and transporting of this scooter are trouble-free.

The handlebar offers flexible height adjustment from 17 to 23-inch. Furthermore, the walker scooter effectively replaces your old-school crutches. However, you can use this mobility device for teens, children, and adults. This rigid frame holds up to 350-lbs of weight. Nevertheless, the braking system assures your stability when immobilized.

  • Robust construction with enhanced weight capacity.
  • Ergonomic design with enhanced modifiable features.
  • Compact, space-saving design and storable.
  • No cons to report.

#5. Give Me Knee Scooter Walker

5. Give Me Knee Scooter Walker

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This knee walker has a foldable center frame and a front axle. The hardwearing frame of this scooter withstands up to 300-lbs of weight. Moreover, the medical-safety certified model makes a perfect alternative to crutches. The rapid folding system makes this knee water scooter unthinkably handy. However, the double-lock handbrake offers sensitive operation. Hence, there is no chance of injuries.

This scooter performs well to cure lower leg or ankle injuries. Furthermore, this knee walker is suitable for riders from 4.6 to 6.6-feet. The four pieces of 8-inch wheels assure stability on any terrain. Nevertheless, the rear drum brake makes stopping convenient for individuals.

  • Modifiable design with added safety features
  • Collapsible design with improved mobility and storage.
  • Corrosion-proof design with enhanced resistant features.
  • No such cons.

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#4. Giantex Steerable Lightweight Knee Scooter

4. Giantex Steerable Lightweight Knee Scooter

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The steerable all-terrain walker assures safety and comfort to users. This knee walker scooter has a complication-free folding mechanism. Hence, you can instantly fold or unfolding the handlebar. The soft, contoured cushion feels cozy and makes your walking time pain-free. Moreover, you can replace your crutches with this knee walker.

Therefore, you can also speed up the recovery process. Furthermore, the detachable basket is perfect for grocery items and more. You can adjust the knee platform up to five different levels. Therefore, this walker accommodates a rider from 5.0 to 6.6-feet height. However, you can keep legs, knees, and hips pain-free while using this walker.

  • Ergonomic design frame with improved safety and stability.
  • Superior grip handlebar with enhanced safety features.
  • Dynamic designed mechanism with improved support.
  • No such cons.

#3. ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker for Foot Injuries

3. ELENKER Steerable for Foot Injuries

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This knee walker scooter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The scooter accelerates the recovery process of ankle injuries. Moreover, the steerable mechanism lets you maneuver this scooter with no troubles. Nevertheless, the quick-release design of the handlebars makes folding and unfolding instant. This walker is helpful for below-knee amputees as well.

This scooter makes the ideal alternative to crutches. The knee cart comes with a detachable cloth basket for your gear. Furthermore, the walker consists of four pieces of PVC wheels. Therefore, you can smoothly glide on different surfaces. This scooter has dual adjustable locking handbrakes and rear wheel brakes.

  • Multi-application design with enhanced comfort.
  • Easy weight construction and highly durable.
  • Advanced knee support design and highly comfortable.
  • No cons to point out.

#2. Roscoe Knee Walker Scooters for Ankle or Foot Injuries

2. Roscoe for Ankle or Foot Injuries

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This mobility scooter works as the best knee crutch during the recovery time. This scooter speeds up the recovery process of feet or ankle injuries. Moreover, this medical scooter has the construction of reinforced metal. The steerable design offers the best manueverability. However, this knee walker scooter comes with 8-inch smooth-rolling wheels.

The adjustable hand brake lets you stop this scooter at any time. Furthermore, the metal frame can withstand up to 350-lbs of weight. The padded knee platform assures comfort to your knees. Nevertheless, this knee walker is suitable for teenagers, adults, and children. This scooter comes with a big, detachable metal mesh basket.

  • Ergonomic design with enhanced maneuverability.
  • Dynamic construction with improved support features.
  • Adaptable design with enhanced knee support.
  • Nothing negative.

#1. Essential Medical Supply Knee and Leg Walker

1. Essential Medical Supply and Leg

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This knee walker scooter comes along with four sturdy all-terrain wheels. The ergonomic handlebars also keep your hands and fingers fatigue-free. Moreover, the knee walker has a durable reinforced metal structure. The scooter offers an almost 30% turning radius. Nevertheless, the frame can withstand up to 400-lbs of weight.

The loop hand brakes also let you stop this scooter at any position. The folding tiller helps you to transport this walker without any trouble. Furthermore, the scooter is suitable for users from 5.4 to 6.6-feet. You can adjust the height of the handlebar to accommodate multiple users. The padded cushion offers a comfortable resting spot for the knees.

  • Advanced sturdy construction with superior load capacity.
  • Dynamic construction with enhanced modifiable features.
  • Easy transferable design and user-friendly.
  • No cons at all.

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Buying Guide for Knee Walker Scooter

Brake System:

The brake system is one of the factors to consider while looking for a knee walker. These mobility devices come with different braking systems. Most of these knee walker scooters have a drum braking system on the rear wheels. Nevertheless, it is better to look for scooters that include brake systems on the handlebars. Hence, you can stop your devices on any terrain.


For outdoor purposes, it is good to opt for medical mobility devices with premium-quality tires. Many of these models include air-filled tires. The large tires are usually suitable for riding on uneven terrains. However, for your ultimate safety, you will have to go for a knee walker with weatherproof material construction. Most of the tires of these medical-grade mobility devices are of high-density polyurethane material.

Assembly Process:

All of these knee walkers on this list offer tool-free assembly. Maximum models have folding handlebars and a quick-release mechanism. Therefore, you will require no tools for mounting. The lightweight material construction helps you to store, clean, and maintain the scooter with no hassle.

Frame Material:

Most of these medical-grade knee scooters have steel or aluminum-alloy material frames. Therefore, these mobility devices offer exceptional durability and structural stability. However, to assure durability, some of these manufacturers apply rust and corrosion-proof coating on the frame.


When your mobility is affected due to injury or other reasons, a knee walker scooter is perfect for you. You can move around easily and carry different objects in the baskets provided. There are various designs of these knee walker scooters available and you should check all of them before purchasing.

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