Top 10 Best Key Lock Boxes

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Sometimes carrying all your keys around ends can be troublesome if you are forgetful. You should be more careful, so you do not concentrate in your daily activities as you eep on checking them. What if there is a solution to that stressful routine? Key lock boxes, whether manual or automated, help you sort all your key issues. It acts like a safe that stores al your keys instead of having to buy a key holder. Plus, you don’t have to lock anyone outside just because someone took the keys with them. It’s an essential tool because it’s a central storage point. Here are the best key lock boxes available for you.

You need to choose a lock box that will serve your purpose. The key feature to look into is the number of keys it can hold and portability. Make sure it’s something that is easy to understand yet safe.

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A List of Top 10 Best Key Lock Boxes

1. Temkin Realtor key lockbox

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If you are going for quality and stress-free, then this is the right lockbox for you. It is oxidation free, meaning it will never rust, plus it comes with an installation guide. Apart from that, you can install it on any rough surface and it will be okay. The advantage of this lock box is that it can hold a minimum of five keys in addition to its features it has security features that can be known to you alone therefore with this lock box you are assured that your home, business, school and many more spare keys are safe. However, secured it is the security combinations are easy to set; but its one con is that you will not be able to carry it around .this is not portable.

2. Master key mobile key lock

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This is a great key lock if you move around too much and tend to forget your keys. Apart from being portable it has a capacity of holding multiple keys for you. Being a mobile key it has unlocking combinations that are easy to set therefore you will not worry forgetting them. One thing you will love is its durable material which is resistant to scratching and different weather change. You can as well install it anywhere you want.

3. Kidde Access point touchpoint key locker

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If you have too many keys and you are looking for safety, then this is the write key locker. It can store up to 30 keys therefore you can keep more than enough spare keys for your various business, it does well in a big institution working with many people with different offices . Holding multiple keys it has tags to help you remember. The material used is of quality it is resistant to rust thus it will last for long before you think of getting another one..

4. ORIA Key storage lockbox

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This is a one of a kind type of lockbox. It is heavy-duty lock box as is made from zinc alloy thus is of quality material and durable. It has a storage capacity of up to 8 keys. The security features are flexible in case you forget your password you can reset it as much as you want without stress. It can be installed in a particular place for easy access but also it’s portable.

5. Master Lock Wall Mount critical safe

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This lockbox is mounted on the wall, so it will not work for those who are moving from one place to the other. However, it can be installed indoors or can work for permanent installation. With this lockbox it can store many keys at a go and it has high security features for safety.

6. Kiddie Access point push button key lock box

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This is one of the best wall mount lockbox although it can only hold a maximum of two keys. It has high security features that are easy to put up and understand at the sometime. It made of colors that camouflage with your wall thus more advantages when it comes to security issues. It is made of good material that is durable.

7. Keyguard punch button lockbox

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This key box is keyless, and the codes are easy to memorize thus your friends and guest who have no access to your key can get the spare keys without struggling. In addition to holding keys you can keep your other items like credit cards and ID inside it. Its metal frames keep it safe from scratches and different weather conditions.

8. First alert steel wall mount key cabinet

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This one is ideal since it has two entry is large enough to hold 28 keys plus their labels to enable you to remember. It also has a cabinet like knob for easy opening. The password is easy to set you can just use letters or numbers that you can remember easily.

9. AUSTA key lockbox

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The box can hold up to 5 keys. It’s easy to install, plus you can carry it around. It has a four-digit combination, which is easy to memorize, making it ideal, especially if you have kids it is made of high quality material that makes it durable and does not scratch your wall.

10. KIPRUN key storage lockbox

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This lockbox is made of material that is resistant to rust and also is water proof. However, it can only hold a maximum of five keys. It is easy to install since it has a manual for guidance. Its metal frame with not damage your walls and has a high security features that are easy to operate and also changing.


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