Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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A dog crate offers a private space for your canine friend. Using a dog crate will make sure that your pet remains safe and secure. Moreover, it helps to prevent different types of behaviour and can be best if you have visitors at home. A heavy-duty dog crate can be an ideal investment for every dog owner as it lets you use it for a long time. It is available in different designs and can come with multiple features. Check out the following list of the top 10 best heavy duty dog crates to pick from.

List of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage

10. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage

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Looking for a secure product to keep your pet safe and comfortable? Well, here is the product having high-quality steel and a solid frame. Moreover, there is a front door lock in the product. There are also 4 wheels attached to the product for easy moving. Two of the wheels have a locking mechanism preventing any accidental moving.

The product also has a powerful coating making it rust and corrosion-resistant. Thus, it is best used indoors as well as outdoors. There are grates for catching dropped stuff in the pan below, maintaining a hygienic environment for pets inside. Furthermore, the bottom pan also has a perimeter, not allowing dropping things outside.

  • Multi-dimensional construction and corrosion-proof.
  • Ergonomic design with improved capacity.
  • Easy transferable and multi-application design.
  • The latches could be better.

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#9. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

9. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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This Y-design heavy duty dog crate has a steel and metal frame. The bite-proof kennel prevents any canine escaping from it. Besides, if they chew or lick it, it won’t be harmful due to non-toxic finish. Moreover, the top door allows you to communicate and play with your pet. It also provides full ventilation and visibility to your pet, making him feel at ease.

However, the product needs a bit of assembly. You need to screw the parts and install them. The slide in and out tray allows for easy cleaning. Furthermore, there are also 4 lockable wheels for easy moving and stability.

  • Ergonomic design with added safety features.
  • Multi-size construction and weather-proof design.
  • Easily maintainable design and effortlessly installable.
  • Nothing wrong to point out.

#8. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crates

8. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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Wanting to have a sturdy pet cage for your indoor or outdoor space? Well, here is the product that serves the purpose. It is an anti-rust and corrosion-resistant heavy steel product that has a non-toxic finish safe for pets. Moreover, it also has 2 locks with buckles preventing the pet from opening and escape. The front door has a lock while you can open the center of the top door to interact and play with the canine.

The 360-degree swivel wheels also allow easy mobility from one room to another. Furthermore, the removable plastic tray also lets you clean all the fallen food or spilling, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for pets.

  • Durable construction with added resistant properties.
  • Sturdy caster roller for effortless maneuverability.
  • Long-lasting sturdy construction for satisfaction.
  • There is no such cons.

#7. ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage

7. ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage

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The welded steel heavy duty dog crate can handle even the most aggressive canine.  The kennel lets pets have full visibility and proper flow of air, providing him a comfortable environment. Moreover, it has a double door- a front door with 2 locks and a top door that can be removed. A double door also increases the safety and security of the pets.

The pets remain hygienic and healthy with the non-toxic finish provided to it. Thus, even if he chews or lick it, it won’t be harmful to him. It has 2 wheels locking system for stability and 4 wheels for easy manoeuvring. Furthermore, the beneath tray can also be removed for cleaning purposes.

  • Toxic-free material with improved durability.
  • Multi-angle swivel design with study designed rollers.
  • Easily maintainable construction for healthy experience.
  • No cons to report.

#6. Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Dog Crates

6. Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny

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Here is a heavy-duty dog crate that looks like a toy piggy bank. Yes, the design reminds of the same, providing optimum safety to your pets. The steel frame, along with the non-toxic finish, suits best for your pet’s health. Moreover, the front door allows the pet to move in or out easily. The two locks with buckles also provide extra security from pets escaping out.

There is also a removable tray underneath to clean all the excrement and dropped dog food. Furthermore, all the accessories to assemble the product is provided. It will also take hardly a few minutes to install it.

  • Multi-dimensional design and extremely durable material.
  • Environment-friendly design and maintainable.
  • Easy transferable and detachable for comfort.
  • Packaging needs to improve.

#5. walnest Heavy Duty Dog Cage with Metal Tray Lockable Wheels

5. walnest Heavy Duty Dog Cage with Metal Tray Lockable Wheels

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The rust and corrosion-free pet kennel has a heavy-duty steel frame. The durable product has grates for the comfortable sitting of the pet. The non-toxic finish allows the pet to chew and bite of the kennel without being harmed. Moreover, the dog also remains healthy with a slide-out tray to wipe off stuff fallen beneath.

There are 4 removable wheels for the product’s portability. You can lock 2 of these wheels for preventing any accidental movement. Furthermore, all the necessary accessories are also included for easy assembly.  It will hardly take a couple of minutes to do so.

  • Enhanced safety design with caster locking mechanism.
  • Advanced robust construction and transferable.
  • Capacious design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Requires better quality control.

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#4. PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog Cage

4. PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog Cage

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Dogs need a safe and secure environment when he/she is not with the owner. This product will make him feel the same. With clear visibility and proper airflow, the kennel allows a comfortable stay for the pets. Moreover, the heavy-duty product also has a non-toxic finish considering the hygiene and health of the pets. There is also a steel slide-out tray to wipe off the mess.

The front lockable door also lets the pet move in or out. The top door opens for interaction and playtime with the pets. Furthermore, there are also 4 wheels for moving the cage from one to another. A 1-year product warranty is available with technical assistance always.

  • Multi-pattern and dimensional design.
  • Highly galvanized material for enhanced durability.
  • Easy to transfer design with improved safety features.
  • The ratings are slightly low.

#3. PawHut Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crates

3. PawHut Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

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The welded heavy-duty frame speaks for durability and stability. The product has two access doors- front and top. The front door is for letting the pet in and out, while the top door is for interactive time with him.  Both the access doors are secured enough to handle even the most aggressive canines trying to escape out. Moreover, the product also has a pull-out tray and grate as well.

This also helps in easy cleaning and maintenance. The product ensures a safe and comfortable environment for pets. Furthermore, there are 4 wheels for seamless movement inside or outside. The product is also best suited for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Effortless maintainable design and highly durable.
  • Easy to assemble design with rust-proof coating.
  • Long-lasting, advanced quality material.
  • Not suitable for strong dogs.

#2. Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage

2. Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage

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Need a product for strong and aggressive canine? Well, it has a sturdy steel frame and metal bars to secure the pet comfortably. The grated product has an access door that allows easy moving in and out of the door. Moreover, the non-toxic finish also lets your pet chew and licks the product with no harm to him. This keeps the environment very healthy for him.

The product has 4 wheels which can be removed for stability as well. It is also available in 3 different sizes. Measure the dimension you want for your pet and order accordingly. Furthermore, the catch tray is removable for easy cleaning of all the dropped food, excrement, water, or waste.

  • Multiple size construction and extremely durable.
  • Advanced safety features for consumer satisfaction.
  • Ergonomic design with enhanced load capacity.
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs.

#1. JY QAQA PET Folding Metal Heavy Duty Dog Cage

1. JY QAQA PET Folding Metal Heavy Duty Dog Cage

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The heavy-duty dog crate is suitable for puppies and growing pets with easy top and side door accessibility. There are also two removable trays, one is grated, and the other is a metal tray for easy cleaning. Moreover, you do not have to lift the heavy kennel and move it, thanks to the 4 removable wheels.

The product also comes with screws and bolts and pre-built locks taking only a few minutes for assembling. Furthermore, the non-toxic frame is safe for pets to lick and chew.  It also has a double door lock for the enhanced safety of the pets.

  • Easily maneuverable design with safety lock mechanism.
  • Premium quality material and highly durable.
  • Easy to clean structure for hygienic experience.
  • No cons to point out.

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Buying Guide for Heavy Duty Dog Crate


Dog crates are available in different sizes, and you will have to get it according to the breed of your furry friend. Make sure that it offers enough space for your dog to move comfortably.


A heavy-duty dog crate must have good structural strength. You need to see if it is composed of premium quality materials and consider the thickness of the bars. Always know your usage and then make your purchase. It must also come with thick metal parts along with Indestructible flooring.


It comes in different designs, and some will also include a removable divider. You can see if it lets you adjust it according to your needs. Moreover, consider investing in the one that includes a removable bottom so that you can have easy cleaning.

Lock ability:

To make sure there will be a reliable performance, you need to invest in the one that comes with anti-tamper locks.


Always go for the one that lets your canine friend have maximum comfort. It must not come with any pointed or sharp parts so that your dog remains safe.


It can have one or two doors. Getting the right one is a user preference, and you will have to see if it meets your needs.


The one that comes in a folding design will be an ideal consideration. It will allow you to have easy storage, and some will also let you have hassle-free portability. You need to see if it offers you multiple options. See if it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


When you have a strong or a large dog, you need a heavy duty dog crate for sure. There are different sizes of these heavy duty dog crates available to choose from in the online market. We have already picked the best crates for you to choose from with your own assessment. Do consider a buying guide while going through the products.

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