Top 10 Best Handbag Organizer Inserts in 2022

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Tired of not finding necessary items whenever you look through handbags? The messy interior will certainly not look good and definitely not feel good. So, the easy solution to it is getting hold of a handbag organizer inserts.

Just place the inserts and make dedicated space for different items. You do not have to do an intensive search to find things that might seem missing. It is simply not heavy so the total weight is not at all struggling. Buy a handbag organizer insert for your easy organizational skills and manage everything easily. Go through all the mentioned points and then come to a decision.

List of Best Handbag Organizer Inserts Review

10. ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert

ZTUJO Handbag Organizer Inserts

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Having to carry tons of things into a cramped up space, you often struggle to find the item you need at the moment. This simple organizer insert will solve your management issues. Next, to hold your keys separately and securely, this insert also comes with a cute keychain.

Besides, apart from having as many as 13 different pockets for a tidy arrangement, the middle pocket is detachable. This allows you to clean the organizer easily. As a matter of fact, it has a construction of felt so that it feels luxurious. Due to its 0.4lbs weight, you can even consider it as your travel companion.

Key Features: 

  • Not every person or their bag is the same. For that reason, to fit your purse perfectly, ZTUJO offers 5 different sizes to choose from.
  • Moreover, if you love a handy wallet, you are in luck. The organizer insert provides a wallet which is detachable for carrying around.
  • The stitches are done very preciously that will keep it safe from unwanted tears and wears.

9. FOREGOER Felt Purse Insert


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This amazing and chic looking insert is like a purse in itself. In order to compliment your bag with the best shade, the insert is available in various eye-catching colors. However, because of a neater organization, you are able to fit in much more stuff than before without any struggle.

Further, since the organizer insert itself is very light, it does not add much extra baggage to your purse. It just holds your items properly so you can find them easily. You get as many as 11 pockets for storing everything that you own. Given that, the exterior is 3mm thick whereas the interior is 2mm thin. As a result, a perfect combination style and usability.

Key Features: 

  • If you stuff your bag with too many things to lift the load properly, no need to worry. The insert has two carry handles which help you to easily transfer from one bag to another.
  • The ones who are sensitive to smells, this insert will be a blessing for you. The insert promises to have no overpowering odor to bother you.
  • You can simply dry clean it to minimize any sort of moisture formation.

8. Travel-Wizz Handbag Organizer

Travel-Wizz Handbag Organizer Inserts

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With this bag, you get to choose how many pockets you need to carry your belongings. If you do not have too much to carry, you can opt-out the middle pockets which will make the insert even lighter to carry. Also, the bag has a special feature of an interior zipper pocket. To keep your important items in a separate place, this pocket is aided by a strong and durable zipper.

Furthermore, because of the waterproof zipper pocket, you need to worry less about leaking pens ruining your new bag. Finally, the felt is undoubtedly sturdy but that will certainly not leave scratches out in your glasses.

Key Features: 

  • The organizer insert has universal compatibility. No matter the type of bag, it will easily fit in and keep your things intact for you.
  • It is the cause of the felt that your organizer gets a sturdy shape and stability.
  • Convert this organizer as your need. For travel, beach outings and even everyday use, it comes in handy.

7. OMYSTYLE Purse Organizer Insert


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OMYSTYLE keeps the best of customers in mind. Thus, much thought was given to the design of the insert. The insert sports 9 interior pockets along with 3 exterior pockets in such a manner. As a result, enables you to make the best of the space to accommodate even more items smoothly. Further, the material used for this Organizer is high quality felt.

Felt is known for being pliable, and at the same time extremely durable. This bag will last you for ages easily. Moreover, all your items stay protected in the breathable cloth.  Lastly, it is full of space and the beauty of it is unavoidable.

Key Features: 

  • Although it is meant for handbags first, the insert has multiple uses. It is used as an organizer for desks, toiletry or other places as well.
  • Fashion must not be compromised for functionality. Thus, this insert comes in 6 stunning and vibrant colors which can go with any handbag.
  • The product is extremely well sewn for longevity.

6. SOSUO Purse Organizer Insert

SOSUO Handbag Organizer Inserts

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If you are looking for a simple organizer insert which will not burn a hole through your pocket, you should definitely go for this product. For a pinch in your pocket, the insert provides you with all the functions as a standard organizer insert.

Also, because of the rigid flat bottom, you easily review the contents inside to decide what you before moving out. The sides are firm to provide a good structure to the bag to keep the items protected inside. Although the bag is firm, it will not feel heavy.

Key Features: 

  • This insert will essentially save your time and effort in the morning as well. Keeping everything organized, taking things on the go becomes really convenient.
  • To make things even easier, the product comes with carrying handles. These handles help you to easily transfer the insert from one bag to another without any hassle.
  • Indeed has a flat bottom that will keep it fully stable.

5. LEXSION Purse Organizer Insert


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Everybody does not have the same requirement. Thus, this organizer insert comes in 4 different sizes to suit all kinds of bags. Next, the felt fabric is able to stay firm and maintain it’s shaping essentially protecting the contents inside the insert.

Further, to keep your valuables safe, the insert comes with a special zipper pocket.​​ On top of that, in order to give you more control over the number of pockets you may need, the purse insert sports a detachable middle section. This also makes cleaning the insert easier with lesser ridges to deal with. Lastly, the fabric is known for being soft, durable as well as lightweight all at the same time.

Key Features: 

  • The product has felt fabric as it’s material.
  • Not only does this organizer insert to keep your things tidy for you, but it helps in maintaining the bag shape as well. Thus, your bag maintains the elegant look.
  • Not only is it tough but it’s also pretty light in weight.

4. Vercord Canvas Handbag Organizers

Vercord Handbag Organizer Inserts

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In order to opt for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, this organizer is specially made keeping in mind the design of tote bags. The organizer easily fits inside any tote. As a matter of fact, it has a pull string. As a result, it keeps the things from falling outside the insert and all over the tote.

To add a dash of color to your day, this organizer is available in various shades which will go with any tote.​ The bag has the top quality canvas and polyester as it’s material. While the canvas is soft to touch, the polyester increases the life of the organizer insert.

Key Features: 

  • Hold your bottle in place and keeping it from crashing other small items. The interior has 2 elastic straps which have a tight grip on your bottle.
  • The weight of 7.1-oz will never let you complain about its portability.
  • How to deal with damages? If it’s not long enough, then claim it under a 180-days warranty period.

3. Dahlia’s Patented Handbag Organizer Insert


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Dahlia puts a lot of care in designing the product to offer you what you deserve. The product has a layered structure. This makes sure that the organization is not bulky and overwhelming on your handbag.

At the same time, this also helps to easily store more stuff in without them colliding with each other.​​ To help you with tiny items like the card, the organizer insert has a special cardholder compartment. Therefore, it is much more convenient to access. If you are in a hurry, the organizer has a special dumb pocket as well.

Key Features: 

  • In order to assure you of the superior quality of the product, Dahlia offers you an impressive one-year long warranty on this organizer insert.
  • Not only does the product provide you with a keychain, but it is retractable as well. This means, you just need to pull the keys attached to your bag to open your door.
  • The bottom of the product is detachable.

2. Lenox Trading Company Organizer Insert

Lenox Trading Company Handbag Organizer Inserts

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Gift this to your friend who is in love with handbags on any occasion and be the reason for their smile. To provide you with more choices to get the one that you prefer, the bag comes in as many as 7 different elegant colors. Premium quality felt fabric has been used for this product. This fabric is very breathable as well as pliable. Moreover, although it is soft, the fabric is known for its long-lasting features.

The organizer comes with a metal zipper. This metal zipper keeps your essential items from falling out. Finally, the zipper is really sturdy and durable to last you for a long time.

Key Features: 

  • The product is machine washable as well. Thus, your trouble to keep the product clean is reduced as well.
  • It uses a top-notch felt that will certainly add to the long-lasting nature.
  • Take it for shopping or vacation, it is just what you need.

1.Bridawn Nylon Tote Organizer


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No matter how many items you need to hold, this organizer will keep them all organized. It has as many as 12 different pockets with a large capacity to insert big items. This Oxford tote with its firm shape will maintain the shape of your handbag and prevent it from slouching down.

Moreover, the entire organizer can be secured with the smooth and durable zipper added to the product. Further, the durable handles help to carry the organizer and transfer it from one bag to the other even when it is full of items.

Key Features: 

  • One great feature of this product is that the product is absolutely waterproof. Thus, you do not have to worry about any ink leaking or water spilling to ruin your favorite bag.
  • The product has Nylon as it’s material. Not only is the nylon smooth to touch, but it makes cleaning the bag easier to a great extent.

Now, your handbags will have its own inserts for managing space inside. These inserts will make finding things pretty easy inside the bag.

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