Best GoPro Backpacks in 2022

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A GoPro Backpack is a customized backpack where you can place your GoPro camera securely and record as you travel. GoPro backpacks are quite popular among hikers, travelers, bikers, and vloggers. The backpack will be suitable to store all the different accessories related to the GoPro camera, and you can record your journey effortlessly.

The backpacks come with different mounting positions to keep your camera, and depending on your needs, you should choose from the following list of the best GoPro backpacks in 2022.

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10. SHOOT Selfie Pro Backpack

10.SHOOT Selfie Pro Backpack Bag for Osmo Action Camera GoPro Hero 8 Hero 7 Black Silver White Fusion for Motocycle

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This multi-functional camera backpack is suitable for carrying your camera for several outdoor activities. The third perspective GoPro backpack also helps you to shoot hands-freely during sports activities, like biking or hiking. Moreover, this custom-made camera bag is fully-customizable as per your needs. With the help of 3-way mount and safety screws, you can change and adjust the camera-angles freely.

This bag also consists of a shock-resistant base plate to it can offer more steady shots in any situation. Furthermore, the bag with cargo lashes comes with water and weather-resistant material construction. So, this backpack can last for years. You can click perfect selfies by using the aluminum-alloy boom pole. This pole has an adjustable joint with 360-degree pan axis control for multi-angle shooting.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  The large size and adjustable design.
  •  Easy assembling with a three-way mount.
  •  Ergonomic base plate and wide application.

9. Smatree Travel Backpack

9.Smatree Travel Backpack for DJI Mavic Air GoPro Hero 2018

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This GoPro backpack is very much travel-friendly and provides enough space to accommodate a few accessories. The high-quality and plush EVA foam compartments also protect your gears from getting damaged. Moreover, the durable nylon exterior of this bag offers water and all-weather resistance.

The precut EVA pads accommodate up to one drone camera, a battery charging hub with charger, flight batteries, and more. The backpack also has plenty of space to hold one 13-inch laptop or a tablet. Furthermore, the shoulder straps of the bag have a slider to mount your GoPro.

Therefore, you can simply get multi-angle shots hands-free. The water-resistant backpack keeps your gears safe from scratches, dust, dirt, collisions, and downpours. The zippered mesh storage compartments are perfect for storing small accessories, like SD-cards.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  The large size and easy to organize.
  •  Ideal for outdoor use.
  •  Durable construction and resistant to water.

8. Incase Sling Pack for GoPro

8.Incase CL58083 Sling Pack for GoPro (Black Lumen)

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Derived from high-quality 1680D ballistic nylon and PVC-free 600D polyester, this backpack stands for water resistance and durability. The compact camera bag also comes along with soft rubber feet. So, you can have simple and steady isolation against any ground.

Moreover, with the help of tensaerlite protective canister, this bag can accommodate up to 2 GoPro cameras. The backpack has a separate accessory organizer. You can also effortlessly carry your iPads by storing them in the padded faux-fur compartment.

Furthermore, the multiple pockets accommodate small accessories with no hassle. The strap sling perfectly and safely mounts your GoPro for multi-angle shooting simultaneously. The padded shoulder straps of the GoPro backpack also provides fatigue-free portability with your accessories.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Multiple pockets for user advantage.
  •  High performance and durable construction.
  •  Padded strap for better comfort.

7. DeKaSi Seeker Backpack

7.DeKaSi Seeker Backpack Compatible for GoPro Max Daypack Go Pro Camera Bag Carrying Case Outdoor

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This travel-friendly camera bag is fully-adjustable as per your requirement. With the help of a 6-liter capacity, this backpack also accommodates all of your necessary gears in one place. Moreover, the GoPro backpack offers ample space to hold up to action cameras. The flexible backpack mount helps you to keep your cameras close to your hands. The internal and soft-padded compartments keep your cameras safe from physical damages.

The bag also comes with an innovative whistle-buckle design. Furthermore, the weather and water-resistant bag come with a rain cover for added safety. With the help of a breathable back design, the bag efficiently keeps you back dry all day long. Therefore, you can easily carry this backpack for almost every outdoor sports event.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Adjustable strap for enhanced comfort.
  •  The large size and attractive look.
  •  Breathable back and versatile performance.

6. Thule Legend Backpack for GoPro

6.Thule TLGB-101 Legend Backpack for GoPro (Black)

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This GoPro backpack involves the construction of heavy-duty and weather-resistant material. The bag also comes along with separate storage to hold a hydration reservoir. Moreover, the padded compartments help to keep your accessories safe from crushing and collisions. The lightweight backpack lets you carry your gears without increasing the burden. You can simply carry your 3 GoPro cameras, remote control, extra batteries, LCD backpack, and SD-cards.

The bag is also very functional. So, you can mount 2 GoPro cameras outside of your bags for multi-angle shootings. Furthermore, with the help of detachable die-cut foam, you can easily wash this bag. Therefore, you can keep the bag clean from sand, dust, and mud. You can simply organize the interior space accordingly.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Hydration reservoir for user comfort.
  •  Lightweight design and sleek shape.
  •  LCD and remote control.

5. GoPro Seeker Backpack -Best GoPro Backpacks

5.GoPro Seeker Backpack (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Accessory

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This compact and travel-friendly camera backpack is very light in weight and offers stress-free transportability with your gadgets. The inbuilt and soft segmented compartments also have enough space to accommodate up to 5 GoPro cameras. Moreover, this GoPro backpack has ample space.

Therefore, you can store a few batteries, chargers, Micro-SD cards, and other accessories. The padded compartments keep the gadgets safe and collision-free during traveling. The multi-functional camera bag has an integrated chest mount. So, you can conveniently mount your camera for over-the-shoulder footage.

Furthermore, the adjustable shoulder mount offers easier access to your GoPro cameras every time. This backpack has the capacity to store gears up to 16-liters. The bag is resistant to water and weather to offer protection to your accessories.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Easy carrying with adjustable design.
  •  Weather-resistant construction for high performance.
  •  Hands-free footage due to chest mount.

4. Smatree Backpack -Best GoPro Backpacks

4.Smatree Backpack Compatible for DJI Mavic 2 Pro Mavic 2 Zoom GoPro Hero 2018

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Derived from heavy-duty nylon and EVA materials, this camera backpack resists water and all-weather conditions. The camera bag also protects your camera and other accessories from scratches and collisions. Moreover, the bag is suitable for carrying your GoPro or other action cameras.

The precut EVA foam offers the perfect fit for most of the GoPro Hero cameras. This backpack has a mesh pocket. So, you can easily store your batteries, SD-cards, selfie sticks, cables, and other small accessories.

There is also a compartment to hold your laptop or iPads. Furthermore, the padded shoulder straps help you to carry your gadgets from one place to another with ease. There is a slider on the shoulder strap. So, you can optionally carry your GoPro from a different angle during traveling.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Wide application due to versatile performance.
  •  EVA foam for better protection.
  •  Durable material and multiple compartments.

3. Lowepro Multi-Purpose Backpack -Best GoPro Backpacks

3.Lowepro ViewPoint BP250 - A Multi-Purpose Backpack for DJI Mavic Pro Mavic Pro Platinum, DJI Spark, 360 Fly or GoPro Action Cameras

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This multi-functional perfectly accommodates GoPro and other action cameras. With the help of 1680D ballistic polyester and 600D polyester construction, this backpack also offers weather and water resistance. Moreover, the removable action video case of this bag is compatible with most of the action cameras.

This highly-flexible camera bag has comfortable padded shoulder straps for convenient transportability. The outer straps of this camera bag also securely hold an extra item, like a tripod. Furthermore, the sternum strap offers a customizable fit during traveling.

With the help of adjustable dividers, you can effortlessly carry your cables, batteries, mounts, and other small accessories. The transparent zippered pocket securely holds keys, pens, smartphones, and other necessary items. There is a spacious compartment at the top of the backpack.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Multiple pockets for storing different items.
  •  Perfect fit and adjustable dividers.
  •  Durable material for long-lasting use.

2. ESDDI Camera Bag Backpack -Best GoPro Backpacks

2.ESDDI Camera Bag Backpack Professional for DSLRSLR Mirrorless Camera Waterproof, Camera Case Compatible for Sony Canon Nikon

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This camera backpack comes up with plenty of space to hold several DSLR or SLR cameras and equipment. With the help of segmented and padded dividers, you can also store all the necessary accessories in vertical positions. Moreover, this GoPro backpack involves the construction of water-resilience, high-density 900D polyester nylon. For added safety, this bag has a rain cover to protect your gadgets from heavy downpours.

The segmented slots also can accommodate two cameras, multiple lenses and chargers, and batteries. Furthermore, the external pockets have enough space to accommodate a tripod, and mesh pockets simply hold small accessories. This super-sturdy bag has a compartment for a 14-inch laptop or iPads. The shockproof pads of this backpack keep the camera equipment safe from impacts.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  The easy organization with different compartments.
  •  Wide application and water repellent.
  •  Includes rain cover for user convenience.

1. Estarer Camera Backpack -Best GoPro Backpacks

1.Estarer SLR DSLR Camera Backpack for Nikon Canon Sony Digital Lens GoPro Accessories 15.6 Laptop w Rain Cover Camera Bag

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This travel-friendly camcorder bag is very much versatile to hold a variety of camera setups and accessories for traveling. The compact yet spacious backpack also offers enough space to accommodate multiple DSLR/SLR cameras.

Moreover, you can neatly fit up to 5 lenses, batteries, chargers, small accessories, tripods in this bag. Therefore, the multiple compartments help you to carry a laptop up to 15.6-inch. With the help of 10 movable Velcro dividers, the GoPro backpack also lets you adjust the interior space accordingly.

Furthermore, you can use this bag for accommodating your GoPro, drones, and other equipment.  The photography bag involves the construction of heavy-duty nylon material with a water-resistant coating. With the help of a zippered mesh pocket, the backpack lets you store several small accessories, like USB cables, Micro-SD cards.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Easy carrying due to padded shoulder straps.
  •  Nylon material and large size.
  •  Mesh pocket and multiple compartments.

Buying Guide For GoPro Backpacks

The following is the list of the factors while buying a GoPro backpack.

Size and Capacity:

The size of a GoPro backpack can vary, and you will have to get the one according to your requirement. The capacity is usually in liters, and you need to see if it is compact enough. However, you need to consider the volume and then make your buy.

Material and Construction:

Nylon and polyurethane are some of the common materials of GoPro backpacks. Go for the one that is water repellent so that it allows you to use it in all weather conditions. In addition to this, consider the overall construction so that it lasts longer.


If you want to have a clean look, then you need to see that comes with multiple compartments. This will allow you to organize the accessories in a better way, and you can have them at the right time. Some can also come with external pockets that let you keep different items.


For easy carrying, you need to see if it comes with adjustable pads. This will give you the advantage of carrying it comfortably, and some can even come with a top handle. Go for the one that includes padded shoulder straps that do not put pressure on your shoulders.


You need to get a Go Pro backpack that delivers better performance and helps to protect your device and the accessories. Look for the one that comes with waterproof protection and is perfect for all types of weather.


This is an important consideration that you will have to see while buying a GoPro back. It must be suitable for all types of outdoor use including sports so that you can make the most out of it. In addition to this, look for the one that allows you to capture videos without making any effort. It must have the ability to mount your GoPro device conveniently for hands-free operation.


There are different considerations you should consider while buying. First of all, there are backpacks available in different sizes to choose from. The mounting options also vary significantly in different backpacks. Most of them have the rear mount, but some have the shoulder and chest mount option.

Apart from that, the pouches or compartments in the backpacks need to be perfect to organize and carry everything without any mess. Besides, the comfort and the weight factors are also important considerations.

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