Top 10 Best Golf Club Sets in 2020

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Well, both men and women are very fond of playing golf with their best friends and companions in their leisure time. It is a sport of enjoyment and active participant by the golf players with accurate concentration and focus. All men and women have developed a common interest in this sport.

However, playing golf requires the right equipment to improve their game skills. To make your golf even more successful, you need to get your hands on the right set for golfing. The golf sets comprise of irons, woods, and putters, wedges and also a bag. Therefore, you can now score well by buying yourself the best set for golfing.

Now, let’s look at the best golf club sets in 2020:


10. Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set

Callaway Golf Club Sets

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Callaway’s golfing set comprises 12 pieces and also considered as Amazon’s choice. This set for golfing comes in two colors such as blue and red. This set for golfing is made with an exclusive design that gives a high performance during a golf match. The set comprises of 12 pieces which include 6-9 irons, wedges, woods, putter and headcovers.

The wood is a 460 ccs forged driver that is highly lightweight to give a flying shot. It also consists of 5 hybrids that enhance your gaming performance in a better way. The iron wedges help to balance the control of the swing golf ball in a dynamic way. The putter with this golfing set helps to give incredible accuracy during the ongoing match.

Key Features:

  • Colors available in two shades blue and red
  • Callaway Men Golf set comprises of 12 pieces
  • High-performance
  • Light-weight

9. Wilson Men’s golfing set


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Basically, this golfing set by Wilson Men’s Ultra is beginner’s choice. This golfing set gives you the benefit of playing a full round. This set is made with impeccable design and delivers best strokes during an ongoing match.

It comprises of an alignment putter with gives impeccable accuracy. However, this set comprises a bag with multiple pockets comes. The set includes iron, head covers, a putter, pitching wedge, driver, and hybrid. Thus, it works great for a beginner option with an advanced delivering range. Well, this set comes in an affordable price range with so many impeccable features and functions.

Key Features:

  • Affordable price
  • Advanced delivery range
  • Good for amateur

8. Top-Flite 2018 XL 13-Piece golfing set

Top-Flite Golf Club Sets

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This set for golfing considered as XL piece or extra-large bag for its 13 pieces complete set. The set comes in two colors like black and grey with an option of graphite and steel. It helps to deliver the best game with great strokes and accuracy.

The inspiring hybrid gives and delivers high performance on the field. The bag is highly lightweight which makes it easy to carry wherever conveniently. Well, this product is a pretty good starter set that delivers great shots in a comfortable way.

Key Features:

  • Top-Flite 2018 XL comprises of 13 piece
  • High-performance
  • Top-Flite comes with two options graphite and steel
  • Colors available in two shades black and grey

7. Cobra Golf Men’s 2020 F-Max Superlite Complete Set

Cobra Golf

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It is basically a regular set for amateur players. The driver is well-designed which delivers a perfect balance of speed and distance in a controlled way. It also exhibits flying shots from any towering point.

It comprises of both 4 and 5 hybrid feature to deliver high launch in the air. The bag is featured with an extra 9 zipped compartments for variable usage. This top-notch stainless steel iron feature exhibits a dynamic look adding an extra style statement to your performance.

Key Features:

  •  Available with extra 9 zipped compartment
  • Made of stainless steel iron
  • Apt for amateur players

6. Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Full Set

Tour Edge Golf Club Sets

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The Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Full Set comes with a lightweight comfortable bag accompanied by a headcover. The bag is just not a normal golf bag but it comes with a headstand to place it anywhere with your convenience. The driver comprises of 460cc that delivers great stroke in the air.

The iron feature is well-built that provides a great performance. The shaft material is based on graphite material added by right-hand orientation. However, this is an affordable golf set that exhibits great performance with the right speed and distance.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a bag
  • Shaft material available in graphite material
  • Affordable in price

5. Callaway Women’s Golfing Set


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This 16 piece golfing set is great for women who work on improving accuracy and distance. This golf set is specially made for younger players who try to improve their gaming skills in a better way.

This golf set is clubbed with a headstand, head covers, 4 and 5 hybrid, wedge, putter, driver, and 3 kinds of wood precisely. The woods are titanium wood that has a large sweet spot that helps in delivering great swings. The putter is also highly efficient in delivering great accuracy on the field.

Key Features:

  • Callaway Women golf set comprises of 16 piece
  • Made of titanium wood
  • Great delivery wing

4. Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Set & Bag – Men’s Right Hand

PROSiMMON Golf Club Sets

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Prosimmon set for golfing is a versatile one that is highly recommended for men only. The body of the golfing set is made of durable steel with a graphite body. This set delivers high accuracy, speed, distance, and great performance. It consists of 2 hybrids and 1 wood that helps to deliver a smooth swing in the air. It also comprises of a protected head covers added by a portable bag.

Key Features:

  • High-accuracy in speed and distance
  • Made of durable steel
  • Portable bag

3. Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set


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This simple to hit set is intended to offer the most advanced game improvement innovation to help improve your game and improve your golf understanding. The set is structured utilizing the latest innovation to give women more advancement, better exactness, and smooth delivery.

The lightweight Designer Fashion Bag has the capacity for all your golf equipment and individual things and has a simple grasp lifting handle. The driver is structured with PVD finishing that exhibits a stunning look to the golf set.

Key Features:

  • It gives smoothes delivery
  • Lightweight bag
  • PVD finishing

2. Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Complete Golf Set

Wilson Golf Golf Club Sets

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This product also accompanied by a PVD finish structure that gives a stunning look to your golf set. It is a high-performance golf set that delivers smooth strokes with the right measure of speed and distance.

Its Hybrid has a large sweet spot that enhances the player’s playing skill and performance. Thus, this golfing set is highly recommendable for long game performance’s Its platinum feature helps to deliver longer and straight shots.

Key Features:

  • High-performance
  • It is platinum built
  • PVD finishing

1. Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set, Right Hand, White


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It’s time to talk about the no. 1 product on our list. This product comprises of a flexible shaft that enhances the women’s performances in a better way. With its improved design, it exhibits great strokes for the women playing at the beginner level. The huge bag also equipped with a headstand to place conveniently wherever you want. The bag also comes with numerous pockets to keep your valuable belongings in them.

Key Features:

  • Improved Design
  • Best for beginner level
  • The extra benefit with numerous pockets and compartments

Buyer’s Guide Choosing on Golf Club Sets:

    •  Size: The size of the golf set matters as it determines the size of the player’s hand to launch a smooth delivery.
    • Price: Golf sets can be costly, so you have to watch the cost of these. Ensure they fit your financial limit. Do not opt for a cheaply priced set as they might not give lasting results.
    • Materials:  The type of material the golf set is made of either Graphite or hardened iron steel to choose from.
    • Accessories: Does it come with a protected headcover, headstand, added zipped pockets or compartments, and also a rain gear? You need to check all these things before investing in a set.

Therefore, there are some low-quality alternatives available that look decent, however, they perform poorly. Well, finding the correct set by giving you an assortment of extraordinary sets in a scope of costs. The above rundowns are extraordinary starter and advanced level sets that offer sensible hit consistency and speed. Since golf is a game appropriate for all age ranges, it can be difficult to pick the right of a golfing set. However, the 10 golf sets that we have analyzed are beneficial to both men and women.

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