Best Gaming Headsets Under 100$ in 2022 Review

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Gaming is all the rage right now, to do it right you need the best equipment available. One of the top 15 Gaming Headsets Under 100$ in 2022 is part of that equipment ensemble. You get top-quality sound, along with other great features to make your gaming experience better than ever.

When you want to upgrade your gaming time, go with one of the more inexpensive headsets in 2022.

List of Our Best Gaming Headsets Under 100$ in 2022 Review On Amazon.Com

15. ZIUMIER Gaming Headset

 ZIUMIER Gaming Headset PS4 Headset

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The black and blue color scheme is not a warning that your game time will turn to make you look the same color. It is just part of the overall color scheme to spruce up your gaming look.

This gaming headset is compatible with a large range of gaming devices. Plus, it comes with a 50mm driver to make sure you hear every sound clearly. The noise-canceling and anti-static mic make sure your instructions are not overshadowed by interference.

14. ONIKUMA Xbox One Gaming Headset

 ONIKUMA Xbox One Gaming Headset

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Go camo when you start your game up. Once this gaming headset is over your ears, you get 7.1 surround sound to make sure you hear everything going on in your game. The inline volume dial keeps you in control of your sound levels.

Plus, the soft padding keeps this headset comfortable on your head. Hours of playing time shouldn’t change that. With noise-canceling technology, your voice is heard loud and clear.

Then the 3.5 mm jacks provide you with a large gaming device compatibility.

13. Beexcellent Gaming Headset

 Beexcellent Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One PC Mac Controller Gaming Headphone with Crystal Stereo Bass Surround Sound

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This blue Gaming Headsets Under 100$ color design has you looking your best once you put this gaming headset over your ears. Also, you get soft padding to make sure you do not lose any comfort throughout the hours you play.

On top of that, your gaming experience will be expanded by its almost universal compatibility. You can plug into a variety of gaming devices and enjoy their games without worry.

Along with those features, you also get 1 key mute and noise-canceling mic to make sure you are heard by the right people.

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12. CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

 CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

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These uniquely designed gaming headsets make you look cool and like a professional gamer. Along with their looks, the fully padded headset makes sure you stay in complete comfort while wearing them.

After you put this headset on, you get up to 40 feet of range, as well as 16-hour battery life on a single charge. With its one-button mute, you can talk to your friends outside of the game without hassle.

On top of that, the red, yellow and green colors let you know how well your battery life is doing.

11. SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset

 SteelSeries Arctis 3

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This gaming headset looks like traditional headphones but it does a lot more for you. Along with providing you with top quality sound and gaming comfort, you get a wide compatibility range that is second to none.

Also, you get studio level voice quality through its noise-canceling mic. S1 speaker drivers ensure the quality you hear is the same as the quality you send out over your mic.

On top of that, the air weave fabric lets you play comfortably all day.

10. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

 HyperX Cloud Stinger - Gaming Headset

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You can concentrate on your game once you place this gaming headset on your head. Its comfort levels let you relax and concentrate on what you are doing. You should be able to hear other players with ease and the noise-canceling mic lets your commands go out crystal clear.

The 50mm drivers make sure the voices you hear are better and without distortion. The volume control is on the ear cup and easily accessed.

9. Logitech Gaming Headset

 Logitech 981-000536 G430 7.1 Gaming Headset with Mic

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With 7.1 sound capability, you should be able to hear all aspects of your game without hindrance. In addition to that, its lightweight design does not tire your head or ears out.

Plus, you get a wide range of gaming options when you turn to this gaming headset to help you communicate. The folding noise-canceling mic makes sure your words are heard without distortion or other interference.

8. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

 HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

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The red and black color design will help highlight your eyes as you play your favorite games. With 7.1 sound capability, you should hear the highest highs and lowest lows with ease.

The 53 mm drivers make the sound happen for you as does the noise-canceling mic does for your listeners. Then to keep you playing long and often, the fully padded ear cups keep your ears comfortable and hopefully pain-free.

7. Mpow Eg3 PC Gaming Headset  Mpow Eg3(Series II) PC Gaming Headset 7.1 Surround Sound, PS4 USB Headset

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Get the full benefit of your games by switching to this top gaming headset. Not only doe sit have 7.1 sound quality, but you also get a switch on the noise-canceling mic to mute your voice when you need to.

Also, with the right download, you get bass boost, distortion control 12 point equalizer and other fine sound quality features. Then with its wide compatibility range, you get great gaming options.

6. NUBWO Gaming headsets

 NUBWO PS4 N7 Stereo Xbox one Headset Wired PC

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Part of being a success at gaming is being comfortable. If you are not, then you could be too distracted to win the game. This gaming headset brings you top of the line comfort.

On top of that, the standard 50mm driver and noise-canceling mic are part of this gaming headset package. Have clear communication throughout your gaming time. To use with Nintendo game systems you need a Nintendo adaptor but other than that you are good to go.

5. HyperX Cloud Stinger Game Headset

 HyperX Cloud Stinger

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Upgrade your gaming experience by turning to one of the top gaming headsets on the market today. Not only do you get a great comfort level, but you also get a top communicating experience.

90 degree rotating ear cups and 50 mm drivers make sure you hear what you need to hear all the time. Plus, the noise-canceling mic is second to none in instruction giving communication.

When you want a top gaming experience you use a top gaming headset to get the job done.

4. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

 RUNMUS Xbox One Headset

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This gaming headset lights up in a brilliant red color so you can have more fun playing your games. Plus, you get 50 mm drivers that produce top-notch surround sound.

In addition to those features, this gaming headset has an almost universal compatibility range. Play on multiple gaming devices using the same comfortable headset. A 3.5mm jack makes it all happen for you.

Also, when you need to send out greetings or instructions, the noise-canceling mic makes sure your voice is heard.

3. RUNMUS Gaming Headsets PS4 Headset

 RUNMUS PS4 Headset

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Light your gaming time up with this bright blue gaming headset. After you put this headset on the surround sound takes you away and puts you fully into your game. Plus, you get great vocal support through the top quality built-in mic that moves away when you need it to.

On top of that, this gaming headset works for more than just PS4, No matter what gaming device you use, this gaming headset should work with it. A 1-year warranty protects your purchase cost and lets you play worry-free.

2. ONIKUMA Gaming Headsets

 ONIKUMA Gaming Headset for PS4,

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60 mm drivers produce the great surround sound you hear every time you start your game using this gaming headset. Then the breathable construction fabric lets you play comfortably all night if you are so inclined.

On top of that, the blue highlighted mic picks up sound in 360-degree directions. Inline, controls make sure you can make adjustments quickly without putting your game character at risk.

Universal compatibility makes sure your entertainment options are wide open. The fully padded headset adjusts to fit several different head sizes.

1. BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headsets

 BENGOO G9000 Stereo

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Good looks and stereo sound combine together to upgrade your gaming entertainment. This fully padded gaming headset brings you top stereo sound while making sure you look good as well as being comfortable.

On top of that, the 49-inch power cable protects against tangling while giving you lots of freedom of movement. Inline controls leave you in charge of the volume and mute functions. One tap of your finger and you should not be heard by other players.

For your added comfort, this gaming headset uses skin-friendly fabric. The fabric is soft to the touch as well as durable. 40 mm drivers bring the sound to your comfortable ears.

Some final words

Upgrading your gaming experience isn’t that difficult. All you need is one of the top 15 best Gaming Headsets Under 100$ in 2022. These top gaming headsets add looks, comfort, and performance to your gaming time.

In addition to that, all the features are easy to use and with controls in very accessible places. Go with the best of Gaming Headsets Under 100$, if you want to make sure your gaming time is better than it was before.

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