Best Folding Picnic Tables in 2022 Reviews

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Have your own picnic, you can do it when you can’t go to the park or the beach. Just use one of the top 13 best folding picnic tables in 2022. You do not have to leave home to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon.

These top folding picnic tables make sure those beautiful afternoons and evenings are not wasted. You can even host friends and family while not leaving your own home.

These top folding picnic tables ensure that you have a place to use every time you want to eat outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Check Out Best Folding Picnic Tables in 2022 Reviews

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13. Flash Furniture Insta-Fold Folding Picnic Table

13.Flash Furniture Insta-Fold Charcoal Wood Grain Folding Picnic Table and Benches

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4 adults can sit comfortably and enjoy that picnic lunch or supper your prepared. Its smaller size makes having a picnic fun again. The all in one style makes sure no pieces are lost or stolen. Your picnic time is preserved.

With powder coating and waterproof tops, you can let this picnic table remain outside and not take up valuable storage space in your garage or basement. Both elements help keep the rust away.

On top of that, the wood grain finish adds a touch of character to the overall look. With anti-slide protective feet, you can use this picnic table anywhere and not damage your floors or surfaces. The benches should hold about 350 pounds but double-check to make sure.

This table measures around 5 by 5 by 2 1/2 feet in size. You won’t need a large area to use it in.

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12. COSCO Outdoor Living Folding Picnic Table

12.COSCO 87902GRY1E Outdoor Living 6 ft. Folding Picnic Table, Gray Wood Grain

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Have 6 feet of fun waiting for you in the backyard. You and your kids can enjoy a great meal outside when you employ this folding picnic table to handle your outdoor mealtimes. It is large, easy to move and folds up when it is in the way.

In addition to that, once you unfold it, the benches can hold up to 800 pounds in total. The table is rated for only 100 pounds so do not let anyone sit on the tabletop. When it is unfolded, you have about 30 inches from the ground to tabletop clearance.

The steel frame is tough and can handle a lot of the different weather conditions with its powder coating. The plastic top should not have any trouble with the weather at all. When winter comes, just fold it up and slip it into a small spot inside your garage or other storage areas.

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11. Sunkorto 4-Person Folding Picnic Table

11.Sunkorto 4-Person Folding Picnic Table with 4 Stools, 4 Feet Aluminum Table Chair Set Heights Adjustable, Portable and Lightweight for Outdoor, Ca

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No need to worry about if the picnic tables at the park or beach or taken. You can bring your own table with you and the 4 accompanying stools. Once you unfold it, you can select from one of 3 heights to use.

Made from aluminum and fiberboard this folding picnic table should last you a long time under normal use. The aluminum also keeps the weight down to under 20 pounds. With its carry handle transporting this table is not going to be hard to do.

Also, you should b able to get about 220 pounds on each stool. That allows adults to use this folding table at any time. When the picnic is over and you are ready to go home, just fold up the table and slip it back into the trunk of your car. Everything about this picnic table is simple and easy.

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10. Best Choice Products Portable Folding Picnic Table Set

10.Best Choice Products VD-2837OP Products 3-Piece Portable Folding Picnic Table Set w Wooden Tabletop, Brown Black

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The light wood grain design adds a little color and home has grown natural fun to your back yard. Each piece looks like a part of the old west has come to your home. The free-standing benches and table measure about 70 inches in length

After you unfold these pieces you can move them wherever you want them. The benches do not have to be near the table when you need extra seating in other locations. Made from fir and iron, this folding picnic table is very durable.

A 500 pound per bench weight limit makes sure all adults have a safe place to sit. Once you are finished your activity, you can find a nice spot somewhere to put them till they are needed again.

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9. Giantex Picnic Table Bench Set

9.Giantex Picnic Table Bench Set Outdoor Camping All Weather Metal Base Wood-Like Texture Backyard Poolside Dining Party

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Made with Polyethylene you are getting a folding picnic table that is UV resistant. That means that the wood grain finish should not fade over time. That also ensures that the table will not crack, chip or peel

Also, you have a powder-coated steel frame to help keep the good looks of this picnic table from tarnishing. In addition to that, this table comes with rounded corners so no one gets hurt if they bump into it accidentally.

Then measuring about 59 by 54 by 28 inches in size this table weighs only 44 pounds. Just about anyone can move it to a new location without hurting themselves. An easy assembly process has this table ready for action in no time. You and your family can enjoy using this table on the same day it arrives.

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8. FORUP Table, Folding Utility Table

8.FORUP 6ft Table, Folding Utility Table, Fold-in-Half Portable Plastic Picnic Party Dining Camp Table (White)

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No benches come with this folding table but that is okay. That means you can customize how many people sit at it at the same time. With its 71 by 29 29-inch dimensions, you should have a crowd of kids around it without any trouble.

Also, no assembly is required. The table unfolds right out of the box and is ready to go when you are. Gravity locks make sure the table does not buckle or fall on you while you are using it. That situation should not happen as this table holds about 330 pounds without really trying.

On top of that, once your event is over, it folds up nice and small and can slip away into some thin storage spaces without hassle. Convenience to the max is what you get with this table.

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7. PORLAE Folding Table

7.PORLAE Folding Table with Cup Holders Foldable Portable Tables with Carry Bag for Outdoor Camping Hiking and Picnic

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When you want a good folding picnic table on your next camping trip this is the one to pick. It is made from very lightweight nylon and folds up so small it has its own carrying bag.

Underneath its unfolded tabletop is a cup holder that is made from nylon as well. It holds 4 cups out of your way so you can eat and drink comfortably. 2 side pouches can hold your cell phones, your cutlery or other small items.

The approx. 27 by 16 by 16-inch table needs no tools to assemble it. The frame pops up with ease and the table should be ready in seconds. The aluminum legs and non-slip feet keep the table where you put it, even with some weight on it.

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6. REDCAMP Outdoor Picnic Table

6.REDCAMP Outdoor Picnic Table Adjustable, Folding Camping Table with 4 Chairs, Aluminum White

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The adjustable height feature lets you use this picnic table for kids’ [parties or adult get-togethers. 2 height options are available for you to use. After you unfold it, you have 3 by 2 feet of eating space.

4 included stools seat everyone comfortably and should hold as much as the table does, which is 110 pounds. When it is folded, two carry handles make relocating this folding picnic table simple and without trouble. The lightweight ensures that.

Because it is so small, it is a great table to take anywhere with you. To the park, beach or even on your next camping trip. Eating is not the only activity you can use this folding table for. It holds lanterns, lights, books and much more.

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5. Stansport Heavy Duty Picnic Table and Bench Set

5.Stansport Heavy Duty Picnic Table and Bench Set

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Freestanding benches provide you with a lot of seating flexibility. When the meal is done you can move those benches where you need them next. They hold about 500 pounds each making anyone comfortable when they sit on them.

In addition to that, you have a tabletop that is made from polyethylene HDPE. This construction material should withstand heat, cool weather, and rain. When folded the benches fit inside the tabletop to give you more storage options without losing a lot of storage space.

An easy-grip built-in handle makes carrying this table and bench set simple. The steel legs provide the strength you want when you start using this table for special events or family outings. The table may have telescoping legs for height adjustment.

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4. Giantex 3-Piece Portable Folding Picnic Table with Seating Set

4.Giantex 70 3-Piece Portable Folding Picnic Beer Table with Seating Set Wooden Top Picnic Table for Patio Outdoor Activities Garden Use, 30 Table Height

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With this folding picnic table, you get about 70 inches of table length. More than enough room to place all your mealtime favorites on top. In addition to that, you have 2 separate benches. They can be set up anywhere when not needed for eating.

With no assembly required, this is an unfold and play picnic table. It should only take a few seconds to get all the pieces unfolded and ready for use. The benches hold about 500 pounds of weight without really trying that hard.

If you have the need and the energy these 3 pieces folding picnic table can strap to the roof of your car and o with you to the beach or the park. Why eat off dirty tables when you have clean ones you can bring with you.

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3. Office Star Resin 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set

3.Office Star Resin 3-Piece Folding Bench and Table Set, 2 Benches and 6 x 2.5-Feet Table

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Everything folds in half. Not only do the legs fold up underneath each piece, but the benches and table also fold in half. Then to keep them there is a handy but easy to use locking system.

On top of that, you have a waterproof table and bench set that also resists stains, scratches, and other normal use issues. Then the table can hold about 350 pounds with the benches about 200 pounds each.

Once unfolded you have about 6 feet of length to sit down and relax. The foot-wide benches should hold many seats comfortably. Its steel frame is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion from ruining your new folding picnic table set. That keeps this set looking good for many years.

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2. Outsunny Wooden Portable Folding Picnic Table Set

2.Outsunny 4 Person Wooden Portable Compact Folding Suitcase Picnic Table Set With Umbrella Hole

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The unique feature on this folding picnic table set is that it comes with a hole for your umbrella. Keep both the sun and the rain off your food and out of your eyes. When you are done, everything folds together. The benches go underneath the tabletop saving you a lot of space.

Plus, the very light table is easy to carry. The built-in handles see to that. After it is folded it looks like a wood suitcase in your hands. Also, the legs come with no-slip feet so you can seat on the benches with confidence. Those benches hold about 220 pounds.

After you get the table set up, it will hold about 110 pounds without batting an eye. The aluminum frameworks with the wood top to give you a great picnic experience.

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1. Lifetime Kid’s Picnic Table

1.Lifetime 280094 Kid's Picnic Table

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Rounded and impact resistant corners provide your children with lots of protection and safe use. They should not get hurt if they run or bang into this folding table set. The tough construction materials should also not peel, scratch or chip. Its durability is top-notch.

It is 32 1/2 inch size lets up to 4 children sit, play or eat at this table. No-slip feet make their contribution to your children’s safety and play or eating time. With a weathered design, you can leave this folding picnic table outside all year if you want.

When not needed, it folds up flat for easy relocation or storage.

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Having folding picnic tables at your service provides you with fewer hassles and lots of options. When in the way these top 13 best folding picnic tables in 2022 fold up and disappear.

They do not need a lot of storage space when not needed. They also hold up well against the weather in all seasons.


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