Top 10 Best Folding Massage Tables In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are into the massaging profession, you need to have a quality massage table. If you visit clients’ homes for massage therapy, you have to carry a massage table with you because, with a proper table, the therapy is not going to be effective or comfortable. There are folding massage tables available, which you can carry from one place to another in your vehicle quite easily. You can also store them in limited space and use it when required. Check out the top 10 best folding massage tables to pick from below.

List of Top 10 Best Folding Massage Tables In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Portable Massage Table by BestMassage

10. Portable Massage Table by BestMassage

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This folding massage tables comes with pure hardwood framing with the support of steel cables. Along with non-marking and skid-resistant feet, this spa bed also offers simple but steady installation. Moreover, the 2-inch high-density thick sponge provides a comfortable place to lie-down. The beech frame comes along with a metal latch lock and easy folding structure for convenient transportability.

The ergonomic headrest also works as a breathable face pillow for the users. Furthermore, this table includes a humanized hand pallet to deliver ultimate comfort to clients. The PU upholstery works as a natural resistant to water and oil. So, the cushion stays in a well-maintained condition for years.

  • It excels in detail processing.
  • Comes lasting and very light.
  • Height is adaptable with knobs.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#9. Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

9. Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

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Derived from pure hardwood, the frame of this folding massage tables also has steel cables to add stability to it. The polyurethane upholstery of the plush cushion also provides ultimate protection against oil and water. Moreover, the threaded support cables make the construction extremely reliable. Therefore, this professional-style spa bed fits the needs of every client with no hassle.

The adjustable and detachable headrest of this spa bed also helps clients to have a relaxing body massage. Furthermore, the soft and plush foam cushioning provides a comfortable resting spot for users. The working weight capacity of this table is 400-lbs.

  • Consist of threaded support bar.
  • Includes face cradle and carry bag.
  • Has the working weight capacity.
  • There is no drawback at all.

#8. Saloniture Professional Folding Massage Table

8. Saloniture Professional Folding Massage Table

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Along with a convenient nylon carrying case, this folding massage tables makes portability easy and lesser hectic. The detachable armrests and headrest also help you to deal with the demands of every client. Moreover, this spa bed includes an arm sling under the headrest to offer ultimate comfort to the users. With the help of a high-density 2-inch high-density foam, this table makes the lying on it very cozy.

The hardwood construction, along with steel support cables, also helps therapists to install it with no hassle. Furthermore, the headrest comes with composite support to avoid warping and bending. The nylon case has a side pocket to carry supplies and oils for body massage.

  • Has an arm sling under the headrest.
  • Reposition as per your needs.
  • Table customized for each client.
  • There is no negative point.

#7. Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

7. Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

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With a huge load-bearing capacity of 500-lbs, this folding massage tables presents a cozy relaxing spot for clients. The detachable armrests and an adjustable headrest also deliver professional-style spa sessions. Moreover, this 84-inch table lets you adjust the height of the frame from 22.8 to 33.5-inch. The PVC upholstery of the cushion keeps the oil and water away from the padding.

This luxury spa bed also comes along with a carrying case to offer hassle-free transportability. Furthermore, the padding of this table has high-density foam filling to provide a cozy space for professional-style body massage. You can simply detach the arm slings, armrests, and headrest when not in use.

  • Get free parts replacement service.
  • Carry and fold the bed accordingly.
  • No tools required for installation.
  • There is no cons as such.

#6. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

6. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

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The sustainable hardwood construction of this folding massage tables makes it very much eco-friendly and long-lasting. This professional-style spa bed also consists of an adjustable face cradle. Moreover, the poly-gel blended face cradle feels very soft and comfortable for the clients. Equipped with a nylon case, the foldable structure simply folds down into it to offer convenient portability.

The full-length piano hinge and anti-skid stable feet also make the installation safe and trustworthy by the clients. Furthermore, this bed comes along with a luxurious and adjustable headrest. The 2.5-inch thick super-soft dual-density cushioning of this bed offers a comfortable relaxing spot for everyone.

  • Consist of soft dual-density cushioning.
  • Comes with years of professional use.
  • It is hassle-free folding and transport.
  • There is no negative point.

#5. MaxKare Portable Massage Table with Carrying Bag

5. MaxKare Portable Massage Table with Carrying Bag

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The convenient carrying case helps therapists to carry this folding massage tables along with you to clients’ spaces. Along with detachable headrest, arm slings, and armrests, this table is also customizable as per your clients’ needs. Moreover, the height-adjustable bed makes the adjustment of the heights convenient for the therapists.

Equipped with a wide 27.6-inch pad, the table, along with armrests, also makes the spa session relaxing for all. Furthermore, the durable steel support cables and hardwood frame make this spa bed exceptionally sturdy and reliable. Therefore, this bed offers a maximum load-bearing capacity of 496-lbs. The faux leather upholstery of the pad resists oil and water for convenient cleaning.

  • Covering is water and oil proof.
  • Cables strengthen with sturdy steel support.
  • Is filled with high-density foam.
  • There is no cons to point out.

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#4. Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table

4. Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table

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Trouble freely folds down into a compact gear; this folding massage tables perfect for home spa services. With the help of a 2-inch thick and plush pad, the spa bed also makes your body massage session soothing. Moreover, the birch hardwood frame and legs of this spa bed provide additional stability to the construction.

You can also adjust the height of this table from 26 to 36-inch. Furthermore, the adjustable armrests help therapists to fit the requirements of large clients. You can efficiently adjust the positions of the headrest accordingly. The wide and long table has a weight-bearing capacity of 450-lbs.

  • Table’s height comes in modifiable.
  • Table’s dimension is very wide.
  • Tables consist of removable arm rests.
  • It could have been sturdier.

#3. Master Massage Portable Massage Table

3. Master Massage Portable Massage Table

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Aided with ultra-plush foam pads, this folding massage tables brings the most comfortable massaging bed for clients. The adjustable height of this spa bed also lets users relax with ultimate relief. Moreover, derived from the aircraft-graded steel support system, this table has an accurate working capacity of 750-lbs. The functional and padded face-cradle offers the clients to feel the lavishness while enjoying body massage.

With the help of a 3-inch multi-layer cushion, this table also makes a large resting place for the users. Furthermore, the small-cell foam delivers more thickness and softness than the other mattresses. The PU upholstery of this padding is resistant to water and oil.

  • Protected by a 2 years warranty.
  • Includes contoured armrest shelf.
  • Patented denser than standard form.
  • There is no cons as such.

#2. Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table

2. Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table

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Folding down into a portable briefcase, this 3-section table makes portability trouble-free. This table also can hold up to 500-lbs of weight. Moreover, this spa bed comes with a massaging area up to 27-inch. Therefore, every client can simply lie-down on this table for comforting spa or body massage sessions.

The ergonomic design of this table also helps users to distribute their bodyweight uniformly. Furthermore, for a straight upright sitting position, you can lift the head section of this folding massage tables according to your clients’ convenience. For taller clients, this table with aluminum legs consists of detachable side armrests.

  • Tools not required, easy to set.
  • Upright sitting position with adaptable backrest.
  • Benefits of physiotherapy and more.
  • It could have been more stable.

#1. Artechworks Folding Portable Massage Table

1. Artechworks Folding Portable Massage Table

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This 84-inch folding massage tables comes with a well-built wooden frame to offer ultimate stability. Equipped with an adjustable headrest, this folding spa bed also delivers utmost comfort to clients. Moreover, along with customizable face cradle and height-adjustable features, this table makes to suit the needs of different spa-goers.

The high-density and luxuries padding of this bed also comes with 2.56-inch multi-layering. Therefore, the clients will get a comfortable and relaxing spa on this table. With the help of solid aluminum legs, the table offers a safe and reliable relaxing place for everyone. These legs have wobble-free, non-marking, and anti-skid rubber pads.

  • Storage and transport is made easy.
  • Comes with a strong frame structure.
  • Used in professional salons and clinics.
  • There is no cons as such.

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Buying Guide for Folding Massage Tables

Check the following points when you buy a folding massage table.


The size determines the overall performance of the folding massage tables. Consider the width and length carefully and then make your buy. If you are looking to have it for professional purposes, then go for the one that comes in a wide size so that it can accommodate people of all sizes.


The construction determines the durability of the unit. You need to see if it has a stable structure and comes with a robust frame. It must come with easy portability, and you will have to see if it supports more weight.


If you are looking to have better comfort, then you need to see if it comes with thick foam padding. See if it has high-density foam padding so that there can be optimal comfort.


You need to see the upholstery carefully and then make your selection. Leather and PVC are ideal materials and let you have easy cleaning. It must have the ability to resist oil and water and allows you to have spot cleaning.


Folding massage tables that lets you adjust the height will let you have better comfort. You can have a comfortable working position and use it according to your needs. The variable height can range from 26 inches to 36 inches.

Cable System:

Always look for a massage table that comes with the cable system. It makes your table last longer and prevents unwanted movement on the sideways. This will also determine the overall weight capacity of the table, and you need to avoid the one that comes with plastic parts.


You may already know that buying a quality massage table is not an easy task as there are so many things to check. If you are new to buying folding massage tables that can be portable, you need to go through the buying guide even before you check the product description. Once you do that, you will understand the different points on the products better and take a better decision as to which one is best for you.

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