Top 10 Best Electric Snow Blowers in 2020

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Snowfall could be extremely beautiful to watch but removing the snow from the ground could be a headache. There is no way you can manually remove the snow that has fallen on your premises. You have to take the help of a snowblower. There are various types of snow blowers available to choose from such as gas-powered, electric-powered and likewise.

However, electric powered snow blowers are way better as they are environmental-friendly and relatively inexpensive. Check out the top 10 best electric snow blowers in 2020 below.

Best Electric Snow Blowers in 2020 Reviews

10. TACKLIFE Snow Blower

TACKLIFE Electric Snow Blowers

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This electric snow blower comes along with a 15-amp motor. The motor also produces up to 3000-RPM to remove up to 800-lbs of snow in a minute. Moreover, you can use this machine to pick up snow from the mid to large-sized sidewalks, patios, and driveways.

Therefore, the 180-degree adjustable chute of the machine can throw snow up to the distance of 30-feet. The 4 pieces of steel blade augers also offer a maximum clearance depth of 20-inch. Furthermore, the anti-freeze rubber-coating of the augers make the snow blower exceptionally durable. With the help of a 60 or 90-degree snow outlet, you can remove the snow at your convenience.

Reasons To Buy

  • Ideal for cleaning large spaces.
  • Includes freeze-free rubber-coated augers.
  • It comes with selectable snow outlets.

9. Snow Joe Cordless Snow Blower

Snow Joe

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With a maximum throw distance of 20-feet, the electric snow blower makes the snow removal like a breeze. You can also use this machine to pick up the piles of snow from small-sized walkways or driveways. Moreover, with the help of a 180-degree adjustable chute, you can control the throw direction.

Therefore, you can use the unit to pick up snow and remove snow faster. Eco sharp technology also provides no-fade power. So, you can use this machine with equal power and consistency. Furthermore, the clearance width of this snow blower is 15-inch. With the help of a clearance depth of 8-inch, the snow thrower easily cleans a space with ease.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lets you change the throw direction.
  • Includes no-fade eco-sharp technology power.
  • Suitable for clearing both small and large spaces.

8. Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Electric Snow Blowers

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With the help of a 15-amp motor, the electric snow blower can remove up to 25-tons of snow in an hour. With the help of a 22-inch clearance width, the machine also clears a path with a maximum height of 13-inch.

Moreover, you can use this unit to pick up snow from the mid-sized walkways or driveways. The snowblower also comes along with a pair of 1.5-watt of LED lights. Therefore, you can remove snow from your path even in the dark. Furthermore, these steel augers make the ground cleaning convenient and faster. The 180-degree adjustable chute helps you to throw the snow as per your preferred direction.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes LED lights for the night.
  • It comes with a clearance depth of 13-inch.
  • The chute is easily angle-adjustable.

7. Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe

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This electric snow blower comes with a 13-amp motor to offer faster snow removal. The machine is also highly-efficient in cleaning small to mid-sized walkways or driveways. Moreover, the machine comes along with 2 plastic blade augers. The augers are resistant to abrasion and cold.

Therefore, the unit comes with a maximum clearance width of 18-inch. With a maximum 8-inch clearance width, the snow thrower also removes snow from any ground. Furthermore, the electric-powered machine is an ideal alternative to the gas or oil-powered snow thrower. So, you do not have to waste time on maintaining the snowblower.

Reasons To Buy

  • Replaces oil and gas-fueled snowblowers.
  • It makes the removal process lesser hectic.
  • Works on different types of terrains.

6. WEN Electric Snow Thrower

WEN Electric Snow Blowers

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The 13.5-amp powerful electric motor of the snow thrower is able to throw the snow up to 20-feet away. With the help of an 18-inch clearance width, the electric snow blower also removes snow from mid to large surfaces.

Moreover, the snowblower can remove snow up to 490-pounds in a minute. The rapid snow removal function makes this snow thrower highly efficient. You can also easily direct the path of the snow with the help of a quick-adjust 180-degree swivel chute. Furthermore, the 6-inch wheels of the snow thrower of the machine offer better maneuverability. The unit comes with a cleaning depth of 7.8-inch.

Reasons To Buy

  • Removes a pile of snow at once.
  • Large wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • It comes with a strong electric motor.

5. GreenWorks Pro Cordless Snow Thrower


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This electric snow blower comes along with a 2.0-Ah lithium-ion battery with a rapid-recharge function. The 20-inch clearance width of this thrower is also able to clean a mid to large driveways and walkways. So, the cleaning depth of the machine is 10-inch to make the removal of the snow faster and convenient.

Moreover, the180-degree swivel chute of this unit offers perfect snow removal. The brushless motor of the snow thrower also makes the machine almost maintenance-free. Furthermore, you can use this unit to remove snow from the spaces, like sidewalks, patios, lawns, and more. So, you can simply charge the machine with the help of a convenient charger.

Reasons To Buy

  • The brushless motor runs maintenance-freely.
  • Supports faster and stable charging.
  • Perfectly clears mid to large spaces.

4. Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Electric Snow Blowers

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With the help of a 15-amp electric motor, the electric snowblower picks up 720-lbs of snow in a minute. Therefore, you can use this snow thrower to clear snow from the mid to large walkways or driveways. The machine also comes along with 4 pieces of steel auger blades with a maximum width of 18-inch.

Moreover, the 10-inch height intake removes a lot of snow at once from the surface. This snow blower also makes an ideal replacement for the gas or fueled-powered snow blowers. Furthermore, the chute clean-out tool of this machine prevents it from clogging. So, the 180-degree universal directional chute can throw snow up to the distance of 25-feet.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes universal directional chute.
  • It comes with a wide clearing width.
  • Clears piles of snow within a few minutes.

3. Snow Joe Cordless Brushless Snow Blower

Snow Joe

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Equipped with hybrid technology and 4.0-Ah battery, this electric snow blower supports faster charging. The 40-volt cordless and brushless motor of the snow thrower also makes the snow removal convenient. Moreover, the 18-inch clearance width and 8-inch intake height make the cleaning without any damage.

Therefore, the machine consists of a steel auger with 2 pieces of rubber blades. The snow thrower also comes along a 13.5-amp electric motor as an alternative power source to the battery. Furthermore, the machine has a powerful and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The snowblower can remove up to 500-lbs of snow in a minute. So, you can remove snow from any mid-sized walkways or driveways.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a brushless and cordless motor.
  • It comes with an optional power source.
  • Consists of 2 rubber blades.

2. Greenworks Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks Electric Snow Blowers

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This snow blower comes with a maximum power intake of 120-volt. So, you can use this machine to remove snow from the spaces, like driveways, pavement, lawn, patio, and more. This electric snow blower with a 13-amp motor with corded design makes an ideal alternative to the gas-driven snow thrower.

Moreover, the machine comes with a maximum discharge of 20-feet. This snow thrower is also able to clean a large area at once. Furthermore, the machine comes along with 7-inch wheels to offer ultimate maneuverability. The 180-degree adjustable and directional chute helps you to control the flow of the snow throwing.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a long discharge range.
  • Clears a small to large spaces faster.
  • Includes oversized wheels for better rolling.

1. Toro Electric Power Curve Snow Blower


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The electric snowblower with a 15-amp power curve blower can clean any large area with precision. So, the 18-inch snow thrower also covers the places, like decks, lawns, patios, walkways, residential areas, and driveways.

Moreover, the full-bail scientifically-designed handle, lift handle, zip deflector, and quick-leveling make this unit easy to use. The snow thrower is also able to move up to 700-pounds of snow in a minute. Furthermore, the machine moves faster for convenient snow moving. Therefore, the 12-inch intake height collects a large amount of snow dust at once. The power curve technology of the unit efficiently prevents the machine from clogging.

Reasons To Buy

  • The machine does not clog.
  • Designed for cleaning larger spaces.
  • It works faster than other machines.

Buying Guide Choosing on Electric Snow Blower

Check out the following points while you opt for an electric snowblower.

  • Snow Blower Stages

Every snow blower comes with an auger to draw out snow from the grounds. However, the machine removes snow by using a chute. The single-stage snow throwers only include corkscrew-shaped augers. The dual-stage snow blowers use both impellers and augers to collect snow faster from the back of the augers. These models usually throw the snow farther.

On the other hand, the three-stage models include impeller, auger as well as an accelerator. So, these machines collect and throw the snow to the farthest with no time.

  • Power Source

Most of the models of snow blowers use different power sources. The conventional snow throwers use gasoline as fuel and offer efficient performance. Some of the models utilize electric power and work with an extension cord up to 100-feet.

Even some snow blowers come with cordless yet rechargeable battery-operated engines. The rechargeable batteries with higher capacity effectively make the snow throwers work with precision.

  • Wheels vs Tracks

A wide section of these snow blowers come with wheeled structures. However, most of the single, dual, and triple-stage models utilize the wheeled system. The users either have to pull or push these wheeled models to operate the functions. The dual and triple-stage snow throwers utilize engine power to make the wheels run. You can easily pick one of these wheeled models for cleaning large areas. Other models come with tracks in place of wheels. Therefore, the tracks ideally remove snow from steep driveways or hilly roads.


If you are living in a region that sees heavy snowfall, you must have a high-quality snow blower at your possession. You can remove light to dense snow easily with the help of the electric snow blowers we have enlisted. If you are buying for the first time, you should go through the buying guide to understand the features and specifications well enough and go ahead to choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

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