Top 8 Best Electric Net Fences for Chicken Reviews in 2022

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Predators can be a great threat when raising chickens. There is a high chance that your chickens may turn into a full course meal for the predators if you’re just a bit inattentive. That’s when electric net fences for chickens become the best key to this problem. Electric net fencing can be quite reassuring to keep your chickens out of danger.

If you are looking for the perfect ways to secure your chickens out of reach from the predators, you have just found the right solution on this page. This article will introduce you to some of the Best Electric Net Fences for chickens. We also include the buying guide at the end of this article in order for you to choose the best electric fencing.

List of the Best Electric Net Fences for Chicken

8. Zareba KGPDC-Z Garden Protector Battery

8. Zareba KGPDC-Z Garden Protector Battery
  Get it now on Zareba battery-powered protector can be quite capable of handling the predators. It prevents the predators as well as other animals such as rabbits and raccoons from the specific zone, and also keep them from returning back.

This product functions by causing the animals a light electric shock when they touch the electric fence. It’s very effective in scaring the predators away and even prevent them from coming back to the area.

This product is battery-powered, which still can operate in remote areas where there is no alternative current, and can be used repeatedly for two months.

The product is also included with the aluminum wire and extra wire kit which can be used up to one mile of the area.

7. Farmily Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence

7. Farmily Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence
  Get it now on This type of net fence is perfect for livestock. It’s pretty easier and faster to build up and dismantle than any other type of net fencing.

The special part of this product is that you don’t have to measure the gap between the wires by yourself because the product already has its own vertical strut that set the certain length between every wire.

What you need to be cautious with this product is to keep it out of contact from trees or grasses, which can make the fence less effective and can even cause a fire.

6. Premier ElectroNet Sheep and Goat Netting Fence

6. Premier ElectroNet Sheep and Goat Netting Fence
  Get it now on This product consists of the vertical strut that has 12 inches distance which helps the fence from faltering. An effective way to use this product is to energize it properly when using.

This netting fence is very helpful in keeping the stray animals and coyotes away from the restricted area, and can also be used to keep sheep, goats, and cattle to stay in a certain zone.

5. Yellow Premier Electric Chicken Net Fence

5. Yellow Premier Electric Chicken Net Fence
  Get it now on This product is one of the best electric net fences for chicken with its size of 42 inches tall and 164 feet long. It is used to keep chickens and other livestock in the specific area with great protection and is also used to prevent predators such as coyotes, raccoons, and foxes from coming near.

This product isn’t any different from the one mentioned above, meaning that it needs to be very well energized in order to use it effectively.

You must be noted that energizer is not provided, we suggest you use 25 joules of energy in each roll of the fence. You should also use the pole to stiffen up and support in the corner of the net in order for it to be more convenient.

4. Starkline Electric Poultry Net

4. Starkline Electric Poultry Net
  Get it now on This one is quite easy and quick to assemble than other types of electric netting fence.

Starkline electric net is specially designed for poultry with 48 inches high and 164 feet long and is very effective in preventing the predators to stay far away from the chickens.

It’s very important to use this product with the energizer that is low in impedance and using enough grounding in order for the effective electric fence.

3. Farmily Deer and Livestock Electric Netting Fence

3. Farmily Deer and Livestock Electric Netting Fence
  Get it now on This electric netting fence is the best for temporary fencing with the 42 inches high and 164 feet long. This product is way easier and faster to assemble and disassemble than other regular netting fences, around 10 to 15 minutes to set up.

This one also has its one vertical struts that set the specific gap between each wire so you don’t have to spend time measuring the length of every wire. However, you need to be cautious when setting this up, especially to make sure that it doesn’t make any contact with the trees or wet grass because it will affect the voltage of the electric fence and it won’t be effective.

You need to be noted the fence shouldn’t be set up near any inflammable materials because it will be able to cause the fire to break out. Please choose the energizer that is suitable for your fence.

2. Premier PoultryNet Plus

2. Premier PoultryNet Plus
  Get it now on PoultryNet Plus is considered as one of the best electric net fences that you can put your trust in. The uniqueness of PoultryNet Plus that is different from any other types of the products is that it has 15mm posts for every 6.8 feet, which means that it won’t be faltering or weakening easily between the posts, and will help to stiffen up the fence.

It helps to keep poultry, cattle, sheep, and goats in a certain area, out of reach from the predators, and prevent coyotes and stray animals from coming near.

In order to use this product effectively, it needed to be energized properly, the energizer isn’t included in this product. We recommend you to use the energizer with 25 joules for each roll of the fence and also with low impedance.

1. Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence

1. Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence
  Get it now on Coming off as the last and the best one in our list is PoultryNet electric fence. This product will prevent any types of predators such as coyotes, foxes as well as stray animals from coming to the restricted area, and to ensure the safety of the poultry and cattle.

This electric fence won’t take you much time and effort to set up. It also provides double posts to keep the fence from sagging or faltering. It’s important to make sure that the fence is properly energized so that it will be effective when using it.

Energizer isn’t provided in this product, 25 joules of energizer for each roll of the fence is recommended, as well as using low impedance.

Buying Guide

Electric net fences can be the perfect solution if you want to prevent the predators from hunting down your chickens. However, choosing the right electric fence that is suitable for the environment is also quite important, and that is why we are going to give you some basic ideas of what you should consider in order to purchase the perfect electric net fence for chickens.

Set your target :

You might need to think about how do you want to use the electric fence, whether you want to keep the predators away or want to keep the chickens in a certain area.

Deciding on the power that is needed :

You may don’t want to harm any type of animal, so decide on which electrical power you will need is quite important for the animal’s safety, or you can just hire a skillful electrician if needed.

Insulator :

You need to consider which type of insulator that is compatible with the posts of the fence. If you don’t know or not sure which insulator would be the best for the fence then you can just ask the seller for some suggestions.

Environment :

You should consider the environment and which types of electric fence that goes best with your current environment. For example, if the soil is soft or moist then using the electric net fence with doubles post and enough grounding will be more convenient and more effective, or if you’re living in the remote area where there isn’t any alternative current then choosing the battery-powered is the best choice for you. The weather is also important for you to consider the types of electric fence you should use.

Select the best material :

You need to consider on choosing which fencing material that works best with the weather in your area, it should be rain or snow resistance depend on the area you live in. There are many other more options for you to choose and take it into consideration. However, you should also think about which type of wire that you need for the fence, whether you want just a normal fence wire or the ones with high electrical power.


This is the end of the article, after listing and giving a brief description of the 8 best electric net fences, we hope you will find it helpful and satisfy your needs. The electric net fences that we mentioned above will be able to give you the variety of options to choose which type will be the best to suit your taste. It will provide you the best quality of electric fences, and ensure the safety of your chickens.

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