Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Opening cans is a tough thing and requires a lot of skill. When you have an electric can opener then there will be effortless operation. It makes sure there will be improved dexterity and comes with safety features. With an electric can opener, you can have better convenience and it has wide applications. It is quick to operate and you can even use it for commercial applications. You can have maximum comfort and it does not leave any sharp edges. Here is the list of the top 10 best electric can openers.

List of Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. West Bend Electric Can Opener

10. West Bend Electric Can Opener

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This electric can opener runs only on 70-watt power. The dishwasher-safe cutting blade also makes this very much practical. The inbuilt cord organizer helps you to keep countertops free of clutters. Moreover, the knife sharpener increases the functionality of this tool. The plastic body makes this machine easily cleanable.

However, the aluminum parts of this tool come with a chrome-polished finish. You can use this can opener for opening the taller cans. This functional can-opening tool comes with an inbuilt bottle opener. Furthermore, this module includes an automatic shut-off function. Hence, this model runs in lower power consumption.

  • Includes a built-in bottle opener.
  • Runs on significantly low power consumption.
  • Consists of a power-saving automatic off function.
  • Ratings are low.

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#9. Black & Decker Electric Can Opener

9. Black & Decker

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This electric can opener comes with an extra-tall structure. However, you can stress-freely remove caps of taller sealed cans. Moreover, the countertop appliance makes cooking time easier for senior persons. The detachable cutter of this appliance is dishwasher-safe. Nevertheless, the plastic construction is robust enough to withstand impacts.

This automatic can-opening tool also offers hands-free operation. Furthermore, the inbuilt knife-sharpening tool keeps your knives sharp without other tools. The automatic shut-off function helps you to save energy throughout the cutter process. However, the concealed cord storage keeps your countertop clutter-free. The blade is sharp enough for cutting the hardened metal lids.

  • Includes a power pierce cutter.
  • Perfect for sealed cans with hard caps.
  • The cutter is cleanable by a dishwasher.
  • It can puncture the lid.

#8. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Can Opener

8. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Can Opener

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The polished stainless steel body ensures the longevity of this tool. Nevertheless, this electric can opener also lasts longer than other ordinary models. Moreover, the taller design makes this module compatible with various taller containers. The automatic pump makes the can opening process hands-free. However, the inbuilt sharpening tool lets you sharpen your kitchen knives.

The one-touch button also helps arthritic people to use this model pain-freely. Furthermore, the detachable activation lever lets you remove the blade effortlessly. Therefore, you never have to struggle to clean the blade. The reinforced metal blade cuts through metal caps without leaving sharp edges.

  • Includes a strong magnetic lid holder.
  • Comes with overall metal construction.
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance lesser troublesome.
  • No cons at all.

#7. Proctor Silex Electric Can Opener

7. Proctor Silex

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The electric can opener is suitable for both commercial and residential kitchens. This countertop can-opening tool also has a tall design. Hence, this module is capable of opening the lids of taller cans. Moreover, the stable base keeps this device stable on any surface. The sturdy plastic construction assures the structural stability of this model.

This opener also works like magic for arthritic and senior persons. Furthermore, the uncomplicated design makes this module easily operable by kids. The detachable cutting lever makes cleaning of the blade trouble-free. Nevertheless, the automatic shut-off function reduces the risks of machine overheating. This device has an inbuilt knife sharpener.

  • Works on several sealed cans.
  • Has a removable metal cutting lever.
  • Children can safely operate this tool.
  • Could be more user-friendly.

#6. Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener

6. Hamilton Beach Automatic

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This electric can opener is a combination of a few other features. However, the corded model also comes with a minimal footprint. Moreover, the easy-clean design lets you keep this device undamaged for years. The plastic body reduces the risks of rusting and corroding. This automatic can opener includes an inbuilt knife sharpener.

The washable cutting lever also enhances the practicality of this model. Furthermore, the inbuilt cord organizer keeps your kitchen countertop clutter-free. The tall outer shell lets this opener work on different types of sealed cans. Nevertheless, the automatic shut-off function prevents unnecessary electricity wastage. You can use this model for opening caps from tall containers.

  • Works better with taller cans.
  • Has a built-in knife sharpening tool.
  • Comes with an internal cord organizer.
  • Nothing wrong.

#5. Ankuwa Electric Can Opener

5. Ankuwa Electric Can Opener

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The super-handy grip makes this can opener unimaginably functional. This automatic can opener is also ideal for professional chefs. The stainless steel blade is sharp enough to cut smoothly through metal. Moreover, this electric can opener leaves a smooth edge on the container. Therefore, you can keep your fingers safe from unwanted injuries.

The automatic pump also eliminates the need for physical effort. Furthermore, this opener is a lifesaver for arthritic people and seniors. After pressing the button, this module automatically rotates on the lid. This tool is compatible with various sealed cans. The inbuilt magnet lifts the lid automatically after opening.

  • Does not require any manual effort.
  • Metal gear is ultra-smooth and quiet.
  • The sharpness of the blade is undeniable.
  • Ratings are low.

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#4. W-Dragon Automatic Electric Can Openers

4. W-Dragon Automatic

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This handy automatic can opener comes with a slim profile. Hence, the model also offers a convenient grip for arthritic people. Moreover, without leaving sharp edges, this opener cuts through the caps consistently. You will require AA batteries to activate this automatic can opener. Nevertheless, the plastic body makes this module lightweight and ergonomic.

This electric can opener also turns off the function after completion. Therefore, this module consumes energy at a lesser level. Furthermore, the opener comes with an inbuilt magnet. You can do not have to pick the caps manually after cutting. This module makes a perfect addition to the kitchen of senior citizens.

  • The grip runs smaller in size.
  • Consists of a built-in magnet.
  • Supports a simple one-button operation.
  • Operation could be better.

#3. ZYLISS Electric Can Opener

3. ZYLISS Electric Can Opener

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The electric can opener takes about a few seconds to open cans. This low-profile module also consumes lesser space in your kitchen cabinet. The stainless steel blade cuts from the sides to avoid accidental injuries. Moreover, after cutting, this blade only leaves smooth edges on the containers. Hence, this can opening device is safe for children as well.

This multifunctional cutter also works on various small to large containers. Furthermore, the one-touch button requires no physical effort to open the cans. People with arthritic hands can pain-freely operate this can opener. After completing the cutting, you have to press the reverse button.

  • Comes with a minimalist structure.
  • Suitable for cans of different sizes.
  • Has a convenient reverse button for safety.
  • It is slightly underpowered.

#2. Handy Automatic Electric Can Openers

2. Handy Automatic

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This set brings you two pieces of electric can openers. The stainless steel blades also make these openers exceptionally sharp. Moreover, you will need two pieces of AA batteries to activate these models. The one-touch automatic can openers offer a reliable and safe cap opening. You can use these devices fatigue-freely if you have arthritic hands.

Nevertheless, senior people and kids can use these modules without any risk. The casing of these openers also has the construction of impact-resistant plastic. Furthermore, the stainless steel blades never leave pointed edges on the cans. Therefore, you can keep your fingers safe from accidental injuries.

  • The design is very much practical.
  • Includes automatic shut-off function.
  • Runs without consuming excessive energy.
  • Durability may not be long.

#1. Kitchen Mama One Touch Electric Can Openers

1. Kitchen Mama One Touch

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This one-touch electric can opener is a battery-driven module. This opener is also suitable for people with arthritic hands. Children, injured, and senior persons can open cans without any hassle. Moreover, this energy-efficient module saves you precious time and labor while cooking. This device runs on four AA batteries.

This convenient lid opener also automatically opens the lids. Furthermore, this unit cuts cans at 360-degree angles along with the caps. This opener cuts through the tops smoothly and without leaving poky edges. Hence, this automatic lid opener removes caps without any risk of injury. However, the blade of this model has the construction of ultra-sharp stainless steel material.

  • Leaves no sharp edges on the lids.
  • Consists of a super-sharp metal blade.
  • Requires no electrical power for operation.
  • No cons at all.

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Buying Guide for Electric Can Opener


Select the one that is composed of high-quality materials and allows you to use it for a long time. You will have to see that it delivers exceptional performance and operate without creating any sharp edges.


When it comes to size, you will have to see that it does not occupy much space. Electric can openers come in different sizes and shapes and you will have to go for the one that lets you have easy handling.

Power Source:

The power source is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying an electric can opener. You need to see if it comes in a plug-in design and delivers efficient performance. Some will also let you power it with the help of a battery making it great for outdoor purposes.


To make sure there will be an exceptional performance, you need to see the cutting capacity. It can vary accordingly and can come in a top cut and sidecut design. However, getting the right one is a user preference. Look at the motor power carefully and then make your purchase.


You need to see if it is safe to use. Some of it can come with a locking mechanism that helps to prevent accidental use. Apart from this, you can see if it comes with the feature of auto shut off.

Easy to Use:

Always see if it allows you to have a hassle-free operation. Go for the one that is available in a multifunctional design and comes with additional functions.


There are various types of electric can openers available and there are various qualities of electric can openers available. Our team has gone through all of them and picked up the best ones for you. You should check all of them and opt for the one that you think is best for you and fits your budget.

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